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  1. Come on guys and bin the pessimism, just look at the table, we’re on a run that might just continue, anything is possible in my optimistic book.
  2. Leicester wining the Premier League title makes this a complete doddle.
  3. Waddle could be lazy, and go missing, he only scored 10 league goals for the Owls, three less than Reach, who is only 26 and spent much of his early career being hawked out on loan to clubs that were far below his potential. Anyway his future will not be with us, he won’t win any caps as a Wednesday player, sad that it is, both Reach and Dawson deserve more than the pitiful slagging off that they receive, every time they try their best for our club.
  4. If he goes on a scoring run his detractors won’t have long to wait for a lucrative Premier League move for the lad, SB could always bring Dawson back to keep them unhappy.
  5. Best brace ourselves, we’ve got a game on our hands, I’m sure that SB is well aware of this, bring it on.
  6. A paradox can be defined as different but true.
  7. We are a very strange lot aren’t we? SB will do as he wishes, he’s seen kids blooded before, I trust in his judgement, let’s face it, what we want is success, and there ain’t one successful club that didn’t take the odd risk.
  8. Wilder is a blunt, he will very likely start Madine alongside Sharp, Bruce knows nowt about Sheffield derbies, that’s why we will win. Don’t expect a classic, Bruce will mark the positions irrespective of Wilder’s tactics, Wilder ain’t no Alex Ferguson, his tribal blunt love affair will be see him panic and take off the very players that could win the game for him, this game is huge for him.
  9. Do any of you recall the Gazza incident when the ref’s yellow card fell out of his pocket? Gaza picked it up and pretended to book the ref, on recovering it he promptly booked Gazza with it, what a [email protected]
  10. Someone is bound to work you lot out eventually, central defenders bombing down the wing, strikers defending, etc; etc. I reckon that refs have a second count after blowing the whistle, just to check that you’re not fielding eleven outfield players, because that’s what it looks like at times. Credit where it’s due, Wilder must be on quite a few club’s wish lists, I reckon that McCabe will sell him rather than pay him what he’s worth.
  11. It’s the equivalent of Man Utd or Liverpool playing in stripes, I reckon that it was Vic Buckingham attempting to make us look like a continental side.
  12. Bill Shankley’s quote that “Football is a very simple game made complicated by idiots” has never been more relevant than now. Wilder puts out a side of fit second raters that terrorise the opposition, they have centre backs on the wing, forwards in defence, just like some glorified pub side, but the aficionados that pontificate about football can’t see it. I will rate Bruce on how he sets up his side to play them, I reckon that it will contain instructions to mark the position and not the player. They has best savour Wilder while they have him, McCabe is bound to crap on him sometime, and teams like Sunderland might just pay him a small fortune.
  13. If we lost three on the trot and dropped to say 18th or 19th, it would be squeaky bum time, however mathematically safe is a very easy calculation, but not worth the trouble at this stage of the season.
  14. Referee/referee assessor Mick Naylor is a South Stand season ticket holder, I suggest that the club ask him to give certain players a few pointers.
  15. Question - If we say, get rid of nine of the list, will that sort out our FFP problems? I don’t pretend to understand the complexities of FFP, but getting rid of that amount of wages surely must help.
  16. Ref doesn’t like him, should have sent of their payer for clobbering him when he was on a run, then gives him a second yellow when he was seconds away from blowing the final whistle, anyway no harm done a one match ban won’t hurt us.
  17. It was the eleven minutes extra time that annoyed him, hasn’t he heard of Brucie time?
  18. Reach makes a goal and clears ball off our goal line twice, in a match that we arguably should have lost.
  19. Sorry, I missread your post, I’m probably getting too protective of the usual targets.
  20. I recall a Rovrum supporter telling me what a waste of money Waddle was, after seeing him play in a pre season friendly at Millmoor following us signing him. I hope that they stay up, the more weak teams the better for us next season, even if they manage to flook a draw tomorrow.
  21. Anyone who has his ability to receive and control an air pass can’t be a bad player, he is obviously in need of some guidance, I’m sure that he will come good, whether with us or another club.
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