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  1. 5 minutes ago, Sergeant Tibbs said:

    Totally disagree. 

    1 - my cup is half full

    2 - he's broght back something that was missing. Hope.


    If you've hadn't noticed, DC is letting him get on with it. 


    Sadly it’s taken DC a hell of a long time to discover that he knows zilch about running a football club, his arrogance must have cost him dear, well he’s hopefully learned his lesson. I’ve got a sneeky feeling that we are in for some surprises next season, had we been promoted we would have been relegation fodder, SB now has the time that he needs, hopefully without a points deduction.

  2. 1 hour ago, shezzas left peg said:

    Bruce said he was going to investigate and try solve the ridiculous injury problems in one of the interviews if I remember right. 

    Maybe he's identified the pitch may be to blame, its a state of the art new fandangled thing, so we may need new groundsman more knowledgeable in this type of pitch/surface.?



    They were told “green side up”, after all. :rolleyes:

  3. On 20/03/2019 at 23:55, ash60s said:

    Waddle described as ex Spurs & Newcastle - no SWFC:mad:

    McCalliog in paper last week described as ex Leeds Chelsea & Southampton - no SWFC:mad:

    We still aren't the darlings of the media then?


    I recall us beating West Ham 7-0, the guy reading the scores out wouldn’t have it and asked for corroboration, he looked a right pillock when he got it.  :biggrin:



  4. 17 hours ago, Pale Rider said:

    We will be stuck with Rhodes. He has only started 9 games for Norwich. Vast majority of games as sub, then averaging about 11 minutes per game. 


    Yes, but he is obviously training with the Norwich squad, and is regularly on the bench, a bit like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and David Faairclough used to be. Norwich simply don’t need him, but are stuck with him, and in his favour he’s not hiding in the treatment room is he?

  5. 3 minutes ago, edmontonowl said:

    Isn't the point of this programme to demonstrate how middle-aged blokes today (those who grew up watching these England footballers) need to pay attention to their health to avoid or reduce the chances of heart disease, high blood pressure and the like?


    Cynic that I may be, but is there a remote possibility that this is a ‘cash for the lads’ urine take?  :rolleyes:

  6. 5 minutes ago, Hirst1867 said:


    Im not sure that would have fitted the point of the programme though.


    I know what you’re saying, I reckon that the Germany match will be fixed, I wonder how the mood would go if Razor dropped dead during it. Waddle is the same height as me, he’s half a stone heavier and 14 years my junior, plenty of time for him to catch Razor up. WTF:



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  7. 16 minutes ago, Hirst1867 said:

    What idiot from Crystal Palace Ladies First Team - from the top league in womens football - agreed to send their team out to play against a bunch of over 50s mens footballers with an average weight of 20 stone - to see them lose 1-0


    That one decision must have set back womens football for 30 years.


    I recall Stanley Mathews playing top class league football at age 50, I saw Carlton Palmer jogging in Longshaw age 52, he looked a million dollars, to be honest Harry Redknapp at 72 looks in better fettle than most of his team, would it have been that difficult to pick a side of fit over 50’s ex pro footballers?

  8. Very amusing and also very sad in places, however my wife might stop attempting to get me to lose some weight after seeing some of those paragons of fitness, when the trainer guy was measuring Razor’s delicate waistline he ought to have asked him to hold the tape at the front while he strolled round. Is it just me or does Chris Waddle appear to be very shy, he sort of hugs the background and speaks when he’s spoken to?

  9. 1 hour ago, S A Andy said:

    If its any help to you.   I went to Manchester airport yesterday morning over the tops but avoided the snake & woodhead.    Set your sat nav for Adlington then Manchester airport. The route is : Castleton, up Winnets pass, right at top, down to Chapel on le frith, Whaley bridge follow the winding roads, turn right through Pott Shrigley, then Adlington. A word of warning, the Manchester motorway network can be a problem during rush hour.   Good luck and hopefully 3 points. 


    I’ve used an almost identical route for donkey’s years, I avoid the Cat & Fiddle by going to the right at the top of Winnets, I then pick up the by-pass and turn left at it’s end, going through Whaley Bridge, then turning right at the lights onto the road signposted Macclesfield, the rest as per your post.

  10. 13 hours ago, Donny El said:

    Offered 2mil . Turned it down and they didn't come back with another offer so I don't get the 5mil part at all 


    I get the £2m offer for a player who isn’t worth diddly squat, great move turning it down. :Sid:

  11. 3 minutes ago, helmut_rooster said:


    Brooks is a great player only issue I have with him is deciding to play for Wales, bad move.


    I think that he weighed up the ‘big club’ dilemma, and opted for the easy option, however I do agree that it was a bad move, just imagine how many England caps Giggs could have won.

  12. The difference between DC and McCabe is that the former runs the Owls as a hobby, whilst the latter runs the blunts as a business. Had Hirst been with the blunts they would have made a player, and probably big money out of him, David Brooks played 30 games and was sold for £11.5 million, we’re not in the same league business wise.

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