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    Of course so, I’m a member of The National Truss.
  2. optimisticowl

    ‘We will just replace him’

    A funny thing is personal opinion, everyone is right, even when their wrong. Reach and Bannan can afford the odd howler, even if it upsets some.
  3. optimisticowl

    Lookman deal done....wow

    I really wanted him to score today, that would have nailed his loan deal, such is life, we must widen our search.
  4. optimisticowl

    Lookman deal done....wow

    I’ve heard that it’s Ronaldo, as he fancies a break from football.
  5. optimisticowl


    We needed that, or more to the point SB needed to see what a shambles this club is, he will no doubt sort out the defence as a priority, loan players come to mind, along with shipping out whoever he can, interesting times ahead.
  6. optimisticowl

    If we sold every single player tonight

    If we managed to do so what do you suggest we do with the ten bob?
  7. optimisticowl

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Chill guys, if we were good enough to beat the division’s in form side on their turf, we wouldn’t need Bruce, would we?
  8. optimisticowl

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    We’re not as good as that.
  9. optimisticowl


    It’s very easy to write off £10 million worth of someone else’s money, he’s a challenge alright, but I reckon that SB is up to it. He’s already proved what he can do, I would have preferred him to go out on a shorter loan to say, a Dutch or German second tier club, where he wasn’t known, it appears to be all about expectation, the supporters expect him to be poor, and he goes on to prove them correct, just remember how Fergie instilled confidence into Andy Cole, wasn’t SB around at the time?
  10. We need someone of the like of James Milner, however he just keeps improving with age, but as soon as Klopp decides to replace him I wager that SB will show interest.
  11. optimisticowl


    He’s certainly proving to be a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, however SB would be remiss in not attempting to find the old Rhodes, after all he is one of his squad.
  12. optimisticowl

    Squad value

    If we drew Man City at home in both domestic cups then it is highly likely that we would.
  13. optimisticowl

    Squad value

    Statistics, statistics and damned lies comes to mind. Players are worth what another club is willing to pay for them, Reach cost circa £6.5 million, his detractors valued him at next to nowt, and he’s now supposed to be worth over £12 million, so who the hell knows?
  14. optimisticowl

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    Well I suppose that his redeeming feature is honesty.
  15. optimisticowl

    Now the dust has settled...

    Re-building a football team and a house have their similarities, in that both will get worse before they get better. This isn’t a Man Utd situation, where the players were always good enough to win trophies, we need to be patient while SB starts to place round and square pegs into their correct holes. So mathematically safe from relegation followed by experimentation is the sensible way to go, and I believe that SB is a sensible guy.
  16. A long time since we succeeded in that area, Warhurst perhaps, we usually buy dear and sell cheap, so it would be a pleasant change.
  17. Someone who I know hated to ground that he walked on, however he can’t recall this now, the good news is that he feels the same about Dawson, which means that he will soon be worth mega money.
  18. Is there an anti blunt inoculation available on the NHS?
  19. optimisticowl

    Steve bruce and FA cup

    Reminds me of Bill Shankley being asked to compare Trevor Francis with Tom Finley, his reply was. “Aye, he’s as good as Tommy - but then Tommy’s nearly 60 now”.
  20. optimisticowl

    New signing next week?

    She recently stated that she wasn’t perfect, but on reflection changed her mind.
  21. optimisticowl

    New signing next week?

    Man up mate, I make all the major decisions in our house, such as those on Brexit, Iraq and who should be prime minister, whilst the wife makes all the minor ones, such as where we live, what we eat, what we wear, where we holiday.
  22. optimisticowl

    Our sister website Sheffield History

    Reminds me of an incident in the Heart Beat disco in the 60’s. There was an off duty copper asking all sorts of questions, listening to conversations and making a complete tool of himself, He got off his bar stool to have a quick nosey, so I shifted it towards me and sat on it, he then decided to do a Del Boy and sat on the none existent stool, it brought the house down, after picking himself off the floor he got his warrant card out and accused me of assaulting a police officer by moving his stool. I told I’m to do his worst or fizz off, he chose the latter and was never seen there again.
  23. optimisticowl

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Well at least we’re getting a far better class rumour than we got before.
  24. optimisticowl

    Mr Chansiri

    When he said that he intended to sell the club, he appeared to be embarrassed that he didn’t know enough about running a football club. Well welcome to the real world DC, you’re in good company, most chairmen/owners and the likes of us aficionados, who know everything (not), you’ve put your money where your mouth is, and have my respect for doing so.
  25. It’s not just the police, many public sector workers from the ‘professions’, are very hard pressed to comprehend that they are supposed to be at the service of the public, but it’s the police that appear to win the prize for consistent gross incompetence, I well recall when Fargate was pedestrianised that all shops/businesses without loading bays, were prohibited from recieving deliveries to their front doors by van. This lasted no longer than a couple of days after the newly promoted Inspector, who had thought this cracker up, had his ear bent many times by the powers that be. My favourite is of a young woman with two young kids, a pushchair and several bags of shopping who on a match day was refused access to her home, situated on Vere Road, by one of South Yorkshire’s finest, because she wasn’t the holder of a SWFC season ticket.