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  1. All pre-Bruce player assessments are now in the bin, he’s given everyone a clean sheet, it’s now up to the players to impress him, and IMHO he will do exactly the same wit Rhodes, we now have a proper manager.
  2. Cynic that I may be, but is there a remote possibility that this is a ‘cash for the lads’ urine take?
  3. I know what you’re saying, I reckon that the Germany match will be fixed, I wonder how the mood would go if Razor dropped dead during it. Waddle is the same height as me, he’s half a stone heavier and 14 years my junior, plenty of time for him to catch Razor up.
  4. I recall Stanley Mathews playing top class league football at age 50, I saw Carlton Palmer jogging in Longshaw age 52, he looked a million dollars, to be honest Harry Redknapp at 72 looks in better fettle than most of his team, would it have been that difficult to pick a side of fit over 50’s ex pro footballers?
  5. Very amusing and also very sad in places, however my wife might stop attempting to get me to lose some weight after seeing some of those paragons of fitness, when the trainer guy was measuring Razor’s delicate waistline he ought to have asked him to hold the tape at the front while he strolled round. Is it just me or does Chris Waddle appear to be very shy, he sort of hugs the background and speaks when he’s spoken to?
  6. Trust someone to bring common sense into the equation.
  7. Have you considered beating the blunts in the final?
  8. The usual negativo suspects were reticent to even consider a top half finish a week ago, SB is getting the very best out of the squad, they are four square behind him, pity about some of the supporters,
  9. I’ve used an almost identical route for donkey’s years, I avoid the Cat & Fiddle by going to the right at the top of Winnets, I then pick up the by-pass and turn left at it’s end, going through Whaley Bridge, then turning right at the lights onto the road signposted Macclesfield, the rest as per your post.
  10. My theory is that both Carlos and Jos had little knowledge of training pitch quality and suitability, DC has zero knowledge and probably no interest. Bruce however will sort these things out, DC will either listen to him or lose him, I’m backing the former.
  11. I get the £2m offer for a player who isn’t worth diddly squat, great move turning it down.
  12. For the enth time I’m not comparing Hirst with Brooks.
  13. I think that he weighed up the ‘big club’ dilemma, and opted for the easy option, however I do agree that it was a bad move, just imagine how many England caps Giggs could have won.
  14. I’m not comparing him with Brooks, what I am comparing is the business skills of both owners. What I am certain of is that McCabe would have made money out of Hirst, by making the most out of him.
  15. The difference between DC and McCabe is that the former runs the Owls as a hobby, whilst the latter runs the blunts as a business. Had Hirst been with the blunts they would have made a player, and probably big money out of him, David Brooks played 30 games and was sold for £11.5 million, we’re not in the same league business wise.
  16. They use them to make patchwork purses, however they turn into suitcases when you rub them.
  17. Nothing that promotion, a top six Premier League finish and an FA Cup win won’t heal.
  18. He’s probably over to attend the Rotherham v blunts match, maybe with a view to a deal, who with though?
  19. Why does a George Hirst and Jordan Rhodes partnership keep coming into my mind, answers on a postcard please?
  20. I’m looking forward to seeing him play with a fully fit Fessi to back him up.
  21. Back in 2006 a lifelong Wednesdayite strangled his girlfriend to death, would you have ‘sniched’ on him?
  22. It doesn’t embarrass me, the underlying problem problem is that it obviously doesn’t appear to embarrass the perpetrators.
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