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  1. What does Jos have to do...

    It doesn’t really matter, as long as the team makes progress, I’d like to see us end up in the lower reaches of the top half. What would be nice is if we didn’t lose another game, I’d like to see Fessi back and playing well, Hooper would be a bonus, but we know that he’s a quality player anyway, as for Rhodes, I can’t see him being anymore than a bench warmer this season, as for the next, god only knows.
  2. John Pearson

    Yes he’s very good and very amusing, unlike Brian Laws who could put Horlicks out of business.
  3. Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    Where do you get one of those half empty glasses by the way?
  4. Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    Come on Jos play fair, the hate brigade are now struggling big time for a target, you’re supposed to send them home unhappy.
  5. Worst Sheffield Wednesday Managers

    Any manager getting shut of John Sheridan and Chris Waddle when they still had something to offer is worthy of zero respect.
  6. Worst Sheffield Wednesday Managers

    More to the point, and far easier to post these are the ’best’ managers during my support of the Owls, it seems really weird that the club were on only their 5th manager when my support commenced. Eric Taylor - Mr Sheffield Wednesday, deserves respect for his efforts. Harry Catterick- A great manager that we failed to retain the services of. Vic Buckingham - The most talented manager that the club has ever had, sadly he was before his time in English football. Alan Brown - A tough no nonsense guy, once again we failed to keep him. Jack Charlton - After a virtual plethora of crap managers Big Jack brought the pride back, trouble is he got fed up after 5 years in the job. Howard Wilkinson - The football wasn’t always that pretty, but his record with the club is pretty impressive. Ron Atkinson - He made supporting the Owls fun, particularly against Man Utd, pity he fell for the lure of Villa. Trevor Francis - Third, seventh, seventh and thirteenth in the top division, two cup finals, signed some great players, missed out on Cantona and then started to lose his way a bit, if thirteenth in the Premier League is losing his way. None of the rest are worth the trouble of mentioning.
  7. Reports on his death have been greatly exaggerated.
  8. Well if God really is a Wednesdayite, then he’s got one heck of masochistic sense of humour.
  9. We Rely On Others

    Barnsley 7 wins, Birmingham 8 wins, Owls 8 wins, I’ll need every bit of my optimism before this season draws to a close, strangely enough it’s draws that could be the answer.
  10. We Rely On Others

    Once again, other than for Hull, the results went in the Owls favour, the law of physics states that what goes around comes around, over to you Jos, before the law of mathematics dictates the future of the club.
  11. 8 wins

    I don’t like the look of the tea lady either.
  12. andy pearce

    Not my favourite player, however we actually made a mint when we sold him to Wimbledon, for whom he bombed big style.
  13. Being present at the birth of my son, little did he know what was about to befall him.
  14. From the horses mouth

    I’m no expert on horses, I can tell the difference from their head and their arse, however, which end this one was talking out of is anyone’s guess.
  15. I attempt not to use the generalisation ‘we’ when discussing the club that I have supported for circa 65 years, and have in the past, been called a troll by one of the forum’s knuckle draggers for my efforts. I totally disassociate myself with the current negativity that is consuming the club, the supporters can seriously damage the psyche of the players, forget the mysteries of the board room and get behind the team.