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  1. Working on the premis that we are not going to finish in the play-offs, how many points do we need to avoid relegation? Blackburn were relegated with a reasonably high 51 last season, so I’m opting for 52, which is just shy of double our current tally, frightening isn’t it?
  2. Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    All the doctors and consultants at rheumatology in Hallam are none UK nationals, I speak from very grateful experience of their efforts.
  3. Doesn't deserve Sack after that

    There were some decent performances last night, none of them coming from the strikers, had Reach connected properly his shot would have been virtually unstoppable. Whether it was a free kick or not, a player on each post would have been handy, stuff holding the line, the officials often get that wrong.
  4. Never have I, or ever will I wish the Owls to lose, nothing else to say.
  5. Perhaps The Kaiser Chiefs portfolio of songs came to mind. ”Good Days Bad Days” “I Predict a Riot” ”Na Na Na Na Na” “Every Day I Love You Less and Less” And last but not least:- “Oh My God”
  6. First time ever

    You could always watch the TV coverage with muted sound whilst listening to the Radio Sheffield coverage, you then get the actual game confused by John Pearson’s unbridled optimism, bless him.
  7. Stop exagerating, the’re not as good as that.
  8. Not from half season tickets it’s not, albeit I don’t expect long queues for them.
  9. Black Shorts

    Having been very impressed with Wolves this season and looking at our form, may I suggest chocolate brown shorts?
  10. One thing I’ve noticed this week

    This may surprise some of you guys, but what the heck? A large percentage of those who voted ‘stay’ in the Brexit referendum think that a reversal is possible, they are wrong. Those who don’t like Trump think that he should be impeached just because they don’t like him, don’t hold your breath. Labour lost the last general election by some 50 seats to the Tories, but many think that Corbyn should be asked to form a government, it ain’t going to happen. Now just because there is a majority on this forum who want Carlos sacked doesn’t mean that he’s packing his bags, your opinions mean zero in the greater scheme of things, if you want to send a message to DC, stop chucking your hard earned cash at him, I promise you that he’ll notice.
  11. Worst Sheffield Wednesday Managers

    And put us in that position in the first place, it’s similar to running you over and then phoning for an ambulance.
  12. Happy Birthday to Chrissy Waddle

    All the best you footballing genius, I loved the Wembley free kick, but putting a young Ryan Giggs on his arse twice, right in front of the Man Utd supporters is my favourite. I’ve not seen hide nor hair of him in Dore village for ages, neither have I seen his personalised plated top of the range BMW, maybe he’s in sunnier climes, he has a cockney mate in Calahonda who he visits on a regular basis. May good fortune follow him wherever he goes.
  13. The last time I went Clive Lioyd and Geoff Boycott were on opposing sides, the football ruined what was a very good cricket ground.
  14. Carlos Inners!

    My problem with the premis that Carlos must go is that since the termination of the second coming of Big Ron, with a very few exceptions, our management appointments have got progressively worse. All the Dean Smith, Mick McArthy talk is complete wishful thinking, why would any strong manager want to be DC’s lapdog? What we really need IMHO, is the appointment of a chief executive of the like of Karren Brady, she’s beyond our capabilities, but she might just know someone who isn’t. I’d like to see Carlos work under the eye of someone who knows what they are doing before I make my mind up. In my experience most business failures eminate from the top, a good owner appoints good management, whilst a poor owner is scared to delegate, we are going nowhere with DC running the show.
  15. The last few weeks of George Hirst

    If Hirst senior has irrecovably fallen out with DC then Hirst junior will not rock the family boat, he’s a young guy who comes from a fairly wealthy environment, DC is unlikely to be able to buy either on his terms only, I suggest that he checks out the executive restaurant menu for humble pie.