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    Just remember, we are the club that sacked Trevor Francis and replaced him with David Pleat, not to be content with this clanger, after sacking Pleat we re-appointed Ron Atkinson and replaced him with Danny Wilson a few months later. We are not that good at this sacking and replacing malarkey, best take care or we could end up far deeper in the brown stuff than some on here could possibly imagine.
  2. I well recall the shouts for Alex Ferguson's head in the early years of his Man Utd management, Arsene Wenger suffers similar on a regular basis, I reckon that Carlos knows exactly what the off field score is in respect of his SWFC future, whatever DC decides Carlos knows that his financial future is secure, so pick whoever you like as his replacement, I'll wait for DC to tell us what is happening at the club.
  3. Carlos out...

    Before the inevitable actually becomes reality, wouldn't it be a good idea if DC devolved some of his dictatorial powers to those who know something about the inner workings of a football club? In the very unlikely event of him taking this course of action, I wouldn't object to the likes of MM and Howard Wilkinson being offered consultative positions.
  4. Season

    Bolton were bound to win sometime, unfortunately it was today, any team that want's to 'mix it' will do well against us. I'm beginning to think that Carlos has built a squad for the promotion that never was, we are far too weak for this division, there are other Bolton's that can't wait for us, best toughen up Carlos.
  5. George Hirst

    And there was me thinking that it was ties.
  6. George Hirst

    Duplicate post due to dead 'save' button.
  7. Too late for the likes of Dave Clement and Gary Speed, hopefully Chris 'coming out' will tell others that they are not alone, IMO he's a very strong person for doing so.
  8. Catch up Weekend?

    Because our performance is of far more importance than theirs, this is where we need to step up to the mark, to hell with them.
  9. I fully understand why MM paid off our debts at a very well negotiated price, I'm everlastingly grateful to him and for finding your good self to take us to the next level. However I'm curious as to what your reasons were to throw your money at SWFC, I'm biased and also dead chuffed to have a very wealthy owner, but why us, just an honest question?
  10. People who can't get players names right.

    Ian Bright and Mark Wright Barry Lineker Roland Nielsen Peter Shirtcliffe Chris Wood (the keeper, and it was me)
  11. Ron Springett

    Shankley - "Football is a simple game, complicated by idiots". Clough to Keane - "Just win the ball from the player wearing a different coloured shirt to you, then pass it to someone wearing the same coloured shirt as you". As you so correctly intimate, 'nothing really changes'.
  12. There at it again

    There, they're and their used to confuse the hell out of me when I started school, but how these three words can manage to confuse Apple's spell check god only knows, however it's not a spelling/punctuation competition, is it?
  13. Wednesday or England

    Well at least we have a manager with charisma, Southgate would manage to make Brazil look boring.
  14. Origin of the Wednesday - I have a theory !

    dunsbyowl, Well done mate, when I was a kid I was told that the Wednesday' part of the name was derived from playing in a Wednesday league. In a time when men appeared to work until they dropped, I started to distrust the Wednesday league theory. Your well researched factual evidence makes a lot more sense, if only I could get in touch with my great grandfather he would be able to clarify matters for us, I'm pretty sure in your favour.
  15. Abdi

    Calling their opinion rubbish is, but then again I obviously have different standards to others, such is life.