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  1. optimisticowl

    Why the negativity

    There was talk of Bristol City being the Man City of the Championship League. What I want is for SWFC to be the team that other clubs look up to, preferably 23 of them, we can live without being compared with the best team in the land, let us aspire to support the best team in the league that it plays in, this could be classed as negativity by some or hopeful reality to others.
  2. Had Colombia not acted like petulant children they might have just shaded it, and as for Maraplonker talking about ‘heading’ a goal, what the hell does that fat has been know about heading a goal against England? Sweden won’t be easy, but at least we are on a level playing field with them, neither they or us are cheats.
  3. optimisticowl

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    I would like to know the whole scenario verbatim before I casteth any blame, which is never going to happen is it?
  4. optimisticowl

    Our fire sale

    Someone posted a while back that whenever the club made a profit from player sales they passed it on to the supporters in the form of reduced ticket/season ticket costs. I would love to know what he had been smoking/drinking, perhaps they could inform us of when they imagined that this fantasy occurred.
  5. optimisticowl

    Who is your prediction

    Sunderland have sold 19,000 season tickets, can’t imagine Stoke doing similar.
  6. optimisticowl

    Remembering Capt. Vivian S. Simpson MC

    Just noticed that it was the centenary of his death last month. Apparently his medals and letters from the trenches are in the military section of a Rotherham museum, possibly Clifton, wouldn’t It be fitting if there was something permanent to honour this brave man in Hillsborough?
  7. optimisticowl

    It's all very quiet at Hillsborough

    Don’t expect a Carlos pre season, Jos talks little and does much, talk is cheap, players are expensive, forgotten and written off players made our last season, I’m hopefully optimistic.
  8. You can’t go anywhere in Spain without finding kids football facilities that put the UK’s to shame. We love the game whilst the Spanish all but make love to it.
  9. optimisticowl

    England squad - What might have been.

    If you can’t have an adult discussion without resorting to insults, please count me out.
  10. optimisticowl

    Match day parking near the ground

    No, it’s the direction that your car goes if you park on it.
  11. optimisticowl

    England squad - What might have been.

    Nothing, however do you actually believe that SWFC’s post injury care was superior to that of Man Utd?
  12. optimisticowl

    Big Atdhe haters

    So it’s not him anymore, however the hate brigade will soon find a replacement, such is being a SWFC supporter.
  13. optimisticowl

    England squad - What might have been.

    No I didn’t, it was 50/50, prove different if you can.
  14. optimisticowl

    Can we sponsor the shirt?

    I’d wet myself if United Carpets won it.
  15. optimisticowl

    Colin Dobson

    Anyone know what happened to Jim’s younger brother Fred?