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  1. optimisticowl

    Steve Bruce

    Not another Owls pipe dream for god’s sake.
  2. Funny word is if, which reminds me. If my Aunty had been born with wedding tackle she would be my Uncle, but she hasn’t so she isn’t.
  3. optimisticowl


    I can remember more of Waddle than I can of Fessi, getting both him and Rhodes back would be like signing two new players, which would be the only way of putting them in the shop window, if that is what SB wants.
  4. optimisticowl

    German defender linked

    I’ve been prone to the odd urge myself.
  5. optimisticowl

    Give me...

    Your bog must be a reyt boring place.
  6. optimisticowl

    Give me...

    I resemble that remark.
  7. optimisticowl

    Still can’t see

    86 doesn’t come across as being that old these days. One man’s crap is another man’s War and Peace, however we both clearly feature more in the former than the latter.
  8. optimisticowl

    Still can’t see

    You’re only as old as the woman you feel. I’m a hard rock man, I eat Beres’s pork sandwiches, that I consider very good value. No blanket and MYOB what the flask contains.
  9. optimisticowl

    50 point margin

    I wonder what the odds would be on a double, with Man Utd finishing third in the Premier League and the Owls finishing sixth in the Championship, well I try to live up to my username.
  10. optimisticowl


    He’s probably not feeling himself, but on second thoughts.
  11. optimisticowl


    At last this thread has broken out in common sense, await Steve Bruce to implement more of it.
  12. optimisticowl


    When he finally arrives it will be just like signing up a new manager.
  13. optimisticowl


    I can think of managers who should have done similar.
  14. optimisticowl


    Of course so, I’m a member of The National Truss.