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  1. We are gonna get thrashed.

    Sheffield derbies are very rarely easy on the eye, that's why Boxing Day is remembered so fondly, 3 points will suffice, after the final whistle is blown and we're in the top 6 and the're not, the technicalities of the game will be forgotten. That's of course if we don't stuff them 5-0 this time.
  2. Kop not sold out shocker

    A few years ago wasn't there a waiting list for restricted view seats?
  3. Which areas are Wednesday

    I've never actually counted them, and my theory was just that, however I have visited the Sportsman on Derbyshire Lane on several occasions.
  4. Which areas are Wednesday

    S6 has far more old terraced housing left standing than S2, the latter being around the ground, Abbeydale Road, London Road, Heeley and Meersbrook, all of which appear to be strongly Asian and student populated areas. The huge convoy of cars on SWFC match days emanating from the south western districts, travelling to Hillsborough via Rails Road, Stannington and Wisewood are a testament to the fact that many Owls now reside in what used to be blunts areas. As for 'where most blunts live', I'm minded to say Arbourthorne, Manor, Woodthorpe, Handsworth, Woodseats, Norton, Gleadless and other parts of S12, I've no idea about the 'townships', but have strangely enough noticed more red and white around Owlthorpe than blue and white.
  5. The Moaners were always with us - from 1890.

    My great grandmother who was born in 1874 (same year as Churchill) read three Red Circle library books a week, without spectacles in her tiny cottage that had no electricity, well into her 80's. She had received very little formal education, brought up five kids and could have left some of out current bright stars standing. My endearing memory of her was to listen to her tell the story of her great aunt (might have been great, great aunt) as a little girl, waving to Wellington on his return from victory at Waterloo, just think, from her to her to me in circa 145 years. There was only reading, writing and speaking in those days, no correcting spelling mistakes on a tablet, like I've just done.
  6. Which opposition player ...

    Vinnie Jones comes to mind as our target, the blunts hate everything Wednesday, however the free kick at Wembley elevated Chris Waddle to a different level.
  7. The Moaners were always with us - from 1890.

    You missed a page, may I assist? Sir, I would also wish to comment on the quality of the pies, the cow heel and tripe in shortcrust pastry were at best luke warm, and at three pence each you are nothing less than a highwayman minus the mask, and why was there a shortage of Henderson's Relish, is three farthings a bottle too expensive? Also although not in your remit, I parked my pony and trap on Richards Road only on returning to find one carriage lamp missing and my pony in a very distressed state following it being painted in red and white stripes by some idiot who is reported to have been singing a song about dripping fried potatoes encased in two slabs of white bread, I further understand him to be called Brian. You will note that I am far from impressed and am considering my future support of The Wednesday.
  8. They really are a thick bunch

    Sheffield Forum gave the bbc a very strong platform for ages, any objections to their vile activities were met with a gang of them tap dancing on their respective report buttons, and Owls fans being banned out of hand by the resident blunts mod, who is a favourite of the forum's head honcho. They have Sean Bean joining them for booze ups and Neil Warnock, who incidentally couldn't have stood on his beloved Kop on match days, due to him being a professional footballer with alternative duties on match days, as their pin up boy. SUFC turns a blind eye to the thuggery that surrounds the club, because the glassing of an Owls supporter would bring a sly smile to the faces of many blunts.
  9. The Globe originally opened it's doors in 1797, it's close to the Interchange, Midland Station, Crucible and Lyceum, this historic establishment should be attracting commuters, and theatre gowers, not brain dead and violent scum bags. Being an old sod I recall a system used in the deep and distant past to rid pubs like this of problem customers. This was quite simple, the landlord and family went on a two weeks holiday, a temporary 'manager' with scum bag eradication skills was installed, when the landlord and family returned the premises were a paragon of peace and tranquility, the police were not interested in any 'happenings' during this period. Can you imagine anything of this nature taking place in this day and age?
  10. Spain for pigs game..?

    Try Saffy's Bar & Grill in Calpe Port.
  11. Talking as someone who resides in South West Sheffield and drives to SWFC matches, alcohol is an after match thing, when I've got back home and parked the car up. This is certainly not the case with many of the red and white contingent, who start drinking in their locals at circa 11:00am, and then move on to the delights of the S2 pubs by bus to get really tanked up. I appreciate that alcohol is consumed in S6 both prior and during match time, but many of the blunts that I know aren't content unless they've had a bath in it. Alcohol abuse is the main cause of most violent/abusive activities, I'm not beating a drum on my high horse, just telling it as I see it.
  12. Quality

    Carlos must inject a ruthless streak into the squad, really it's all that we are missing, we are very close to being an automatic promotion contender, I'm minded to suggest that Fessi and Hutch are the missing links.
  13. Caption Competition - Carlos Carvalhal

    This is my lucky coat smart arse.
  14. Colin's Comments

    It was Warnock stating that if he were to manage the Owls that he would buy a load of lobbers, get us relegated and retire to Cornwall and spend his retirement p*****g himself laughing that most Colin haters recall. Well with his track record of getting more out of his lobbers than we got out of ours, he might just have done quite well. However it would be a good idea to play the interview to our players just before they leave the dressing room.