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  1. . You’ve really got to want to take them, Waddle wasn’t keen, others love them, SB needs to find a couple in the latter category.
  2. In the dizzy heights of our Premier League days, we never achieved an average attendance figure of 30,000, so why not look at replacing Leppings Lane, smartening up the Kop and building a state of the art training facility?
  3. I just love Wednesdayites, a short while ago we were at the gates of oblivion, now we should construct a super stadium, keep it up guys.
  4. All we need is an international break to kick start this sort of thing, I dare not even think of what the OP might get up to during the close season.
  5. Would SB still have agreed to join us if we were about to receive a wacking great fine and placed on the silly sod’s step? I appreciate that he’s being well paid, but their were other clubs that no doubt would have been interested and weren’t about to receive a size 12 in the bowlocks.
  6. Yes, but he is obviously training with the Norwich squad, and is regularly on the bench, a bit like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and David Faairclough used to be. Norwich simply don’t need him, but are stuck with him, and in his favour he’s not hiding in the treatment room is he?
  7. The Spanish appear to want many of their coastal resorts to mirror Benidorm, and with Lanzarote and Southern Tenerife they are well on their way to succeeding. We’ve given up on it and now stay front line beach in Southern Spain, we don’t need a car because we are where we want to be, with Lanzarote folk tend to drive all over the island looking for a good bit, sadly there isn’t one.
  8. All pre-Bruce player assessments are now in the bin, he’s given everyone a clean sheet, it’s now up to the players to impress him, and IMHO he will do exactly the same wit Rhodes, we now have a proper manager.
  9. Trust someone to bring common sense into the equation.
  10. Have you considered beating the blunts in the final?
  11. The usual negativo suspects were reticent to even consider a top half finish a week ago, SB is getting the very best out of the squad, they are four square behind him, pity about some of the supporters,
  12. I’ve used an almost identical route for donkey’s years, I avoid the Cat & Fiddle by going to the right at the top of Winnets, I then pick up the by-pass and turn left at it’s end, going through Whaley Bridge, then turning right at the lights onto the road signposted Macclesfield, the rest as per your post.
  13. My theory is that both Carlos and Jos had little knowledge of training pitch quality and suitability, DC has zero knowledge and probably no interest. Bruce however will sort these things out, DC will either listen to him or lose him, I’m backing the former.
  14. I get the £2m offer for a player who isn’t worth diddly squat, great move turning it down.
  15. For the enth time I’m not comparing Hirst with Brooks.
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