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  1. optimisticowl

    L***s Fans Want Westwood In January

    He could make a lot of money by signing short term contracts, this would be a sensible move for a quality keeper of his age.
  2. You must be a Heart Beat/Penny Farthing veteran, I’ve often wondered what happened to Fred, he was a complete opposite of Jim, but he loved the ground that his brother walked on. I recall picking him up from the Midland Station following his return from playing in Australia, it’s no wonder that Jim is still working, he carried the whole family on his back, but never ever complained.
  3. optimisticowl

    International Break

    Fingers crossed that none get called up for A Question of Sport, all that thinking can be stressful.
  4. optimisticowl

    If we were relegated...

    It’s only November with 17 games played for god’s sake, the club has been in far worse fettle and has survived, at least the bank and the tax-man aren’t expected to call, we won’t be relegated, get yourself in positive form, we’re all Wednesday aren’t we?
  5. I recall seeing him pick up his wife at a Bradford & Bingley local office, where she worked on the counter. I thought this strange for the wife of the SWFC chairman, but on reflection, out of the two of them, she was probably the bread winner looking at his business failures.
  6. If you google Dave Richards other business activities you will find him to be a financial disaster area, he lost SWFC millions of pounds in player values in order to become Mr Nice and be offered the Premier League chairmanship.
  7. He took Barnsley into the Premiership and took them back down after a single season.
  8. optimisticowl

    Luhukay's Credentials

    To be fair, I hadn’t heard of most of the foreign managers recruited by UK clubs, Mourinho wasn’t exactly a household name when he originally came to Chelsea. If the club doesn’t search every area available when they are looking for a manager, their due diligence would be defective. Carlos appeared to be doing a good job in his first couple of years, it never concerned us that his track record wasn’t that great. We supporters have to settle for what we get, however, DC will do as he wishes, as we all do with what is ours to do with as we wish. I reckon that Jos is worthy of a full season, however everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  9. optimisticowl

    clive betts

    Cheers, I’ve obviously put two and two together and have come up with five, my unreserved apologies go to Clive Betts.
  10. optimisticowl

    clive betts

    Following his colleague Joe Cox’s murder he’s either a very brave man or a damned fool, I don’t do politics by the way.
  11. optimisticowl

    clive betts

    Did Betts actually go to the match? If so he would have received the usual VIP treatment reserved for politicians, VIP parking (if requested), directors bar, pre-match meal, directors box seat and post match executive treatment, I somehow don’t imagine that he joined the John Street queue.
  12. optimisticowl

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    After a little thought I reckon that DC would take the ‘Anyone’ option.
  13. optimisticowl

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Any bad points then?
  14. optimisticowl

    SWFC - The Future. Do we have one?

    Look guys, SWFC have spent only 15 seasons in the top tier since the 70/71 season, in that time we’ve even spent time in the third tier, this is because the club is very badly run, and has been since the mid 60’s. Even when the club has had the occasional great player, other than for Hirst he’s had a ‘for sale’ sign on him. So to answer the OP’s question, yes we do, however what type it will be is in the hand of the gods, I reckon that it must be just as easy to run the club well as it is to run it badly, why not give the former a try as the latter doesn’t appear to work well?
  15. optimisticowl

    Definition of support

    A few years ago I was on holiday In Tenerife when the Owls beat the blunts. I had found a Sky bar to view the game and said hi to the five Owls and one blunt. One of the Owls told me that he was one of the crew of Greenpeace that was anchored just off shore, he had borrowed a small motor boat that was tied up in the local harbour, as soon as the match had finished he legged it back to the boat, now that’s what I call support.