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  1. Hillsborough falling down?

    This puts ‘dropping ones aitches’ onto a completely different level.

    On a scale of one to ten I’ll go for10 referee incompetence - 0 referee match fixing complicity, I live near to an ex EFL referee, who is now a referee assessor, the problem, IMHO, is that there is a no blame culture because they don’t want to rock the boat, they should be made to explain their actions after making an obvious mistake, he just ignores me when I suggest it.
  3. We are gonna win

    To be perfectly honest I reckon that a season finish with the Owls having a + goal difference is a realistic possibility, I’d settle for a draw against Villa, I just don’t want to be on the wrong end of a thrashing. I would be well happy if Jos manages wins against Bolton, Sunderland, Hull and Reading, but we all know it rarely works out like that.
  4. Lego Hillsborough

    I read this as Legover at Hillsborough without my readers, I know it’s been boring this season, but that was taking matters a bit far.
  5. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    To know that he isn’t on 30K implies by definitition, that you know how much he is on, who told you the player or his agent?
  6. Swansea Fans Views

    Wales is a beautiful country, sadly ruined by it’s indigenous population.
  7. I presume that the rest of the U23’s were that poor they made George look good, come on hate brigade, you know that you believe this.
  8. Jos Has Been First Class

    The Forum fools are currently backing off from their hatred of Jos, they’ve forgotten Reach, just need Rhodes and Hirst to make good and they will start picking on the tea lady, Happy Days.
  9. If George is an overnight sensation then they wiill never have said a word against him, if he struggles to make the grade immediately, then it wil be “I told you so”, as I said previously, this is Owlstalk after all.
  10. Peace appears to have broken out in S6, and about time too, I hope that is an end to the conjecture, but this is Owlstalk after all.
  11. We got what we deserved tonight

    The thing is that the club is not in ‘full metal jacket’ mode, Burton (as per normal) are, and Clough is the master of last minute escapes. Jos has got to juggle with a horrendous injury list, an FA Cup run and an outside possibility of relegation, rather him than me. Just give the guy some slack, he made the mistake of going for the draw last night, and got just what he deserved, I wager that he won’t repeat this.
  12. Katiren Meire

    As soon as her appointment was announced a mate called me and said that he’d heard from a guy who he knew, that she was ‘poison’. Now how the hell would anyone in Sheffield, with no Charlton connections, have an in-depth knowledge of her abilities? Why don’t these doom and gloom merchants just urinate off into the horizon, never to be heard of again?
  13. Young George

    I recall chatting to Jim McCalliog in a Sheffield disco regarding his transfer to Wolves. I knew the McCalliog family from Nether Edge, where they lived in a club house, so he was very honest with me and he said “Wednesday are paying me £60.00 p/w and Wolves have doubled it, I can’t refuse an offer like that”. I was on something like £12.00 p/w at the time, so fully understood his motives. Strangely enough Jim, who is a year older than me, is still working, while I retired eight years ago, haven’t things changed, someone like him would be a millionaire whilst still playing?
  14. Let say we beat Swansea

    I don’t, if they can beat Spurs they can beat us, whoops they’ve just scored.
  15. Captain of Sheffield Wednesday

    The problem is that SWFC is unfashionable, Reach is bound to have had a pint of Guinness, been to Rhyl, and had a taste of scotch, so expect the Jack Charlton international rules to be applied.