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  1. optimisticowl

    Leeds or Sheffield United

    I recall during the Don Revie days a Leeds fan telling me that their true Derby was against Man Utd, I related this to a Man Utd fan who dismissed this, prior to telling me that their true Derby was against Liverpool, ours is against the blunts, end of discussion.
  2. optimisticowl

    this is hilarious

    I reckon that South East Asian guy is a competitor of DC’s in the fish flogging business.
  3. optimisticowl

    Rub It In, Jos!

    Never fear, a loss where Reach has a poor game and Dawson lets a couple in will bring forth the self appointed football aficionados, with their Jos out crap.
  4. optimisticowl

    Match reports in the Sunday papers

    How do you mean biased? It’s not our fault that the Owls are the greatest club that the world has ever known, don’t talk daft.
  5. optimisticowl

    Bruce Grobelaar

    Our current keeper’s father also played in goal for Grimsby.
  6. optimisticowl

    Does Forestieri start against Leeds?

    I can see him starting against West Brom, if he gets a reasonable thirty minutes or so against Leeds. There is no need to fear Leeds, infact there are currently no runaway favourites in this division, say what you wish about our chances, I’d have signed up for our current position at the start of the season, upwards and onwards.
  7. optimisticowl


    It sounds like a case of handbags at three paces to me, as for simple, if either party could come out of this with some credibility they would surely have attempted to do so. I’m a great believer in the law of common sense, according to the late Denis Healey, this being, ‘When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.’
  8. optimisticowl

    Time to haul in the optimism

    We ain’t seen nothing yet, let’s get the sick notes back before writing off the season, there’s no point in expecting the players to be ambitious when the supporters don’t share it.
  9. optimisticowl

    Clare Fee

    SWFC is not very good at this football business malarkey is it? But having said that, they could do unto others as they would would do onto them, it’s a very cut and thrust business, best get the knife sharpener out DC.
  10. optimisticowl

    Club's Best Moment

    When Dave Allen changed the pie supplier to Beres.
  11. optimisticowl

    What did Morgan Fox have for breakfast?

    I suppose that it makes a change for the fox in our box to be on our side.
  12. optimisticowl

    Luhukay - Sacked or Backed?

    I recall the ‘Back him or sack him’ hand held cards being displayed against Trevor Francis’s tenure, the club opted for the latter, and we ended up with David Pleat. The moral of my post being, be very careful what you wish for.
  13. optimisticowl

    Adam Reach

    The Reach haters must be delighted that he had a poor game, Jos needed to see what that line up was like, well now he knows.
  14. Or even a plan without a team, we need Fessi and Hooper back sharpish.
  15. optimisticowl


    If the Owls are in 6th place after tonight’s game and Dawson has a blinder, this thread will be dead in the water, and looking at the other fixtures it’s a real possibility, I’m going for a 0-1 win for the Owls.