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  1. Barry Bannan

    I’d like to see him playing alongside Chris Brunt.
  2. Don Revie worked wonders with the conception of Leeds Utd by football supporters as a whole, what with the Real Madrid type kit, European football and making a load of bully boys into footballing angels. They are a mini Man Utd, with their support coming mainly from outside of the Leeds boundaries, they even started to look at their derby being against Man Ud because they don’t have a natural one, they are a Rugby League city and always will be.
  3. Hutchinson. Keep or release

    It would be a daft contract for SWFC if it suddenly doubled the wages of the player, I reckon that I have read the double contract clause in the deep nd distant past.
  4. Hutchinson. Keep or release

    I thought that any wages earned from a new contract with another club would be taken into account when assessing his contractural rights.
  5. Made my mind up

    It’s a good job that this side of misfits managed a few good results of late, or it might have been terminal. All that I can say is that they didn’t give up, and in that there must be the basis of a side lurking somewhere in S6, it’s Jos’s job to find it. Why they always start like tortoises and finish like hares is the mystery, I thought it to be a Carlos tactic, but obviously not. Would an experienced midfield player and skipper, such as Chris Brunt be the answer to our obvious first half lethargy?
  6. 3.0

    Not worth listening to, at least I can watch the Sky match off mute.
  7. As and when we have the look of this season’s Wolves side, then I’ll start to get excited, however I’m not bricking myself anymore, hopefully we will have stable management and less injuries.
  8. They were a top junior club when I was involved with Porter over 20 years ago, the council tolerated kids football, but they never supported it, we survived in spite of them. We have two wealthy professional club chairmen (three if you count Prince Long Pockets), the two oldest amateur clubs in the world and a plethora of very successful local companies that could support local football and use it as a claim against tax, has anyone bothered to start at the top and work their way down the list, if you don’t ask you don’t get? My suggestion would be to get a few Owls and Blades legends on the job, they can get through to the top guys, particularly if they support either of the Sheffield clubs,
  9. He has mates! Gerrowaywithi.
  10. Wildsmith

    This is one position that doesn’t need strengthening, however let’s see if any offers come in, none of them would savour an understoody move, unless it was with a top Premier League club.
  11. Naah then Colin!!

    He doesn’t often court adulation, however the Cardiff fans love him, he’ll have to do something controversial soon or he might be remembered as a good guy, and that would never do.
  12. Playoffs?

    Didn’t he actually say that we wouldn’t be in this division next season? He was nearly correct, the little tinker.
  13. Let's judge Jos on these eight games

    Well to state the blatantly obvious, there is nothing other than the remaining eight games to judge him on is there? None of us had any idea of the potential of Nuhiu and Joao, and they became targets for derision, Forestieri’s Owls career being finished was somewhat exaggerated and Reach has continued to prove his critics wrong. Carlos’s problem was that he appeared to ostracise certain players, and if he did relent he had a habit of playing them out of position and then dropping them when one of his favourites was fit to play. Jos has a far more logical football brain eg; ‘all but one of our first choice strikes are injured, Rhodes hasn’t got his head right, so I’ll give Nuhiu and Joao a start’, it’s not rocket science is it?
  14. Well the squad has finally clicked, Jos doesn’t talk for talking’s sake, the haters are discovering the love, and it looks as If the club is being run in a far more professional manner, a top six finish next season, happy days.
  15. So I suppose that with Carlos finding alternative employment immediately following his ‘sacking’, that the club didn’t have to pay up the balance of his contract.