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  1. George Hirst Saga

    The daft thing is that they could end up with him, if he doesn’t sign a contract with us and agrees to join the blunts the fee could be settled by tribunal if they refuse to meet our price. This is a very sad state of affairs, if both parties have thrown their toys out of their respective prams the club could become a laughing stock.
  2. Glen Hoddle And His Wisdom.....

    The media declared war on Glen Hoddle, they all but destroyed him because of his religious beliefs, not because of his lack of football management abilities. Not taking a raving lunatic to the 1998 World Cup finals gave the ‘comic’ press another nail to hammer into his coffin, the guy was always on a hiding to nothing, some of the managers appointed post his dismissal beggar belief.
  3. What are you most angry about?

    Football doesn’t make me angry, going to my late mate’s wife’s funeral next Wednesday and visiting another mate in the cancer wing of the Hallamshire today makes me very sad, but not angry. Now get me on muggers, acid throwers and the scum who think that they have a right to take/damage other folks property and I’ll do ‘angry’ big style. Football is something to enjoy, not everyone jumps on the glory club wagon, when we get it right it’s as big a shock to us as it is to the rest of the football world, but we’re Wednesday aren’t we?
  4. Nuhiu

    He’s our poor man’s Peter Crouch, if he can help to turn a nailed on loss into a draw he might just be able to turn a nailed on draw into a win. I much prefer a player with limited abilities giving 100% to a prima dona who can’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.
  5. Well I’ve actually considered recording the second half and watching it tomorrow morning, however I’ve decided to stay the course. We should have been playing with 10, maybe the luck is with us, it takes two to tango and Ipswich aren’t pulling up any trees either.
  6. McCarthy on Carlos

    That’s what I said.
  7. McCarthy on Carlos

    He states that it’s hard to get into the play offs and not get promoted, well I disagree with him there, as we haven’t found it at all hard in not getting promoted.
  8. I had a dream..

    Ah, premature premonition syndrome, what were you actually dreaming about?
  9. Wilder runs a kind of football democracy, no favourites, no prima donas, no toy throwers, he has an autocratic, tight fisted co-owner to put up with and must be very high on a lot of club’s wanted lists, watch this space.
  10. Any type of win will do me tonight, I can put up with a boring win, it’s boring draws that get to me. If we were to be 0-1 in the lead and play keep ball, so be it, I’m sure that the blunts game was a cracker, but they can afford the loss, we can’t.
  11. I’ve often wondered what difference 3 points for a win, 2 points for a score draw and 1 point for a no score draw would make in respect of effort to score.
  12. If he says the same about Westwood I’m chucking the towel in.
  13. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    Is ‘anyone’ an alternative to Pulis?
  14. 2 Points off Play-offs

    Anyone with a ‘glass half full’ attitude is a ‘happy clapper’, to the negative brigade. If there were to be an unhappy hour at the Park Hotel, where they doubled the drinks price and played Leonard Cohen numbers continually you guys would have the time of your lives.
  15. Is it that bad?

    If I ever feel that the club is not performing to it’s full potential, I simply google a photo of Dave Richards, it works for me.