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  1. Just watch a bit of Man u v owls 1986 on YouTube.. We really had a good team then, Chapman, sterland some right hairdo's back them LOL, ON TV, I've got disney+ and currently working my way through "shield" spin off from marvel
  2. The possibility of a points deduction isn't stopping them correct there wage each week is it....... Point deduction or no points deduction, they should give 100% no matter what I'm sure they'd say something if there wages weren't right
  3. Was I the only one who did a double take at first... This is an absolute cracker LOL
  4. Have we sold out already, just been on home page to look for tickets but nothing there, just grey with no access to ticket info....
  5. Rumour has it BIG Ron's Back with tricky trev as assistant and rolly as u23 head coach
  6. Well being found not guilty in Mansfield courts and then charged by fa is twice in my book.......
  7. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned it as I've not scrolled through all this, but I thought that you could not be tried for the same crime twice especially if you've been found not guilty at the start
  8. I went to this one.... Shocker of a game and to finish it off we got a brick through the coach window as we were driving away ... Oh them were the days
  9. We could always do a Man City and build the 2nd longest bar
  10. According to the report he had a good game, there coach was happy with his performance
  11. I lived there for 3 years and went to a few matches too, they where a good team then and what I’ve seen last season there on there way again,like you said the place was always buzzin...great times
  12. I’ve watched them a few time over last season and they played some good football,they have now signed some good player and will get better
  13. They are a good team on the up,they did well last season,even if it’s Liga 3 but they have made quite a few good signings so far and look to mean business, so a really good move all around
  14. Like everyone has been saying...he’s just what we’ve needed for a long time, with him and Murphy pushing the midfield it can only be a good thing........for all those who thought they had a given for a place will have to up there game big time now....we have great competition for places now ....UTO
  15. 2 well taken goals today,Harris must be one of the steals of the season....fletch as always delivers
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