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  1. And if we have sold our ground we must have a fairly decent war chest... 10m ide say..
  2. Yeah, its admirable Celtic don't want to f**k up their wage structure..but we did that years ago, so we can complete for sure
  3. The lads obviously going to be in and around the first team if he comes to us, we shouldn't have a problem offering him a deal close to the 20k hes after if its for 3/4 year.. i hope we get talking to him asap if true
  4. So he was cleared in a court of law but the FA still charge him? nearly every post says the same thing in this thread
  5. Literally first time looking at this thread properly..just think of the hours I've saved on you guys we should have a round of betting on the page number of our first proper signing (not re sign) I'll go for 287
  6. He just fu***s off again once hes won would be one thing that i could see going wrong
  7. club a have wouldn't they, [owners the] them without, me trust. club their into going is that investment the about happy not fans? I dont get it?
  8. I can agree with that, his strength was never pace, hes not done for yet if he has some pacey wingers pulling defenses around for him
  9. Hallamshire Hospital keeping close tabs on Abdi I am hearing, possible 2 year contract
  10. I think you missed my point pal, which was that he wouldn't have included him in a game and looked to give a long term injury a run out in your words if he wasn't seriously thinking about keeping him..
  11. SB included him the last game, a game where there was still something to play (very slim chance I know ) for not just an end of the season run out for old times sake, this is professional football, even a place on the bench is thought out very very carefully, I think and hope this means SB is seriously thinking about giving the guy a chance
  12. So excited that KL is involved, SB is no fool he will know all about him, hopefully with the injury situation we can offer him a 12 month on reduced wages
  13. Another gargantuan attempt to move his drinks cabinet six inches closer to FFP. Oh i don't know.. theres a joke in there somewhere, I just cba
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