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  1. keepitsteel89

    Big Hec

    I get what your saying I do.. but when a team like Chelsea sign a player fairly late on ie not a youngster it kind of messes with the value of the player, it makes them more valuable than they actually are. Which puts teams off buying, but make no mistakes hector is still a very very good player with bags of potential
  2. keepitsteel89

    Expectation is the enemy of happiness

    Sshhhhh haha, no you may well be right.. I just don't see the squad depth there but at this stage of the season I guess you could say that hasn't and won't count for much especially with the whole team ethos they have going which is undeniable
  3. keepitsteel89

    Expectation is the enemy of happiness

    I seriously doubt united will have the legs to go up.. they'll make it to the playoff lottery though. Every dog has its day, even yorkshire terriers that sound like their not even from yorkshire
  4. keepitsteel89

    Big Hec

    Is there? Is there a reason hes not broken into one of the best teams in the world?
  5. keepitsteel89

    Foul on Forestieri

    Sorry to Neg you mate but... wow...just wow
  6. So this is whats replacing waterboarding...
  7. Did you read my post tho lol? I was saying those players are good enough to get out of the championship..Not play in the prem.. i said there were maybe 10/15 players in the entire championship that could walk into a lower prem side..and they aint wednesday players..with the exception of reach maybe in a few years..who lacks muscle your right.. and Lee if he was fully fit..
  8. There are maybe 10/15 players in the Championship who could walk into a lower end Premier League club nowadays... teams that go up come back down within 2 years if they don't make wholesale changes.. We dont need players good enough for the prem, you need players good enough to get out of the Championship. I would argue all those players mentioned there are good enough, I would also state none of the players mentioned there are defenders.. which says everything. Also the last two, Hooper and Lee... their absence is a massive reason we dont score enough goals
  9. keepitsteel89

    We need a Kieren Lee

    You weren't saying that though were you, you were saying having Lee back with hutch would make us abit lightweight, you were saying they looked lightweight a few years ago.. which is clearly a ridiculous thing to say, they weren't the reason we fell short they were the pillars to build on, and I'm not saying Lee will ever be as good, who knows, but if he gets fit in 12 to 18 months time he could still be one of the best midfielders in the championship again.. If Lee keeps injury free I doubt we will let him go, probably a year deal.
  10. keepitsteel89

    Man of the match - Millwall (A)

    Those barstewards
  11. keepitsteel89

    Man of the match - Millwall (A)

    Right..thats really pi***ed me off cos ive spent 5 minuets of my life scrolling through to find these double Ds.. no luck! Do you think this is some kind of joke?!
  12. keepitsteel89

    We need a Kieren Lee

    We finished 6th and 4th.. that's competing. Your point is that Lee and Hutch in mid are lightweight, and your worried we will go back to a time when we finished 6th and 4th.. those two players were a big reason we were competing at the top end.. End of the day I have to accept your opinion but I doubt many people would agree with you
  13. I can see it now on TV... "this is Barry Bannan...cold..and alone... he often finds himself having to pass backwards, as no one else will make a run... for just £2 a month you could help someone like Barry.."