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  1. Soon as she says "from the top" he gives her right daggers lmao
  2. So what your saying is..a 15 year deal instead? That would be awesome...
  3. Its all short term, DCs plan is to go up this season, every season. He is sadly fast becoming a joke in my eyes
  4. I want a 1000 year season ticket please, for my family and their future families
  5. Your one upvote was by username "ever the pessimist" I feel quietly satisfied
  6. I will have you know I am part of an elite group of mature, sensible cocaine users who only use drugs to come up with solid and reliable views and opinions
  7. I think its almost certain we will get a deduction of some kind but its difficult to set a precedent on something with loose ends on the EFL's side as much as ours, the club are choosing to play it up where the EFL would probably wish to play it down, 6 point deduction probably best case scenario where ELF avoid the media scrutiny that would come from some landmark ruling
  8. This is the thing with modern football if done right you can pick a youngster up whos being released or allowed to leave a lower division club for nowt and 6 months later they can be worth a few million
  9. Someone's friend of the club should get down to Caesars massage parlor and hire a bird to streak every home game at half time, crowds would soon rise..
  10. I cant stand champagne socialists or the far left, almost as much as I can't stand the far right ;)
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