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  1. well not court but yaknow lol, a nice f**ing deduction!
  2. Culpability to the fact is going to be very hard to establish, the fact being the accounting error/whatever. weather or not charges against that fact itself will be upheld is still to be decided but i think it will go to court as the evidence is far stronger on this than it is trying to implicate individuals
  3. How dare the club try and lessen the financial blow
  4. Yeah I think with JR theres just the simple fact that theres a player there who just..lost it, sadly. That will always be the key fact
  5. the RJ move not that I would say he's at fault, or anyone is at fault I guess these things happen in football if you'd of asked me if we should sign him for 10mil at the time ide of said yes tbf, but then again I hadn't seen him play in years so it wouldn't of been an informed decision, but his dad left in weird circumstances and our recruitment at the time seems to largely have gone over CC's head I always wondered where the signing came from, don't buy the whole fan demand thing
  6. I'd like to know what role his Dad played in the move
  7. Yeah, the tuna would have been delayed till august😁
  8. "EFL staff, players, Club employees and supporters" in that order
  9. We are now months behind them(Italy), we're taking a totally different approach every single day it seems, we should be locked down right now, not tomorrow
  10. We need 23 players so for that reason fox stays, we need to move to pacey wing backs imo
  11. Surly we can find 22 players that have the virus, get them into Wembley let's have a game
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