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  1. Just come out of perpetual disillusionment so thought ide give me 10cent, ide keep Moore at this point unless we get into a scrap at the bottom, we need some consistently even if its a half arsed manager, how much worse can things get really
  2. If this is all about his sons eventual takeover his plan is working perfectly, no point handing over the reigns in the champions league where the only way is down, I rekon he's got about 10/15 years left yet to get us into the Vanarama national league, well ahead of schedule
  3. I'm more concerned with who the user "somebody" is, I can't find them anywhere and it feels like they're stalking me
  4. I saw the Ian Wright thing with Shearer, if I got tat kinda s**t all the time I'd be pissd off too, think it's easy to look at things and say it's been blown out of proportion or an overreaction when it's not happening to you
  5. Listen its got to be hard for Moore picking a team in his situation, I imagine he's differing heavily to assistants so to blame him is a bit harsh..
  6. Exactly I'm not a conservative but I understand social media's answer to no racism is to ban "keywords", which actually prevents people being able to talk/debate about issues or topics, which would be fine if 99% of people didn't also use social media for educational information
  7. He's our best player but I wouldn't build a team around him, we need new players, Carlos was a great tactician and he knew Bannan is hard to fit into a championship team that's competitive up the table
  8. At least we managed to align our entire squads contract end dates with our relegation.. I'm just going to assume thats an achievement
  9. He's defiantly adapted his game to come deep more and add more work to his game but thats not what he's about he just gets in the right places and if you put enough in for him he'll convert them, it's frustrating to think thats what the club forced him to do its nice to see he's not lost that ability though, I can genuinely see him doing ok in the championship for a few years yet unfortunately not with us
  10. He's not much improved he's just been respected
  11. "Look to my coming at first light on the 5th day. At dawn, look to the East for the D Taxi"
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