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  1. Another gargantuan attempt to move his drinks cabinet six inches closer to FFP. Oh i don't know.. theres a joke in there somewhere, I just cba
  2. feels like Bruce is talking about some players like a salesman would his products
  3. Bannan is a tricky conundrum, he's our best player in many ways and he's the main reason we are being held back at the same time. Personally I've long thought he needs replacing with a stronger box to box type and I think Bruce already knows that
  4. they both started up front... before making their way down the coach and taking their seats
  5. I think it's possible some players may be told in advance so they can inform their agents etc.. doubt anything will be released to the public though, and doubt the OP is anything more than an educated guess
  6. Not the captain we need imo, very good player though
  7. Did you see anyone of interest at the match Dave? Yeah, but I think shes married.
  8. We cannot afford to just get rid of everyone, we wont have the funds available to bring in replacements
  9. wel..come on bro.. look at the GD Not that I am seriously thinking we have enough in us to do it
  10. He isn't good enough to be a regular but that can always change, hes a big unit, just needs to work on his awareness
  11. got to just go out and give it everything now.. draw is basically a loss
  12. Its funny you should ask because a mate of mine asked me the same question the other day. I told him to leave me alone. Then a few minuets later I asked him why he was ignoring me..
  13. I think we need Boyd for his presence down that side if were playing hooper and fletch, make or break time uto
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