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  1. GM is no idiot hes dealt with injured players and scans in the hundreds, theres more to it than the scan for him to say that, either than or hes totally lost it which i doubt, if anything he looks 10 years younger to me
  2. Just eat have a monopoly on food ordering platforms in the Uk they could run ads sayin F all of you and it wouldn't make a difference
  3. Said it first game he played pre season the guy is a liability in defence you cant rely on sparks of good form you need some consistency
  4. I agree you on the whole and as other people have pointed out those figures show a sharp tightening up of finances which is obviously good, I still have no idea how DC could be so negligent with the stadium sale though, basically relaying on an ELF mistake to fall short of a massive point deduction? The guy needs to delegate if he can't do that I don't see a point talking about the long term
  5. Is this the speech Hitler gave to his generals before Barbarossa? What are we gona do about future P&S? Thats a pretty serious question
  6. Exactly, this ain't a murder trial the findings should be fairly quick its the appeals processes that take ages, hopefully as someone said their reachin a compromise to stop any appeals effecting the season continuity thats already F'd
  7. For me its more the manner in which they are leaving, for free! Ridiculous, virus or no
  8. ahh yes a coaching team, Isn't that what some of the other clubs have?
  9. Hes only 27 though.. we are never going to be pouching the in form ones are we, but players who have showed ability in the past, are under 30, and have maybe gone off the boil recently..they should be our bread and butter.. we need to be making players better
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