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  1. Definitely agree with you on the handling of officials side of things, we need to be better at influencing them because other teams do it, we have a fairly experienced squad we should be showing abit more tact when it comes to managing a game
  2. I imagine DC has already put a sensible £6 billion valuation in place
  3. Lees jockeys too much, backing off and off where as Iorfa just stops the attack in its tracks
  4. Ide just like to see officials give their views after the game
  5. Do you always talk complete s*it or is it just an Owlstalk thing?
  6. Nah I dont think hes done enough yet to get taken off the radar and onto the wish list but hes gettin there..we shouldn't be afraid of selling players anyway, at the right price!
  7. not bothered about starting a new thread but I really think Cam Dawson will end up with a big move away to the prem in the next 2/3 years if we haven't got there already, he has some world class shot stopping abilities and his all round game is improving season on season
  8. He wanted the play pushed further up and Nuhiu holds the ball up better than anyone else at the club
  9. Borner's first owls goal comes today so, LUMP ON!! ...
  10. Give Monk complete control to do what he sees fit god knows the club needs it
  11. I hope when GM has the faith in our midfield to play 442 some special things will start to happen
  12. We are a team capable of reaching the top 6 this season, end of.. I think we have a right to be slightly disappointed if we only make top 10
  13. Just getting his wages off the books early will be a big help tbh..I still think theres a player there with a solid run of games but its clear he isn't going to be used bar serious injuries. DC just needs to swallow his pride before its too late to salvage anything
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