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  1. when someone says 'personally' before making a statement its to show other people they are stating a personal opinion they hold, it isn't referring to any personal or direct affiliation with the subject or people they are speaking about. So when I say ''personally I cant stand LB'' that's my opinion, and if you don't like that or don't agree with that then feel free to say so, but don't start calling me stupid because I quote ''don't personally know Lee Bullen''. Its nice you googled big words that can describe the use of language, honestly...semantics..good for you, where did you study? Also why do you keep referring to my PERSONAL (see what I did there) twitter account I don't even have? I can tell your gonna spend a good amount of time now trying to trawl the internet to prove me wrong or say you studied at Oxford or some other fantasy you have but I wont be replying lol..call it my personal preference
  2. Do you think saying "personally I can't stand LB" means I think I personally know Lee Bullen? They not do schools where your from pal?..sit back down ya dumb fuxker
  3. My problem with LB though is you can see in interviews he has the chairman's ear, I cant count the number of times I've heard him say "I don't want to put words in the chairman's mouth" but we all know he will have told DC he wants it full time, I don't agree with that decision but fair enough that's his right to do so, but DC is so family orientated I honestly can't see us changing anything till we start losing and then we have to hope the change doesn't derail the season. I know we're top and I am happy honestly, just with a pinch of foreboding doom
  4. We've finally got a car to complete in the race, and we've got a kid driving it. Let's hope the car is good enough DESPITE this. I personally can't stand LB he's not qualified for the job he should not be putting his hat in the ring if he really cared about the club, go cut your teeth in L1 or Scotland and earn your right to manage Wednesday. I know for a fact we are gonna fu*k up when we have the best squad in YEARS!!!! You can say I want us to lose or I'm too negative all you want now lol..neg away
  5. We've got a great squad this season and some real balance... Shame were willing to take a massive gamble on Lee Bullen for the sake he's been at the club a long time..no room for sentiment from me this is about bigger things than a guys career
  6. Our recruitment team.. " We're interested in JVA, how much do you want for him?" Them "Erm" Us "2 million?" "Wow" "Ok ok 3 million and not a penny more" "Wow ok" "Dam your hard bargaining sir, 4 million! How's dose that sound" "Erm..yes..yes that sounds erm..reasonable, do you want a bag with that?"
  7. Jos is currently at st.pauli having ago at the coaches there for making it too friendly and easy for the players. They've got the right man for the job to sort that out
  8. @kingsidneyyour my 301st rep point prize winner, meet me at crosspool tavern for your prize at midnight
  9. I don't think I can remember the last time I negged someone but my god man..we have 2 full time first team coaches at the club, and one is a goalkeeper coach. The rest are fitness and sports science. This is the championship not a pub team, who says the squad couldn't have won those games with absolutely no one in charge and no coaches? I think it's possible. These are the good times it's the hard times we need proper backroom staff to cope with the pressure, Bullen has done terrific but in my eyes those 2 wins and pre season prove we have a great squad not he's a great manager, he needs at least a few months to judge that and great squads will win games but they won't be promoted without a great manager
  10. To be honest on a Monday morning I wasn't expecting this level of critique on my analogy lol, ok you you win..what you said
  11. An upgrade in abdi? My god you must absolutely flipping love life to see things that way.. "This tap water is a right upgrade on a sh*t in a cup" "This Chlamydia ridden hooker is a right upgrade on AIDS"
  12. Why are you typing on owlstalk driving down the m40 I'm reporting you
  13. I thought the commentator sounded flat and uninterested, he sounds like a f*ukig robotic computer made voice.. definitely room for improvement
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