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  1. I feel like all the pieces are here, there in place, the money, the structure of the club to some degree its all here waiting for someone who knows how to run a football club to take us forward. Right now what feels like an appropriate analogy is your being driven round in a Ferrari f40 by your mum, you know it can go 200mph, its a Ferrari, but your mums driving so your having to go 20mph when your not waiting in the hard shoulder because she put diesel in the tank again
  2. DC is clearly abit of an idiot, I've always supported him because his hearts in the right place, but hes not a self made man, and the evidence points towards a distinct lack of intelligence unfortunately for us. A clever man would delegate properly.
  3. What dose this all mean for D taxis going forward though thats what I want to know. Must be alot of people worried about their jobs right now
  4. Don't forget to warn then about there conduct so their moral drops to poor aswell haha
  5. The only thing I worry about with Monk is his ability to handle DC, with Bruce you knew he had the know how and gravitas to handle everything regarding signing and selling players. I really hope GM had the ability to control that side of things because lord knows DC needs someone to handle it for him.
  6. As for Bannan he's the engine of our team right now and he's a great player no doubt but I've long said we need to move on if we are going to progress forward. If you have a 2.0L engine you can build a great car around it, but at the end of the day no amount of extras or upgrades will get you preforming like a 3.0L. In that respect Bannan is our biggest strength but at the same time our biggest weakness
  7. Yeah the other side of the city have a far better attitude to team mates making mistakes, our squad looks toxic at times but we all know we need a reshuffle. There's definitely some tension especially with some of the new signing we have coming in like ML, he looks like he isn't enjoying it here ATM to me, I think when you have a group of players at the core of the team that have been at the club for ages they have some resentment about new signing coming in to potentially take the place of a team mate etc. I actually think Monk likes it that way though
  8. We just need to get to Jan still in with a reasonable shot of making the playoffs and then get a pacey striker in, all things considered we are doing fairly well atm
  9. Love it when you realise somone else said the exact same thing 4 posts before you haha
  10. Listen if someone dose you wrong, a real wrong, you don't just forgive and forget. Most men would have melted away under the pressure of it and shook the guys hand but Monk stuck to his guns and I respect that. It's obviously somthing to do with the way he lost the job there, maybe he feels Pep talked to chairman behind his back who knows
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