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  1. Mate they won't listen till he's giving daily updates out of hills park
  2. Yeah thats would have been great that wouldn't it a nice new pile of cash burnt away to add to the millions already lost, for a new ground we can't visit.. I think even a billionaire would have waited till/if we gain a regular prem. spot
  3. Well we've got distribution sorted, those taxi's are ready
  4. Yeah no that was my dumbass moment tbh haha, but come on..puldi, loovens..hooper, these were all cheap as chips aswell, I bet the wages of the current loans would horrify even Gary Hopper
  5. Fletcher, lopez lees and loovens arguably were all better than what we have now* but to say we failed to replace them is daft imo the differences are miniscule, we have a really decent squad capable of a mid table finish, with a 12 point deduction, I don't get the complaints
  6. Fletcher, lopez lees and loovens are arguable all better than what we have now*, but whats the argument here that we should have kept them longer? or replaced them with better? Because given the situation we are in I don't think anyone could have done much better
  7. every player bar Lopez in that list would not do a job for us now, either past it or not hungry enough, so if you goin on players past it like pudil and loovens, why not ad des walker to the list lol.. recent years
  8. Who are these great players we have let go then in recent seasons?
  9. Honestly don't think people understand just how well we have done getting this team in place..
  10. Hopefully this we can get some of these on a permanent basis for next season
  11. This teams the real deal now imo..no excuses
  12. Bannan is leaving on a FREE like everyone else, why do you do this to yourselves guys?
  13. Still a decent signing imo, we aren't short of CB's so theres no rush bringing him in, hes a free so the only argument is could we have saved the money and spent it elsewhere but I don't think money is the problem with the targets we are after, and he's defiantly an improvement when he comes back even if its next season
  14. It won't be long till they have a permanent membership on the UN security council as well at this rate
  15. It's kind of crazy the money situation in football is all down to companies paying to advertise on TV
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