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  1. D’oh. Well that didn’t take very long.
  2. Classic 4-4-2. I'm going from about 95/96 onwards. Taffarel (suspect plenty would say Big Nev was better but I genuinely just don't remember ever watching Southall play) Lahm Vidic Van Dijk Maldini Nedved Zidane De Bruyne Valderrama Messi Shearer Absolutely zero defensive mentality in that midfield, but the back 4 is tidy enough to handle it. No doubt i've missed something somewhere but I think it fits the rules.
  3. Hard to complain too much about exploitation of poor rules and loopholes given our supposed situation with the ground and FFP. We shouldn't have let it get to this point. We needed to be more savvy and cashed in when it was apparent where this was going a couple of years ago. Think we showed some inexperience in the market with how we handled the situation, and hopefully we learn from it.
  4. I think, if we can bring another striker in (which I think we need to), then sending Joao out to get some games in L1 would be a good idea. For me, there's nothing he brings to the table at the minute that we don't already get from another player in the squad...and they do it better. He needs confidence. He needs some good coaching. And he needs minutes on the pitch in a competitive environment. A loan until the end of the season makes sense.
  5. Anything that raises money for SCH is a winner with me. Donated. UTO. (plus an opportunity to see you sh*t yourself mid-air is too good to pass on)
  6. I'm saying it's naive in the sense that this stuff happens all the time right across football. FF isn't doing anything new that we've not already seen time and time again, and it almost ends one way (which kind of answers your second question)...and that isn't with the player sat in the reserves seeing out their contract wishing they could turn back the clock. So, I just think to say that one player manoeuvring a move away from us will suddenly open the floodgates is a bit...OTT. As a club, we're not different to any other in the country...and that won't change if FF ends up leaving.
  7. Think it's a bit naive to say 'give in to FF this time and the rest will know we're an easy ride and try the same'. This stuff from FF is football agent 101, which is what makes the whole thing even more frustrating. The fact is, regardless of club, manager or chairman...if a player really wants out, and they're not fussed about having an entire fanbase feel let down and turn against them, then they hold all the cards. He's doing nothing that we haven't seen time and time again from players trying to engineer a move. I don't think there's a lot of doubt that it's his representatives that are trying to engineer this, and sadly FF hasn't been big enough to tell them where to stick their advice. We can point the finger at the pondlife that are football agents, but it takes a player to listen to them for this sort of thing to play out. He's let a lot of people down, not his agent. If he's called our bluff to get a new deal, he needs to backtrack quickly while he still has a chance to rescue this. If he genuinely has his heart set on moving elsewhere, then we're better off moving him on...but only if someone ponies up the sort of money an in-contract, in-form player like FF demands these days. So, somewhere in the £12-15mil range.
  8. At least the Villa chairman has taken the article with good natured grace and professionalism...
  9. This was [close to] my immediate response to this. I may be showing my ignorance here but i've always thought of Fletcher as an 'old fashioned' centre forward. Big, strong, good in the air. The sort of things we turn to Nuhiu for. I like the passion that Nuhiu brings, but realistically if we want to finish in the top 2 we need a better version of him IMO. That's what Fletcher would be...but he'd also be a lot more expensive. Could we get better for the sort of money an experienced PL striker like Fletcher would demand?
  10. You can see a replay @ around 5:28 here. It doesn't look like it went out.
  11. The vid above seems to contradict that to be honest. I've got no problem with officials changing their mind on decisions after a bit of time to think it over...and even taking input from the players on the field if it helps get the decision right. I mean, we of all people should appreciate that after the FF fiasco. But for me the issue is that this wasn't a clear cut "he's offside". It was touch and go, and clearly the linesman wasn't sure. If you're not sure, and you don't flag to start with, then it doesn't look good if you change your mind when 6 Rotherham players come running your way.
  12. Interesting that the FA have specifically used the word 'rescinded' in their quote though.
  13. The Helan and Warnock ones are different in that they're cases of mistaken identity. The Drogba one is interesting though, but it looks like the referee chose not to include the yellow in his match report...so it was never 'official' I assume. Therefore, there was nothing to rescind or appeal. If FF is on the FA website as being suspended, then you have to assume it's been logged with the FA as 'official' by now (surely?). I'm no expert on the process of referee's match reports etc though, as you can probably tell!
  14. Just to add that I really hope that common sense prevails and everyone involved can find a way forward that means FF isn't sat in the stands for the next two games. I really do. But I just can't see it.
  15. I've not said that the rule shouldn't be changed mate. Completely the opposite. It's obviously a load of rubbish and the sooner they amend it the better for all parties...players, fans and even the refs. But what i'm saying is that I think the FA's hands are tied with FF. I can't see how they could rescind his suspension without opening themselves up to complaints from other Clubs for the fact that they've already been punished this season under the same rule/process...and an argument from the FA of "well you didn't shout loudly enough about it" won't wash. If we want an example of what can happen if a footballing body start amending the rules mid way through a season...just look across the city at our unwashed neighbours. Yes it was comical, yes the image of Sean Bean and his cronies marching to London will tickle me forever...but that was a real, genuine pain in the arse for all involved and nobody in their right mind at the FA would want to open themselves up to that. So as much as it's a real kick in the balls, and as much as we're totally in the right here to be up in arms about it...I just don't see the FA having any room for manoeuvre on this one, other than to promise to take a long, hard look at the rules at the end of the season.
  16. I think it can be changed. And it absolutely should be changed. But at the end of the season. If you change the rule now, then football stops being a level playing field this season. How many other teams this season have had players sent off for 2 yellows when at least one of them was due to a refereeing mistake? I don't know the answer to that, but I bet there's been at least one. And that player will have already sat out his suspension...and that team will have already played a game (or two) without that player. What if they lost? What if that team misses out on promotion/playoffs/safety by a couple of points? As I say...potential chaos.
  17. And that's the crux of it right there. If the FA do anything other than impose a 2 game ban on FF, how many other Clubs are going to turn round and say "hang on, what about our player who got a second yellow that he shouldn't have earlier this season...but it wasn't live on Sky and we don't have 30k+ fans to complain about it?". It'd be chaos.
  18. In most cases of rule changes, there's usually some poor sod who has to be the working example of how crap the existing rule is in order to force the change to happen. In this case, that's going to be FF. And unfortunately, we're just going to have to lump it. You can't make an exception for one player, regardless of how ridiculous the situation in practice. The rules/process for appeal undoubtedly need amending...but it has to happen at the end of the season. They can't go changing it in February.
  19. Just spotted you said away at Palace. Think that was the season before the 'Westwood game'. Equally pitiful performances mind.
  20. Was this the game with the infamous Ashley Westwood 'backpass'? I put it in inverted commas because, unless you knew what he was trying to do, the casual observer would never have assumed he was attempting to pass it back to the 'keeper. 'Misguided throughball' would probably be a better description. Beyond the ones already mentioned, going down to Swindon on a cold October Wednesday in 2004 and seeing us throw away a "nightmare" 2-0 lead in the final 12 minutes to lose 3-2 was another personal low. There were 5 of us in the car on the way home, and I don't think one word was spoken.
  21. Vic sticking up for Big Leon. I've always loved you Vic
  22. I've not checked the likes of Bluntsmad and other swine dwellings, but I bet it grates right through them every single time CC says "the massive fans". For that alone, I already love his interviews.
  23. He did a good job for us at times last season, and his lumbering physique and lack of pace will always make him a target for the "he doesn't work hard enough" brigade...you know, the ones who think running around like a headless chicken at 50mph is the be-all and end-all of being a footballer. That said, he was bloody wasteful at times in front of goal last season (and that's being kind), and if we're serious about challenging for the play-offs then we need someone better leading our line IMO. Every player has a price, and if MK Dons match Nuhiu's then let him go.
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