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  1. It’s a testament to his professionalism that Nick Dougherty can commentate throughout whilst simultaneously sucking on Tiger Woods’ testicles.
  2. You can have ours for a 3rd rounder if you like. Disappointingly impressed by most of the moves the big AFC teams are making in FA so far. The route to the SB is going to be a nightmare for at least the next 5 years. Very happy with what we’ve done so far. Obviously the Von Miller move is a huge need filler for us, but we’ve completely revamped the DL and added some sneaky solid weapons in OJ Howard and Crowder. I think i’m probably most excited about Howard…the potential there is huge. We have a huge hole at CB still though. I’d expected to see us bring in a vet in FA…and Joe Haden has been strongly linked…but I have no idea where Beane keeps finding cap space from so we may be going CB in R1 in the draft at this rate.
  3. And now the Browns say they won’t trade him. We got ourselves a stand off. Bit of a shame really. It’s in our interests for the Browns to be at least a reasonable threat, especially as the Steelers go into a post-Ben rebuild phase. I want the AFCN to be as tough for the Bengals and Ravens as the AFCW is going to be for the Chiefs.
  4. Solid if unspectacular. Felt like every year we brought someone into training camp to compete with him for the CB2 position, and every year he legitimately won out and did enough to warrant his starting role. I'm a little surprised that we didn't match that offer, but I also completely get why we'd let him move on too. It's safe money though if you ask me.
  5. We needed that. Now to draft a corner and a WR.
  6. Love the Mack move. Think JC Jackson is overrated and overpaid. His daddy Stefon Diggs told me that. Huge year for you now. If you’re smart you’re paying Herbert in 12 months so you’ll have to start looking at ways out of these big money contracts. But for this year at least you’re right in that prime window for success. Good job the rest of your division is such a cake walk.
  7. NVP time in Pittsburgh.
  8. Even with Russ on board, I wouldn’t put them in my list of top 5 AFC teams to worry about as a Bills fan. That says a lot about how good the AFC is though to be fair. I may of course regret saying that in a couple of years time.
  9. Is Derek Carr now the best ‘worst QB in his own division’ we’ve ever seen?
  10. Pretty much every high profile name has come out and outright denounced it over the last week. Mickelson left himself on an island by being the only one to say anything contrary to that, which is why he's now stuck as the odd man out. It's not happening.
  11. What an absolute sh*t show this whole Flores thing is. I think we all know the Rooney Rule is a nonsense system, but still. And as for the paid to lose stuff. Not good. Brian Flores - allegedly offered money to lose games. Hue Jackson - allegedly offered money to lose games. Adam Gase - absolutely gutted.
  12. Came up big against the Packers though, and started well so far tonight. Maybe you’re onto something…
  13. That would be ironic. They’ve been useless this year.
  14. Very unexpected. I know the Bengals D made some adjustments, and I think the Chiefs c0cking up before HT was a real shot in the arm for them too…but that was ‘Sam Darnold seeing ghosts’ bad. He was over throwing 7 yd layups for screens!
  15. Well well well. No doubt Burrow will get the headlines because…well he’s the QB…but what a great performance from the Bengals D and an absolute implosion from Mahomes. What happened?!
  16. Excuse me, but where was this Mahomes last week?
  17. Chiefs have completely fallen apart on offence after fluffing that drive to end the first half.
  18. Bengals have to be aggressive. Be brave, don’t settle for FGs. Trust Burrow & Chase to get it done, rather than trusting Mahomes/Hill/Kelce not to. Good luck guys.
  19. What I will say is this… Whichever way you swing it, he’ll rightly go down as the best to ever do it - at least achievements wise. The fact that he didn’t get to be the one who announced he was retiring was pretty disgusting in my opinion. I know that we live in a world where it’s a race to be fastest, but this mess that’s going on now about ‘is he/isn’t he?’ is at the feet of the media guys like Schefter. This was one time where the right thing to do was stfu and let the guy announce his own sodding retirement instead of being so desperate to be ‘the guy who broke the Tom Brady retirement’.
  20. And don’t even get me started on this…
  21. Nobody will repeat what Brady did for one very specific reason in my opinion. No QB has been helped more by the complete ineptitude of ALL THREE of the other teams in their division for almost 20 years than Brady and the Patriots. The complete inability of the Bills, Dolphins and Jets to put together anything closely resembling a reasonable standard of competition is a huge reason that the Patriots had so many #1 seeds, so many first round byes and so many playoff routes going through Foxborough. The best we collectively put together was probably Mark ‘buttfumble’ Sanchez or the Ronnie Brown wildcat. Shambolic really. 10 Super Bowl appearances, they were the #1 seed 8 times and the #2 seed twice. In division records of 6-0 or 5-1 in 8 of them, and 4-2 in the other 2. Still a fantastic QB on some excellent teams, and would likely have got 2 or 3 rings regardless. But to me there’s no doubt they benefited hugely from an absolute cake walk of a division for far, far too long…and that’s what got him into 6 ring territory with the Patriots. I don’t think that ever happens again. But hey maybe i’m just a bitter Bills fan
  22. Well i'm glad you guys all enjoyed it anyway I'm several months away from being able to watch that game back. Just...gutting. Couldn't ask more of Allen, he proved to any remaining doubters (and there were plenty, weirdly) that he's the real deal. I'm very glad we tied him down to an extension last year and weren't looking at starting negotiations now. Defence let us down. 13 seconds man. That's all they had to hold out for. The McDermott/Frazier combo played that one out disastrously unfortunately. It's comforting to know we have the most difficult position in the NFL locked down and nailed for the next decade, but boy does this one feel like a missed opportunity. And I say that with all due respect to the Bengals. I just don't know that you guys are quite ready yet, so I would have really fancied our chances at home. As it is, we miss out. Now the uncertainty begins - expecting a lot of change in Buffalo. Joe Schoen already gone to NYG. Daboll seems all set to follow him (if the Dolphins or Bears don't snag him first). I thought even Frazier may get a gig somewhere, but those 13 seconds may have ended that! We'll see. I think this now makes me a de facto Bengals fan from here on in though. Apologies in advance for bad juju/karma that I bring with me.
  23. The league's #1 defense just sh*t the bed when it counted. Absolutely gutted.
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