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  1. It's iconic and instantly recognisable to most football fans in the UK, some brands pay millions of pounds to achieve that but we have cast it aside in favour of something with much less impact. Its not that I hate the new badge, just that its nowhere near as good as this
  2. I’m not. Walked out at half time v Blackburn and haven’t been back since
  3. I think the problem is the performances rather than the defeats, even when we have been winning games this season its hard to say that we played particularly exciting or attractive football. The Stoke game was a case in point, we got 3 points but it in pure entertainment terms it was absolute rubbish. And Saturday again was poor, considering the cost of the tickets I think I have a right to moan!
  4. Agreed that our corners were terrible yesterday but wonder if the steep banks up to the pitch played a part? It was worth noting that Blackburn took outswingers so the corner taker was generally running on the flat rather than up the slope. That said I’ve seen better corner taking in junior football, pretty poor from a professional footballer
  5. Just watched the video that goes with this story on the BBC website and that kung fu kick on Tom Lees is clear to see, but the FA chose to take no action on that. Double standards as usual, we just have to accept that they hate us!
  6. Top marks to Lee Bullen for demonstrating the classic pointing technique
  7. I remember walking past that Gala Bingo last time we played there, photographic memory and all that
  8. I think it shows that the pricing is a complete finger in the wind job, if it had been costed properly then all those calculations would have been made ex VAT and the price would have correct the first time. I suspect complete lack of any retail experience (although a quick tour round the club shop is enough to indicate something is not quite right!)
  9. I believe the only reason that the price was reduced on the junior shirts was that the club had forgotten that childrens clothing is zero rated for VAT and therefore at the original price the adult shirt was actually cheaper ex VAT than the junior shirt. It's a worry that the commercial department could make such a fundamental error in the first place.
  10. I think someone already had that idea http://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/article/demand-ticket-pricing-explained-275634.aspx
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