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  1. Can anyone give an idea of sizing of the pro shirt vs last year's shirt? I bought an L in last year's sizing
  2. I hate saying it but he has to go now. I hope I'm eating my hat come 2018 but I severely doubt it. A positive experiment that is now drawing to close.
  3. So we're talking a minimum of 10-12 games of utter turgid football where we've scraped points against those we should have beaten and lost against those we should have shown at least a modicum of fight against. Coupled with the total shambles the commercial side of the club seem to revel in ("150 years of one of oldest clubs in English football - so let's go off piste and design everything in house. Although by "in house" we mean we have no clue who'll do it"). We're 10th. I know it's not as bad as the lower reaches of league one. But still, this is depressing.
  4. Look, I am hugely disappointed with today's result. But when was the last time you came away from a game thinking - wow, that was a genuinely vibrant, passionate Wednesday performance?
  5. I can summarise 500 words into 3. Carlos out. NOW
  6. We can write all the long analytic posts we want. We have gone visibly backwards since losing to Fulham late last season, with no indication of improvement. He has to go - NOW
  7. I've refrained from saying this all season. Until now. Carlos out
  8. We were brilliant today. Loud and vocal for 90 minutes. WAWAW
  9. Fulham is always a great day out (especially for owls in exile). This is not a strong Fulham side compared to recent seasons. Might be a struggle for them. Wednesday fans were incredible as always. UTO F"CK the blades
  10. I was there today. I have to say the support was FANTASTIC. My Fulham mate in the Riverside end said it was an impressive show. The season starts now. Best club in the land. WAWAW
  11. Wet fart pre season. Wet fart start to the season. Need to improve quickly
  12. Yessssssss. Papering over cracks a bit but COME ON WEDNESDAY
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