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  1. Fletcher for me. Showed the energy of a 21 year old, won every header and scored a cracker
  2. I always felt that Carbone, talented as he was, played only for himself. If we lost 4-1 and he had scored a worldie he would be happy with that
  3. Bit worried fat boy might fancy him for Newcastle. Chansiri would probably ask 40m for him though
  4. I Kept a tape recording of his commentary on league cup win for many years after. Top man RIP
  5. Most managers would want to bring their own backroom staff in anyway
  6. that's if United get through of course
  7. Fletch by a mile today. Think we're being a bit hard on matias on here though. He didn't have his best game but worked really hard and put some good challenges in
  8. Hodgson and Warnock are in their seventies and still managing in the premier league. Just depends if he still has the appetite for the job.
  9. Don't think he was referring to levels of success, rather that the new manager will be able to put his explanations of performances/ tactics more eloquently
  10. He was head and shoulders above the rest . great to see him back
  11. thought when i read the headline that you were going to suggest we sign the great donkey
  12. pity he didn't sign for us when he was younger. really rated him
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