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  1. Thompson had already started the process of becoming more open and attacking. As bad as Saturday turned out we'd had 14 shots in the first half, which under Monk or pulis would've been about four games worth
  2. God yeah, I'd forgotten about that. Monk should've been sacked that day.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Superb today
  4. He was reportedly on 12 million a year in China. Will have to sell the ground again
  5. Shaw gave the ball away every time he got it. Looks a long way off championship level at the moment
  6. Anyone else watch this for two minutes before realizing?
  7. Could've gone to the prem. Then got sackered
  8. Agreed, really rare that sort of refereeing these days. I wonder though if the powers that be might see it as a poor performance for not stopping play for every little technical offence.
  9. Having read this entire thread, I think it might actually be the majority of fans who have the mindset to see the negatives in everything he says. Many things, due to his poor command of English, can be interpreted more than one way, but most seem to jump to the negative conclusion. Whatever your thoughts on him, he's keeping us afloat and, at the moment, that's the most important thing.
  10. Borner for me, ahead of Pelupessy just for that block when they looked certain to score
  11. I remember Dean Saunders when at Liverpool, used to run directly at the opponents from kick off. Invariably he lost the ball but it showed immediate attacking intent.
  12. I see Dawson has gone to west ham from Watford. Hope that doesn't mean Iorfa is going there as per recent rumours.
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