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  1. Yeah, that's the one that came instantly to my mind aswell
  2. I believe it happened at the old red lion junction, which was a notorious hot spot for accidents before they installed the new roundabout
  3. I'm missing sport in general. Golf, cricket, tennis all should be in full swing now. But honestly, not missing Hillsborough at the moment. The dross being served up recently is still fresh in my mind. Let's hope the players come back with a renewed sense of purpose.
  4. Adidas Profi. Cost me 50 quid back in 1984 which was a lot of money for me then, but they were so comfortable, worth every penny.
  5. He should have been bombed out after the Norwich debacle. Absolute disgrace, I for one could never forgive that. Also would have brought in good money for him at that time.
  6. Pep Guardiola sulks and says sarcastic nothings in most interviews. Thick as pigshit
  7. Before he set one up and scored, the knee jerk numpties on here would've had him subbed back off for making a mess of a cross. I'm sure they're all full of praise now
  8. I am not a Forestieri must play advocate, and find the calls for him to come on just after half time every week embarrassing , but when he did come on last night he gave us much more threat in the opposing half and looked really up for the fight. I hope Monk will judge him on that and give him a start. What's to lose a.t.m. ?
  9. Lee showed plenty of energy in keeping up with the barnstorming Adam reach run to follow up and set up the first goal. Just needs game time I feel.
  10. Nail on the head there. It's his attitude above all else that could make him a huge asset to our club.
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