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  1. Looked a lot worse when he came off. One of the only players providing width.
  2. Surely Ross Wallace's recent performances merit a song. I've made one but it's copied from Everton's Ross Barkley chant but who cares everyone copies ours "We've got a diamond boy Ross Wallace came from Sh!tty Burnley When he runs down the wing Or Hunty's overlapping We know he's the set piece king"
  3. It's that bad it's funny. Gave me and my friends something to chuckle about on that long journey home today
  4. Top 2- Derby and Boro Play offs- Hull, Burnley, Fulham and Wolves Wednesday- 10th Bottom 3- MK Dons, Bolton and Rotherham
  5. Don't believe HITC. Nearly every single one of our signings they've said were off at some point
  6. Completely agree with this thread. I'm in a lucky situation and have been able to have a season ticket since I was 5 but I've grown up with friends not in the same financial situation and haven't been able to afford a season ticket until a couple if years ago. He couldn't go to games all the time but he was still as big a Wednesday fan as me. It frustrates me that there'll be massive wednesdayites like that out there who can't go to the games because of their financial situation
  7. Talksport talk as much bull as S6 Transfers and SWFC livenews. Listening to it is like listening to a comedy radio program
  8. This is one thread I actually agree with!!! Think there's still be ps2's in the grandstand as well
  9. Looks half decent and heard good things about him from his time in Sweden
  10. Must have been rated highly in France when he was a kid considering he played in all age groups
  11. Significantly weaker squad. Shows how well Gray did last season
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