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  1. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Tom Lees

    Yes it is, which is why you need a captain to inspire and take control. Lees is not that type of player. However, if he could regain the confidence and form of a couple of seasons ago, I think we still have an excellent player on our books.
  2. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Tom Lees

    Lees has been poor for a season and a half. I think Thorniley is a better defender and distributor of the ball and him alongside Hector I think is a good tandem. But as Blueandwhite stated above, Lees has been a permanent fixture since he arrived, and i do not see that changing. However, Lees has been shocking recently, and his back pass to Dawson beggars belief.
  3. Well done to all involved. Sounded as if Dawson had a blinder, and the second half display was a lot better than the first. Big thumbs up to the Talksport2 commentary team, who were absolutely fantastic, made it a great listen. Onwards to Chelsea and the live TV audience.
  4. Get ready for 90 minutes of hoof ball, with the 2 up front. Now, where's me neck brace gone
  5. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    John Marquis

    And look how many of their purchases from the lower leagues work well for them. There are a fair amount of decent players in Leagues 1 & 2, who would grasp the opportunity to play at a higher level. In our present financial state, he is not too bad of a shout.
  6. kendoddsdadsdogsdead


    I would favour the formation, as it would mean Bannan would not get within 10 yards of our defenders, something that infuriates me with him. Now, from what we have available at the moment, I would love to see this -: Westwood Palmer Lees Thorniley Penney Hutch Hector Mattias Bannan Reach Fletcher
  7. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    It's a good job.

    They are fuc***g professional footballers, doing a job every single one if us would do in a heartbeat. If as a professional, they are unable, or more worryingly unwilling to accept, embrace and implement change, they do not deserve to be doing the job, and need another career.
  8. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    How are we feeling ?

    Good post, and just to pick up the 2 points above highlighted. I do feel there is some justification in fans highlighting the current fortunes of Leeds and Sheff Utd. On paper, both have in my opinion, inferior squads to us, but both seem to have a great squad mentality and attitude. They are delivering where it counts, on the pitch, and if I am being honest, the moaning about them is jealousy, pure and simple, because they are achieving and we are not. Totally agree about the players, but how much encouragement do they need ? Too many of our squad have had it too easy for too long, and I genuinely think that a more disciplined, structured and stricter regime puts them about, and they just don't like it. If there was genuine competition for places, I think we would see a different side completely, but as there isn't, then players can perform badly week after week with no fear of getting dropped.
  9. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    How are we feeling ?

    I have to be honest when I say I am utterly baffled. How can the same group of players, who a few weeks ago gave us a bit of hope that our season was not totally lost, produce in the last 2 games, 180 minutes of turgid, soulless and downright pathetic football. I would have thought that with most of the new management team in place (who had prior to assuming the reigns, watched us a few tines), they would have had some idea as to how they wanted the group to set and perform. It appears our players are either incapable of absorbing and understanding information given to them, or simply choose not to carry out basic instructions, Whatever the reasons, there are a number of our players who need to take a long hard look in the mirror, and ask themselves if they are really giving everything they can, every game. Many, in my opinion are not.
  10. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    A mini revival under Bullen, followed by 2 utterly abject abysmal performances under the new regime. I really am at a loss
  11. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Proper good tonking coming up I fear. Big Dave needs to put himself about and cause some problems for them
  12. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    So no 'bounce' factor from the players with the new regime in place. It appears we are reverting to type. Big step up needed if the last 135 minutes of the new regime are anything to go by.
  13. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    What today shows is .....

    Indeed m'lud, and don't forget these are the same players who people were waxing lyrical about earlier in the week. Fickle nature of fans.
  14. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Just shook megsons hand!

    Hope you are rushing to have a Tetanus jab Bulgaria.....He lives in the woods you know, ask Simaniac and the Ginger Cult followers
  15. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    You sure it is not Lisa Riley