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  1. Team for sat

    Dawson Fred Lees Pudil Pellupessy Mattias Bannan Reach FF Joao Nuhiu
  2. How far behind are we?

    We do not have Wing backs. Boyd never has and never will be one. Neither is Hunt, who offers next to nothing as well, and when on the odd time he does get forward, normally makes the wrong decision, or crosses poorly. That said, I do think Reach is more suited to the LWB role, and would like to see him play there for the remainder of the season. If Jos is here next season, and wants to play 352, then 2 wingbacks are a must at least, but they do come at a premium, and of those available potentially, I don't think our current financial situation would allow us to get the quality we need.
  3. Gary Megson says Fernando seems to have baggage

    Wish this ginger g*t would just do one !!! Cannot stand him and the verbal excrement he spouts. Cue Simaniac and 'The Ginger Cult' ( Mispelt the last word) bretheren being all over this thread.
  4. Glad those laxatives I sent you this week , did the job Theowlsman !!!! Keep on taking those tablets my good man !!!!
  5. About time too !!!! Never mind blaming CC, DC or team injuries ladies and gents, for me, the blame for our horrible season lies fairly and squarely with Theowlsman. He has clearly been constipated since August, and has not had a LHTD
  6. 9 games left

    Yesterday was a proper kick in the 'nads, and has kept us well within reach of those below us. Looking at the remaining fixtures, some very tough games, and taking my blue and white tinted glasses off, I genuinely can see us getting no more than 3 points out of the remaining 27.
  7. Positivity + support for Jos

    Nail on head, and probably the most accurate post I have read on here regarding our current state.
  8. Fantastic team goal. Did you notice all bar one pass I think it was, was on the ground, not fired in waist height from a team mate five yards away .
  9. Feel a bit sorry for Jos

    Don't feel sorry for him at all. He will be getting well paid for his role. His job is to motivate, inspire, galvanise, encourage, develop and instill confidence to the players. Does he come across as someone who does this ?
  10. FEAR

    They are fuc*ing professional footballers for crying out loud !!!! The only passion I saw last night was Rhodes having a right go at Reach over a free kick in the first half, when everyone went up for it, only for Reach to shoot wide from 30 yards. You cannot expect fans to get behind the team, when they are witnessing dross, week in week out. If you performed poorly at work with that regularity, would you not expect to get some criticism from your colleagues and management? Too much is made of the players fraility and being unable to perform when the crowd are on their back. Tell you what players, put some effort, determination, enthusiasm and belief in your play and win the fans back that way. You will get supported then.
  11. Time to Come Together

    You most certainly were !!! But in your defence the vast majority of the points you raised against Carlos were valid. This pulling together idea, nice one in principal, but it is always going to be one way, by that I mean fans to team. How about those players pulling together, and showing the same spirit, determination and endeavour the fans make in supporting them. Now if both happened together, that would be something .
  12. Jos out !

    After the shambles at Brizzle, the very LEAST we should have expected was an attacking performance, at home. 6-45pm arrived and the team was announced and my heart sank. Butterfield and Jones in midfield !!!! Really, after the bum*ing we got at Bristol, that pairing shows attacking intent ? Fans deserve better, both from the players and the manager. In all honesty, the continuing lack of ideas, tactics, and changing of the side gives us little or no chance of winning any game. It is that Stark and that obvious.
  13. Jones and Butterfield (again) FFS

    The problem lies in that both have no attacking intent, so it is left to Reach to try and create something. That said, Jones, when he got the ball on his left side, did try and get forward more, and his pass to LJ was a good one. I am so annoyed that after the dry bum*ing we got on Saturday, I was really hoping for more attacking intent at home. Jos can go for me, stoic, no emotions, no discernable desire to go and win a game. The team funnily, reflects him to a tee.
  14. But what if Fox is playing ????
  15. Luhukay out.

    Injuries, tactics and formations aside, come this time next week, after Dingle Mick and The Trotters have dry bum*ed us at our place, JL will probably be gone. The ONLY saving grace as it stands in my opinion, is that there are worse teams than us below us in the table (hard to believe). Their failure to get results is keeping us just about alive, but should we really be reliant on those teams messing up to secure our future.