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  1. I am not an accountant, solicitor, or an expert on EFL transactions, and the rules pertaining to them, however are DC's actions any less than those of Ken Bates buying Chelsea for £1 back in the early 80's, or Hull and Swansea being sold for a pound in the recent past. Would those sales be sanctioned today ? I don't know the ins and out of the current investigation, but the examples above are surely more underhand and deceitful. I think DC is an honourable man, certainly any criticism as to his naivety in terms of football and financial transactions is fair, but he has tried to get us back to the Premier League, more so than any other Chairman in the recent past. Criticise him for his ambition, but the vitriol levelled at him by many on here is unfair in my opinion.
  2. Someone has to play up top with Fletch, and whilst Dave is a willing partner, it makes us too predictable. The flick ons both achieve are wasted because neither has the pace to capitalise, but yet man Harris does, so as I posted in the West Brom team thread, something like this would be great to see, although would probably never happen. Allows Bannan to play high up the pitch, but can also drop back in to midfield, FF licence to roam, Bob's your uncle -: Westwood Lees Iorfa Borner Hutch Luongo Bannan Reach FF Fletcher Harris
  3. Eyup Baggie. Always good to have you visit our forum my friend. Do you lot never tire of the Bannan boo behaviour. It was a long time ago he played on the other side of the city. That aside, your boys are doing well, so for me a point is more than acceptable.
  4. Probably, in fact, scrub that, I know this formation would never be considered, but I would really like to see it -: Westwood Lees Iorfa Borner Hutch Lee Luongo Bannan FF Fletcher Harris
  5. Does Vulva need to change his name to Chutnet Ferret ?
  6. He looked sharp in pre season, and we never played him alongside a target man, where traditionally he has excelled. Fletch and Rhodes as a front 2, with FF free role just behind them, might well pay dividends. Cannot see it happening however.
  7. How about Reach on the left, Murphy on the right and Harris up top with Fletch ? Harris is the quickest player in the squad, worth a go surely.
  8. Joey falls into the same category as Jones did recently. Because he doesn't charge around at break neck speed and put crunching tackles in, like Hutch, people are quick to get on his back. No nonsense players like Joey are invaluable to a team. He does and did his job on Saturday, breaking up a lot of their play, and when he did, he passed the ball off to the supposed skillful more flair orientated players. He didnt look match fit for me, but did put a shift in, and with Bannan as his CM partner, he was always going to be under pressure. I thought he did ok in the circumstances along with the whole team, who really did work very hard to stop Leeds from playing their normal game.
  9. Isn't it nice to have so many different and positive opinions after a match. GM has instilled a bit of steel grit and determination in our performances, something we have been lacking for years Well done to everyone involved. I thought we matched Leeds in all departments and on another day with the chances we had, we could easily have won, but we are definitely trending upwards, and long may it continue. My only gripe about today was the introduction of FF. Not about him coming on, but I felt it should have have been 10 minutes earlier.
  10. Westwood Lees Iorfa Borner Luongo Hutch Reach Harris Bannan FF Fletcher
  11. Westwood Hutch Iorfa Borner Reach Luongo Lee Harris Bannan Fletcher Rhodes
  12. You smoothy, I bet you couldn't walk having to navigate the trail of ladies underwear flashing the cash on that drink.
  13. Are there any miserable ones ? If so, they are doing it wrong
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