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  1. Well we have certainly given ourselves a chance, albeit an outside one. S**t or bust time really, so the team has to adopt that mindset each and every remaining game. There really is no pressure on us. Continue winning, and teams above us slip up, well you never know.
  2. Tonight is the night, to really go out and give Bolton a good tonking, I can feel it in my water (that may possibly be cystitis) !!
  3. If this game had been scheduled at the back end of last year, I would have given us no chance whatsoever. BUT, we are a very different team now. We are by no means world beaters, but we are playing with a lot more belief and confidence, and those two factors can galvanise a playing squad to achieve more than many think possible. Tonight is by no means going to be a walk over for us, it is going to be difficult, but for the first time in many, many months, there is an optimism surrounding the team, and hard as it might well be, I do think we will win, not by a landslide, but by doing our job professionally and with spirit.
  4. Live in Hope, die in Castleton as a friend of mine often quotes. It is going to be a tall order, BUT, if we maintain or even improve our recent home performances, then there will be many teams who will struggle against us at home. That home advantage, lessens as we play away, but confidence is a tremendous leveller in this league, and players who are confident and believe in what they are being asked to do, can achieve surprising and unexpected results, and a team playing full of confidence can be a juggernaut. Monday night is a proper test, and dependant on the results over the prior weekend, we could not be so far off from 6th spot if we get a victory. Win this game, and there will be a few teams looking over their shoulder and the momentum and mindset of our side may get us over the line. That said, playing catch up is never easy, and the teams above us need to slip up, but in this league, that is entirely possible.
  5. Same team bar FF for Joao. Plenty of recovery time until Monday.
  6. Good evening ladies and gents. Well, what happened this afternoon ? Who were these imposters wearing the SWFC shirt !! Excellent first half, with a slightly disjointed second half, but we were good value for the victory. Great balance to the team. Lazaar and Aarons down the left, Reach and Palmer down the right, Hutch and Bannan playing in midfield and not on the centre half's toes. We looked a completely different side from recent matches. There was a decent tempo to the first half and we did the basics very well indeed. Although, it has to be said that Swansea helped us a great deal by playing like SWFC have in the past at the back, with slow ponderous passing that led to pressure. Excellent player management from Bruce, and plenty to like about today, particularly the width that was always present that allowed us to play a more expansive game, something that many have wanted for such a long time, and we looked very good doing it. Lazaar was nothing short of a revelation for me, and although it was his league debut, he would be very unfortunate not to keep his place in the side from here on in. It was nice to see so many smiling faces leaving the stadium, something that has not happened too many times recently.
  7. It's all fine margins in reality. The 2 games against WBA and the game against Brum, all 3 of which we were in a good position to win, if achieved would put us firmly on the fringes of the playoffs. Defensively, as many have posted, we are much better, and conceding less, which is going to stand us in good stead. The attacking side of the game clearly has to improve, but we do miss an awful lot of chances, many from within 10 yards of the goal. Improve in that area, and we can still finish the season strongly.
  8. The simple fact is, and it pains me to say so, is that he is apart possibly from Joao, someone who can actually get the ball and run at players. He gets a fair amount of criticism, unfairly in my opinion.
  9. We all have our opinions about formations and the players who should be playing. However, a couple of things really do stand out irrespective of who suits up each game. Firstly, can anyone remember the last time a midfielder put a through ball for a forward to run onto and score. I am probably wrong, but Joao away at Forest last year springs to mind. Secondly, when did a midfielder run past the forward line and score In the big scheme of things, the points above may seem trivial, but I think they do highlight a couple of glaring deficiencies in our squad, which successive managers have failed to address and or correct.
  10. Evening ladies and gents. So another goaless draw tonight against a team below us. That result, added to the result against Reading does not really inspire does it. After the Birmingham game, I looked at the next half a dozen fixtures, and saw all bar one were against teams below us, and of those, 4 were against teams in the bottom 6. I thought it was a real opportunity for us to gain some confidence and momentum, much like the appointment of OGS at Man Utd did for them. Two games in, well two pretty insipid draws, with very little to get excited about. The clean sheets are a welcome bonus, but our lack of finishing ability is something that has hampered us all season, and the new manager does not seem to have sorted that aspect out. I am sure I am not alone in believing that our side are more than capable of beating Reading and Millwall, but we lack creativity and a cutting edge, although no game in the division is an easy one. So we now move onto Rotherham, who got a very creditable draw at Hull tonight. Saturday is not going to be easy, but I really hope we score a shed load.
  11. Westwood Iorfa Hector Thorniley Reach Hutch Bannan Aarons FF Joao Fletcher
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