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  1. kendoddsdadsdogsdead


    Well and truly battered that half, but it remains 0-0 somehow. They are playing very, very well, and on the odd occasion we have got firward, we are slow and ponderous. But after the last few weeks defending, both individually and collectively, the players have really dug deep. Goid luck boys for the next 45 minutes.
  2. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Fernando and Marco

    Just saying!!!
  3. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Fernando and Marco

    So it appears that FF and MM may feature tomorrow. The sceptic in me feels that after the sh1tstorm following the Norwich game, Jos was trying to get the fans back on side and they will not feature. If he is to be believed, then the above two players would be going against his practice of taking part in a couple of u23 games to sharpen up. There is no doubt that FF IS a match winner, so if he is able to play, then he gives us that unpredictable element. MM has been playing well and gives us pace and directness. Here is hoping Jos is not blowing smoke up our collective rings
  4. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    I feel sorry for Dawson.

    Why feel sorry for him ? He doesn't inspire any confidence whatsoever, amongst those in front of him, or those of us watching from the stands. He does not communicate at all, does not command his area, his kicking remains woeful, and he makes mistakes every single game. He doesn't seem to be making any progress whatsoever. He should never have been the starting keeper, and to keep on playing him just beggar's belief.
  5. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Press conference live now

    I find it baffling that the likes of Westwood, Hutch, Abdi, Boyd and Jones are completely frozen out. If they are fit, then they need to be included in the match day squad, as they give us much needed experience and nous. Our bench these days is full of kids, which limits us severely. Jos's explanation that their non inclusion is due to footballing reasons just doesn't wash. I genuinely hope that I am proved wrong, but his single minded belligerent approach to team selection is something that is going to come back and smack him in the chops. And if that does happen, the blame lays firmly at his door.
  6. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    My Fantasy - A Pearson/Megson Combo

    You are a very sick man !!!!!
  7. kendoddsdadsdogsdead


    FFS NO !!!!!!! End of thread.
  8. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Cut Jos Some Slack

    I do think Jos deserves some respite from the criticism, however, as has been posted, he has not settled on his preferred team and formation (injuries not withstanding scuppering this). So on a game by game basis, players are not getting the opportunity to gel, and will contribute to our up and down performances. Where I do think he does deserve some criticism is for not utilising the likes of Jones and Boyd and others who are not injured but langishing, not playing for the U23's. Ok, they are no world beaters, but are seasoned professionals who could help us out, this together with his selection of Dawson I believe can and will attract the critics. We are a team that plays risk averse football, and because of that, the attacking intent of our players is being stiffled, until it seems we go behind. These tactics are at the instruction of the manager, so if it does go pearshaped, Jos must expect to be brought to task by pundits, media and fans.
  9. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Best Team And Formation

    Dawson/Wildsmith/Westwood ???????? Lees Hector Thorniley Hutchinson Onomah Bannan Reach Winnall Fletcher FF
  10. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Tom Lees

    Absolutely this Rumbelows. A massive part of the problem is that Dawson continues to pass the ball to him short, creating the problem in the first place. Whether he has been directed to do that, or feels he has to is for another discussion, but I agree Lees needs to concentrate on his defending and let someone else do the playing out from the back.
  11. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Queens Park Rangers - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Well that starting line up will no doubt take this thread to over 50 pages !!!!! In fairness, it does show the players that you must keep you performance levels up, and no matter what your standing in the side, you are not immune to getting dropped.
  12. kendoddsdadsdogsdead


    Simple question people, does Dawson's position as number one goalkeeper inspire your confidence ?
  13. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    When is the keeper responsible?

    I will say it again, as I have done many times before, Dawson does not inspire confidence, from his team mates, and from those of us in the stands. He is dreadful on crosses, does not command his area, and flaps a lot at the most basic of hadling. His kicking, whilst showing an improvement, is still just average. Before the 'well look what's playing in front of him' brigade start, I would just say this. Dawson continues to make mistakes, each and every game, and his shortcomings are being easily exposed. Goalkeepers need to organise those in front of him, Dawson does not do that. Is he the best goalkeepers at the club ? In Jos's eyes he is, which is a worrying state of affairs if the manager rates him better than Wildsmith and Westwood.
  14. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    We need Westwood back

    It's a YES from me, absolute no brainer !!!
  15. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    The room for improvement

    Good post Rumbelows. I would only add that it is staggering where we are at this point in the season, taking into account the relative lack of experience in key positions, and injuries to key players. We ain't no Barcelona, that is for sure, but we have shown grit, determination and endeavour for the most part this season, attributes and characteristics that were clearly absent last season. Long may these continue, and apart from the odd blip, what is encouraging is taking points off both top and bottom teams, something we were awful at for the past 3 seasons.