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  1. Based on who we currently have, I would really like this to happen. Westwood Lees Iorfa Thorniley Hutch Lee Bannan Reach FF Fletcher Joao
  2. Maybe this reply is in the wrong section, apologies to all if it is. I think it is fair to assume, that we are not going to be in a position to throw heaps of cash around this summer. As many have pointed out, SB is very astute in terms of recruitment, and with a decent core group of players, a few loan signings may be all that we need. However, I really would like to see some of younger players get some involvement. Jos, for all his failings, did try and do this. We do have some quality, in my opinion. Thorniley, who I really do admire, is someone who didn't let himself down when called upon. He is tough, hardworking, likes a tackle and can pass pretty well (Luton away in the cup replay, pinging the ball out to the right leading to Dave's goal.) Penney, came onto the scene, and look composed. A slight injury, before his major injury to his arm, and being played out of position, didn't help him, but he remains someone who the club can call on. Borukov, Preston and in particular Issac Rice from the youth set up, are players I would like to see given an opportunity. Rice in particular has impressed me every time I have seen him, and has all the attributes to be a club captain. Maybe @malek and @ John o' brian, regular posters on the youth sides can offer their thoughts. if we can get these younger players involved, playing regularly, learning all the time, then we reap the rewards. Young talent sells for a premium these days, and in an era where we have struggled to receive funds for players, bringing youth players in raising their profile might be a way to ease our financial troubles, over and above the benefit to ourselves in terms of good young players gaining valuable experience.
  3. Look at the number of BME players that are in teams. Then look at how many go onto coaching and manager roles. There is a clear disproportionately of those from BME making the step up. There must be a reason, they cannot all not harbour ambitions to progress when their playing days come to an end. It has been the same in American sports, which recently introduced the Rooney Rule, in an attempt to get more BME candidates getting interviews for posts. If the FA are serious about getting their house in order, it wouldn't be a bad idea to implement the same rule over here
  4. Good point, Costello, they do, and every sport needs and requires that governance and oversight. However, who looks over the overseers, to ensure their governance is fair, balanced and impartial ? The FA HAVE to be seen to be proactive in respect of racist allegations, we all I presume agree on that. But, where the FA let themselves down, is the yearly campaigns they endorse that are meant to tackle racist and homophobic language and gestures, yet seem not to have a effect. The reluctance of the elected governors of the game to have a truly representative group of people, in governance, reflecting the many cultures and backgrounds of the players and the fans. The incredible lack of minority representation of coaches and managers being afforded the opportunities to progress. I could go on, but I am sure most have been bored reading this, and not reached this far. Bottom line for me is, the FA whilst outwardly championing the banner of tackling racism and other discrimination, they have inwardly got it so wrong, and will continue to do so.
  5. I was going to give you a well earned plus for that Owlsman, but as the architect of the disaster that is the Official Transfer Rumours Thread, you are getting nowt me old China.
  6. FF, his legal advisors and the club, will no doubt have been served FULL disclosure by the FA in relation to the incident. I am sure, that as they are now in receipt of it, they will be able to drive a bus through the FA's case. If not, then nearly every player playing today, would be guilty of foul and abusive language during a football match !! The allegation of racist language used was not mentioned in the referees report to the best of my knowledge, and was not proven during criminal proceedings. As such, if the FA do have something that conclusively proves FF did use racist language, it would have been incumbent on them to provide it to the Police. Failure to do so, is in itself a criminal act. This whole episode smacks of the FA cocking things up royally again, trying to make it look like they are being the moral guardians of the game . It is abhorrent that racist language is used in the modern game, and the FA quite rightly, should be proactive in investigating and bringing offenders to task but in FF's case, it matters not, they will arbitrarily rule him guilty and impose what they see as a punitive sentence. Tackle racism when it is there, apparent and witnessed, not on the say so of one person, wholly unsubstantiated by other players and officials present. Apologies for the length of the reply, just finished work and read the BBC report, and am utterly bemused.
  7. How much better did we look with a genuine pacy wide player. Aarons did pretty well for the few games he managed to get into the side. Can or are we able to look past his injury history ? I'm not sure we can afford to, no pun intended.
  8. 131 pages in, and nothing substantive as of yet. Some of the names mentioned in this thread are in my humble opinion, laughable. But, this is a forum where views are welcome, so until the club mention something concrete, or one of the many ITK merchants post some nailed on info, I will continue to peruse with a certain amount of scepticism. Keep the suggestions/ rumours coming by the way as I do not have any ear or pipeline into the inner workings of the club, unlike many on here presumably.
  9. Is it not ? Please direct me to the official club statement in relation to him
  10. And yet Birley, many on here have and will continue to level the same about FF as well. Personally , I think he is talented and was probably not 100% when he came back into the team. Bruce obviously does like him so whilst us on OT are undoubtedly experts let's see if Bruce knows a little bit more than us lot. Doubt it though
  11. Don't get the love in regarding Austin. Big wages, never fully fit, and isn't quick. Why are people going overboard about him, or am I missing something ?
  12. I wouldn't mind QPR's number 10. Penalty aside yesterday, he was powerful, quick, direct and showed good vision and awareness. He is only 20, got up and down the pitch, and was the standout player on the park. He put himself about and had a presence about him.
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