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  1. Whilst I understand your sentiment, do you genuinely believe that investors out there would be looking at us as a serious business proposition ? It's all well and good saying DC should go and sell up, but who the hell would want us !!!!
  2. Rinse and repeat Matt. I totally get what you are saying, but, as i posted in another thread, who do you replace him with ? There are not a lot of options out there, and hand on heart, with our financial situation and possible points deduction coming, we are not an attractive option for those coaches/managers out of work. Monk inherited an awful situation, with a top heavy ageing squad, and a questionable team ethic. Now those calling for his head will quite rightly say " Look at the results since he took charge". Yes, they have been woeful, but he has not been helped by some abject team and individual performances during his time here. Add to that, injuries and players coming to the end of their contracts, have made the job even harder. Since the resumption, he has tried to implement a system (that many have wanted for. a number of years), with who he has available. Ultimately, it is a results based business, and if by some miracle we do stay up, I can see Monk staying, bringing in players to fit his system. The alternative, well we get rid, go on the search for another manager who may well want to change everything again, and we are back to square one again, with no guarantee of success. I absolutely get everyone's anger and frustration about how our club is being run, managed and performing (or not), but i don't personally think getting rid of Monk now is the solution. I know many, many, if not EVEYONE will disagree, but my trusty tin hat has been brought down from the loft and is ready to be brought into action.
  3. Not sure where you get your info from, but he started yesterday, oh and the game before that etc.
  4. Genuine question ladies & gents, for those amognst you wanting Monk gone. Who the hell do you replace him with ?
  5. Danny Hylton from Luton. Would not cost much, and has been a shining light in a modest team for a couple of years.
  6. God, or whoever you fine folk turn to, help us !!! Has Mo grown 6 inches since Sunday ?
  7. Ah yes, Walsall and those chicken balti pies, which were banging !! Yeovil was a good away run as well. It would not be the end of the world if we did end up relegated. Gives us a chance to regroup and build up for the future on solid foundations.
  8. Plenty to choose from, and I wouldn't argue against Waddle v West Ham, but one performance that does stand out was Tony Cunnigham when we played Newcastle. Top of the table clash, a proper good centre forward performance. If memory serves think he scored a couple that day, 83/84 possibly.
  9. Thanks Waltham, I was thinking exactly the same. As a famous poster once said " Someone on here will know".
  10. Lots of similar comments in this respect, but it is not as simple as that is it ? You have to have a buyer first. Our current financial state and pending disciplinary outcome do not make us an attractive proposition, so it is all well and good saying DC needs to sell up, but I genuinely do not see anyone being interested.
  11. Absolutely spot on !!! In fact, just to add to this, Bannan himself stated that everyone has had a fair chance, so as you rightly say, what does Monk do if everyone he puts in to try and garner a result fails. I think Monk has tried to find his best team, but individually and collectively it just has not worked. I do think that we will be relegated, EFL points deduction aside, but who, out of our squad could you genuinely say you believe is up for the fight to try and stave that off? It is far too easy to blame Monk, who as a manager will probably get the boot, but the players have to accept a huge amount of criticism as well.
  12. It really doesn't matter who is picked, if a player cannot find his team mate from 5 yards, or fail to track a runner or not put a tackle in !!!!. Monk does not tell his players to do the above, and interestingly, in one of his first pre match press conferences, he stated that he wanted the players to react during the game and adjust accordingly, giving them the freedom to change and adapt as the game developed. It seems that some players cannot do this, which has an adverse effect and has produced the dire results recently. I do not hold with the belief that it is not the players who are to blame. They are professional footballers, who should be able, in game, to adapt to what us in front of them. Sticking rigidly to and playing like robots is not the managers fault, albeit, a certain amount of tactical awareness and team set up is necessary, players have the responsibility of implementing and influencing the style of play on the pitch. We have, on paper, a decent Championship squad, but constant individual errors, compound any good that we try and achieve.
  13. I actually think relegation is no bad thing. Would prevent us from signing overpaid prima donna's. Clear the squad root and branch, and build again. Try and get young, hungry players in the squad.
  14. Anyone who advocates this ginger turnip to take over needs their bumps felt. For the love of god, no, no, no. In fact, if anyone from now on mentions him, they should be banned from this site.
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