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  1. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Momentum Is Building

    Your watter aside my friend, it is quite clear that we both need to selflessly accept the reason for our upturn in fortunes, with recent results. For me, it was sending you those industrial size laxatives in the off season to assist you in your LHTD, what with you clearly suffering from constipation all of last season. On your part, you are clearly taking the tablets, there is no clearer explanation needed. Onwards we go, with a happy heart and our bowels in good order.
  2. Unless I have missed something, the plan was to give him just 15 minutes anyway, it did I misread that.
  3. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    Out of interest, if Westwood is now officially 3rd choice, does his appeal to other teams diminish as he will not be playing a single game. ? How can teams judge his fitness and ability. If we are keeping him back in the hope that come the end of the month he is going to be snapped up, why not play him and out him in the shop window. It benefits the club massively to do so, by getting our best keeper in the side and may induce a bidding war for his services. I can only presume by this monumental fu*k up by the club in making this decision that they are happy to let him sit and rot away. Utter madness, it really beggars belief.
  4. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Hull (sort of OMDT)

    Nice sentiment, but the negativity WILL continue if we play like we did today. There was a chance that after last week, and with it being our first home game of the season, we would come out, all guns blazing. Did that happen ? Did it bug***y !!! We should have been at least 3 down at half time, and whilst there was marginal improvement in the 2nd half, we were still pretty awful. Add to the above, that the manager has said that Westwood is 3rd choice keeper, and you can kind of see why folks are well and truly hacked off, even at this early stage of the season.
  5. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    I have to wholeheartedly agree with your last post in this thread Owlsman. It beggars belief that a player reaching a certain amount of games, that would trigger a bonus payment, is precluded from p!aying to negate that payment being made. I am sure the likes of FF,Bannan are also on similar, with in FF's case a goals incentive. Will we stop them playing if they are approaching their respective milestones ? For what it's worth, I am of the opinion that a decision was made that in light of the financial restrictions, and with goalkeeper being the one position on the pitch that we had reasonable cover, that Westwood was deemed a saleable asset, who could potentially be sold to ease the financial restraints we are operating under. That still may happen of course, but until it does, and notwithstanding the continuing development of Dawson and Wildsmith, Westwood gives us experience, proven ability and organisational prowess, that our defense is missing. Get him back in goal, as he has proved over the last few years, that he is a game saver.
  6. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Fessi , Bannan Reach and Lees.

    Ever the optomist S36, but in keeping them, thus far, things might just click for us. Keep them fit, start picking up results and come January, we may well be in a good position. That said, your post is absolutely spot on, but I would rather we keep them if able to and secure our status this season.
  7. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Almen ad thi pants down

    Apologies folks, but where is the official statement that Abdi is injured again ? I'm not disputing what the OP has written, I would just be Interested to know who said it and when, because I have obviously missed it. Thanks in advance.
  8. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Fernando watch

    Cheers SiJ, probably nothing in it then.
  9. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Fernando watch

    A tweet from a Florist player popped up on my Twitter feed which FF liked, but can't seem to find it now.
  10. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    So we've wrote this season off?

    I posted in another thread after the Wigan game, that it was Jos's formation with the personnel that got everyone angry. We still have, like many have stated, on paper, a very good squad, full of talented footballers. With the financial restrictions or otherwise in place, getting a fully fit squad gives us options and the ability to be more flexible in team selection. I'm sure that there are going to be more downs than ups this season, but if we click, and get a bit of luck, there is absolutely no reason why we cannot finish in the top 10. One thing I would like to see, is the team really having a go, each at every game at home. Doing so will get the crowd going, and maybe restore a few people's belief in the side.
  11. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Deadline day is looming...

    Ooh I can't wait. If this thread gets half as exciting as the Summer Transfer Thread, I can guarantee that I will soil myself .
  12. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    You mean you have more than one who also talks out of his hole ?
  13. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    A bit of decorum please.

    The simplest way to avoid this, is to play with some passion, desire and belief. If sides do this, I am sure they would be forgiven for the odd loss. However, if the team showed a tenth of the above attributes that fans give in travelling and attending games, then we would be in a better place. I really am sick of hearing how we as fans are to blame. If the team want us to get behind them, then for f**k's sake start playing with passion and give us something to cheer. If it ain't going well, then players need to grasp the nettle and try to do something about it, but there in lies the biggest problem, we do not have players who seem capable and more disappointingly, able to do this.
  14. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    On my way back/player ratings

    I would hazard a guess that this has annoyed a lot of people the most. Jos has had the whole off season to work with the squad, getting them used to his system, playing in their best positions, but come the season starting, reverts to a bizarre formation with personnel playing out of position. Blame the players, yes of course, because they have to go out and perform, but Jos's downright craziness in team selection should be criticised, and quite rightly so. The green shoots of recovery, that started sprouting at the end of last season, seem to have been subject to a particularly virulent weedkiller. We cannot afford to start the season on the back foot again. One game in, and whilst defeat does not define a season, the worrying aspect is that already I fear we are a side with no idea of our preferred formation, and more worringly, lack a clearly defined identity and style. Jos has no excuse whatsoever for todays's tactics and formation.
  15. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    It was obvious to me...

    Sorry Matt, but have to disagree. If the tactical ineptitude shown today is as a direct result of Jos having had 5/6 weeks of intensive training with these players and deciding that was the formation, then we are absolutely right to question his tactics and team selection, one game in or not.