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  1. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    So who else is already excited for next season?

    That's the spirit !!!!! For what it's worth I agree 100%. I think the big difference between Carlos and Jos, is that a number of players under Carlos who were ignored, if not considered, have a chance to play and stake a claim for a shirt under Jos. We still have a very talented group of players, and whilst many want new faces in, the players we have, if fit, confident and able to attain their maximum performance in each game, then I genuinely think we can have a very good and productive season.
  2. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Elev8 done it again

    I thought the announcement was that it was just shirts on sale at the moment, not the full kit. If I am wrong, then you have every right to be annoyed, if I'm right, well a shirt is better than no shirt.
  3. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    It’s Been A Very Exciting Summer So Far

    All true my friend. But, as all on here know, our demise last season rests fairly and squarely at your door, or more specifically your colon and digestive system. Your inability to produce the goods, so to speak at half time, clearly was the sole reason we performed so badly. So, as we approach the new season, with optimism and hope, my request to you is get a shed load of laxatives in for your 46 LHTD's.
  4. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Lessons from our neighbours

    Thanks Scram. Out of interest, is the tariff system in place and enforceable for all clubs ?
  5. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Lessons from our neighbours

    Agree with that Guru, but as opposed to our neighbours, their chances were somewhat limited, Clare through injury not withstanding. Without wanting to get the thread off track slightly re Hirst and Clare, we cannot realise anywhere near the profit that Sheffield Utd made on Naughton and Walker, but your point is a good and valid one.
  6. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Lessons from our neighbours

    Good evening ladies and gents. Well the turgid off season has been lit up by the performance of the national team, and fingers and everything else crossed for a victory on Wednesday. This thread provides a somewhat tenuos link to some members of the England squad. However, on we go. Now our red and white neighbours acorss the city, have for many, many years, developed, nurtured, played and subsequently sold on for incredible sums, some players who have gone on to have long and successful careers. If memory serves, Naughton and Walker went for something like a combined £30 million plus. Add to them, Jagielka, Macguire and more recently Brookes (Started at Man City), and like it or not, they do find some gems. Likewise, our digitally challenged cousins, have in the recent past sold on Holgate and Stones, reaping rewards with add on clauses. We are still miles behind in terms of recognising, developing and playing young players, although with Jos at the helm, that has and I believe will continue to change. I just wanted to see what posters thoughts were on why for so many years we seem to have languished behind other teams in our region in respect of young players. Was our set up outmoded, under funded, not fit for purpose ? Or was it a conceited attitude by those in charge that we as a so called 'big club', didn't need to invest in the youth set up, because our reputation could get players simply to sign because of who we were. Have we missed a trick for a number of years, and are we too far behind other teams youth set ups to realistically unearth players like the above mentioned ? Your thoughts as always are eagerly awaited.
  7. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Team for 18/19

    Westwood Hutch Lees Van Aken Bannan Joey Mattias FF Reach Joao Hooper
  8. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Liam Palmer

    Midfield is where I see him being a better fit. He did it pretty well in pre season a couple of years ago, and as you identified, when he first broke through, midfield was his position. The competition for places in midfield may preclude him playing there, if he had to, I don't think he would let us down. As a full back, I preferred him to Hunt, and I think he does the job perfectly well. It's all about opinions, but if he seizes his chance, I see no reason why he can't be an integral and valued member of the first team.
  9. So Jordan might well go. If he does, by my reckoning, and I'm sure I will be corrected if wrong, that leaves, as it stands Big Dave, Joao and FF as possible strikers. Fletch still not fit, Hoops regaining fitness, and Winnall still out injured. Leaves us a tad thin up top.
  10. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    Genius my friend !!!
  11. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    Spot on, no more than half a dozen good crosses in 3 years. Very overrated in my opinion.
  12. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Good riddance, to him and his father. Well done George, got your big money move, I think not !!!!
  13. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    How good a side are #SWFC without Forestieri?

    No we are not, but bu**er me, we are a much better team with FF in it. In today's inflated and frankly bonkers transfer market, I would expect nothing less than £10 million for FF. Crazy, I hear you all say, well possibly, but he is a better player that Maddison, and the figures bandied about for him are ridiculous. Ask yourselves this, if you had the choice of either to purchase, which one would you chose ? The choice is pretty clear to me.
  14. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    Henry Landsbury anyone??

    Talented footballer, but like many hyped at a young age, believed he was Billy big bo**ocks, and his career has somewhat ground to a halt. If his attitude was right, he is decent enough, but I fear a touch of the McGugan's with him, so best leave him be.
  15. kendoddsdadsdogsdead

    #SWFC Summer 2018 Transfer Window Rumours Thread

    Knowing our luck, he will, be man of the match in both games, and will play like he is the best midfielder in England. You have been warned !!