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  1. Apologies if this has already been posted ...
  2. Goodness me....utter twaddle. If the players start off so well as you say, why can they not keep that up? How on earth that is the managers fault is beyond me .
  3. Yet again, this is all DM's fault, as most would and have commented on. I disagree. Moore cannot legislate for the players playing like horses ar**s, making simple mistakes that cost goals. Last night, BROWN, BANNAN & WILDSMITH were all culpable for the goals. No pelters at them, no, just 'clueless' DM threads. Injuries no doubt are costing us, as we are not able to field a settled team week in week out. As a result, DM has to work with what he has.
  4. Not according to some of their fans if you take a look at their fan forum sites.
  5. If that is true Marshy, then those players, all of them need to hold their heads in shame. It is the managers who get the sack, whilst these f***ers continue to steal a wage. It really hurts me to think that professional footballers could contemplate acting in this manner. It seems acceptable to most on here to give pelters to the manager, why should the players escape the criticism. They are the ones on the pitch f***ing things up week after week.
  6. Our results have so far given all the teams in the division a massive lift when they play us. We are not a power house of a team, despite probably having one of the best on paper squads in the division. We are a soft touch, and teams know that. What other sides may lack in terms of personnel, they outmatch us on the pitch with their drive and determi action, to many of these teams beating SWFC is a big, big achievement. DM even this far into the season has not got an idea who his best 11are, never mind a formation. I will be amazed if we finish higher that 12th this season.
  7. Never mind the wingers, where the hell are centre backs....none on the bench if one of the starters get injured.
  8. I really do not know what to make of today's lineup....someone please enlighten me
  9. Still think DM is trying to figure who his best starting XI are. I would push Bannan forward to play a free role behind the front 2. But for me it would be as it stands-:
  10. Have I missed out on the free crack that you have obviously been taking ???? I admire your optimism my friend, but nothing in the recent past convinces me that we are ready to take the leap forward you are suggesting. I hope I am proven wrong.....oh and give us the name of your supplier
  11. If he is going, who's left to play CB ? Hutch, Iorfa (if fit)...who else ?
  12. This has the makings of being one of the most sensible threads ever posted on Owlstalk . And in that vein, I really do hope that if people do share their hopes, wishes, ambitions, decisions, then folks, whatever their view may be, just accept them and not post a load of vitriol back if it is in opposition to their particular point of view. I have made my mind up in relation to SWFC, and truth be told, it was done prior to last season. I genuinely hope our current dire situation improves.
  13. No room for sentiment in this announcement, and a few would have been the highest wage earners on the playing staff. However, it really just highlights how threadbare we really were/are. Massive, massive task to get players in, that's if we are able to at all (embargo, EFL sanctions, finances). On the flip side, it does offer a chance for some of the younger players to step up, but I have a strong feeling that this last season will be looked upon as a high point, with the prospect of us having little or no quality or depth to the squad, and a struggle to compete on the field a real and distinct possibility. I'm afraid my mood and optimism are as the current weather here in the UK, bleak, and decidedly changeable.
  14. Nor can I, but I am on a night shift !!! I share your sentiments however.
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