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  1. Had a belter of a game against us for Villa, back in April 2019. Set up their first goal, chasing what seemed to be a lost cause, and centering for Mcginn to score. He is very quick, but the criticism of him is end product. For me, it is definately low risk high reward, and if it can be done, then I think he would be an excellent addition.
  2. And yet, like many others gets selected game after game. Its as if you can play sh**e, every game, but not be too bothered because you will be in the starting line up the next game. Play gash and it doesn't really matter.
  3. Wildsmith Lees Dunkley Borner Pelupessy Harris Brown Reach Windass Rhodes Kachunga
  4. I do admire the sentiment in the post. However, Pulis shows no sign of doing anything different than the previous 2 managers. Questionable team selections, players playing out of position, substitutions that baffle and confuse etc. Pulis is an old school type of manager, and I was hoping that he would be like that, drop players who were not and have not been performing to the best of their ability. I hoped he would create a genuine competition for places in the squad, set the tone that no one is undroppable. I had hoped he would use what he had at his disposal in the right way, play strik
  5. Pulis deserves a shed load of criticism. Monk and Jos got slated for substitutions they made, but Pulis is just as bad if not worse. Losing today, at half time, you need to get back into it as quickly as possible. Your first 2 changes should not be a Defensive midfielder and a fullback. Attacking options made too late. Woeful, abject, pitiful performance, which will be replicated week in week out.
  6. Can we all just resign ourselves to League 1 football next season.
  7. Dog t*rd. We are making a bang average team make us look like a conference side
  8. Would have put Bannan on the bench and played Brown, but hey what do I know. Good luck boys !!!
  9. Fine sentiments m'lud. However, who in the current squad can play the enforcer role ? We just do not have the players at Pulis's disposal to make coming to S6 a hellish experience. He may well get us playing a more attritional, combative style, but you can't teach being nasty.
  10. A more interesting poll Neil would be for those saying YES, how many were touting Pulis as manager pre Monk's appointment. That would be a very interesting poll.
  11. In answer to your thread title.....there are none. If people were unhappy with Monk, then God help them with Pulis at the helm. Turgid, attritional, uninspiring football. People will need a neck brace watching on TV as the ball will very rarely be on the ground. If reports are true, this is a a most uninspiring, short sighted appointment in my opinion. He is not the person to unite the fanbase.
  12. I do like your comment about supporting the next manager. Will not happen. Our fanbase are not the most tolerant, and there will be plenty who will be against the next incumbent, whoever it is.
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