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  1. Dawson Iorfa Lees Borner Luongo Bannan Harris Brown Windass Penney Rhodes
  2. After all your trials and tribulations Tinks, coming back on here would not be my prescription to recovery. That said, welcome back my friend, you have been missed.
  3. Ooh you are such a tease !!! And don't think i have forgiven you for cutting roughage out of your diet. You clearly have been 'bunged up for the last couple of years, hence our abysmal form and no movements on your part with your LHTD are clearly related.
  4. Billy the Blunt isn't blessed with scorching pace or height and does ok.
  5. Don't know what everyone is worrying about. Clearly, the recruitment has been aimed at playmaker, who will set up Rhodes, who will bang in 35 plus goals this season. Simple policy, cant believe you lot fail to see it !!! No, I'm ok nurse, not the suppository again....😅😅😅
  6. An oldie but a good one....Heard he is not too keen on crosses...but Jesus saves and Harris scores from the rebound. 😃
  7. Our Dave runs in the 6pm race at Catterick tonight. Anyone sentimental out there ?
  8. Probably the finest piece I have ever read on her m'lud. I also along with many echo your sentiments regarding the big fella. And as an aside, but in my opinion just as noteworthy, please on behalf on myself and the many, many people who read your OMDT, accept our collective THANKS, for your continued excellence of product, and your unwavering comittment to publishing it each and every match day.
  9. Not quite sure i want to know what you have received inside you this afternoon Bradowl !!! 🤪
  10. Happy to be Norman no mates on this matter Plonk.
  11. I'm going to go out on a limb here, but neither of those 2 float my boat. And that is the problem, there are not too many candidates out there that would unite the fan base. Every managerial appointment comes with risks attachec, but Pearson and or Cowley, well no thank you.
  12. Their manager is off to Benfica. He along with his coaching staff are almost all Portuguese. Carlos in the Maracana....who would have thought it !!
  13. Spot on !!! Shambolic is not a strong enough word to use.
  14. Championship: The relegation battle that could be decided by lawyers - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53484188
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