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  1. Westwood Lees Iorfa Borner Luongo Hutch Reach Harris Bannan FF Fletcher
  2. Westwood Hutch Iorfa Borner Reach Luongo Lee Harris Bannan Fletcher Rhodes
  3. You smoothy, I bet you couldn't walk having to navigate the trail of ladies underwear flashing the cash on that drink.
  4. Are there any miserable ones ? If so, they are doing it wrong
  5. Wenger wants to get back into management But in all seriousness, every day that goes by, without an appointment, does ireprible damage to our season. Is that a bit melodramatic ? Well perhaps, but a new manager should have been in place weeks ago.
  6. If it is to be a 3, then Bannan is out for me. Hutch has been poor, but suits us better in the 3. As daft as this sounds, I would actually play Palmer in midfield. He did it a few years ago, and have to say I think it suited him
  7. Oh yes, because we are such a forgiving fan base
  8. Bannan has been poor, and if he were to be dropped along with Reach, then it would be up to them to work hard to get back into the team. A midfield of Lee, Luongo and Hutch, if playing a 3 is good enough in my opinion.
  9. I agree, I thought Bullen's interview was brutally honest Waltham. Short of actually uttering the words they played like a set of could not be ar**d c***s, he spoke from the heart, and really pulled no punches. Players strolling about, showing no enthusiasm and commitment are always going to get dog's abuse from the fan base, but Bullen seemed to intimate that in the 2nd half, the players as a collective downed tools so to speak . Worrying if accurate, and that attitude was something you could never level at Bullen during his playing time with us. Bullen must be hurting like hell, but it is a results orientated business, and if the players have decided that they are just going to go through the motions in a match, then we are in big, big trouble.
  10. Evening ladies & gents. Well the international break could not really have come at a better time. This post is not about a new manager, Bullen, Rhodes, DC, or the missed coffee marketing opprtunities, the latter that apparently sit high on the list of some posters. Plenty of threads on those subjects, so I will not add to their number. Over the past couple of seasons, we as a team appear to be more concerned about the opposition formation and personnel and how we combat their strengths and identify their weaknesses. All well and good and of course I am not advocating that we simply go into a game ignoring these things, but in doing so, we cause ourselves so many issues. We try to adapt to combat them, rather than define our identity, formation and playing style. Chopping and changing of systems, players being shoehorned into roles and or positions they are not accustomed to playing, have led to more disjointed, bitty performances, not withstanding the last couple of months of last season. Look at the top teams in the country. They have a set formation. Every player knows their role, and they very rarely if ever change it. Players do of course rotate, but those coming in know exactly what their role and responsibility is, and they execute it very well. Players thrive on structure and playing in positions that suit them. It helps of course having world class players, but familiarity breeds good habits. Those top teams, Liverpool & Man City, play the same formation, week in, week out. Everybody knows how they set up, but regardless of who they are playing, the formation stays the same. The mentality is that this is our team identity, we are not going to change, and it forces the opposition to come up with a variety of ways to try and stop them from playing. We have some good players at our club, but successive managers have not really come up with a definitive formation that suits the players we have. I hope that during this International break, the players and coaching staff can clear the air and work together to define us as a team and get us playing in a style and manner that gets the best out of who we have. If that means dropping fans favourites, then so be it. As a final aside, whilst the incumbent of the coach/manager role will always be judged on results, the players also need to take responsibility, not only in terms of producing performances, but by engendering a strong team resolve and attitude.
  11. FFS, if it wasn't bad enough already, you go and tip me over the edge S6
  12. Starting every game on the front foot should really be a given though. 15 to 20 minutes of fast, attacking play, maybe nick a goal or two, then allows us to play on the counter, which I think we are perfectly able to do well. In some respects Mr Wilder at S2, called it absolutely right regarding players last week. The bare minimum they should be giving is chasing, harassing, battling each and every week. Praise for them doing what is the bare minimum is false praise.
  13. Who would be your choice Tinks ? Experience is one thing, but the cast of characters available is hardly inspiring is it ? Experience and nous are crucial for us to develop this season, but I honestly do not have the faintest idea, who i would plump for if asked. Therein lies the problem. If pragmatism is your thing, then the likes of Pulis, Karanka, McClaren and God help us Megson, would be high on the list. Younger managers like Rowett, Monk, have their supporters, but seem to be on a merry go round of clubs. Hughton probably is the stand out candidate, but if reports are to be believed, he is not interested in the job. It really is a difficult decision, and has got to be the right one, but like I said, it is difficult.
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