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  1. David jones

    Jones suffers from not being 'sexy'. By that I mean he doesn't charge round the pitch, or make bone crunching tackles that get the crowd on their feet. However, like many who play his position, he does the little things very, very well. Short passes, occupying passing lanes, and holding up play are what managers have asked him to do, and he does it without attracting too much attention, and just gets on with it. He has become a valuable member of the team and his performances have got better as he has started more games. Is he going to be a player that excites the fans, probably not. But he is certainly a player who does the important things unnoticed and should be recognised for his recent contributions.
  2. We will hammer United

    What a moob contest ? Hard to pick a winner there !
  3. C'mon Owlstalk, let's hear it for Carlos.

    It's all about perspective for me. When CC arrived, can anyone hand on heart believe we would of had the season we had ? Furthermore, last season, we did improve, albeit falling short eventually. The club has had root and branch changes, many needed to bring us up to the standard of many Championship sides. We ARE progressing in so many ways, yet many focus progression as winning or losing a game. That imho is shortsighted to say the least. We are still playing catch up with a whole host of sides in this division, but make no mistake, we are getting there, surely but slowly, and the Chairman's decision to stick by the manager and the clubs determination to steer clear from being a selling club, will reap it's just rewards. There have been bumps in the road of course, but I would urge fans to remember where we were just 5 years ago, and compare the club then to what it is now. Reasons to be optimistic, there are many, which far outweigh the pessimism sometimes shown by a minority of the supporting fan base.
  4. Westwood

    I posted a few days ago after the Brentford match, that I thought Westwood looked a bit heavier than last season, and doesn't look as mobile. I think he is still carrying a knock, but this is only supposition on my part. He is a top quality keeper, and has kept us in numerous games over the past couple of years. However, he seems to come off his line more than in previous years, and more worrying for me, seems to get caught under crosses. That said, I wouldn't swap him for any other keeper in the division, and I'm sure he will be back to his old dominant best very very soon.
  5. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    Onside for me just. but Westwood should either catch that ball or palm it away from goal. It is close re the offside though
  6. gutted

    Here, have another neg
  7. gutted

    Well said sir. Where did all that extra time come from ? So close, but i would have gladly taken a point prior to kick off. Agonising to have got so close to all 3
  8. Message from Keiren Westwood

    Kept us in more games than I can count over the past couple of seasons. His mistakes are highlighted because of his position. One thing I will say is that he looks a tad, how shall I put it and not sound catty, a touch tubbier than in previous seasons. !!! I am no Mr Slimsea myself, but he does seem a bit slower in his movements.
  9. Carlos "We will play differently against Cardiff"

    Any given week, teams can beat each other, but I'm really not too concerned about Cardiff. Too much is made of Colin, yes he's a c**k, but our job will be to frustrate his side, keep it tight and nick a goal (preferably 2 !!!). No reason why we can't do that.
  10. Back 4

    Fib, Van Aken has NOT looked out of place. He is in a new country, playing a new system, and for his first 2 games, I think he has done tremendously well. He will only improve with games and playing alongside Lees regularly. Your comments about him making a mistake are fair, up to a point, but players do make mistakes, otherwise all games would end 0-0. Cut him some slack.
  11. Great win :)

    I thought we were fortunate to get the win, but I will gladly accept it !!! That said, Brentford's played some fantastic football, and it was a real treat to see football played on the ground, with purpose and no little skill. Wood for them in the midfield was the best player on the pitch by a country mile. Fair play to our lads for grinding a result out in the end.
  12. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Quite simply m'lud, the finest ever post on this site !!!! I was reading whilst waiting to order a sausage sarnie. Don't think i will bother now. As an aside, excellent OMDT and tactical review threads. Keep em coming sir.
  13. Frederik Fisker

    Christ on a bike, he looks like Van Aken
  14. Fair play Fletcher

    Personally, I think Rhodes is better suited to playing alongside Joao than Hooper.
  15. If you had to pick one...