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  1. Agreed, and to what purpose does it serve.

    Fair play fella.

    Agree wholeheartedly, but are there signs we might start to be moving upwards ?


    Comments made before mine, but his post stuck with me for it's sheer lunacy. We're you not in the Mr BS camp ?

    That is spot on Ibbo. I have no issue with debate, but Mr BS is a stirrer, agitator, and his hoards wanted nothing less that the team to lose last week to bolster their own agenda. In my opinion, as a supporter, you never, ever advocate or try to garner support to wilfully want your team to lose.

    Sorry, can't hear you
  8. It’s all gone quite

    That's just garbage. So only those 'enlightened' souls constantly unhappy are the ones who have the club's interests at heart. ? I've seen some sh**e on this site, but congratulations, you win the award for most deluded and arrogant.
  9. It’s all gone quite

    On the flip side those calling for Carlos's head after the Barnsley game, were all too vocal towards those supporting him, even trying to rally support to boycott games !!!!
  10. Aston Villa - V - The Wednesday OMDT

    Well done boys, great result. Palmer has the miss of the season, but the play that led to it was sublime.
  11. Aston Villa - V - The Wednesday OMDT

    What a fantastic 2nd goal. Great passing, and thoroughly deserved. Playing with so much confidence and it shows. Keep it going boys
  12. SWFC Loan Watch Returns! (part one)

    Great stuff as always Ethel, keep it coming.
  13. Not going tomorrow,anyone else?

    Why go to the next game ? If you feel so strongly, then stay away.
  14. Carlos Out

    What absolutely astounds me is the so called 'supporters' who actively call for fans to either boycott games, or if in attendance shout the whole game for the managers head.!!! It beggars belief, made even more appalling by the desire to have us lose a game so they can crow from the rooftops even more, citing their knowledge of football, tactics and team dynamics. I understand the frustrations of some elements of the fanbase, but to suggest the above courses of action shows a distinct lack of dignity, and dare I say it class. Can't recall hearing a single boo or shout of Carlos Out on Tuesday, and I would be amazed, if amongst the 23000 crowd there were not some supporters who are not happy with the team and Carlos, but they still turned up and supported. Too many people are convinced we are doomed and will not achieve anything this year. To them, all I will say is that this league is a 9 month grind. There will be a lot of ups and downs, but as a group of players and supporters, sticking together can bring about a good turn of fortune. Those disgruntled or disgusted at this moment in time, well I believe you are going to be proved wrong.
  15. Carlos Out

    Oh good another Carlos out thread !!!! Yawn