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  1. Hedwig

    Wednesday In One Word

    When did Orient change to Leyton Orient ??
  2. Hedwig

    Adam Reach

    Are you getting him confused with Ashley Cole ????
  3. Been today been to shop today, I'm a 46-48" chest. Tried an XL on and it was spot on, go by the chest sizing not L / XL etc..
  4. Nice kit or not, I've drawn them in the office sweepstake, so that's them b0ll0xed. FFS
  5. Hedwig

    Who is your prediction

    Premiership : Man City Championship : WBA League 1 : Sunderland League 2 : Notts County
  6. And if friendly 3, 4 & 5 are better than the likes of Stocksbridge Park Steels & Alfreton Town then I'll be happy too. Just think we need to be "on it" from the off this season.
  7. Whilst I agree with some of your points, you have to also consider the mental side for the friendlies. On paper, these 2 games should be a walk in the park, but needless to say won't be. Secondly, momentum, we finished the season well, and as we saw with the pigs & Millwall, this can have a carry-over effect in the new season. I would simply like us to start the season with an urgency & intent to show the other clubs we mean business and have the mentality, momentum & desire to see it through..
  8. Completely underwhelmed by these friendliest so far.. No disrespect to Lincoln & Mansfield, but if we're to start new season as we mean to go on, we need to play some much more challenging games, not against League 2 teams..
  9. Hedwig

    Clare rejected us??

    IF Villa are really interested, could it mean Jack Grealish is on his way out ?
  10. Hedwig

    New Kit

    She doesn't like you, does she ?
  11. Hedwig

    JUST GOOGLED 'ABDI' and...

    Standard response for pretty much every thread in close season.
  12. The thing defenders hate most is pace, but it's not the be-all & end-all.. You need a combination of pace, instinctive finishers in your side, with creativity. FF & BB have the creativity, Rhodes (if he ever gets his goal-scoring mojo back) and Hooper are the instinctive finishers, really need pace and power to complete the triangle. Joao could possibly be that player, but needs to work on certain aspects of his game over the pre-season.
  13. Hedwig

    Robert Huth

    Move on, nothing to see here !!
  14. Hedwig

    George Hirst

    It's a bit like the FF situation of last season. If he stays, he'll have his boo boys who want him out anyway - if he goes, so what... I blame the agents and the rest of them that are only in it for themselves, using the players as cash cows, just milking them for every penny they can get and not really interested in the club/players best interests..
  15. Joker pub in Wicko ? Heard that Nebsy & Stripper want him to play for Maltby Main on Sat, Joker on Sunday's and thye'll match his wages..