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  1. It’s what they identify as that counts..
  2. Good luck to him - while sentimentally you’d have hoped he’d stay, you really can’t blame him. Could be Celtic’s ready made replacement for Scott Brown.
  3. Admitted with chronic abdominal pain. Had a few tests, scans etc but am ok now - thank you
  4. I’m sorry, been in hospital for last 3 days so not exactly been keeping up with everything in the outside world.
  5. Not saying I don’t believe it, just asked if “understands” if bona fide 100% correct. Oh, and wait, what, the Titanic didn’t have ice for the drinks !
  6. Is it actually true as Doom only “understands”, he doesn’t 100% know ??
  7. Just didn't have the qualitaaaay to push on from last season..
  8. Would either keeper benefit / prosper from a new Goalkeeping coach - how long has Weaver been here with both keepers seemingly regressing ?? Matches should improve (or shatter in our case) their confidence, but improvement doesn't just come from playing games does it ?.
  9. Get your point but it's the principle of it for me.. How many times have you heard pundits/commentators waxing lyrical about Bannan being one of the best players in the Championship... Other Managers saying they wish they had him in their team.. Not saying we'd get multi-millions for Bannan, but maybe £750k-£1m - anything is better than nothing..
  10. I think we are too one dimensional when he plays. We were much better when he had another "crative" player alongside him, so either could set attacks in motion. Here's a thought - what if Bannan signed the contract to protect the club from him leaving for free. Has he done similar to what Eze / Bellingham did with their respective former clubs ? Time will tell..
  11. I would keep Hutch - altough accoridng to Dom Howson, it appears he wil be here anyway as the number of games played this season triggers an extension. Would have him moulding into a player/coach role next season too. Westwood - wouold have to accept massively reduced wages to stay, but will probably have suitors at Chamionship level come in for him...
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