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  1. Totally expecting minimum 4-0 today

    I being optimistic today mate, after Carlos' "attacking football" rallying call
  2. Totally expecting minimum 4-0 today

    Anyone who thinks we will score a hat full are sadly deluded. Expecting a 1-0, or 1-1
  3. The battle of the managers with their heads on the line !! If we win, the Slutsky will be on his way back to Russia.. If Hull win, heaps much more pressure on our aspirations of top 2. Already 17pts being 2nd after Cardiff's win last night, so already too big a gap for me, with a difficult December fixture-wise. Lose today and sorry, but Carlos has to go, promises of attacking football and all
  4. Crunch Time for Carlos

    Brilliant, thanks for that !!
  5. Don't care who scores, as long as we get 3 points against another out of sorts team. Need to be winning these games to keep pace with the "play-off pack". 8 points from a possible 12 would be a good return, and will keep us on track, with a tricky looking December looming...
  6. All depends whether Jan has a face like a screwed up carrier bag or not. If she has, it would be doggy & reverse cowboy. If she's a looker, missionary and her riding me like a Blackpool donkey.
  7. Why doesn't this guy watch German football instead of the dross they churn out at the stain.. ?
  8. Any actual pigs on here?

    Flip side of the coin, how many of us owls go on their forum(s).. ??
  9. Depending on results on Sat, we could be 1 pt off auto's this early, and with momentum, which would be fantastic considering a good chunk of the fan base wanted "CARLOS OUT" HOWEVER, this game comes early enough in the season to recover from, BUT, the shybo you'd get from the Blunts would be awful.
  10. Can't believe you're putting the Dutchie on the left hand side..
  11. No races for the ball against an attacker or what he's like under pressure. Cant remember the name of that other 6'5" centre half we had a few seasons ago, but he had no pace and his legs were like bambi on ice.
  12. So, a red card?!

    So, he's missed 2 games now. A red in a game is a 3 match ban - do we think he'll feature at Fulham ?
  13. Why is this tvvat asking Doom the question in the first place and adding fuel to an already rampant fire ??
  14. Carlos body language

    Bedwetters should just do one. If you've nothing positive to say, don't say it. Get behind the players, the Manager, the Team.
  15. Harlee Dean

    Would be a good signing and would be one of the final pieces of the jigsaw. Carlos to revert to 2015/16 tactics, free-flowing attacking football, loads of balls into the box and Rhodes/FF/Fletch/Hooper/Winnall scoring for fun..