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  1. I blame the agent on this. Usually, they are quicker off the mark than Ben Johnson to get into the club's ribs about contracts etc..... What else do they get their commission for if it's not for letting scenarios like this happen..
  2. I think it's fair to say, with Rick Parry at the helm of the EFL, it's not gonna be a "pleasant" outcome for us.
  3. Yes he could do lots of jobs, but not a football managerial one...
  4. Seems to be a bit of a pointless arm wrestle by Chelsea. Can only assume they are holding our for as long as possible, hoping someone is gonna come in with a better bid that what we've offered. Although, Hector could/would probably refuse that, knowing full well he wants to be at Hillsboro.. AND, if the twitter post is true, we have agreed a loan deal (hopefully season-long), then Hector can sign a pre-contract with us get him for free..
  5. Who are the 2 females - daughters ? Rowett was on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday as one of the panelists, so could've been in London area still yesterday.
  6. Would like to think that the new players are more or less fully integrated into the squad now, so will start strongly, and fixtures have been fairly kind in August (on paper at least).. We need to understand our first XI & formation and stick with it as best we can... Think with the return of Lee & acquisition of Harris, we have more going forward than last - just need the strikers to hit some kind of form.. Forestieri owes us a good season too.. THEN, a lot of it depends on the other so-called "favourites" too. FULHAM - Knockaert & Cavaleiro have been added to the squad, but what of Mitrovic & Sessegnon - if they both stay, you have to put them as clear favourites for the title.. LEEDS - A few departures and injuries make them not quite the force they were last season They also seem to have been fairly quiet in the transfer market, and you saw how that affected them, leading to them fading away at the back end of the season.. WEST BROM, 'BORO, DERBY - all have new Managers so in a similar situation to us, albeit, their Managers have a 3-4wk headstart.. Can see us being in top 10, but with a little bit of luck and keeping relatively injury free, we might, just might sneak in the play-offs..
  7. Oh yeah, I know it, hop in !! Classic lines...
  8. So we're OK in goal & right back - Hallelujah !!
  9. Another bullsh!t article that's picked the threadbare bones out of Doom / Nixon / Biggs's vitriolic spaff stories and turned it into one. Can't believe I wasted 2 minutes of my life with that crock of shat...
  10. What he really wants is to kindly let my size 10's meet his knackers....
  11. Bruce has proven himself to be a full weight (literally) coooont !!! Hope the toon fans pelt him with rotten tomatoes , potatoes & cabbages..
  12. NO, on both counts... Gary couldn't manage his dinner.... Phil just thinks he's Gareth Southgate - the waistcoat wearing wally...
  13. Reported on Sky Sports News - Bruce will be taking training at SWFC this morning and is fully expected to be in charge v Northampton tomorrow..
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