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  1. Is he not doing what he did with us in his first season ? Played exciting, high tempo, attacking football.. Wait til next season if they stay up then we'll see the true CC... Oh and by the way, who gives a f*ck - move on, he has !!
  2. Financial Fair Play

    I'm guessing these are numbers plucked out of thin air to make your point have more substance. No-one outside of the player + agent & chairman can know these numbers for certain.
  3. Carlos Comments

    CC has lost the plot if he thinks the Swansea fans are going to fall for that codswallop. His stall was set out 18 , months ago when Sansea came knocking the first time. He would have gone pre-season if Swansea had got rid of Clement then..
  4. All seems a little bit too timely for it not to be a coincidence, and has been in the making for a while. Swansea have been courting him for a season or two, so will have seen what's been happening and come in strong. CC knows he's under severe pressure so taking the easy option. All this "I do not fear for my job" bull, was obviously part of his plan. Wish him the best, but we move onwards and upwards.
  5. What's Worthington got to do woth it ?
  6. The fact that almost every player taking a throw in has their foot or feet on or over the touchline nowadays. More annoying is that it's usually right under the nose of the liner, who never gives a foul throw.
  7. Totally expecting minimum 4-0 today

    I being optimistic today mate, after Carlos' "attacking football" rallying call
  8. Totally expecting minimum 4-0 today

    Anyone who thinks we will score a hat full are sadly deluded. Expecting a 1-0, or 1-1
  9. The battle of the managers with their heads on the line !! If we win, the Slutsky will be on his way back to Russia.. If Hull win, heaps much more pressure on our aspirations of top 2. Already 17pts being 2nd after Cardiff's win last night, so already too big a gap for me, with a difficult December fixture-wise. Lose today and sorry, but Carlos has to go, promises of attacking football and all
  10. Crunch Time for Carlos

    Brilliant, thanks for that !!
  11. Don't care who scores, as long as we get 3 points against another out of sorts team. Need to be winning these games to keep pace with the "play-off pack". 8 points from a possible 12 would be a good return, and will keep us on track, with a tricky looking December looming...
  12. All depends whether Jan has a face like a screwed up carrier bag or not. If she has, it would be doggy & reverse cowboy. If she's a looker, missionary and her riding me like a Blackpool donkey.
  13. Why doesn't this guy watch German football instead of the dross they churn out at the stain.. ?
  14. Any actual pigs on here?

    Flip side of the coin, how many of us owls go on their forum(s).. ??