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  1. Bruce has proven himself to be a full weight (literally) coooont !!! Hope the toon fans pelt him with rotten tomatoes , potatoes & cabbages..
  2. NO, on both counts... Gary couldn't manage his dinner.... Phil just thinks he's Gareth Southgate - the waistcoat wearing wally...
  3. Reported on Sky Sports News - Bruce will be taking training at SWFC this morning and is fully expected to be in charge v Northampton tomorrow..
  4. A mate of mine who used to do a bit of TV work said they used to call him the clock - one big hand and one little hand
  5. Looks like he's trying to poke Baz in the eye...
  6. BOOMSHAKALAKA.................. Kids 'n twitter...............
  7. Fanny Jeffers was a right Kuntz..
  8. When fit, one of first names on team sheet. A superb box to box player who can add goals too. Rumoured to have been given 6 months to prove his fitness & remain injury free and then would be looking at extending the deal..
  9. OP in Secret Chelsea fan shocker !!!!
  10. This sort of stuff has a defined market - ie it's a little bit "chavvy" so would go down well with the 13-25yr old bracket I guess.. Can just see all the lads wandering round in their "stoney" stuff, adorned with dog tags, bracelets etc.... As a few have said, the ear-rings (first picture) could actually be a really good design for cuff-links - worth considering if you do pursue this..
  11. Hasn't Bruce gone on record saying he wants 24 First Team Squad players ??? The list only amounts to 22 with several ear-marked for loan/transfer (which I happen to agree with). If you believe the papers, the new German CB (Borner) is a done deal, but this would still mean bring 6-7 new players in.. Desperately need pace in the middle to help link the defence/attack transition, and out also wide. Possibly Lazaar & Aarons back on loan + Hector permanent..
  12. Don't get the negativity around Beckham. He played in a great Manchester United team, was one of the Galactico's at Madrid, played for AC Milan who were the top Italian side at the time, and was the first name on the team sheet for England. That aside, Zidane gets my vote out of the 2. He was a more accomplished all-round footballer, blessed with skill, pace, guile and an amazing head-butt..
  13. Bloody hell... Bazza would take off it he wore that with them sleeves..
  14. Didn't know that, just assumed it was the same "deal" for everyone.. They'll still get the £90m+ TV rights tho, so that's more of an advantage too..
  15. Barnsley or SWFC retirement home FC (Rotherham)..
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