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  1. Bloody hell... Bazza would take off it he wore that with them sleeves..
  2. Didn't know that, just assumed it was the same "deal" for everyone.. They'll still get the £90m+ TV rights tho, so that's more of an advantage too..
  3. Barnsley or SWFC retirement home FC (Rotherham)..
  4. A good servant for the past few seasons. Another who was dependable wherever he played, without being spectacular in what he did.. Wish him well in his new endeavours..
  5. ^^^ Exactly this, social media is littered with absolute drivvle from Blavdes about us, yet they seem to have forgotten their own promotion.. Tinpot tosspots !!
  6. By the time Snortpig McCabe & the PLP have had their in-court wrangle, bet there'll not be much money left for transfers........... Will be lovely to see all the Sheffield "doubles" next season, as they are the whipping boys !!
  7. Had to go for Worthington, although, like some have said before, he was as effective on the left wing with Kingy overlapping and Irish sitting to cover. Chipped in with some important goals too.. Andy Hinchcliffe is probably the one who ran him closest in my vote, but the barn-storming Reda Johnson & Pudil also come close..
  8. It can only be Roland Nilsson for me. His professionalism, attitude & work-rate was something modern day footballers should aspire to.. The way he played, he glided across the turf, SWFC's very own Kaiser, and the way he had young Lee Sharpe (arguably the best prospect in the English game), in his pocket in the Rumbelows Cup Final in 1991 was something truly to behold.. There have been some good contenders in more recent years, namely, Buxton, Hunt, but when it comes down to it, they simply don't come close..
  9. Ron Springett = Legend : Hodge - just before my time. Only real memory of Chris Turner is him tipping Mark Hugh's header over the bar at Wembley in 1991.. So, only 3 real choices for me, Pressman, Woods & Westwood. Woods - for all the good games he had, can't really forget the shambles he made of Andy Linighen's header in FA Cup in 1993. Opting for Pressman, purely as he was in Premier League, where Westwood hasn't had the chance proven himself (although I'm certain he could)..
  10. 3-0 now. Goal scored by the home left winger !!
  11. Looks like Winnall is trying to stamp on his ankle to make sure he gets more game time - the absoltute rotter !!!
  12. His nose & chin could do us a job if Westwood, Dawson & Wildsmith ever got injured and we had a goalkeeping crisis.
  13. He seems a very humble person and very thankful for everything he's achieved in the game so far. He's not an "in your face" Hutch style player, but goes about his work well. Will (if not already) become our most valuable player and first name on the team sheet.. Hoping the sheer number of out of contract players in the summer means under P&S ruling we can keep him.
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