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  1. A bit of refreshing perspective compared to the hysteria being pumped out to us at every opportunity: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/07/coronavirus-reasons-to-be-reassured?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  2. I’m going for a 3-0 win for us. Positive start to the year and a big confidence boost towards play-offs. come on Wednesday!
  3. Can’t we just give the EFL Jordan Rhodes as a good will payment?
  4. Is reach still poo, unfit and needs to be sold? Just checking the party line...
  5. Can’t be bothered to read through everything. How are the meltdowns going? Do we hate him yet?
  6. I went to Uni there too. Long live the Shed!
  7. You do realise The Times is owned by Murdoch right? The right-wing press is very much for the rich, they use it to feed whatever agenda they are pushing to make themselves richer. Also the BBC is currently populated by right-wing supporters pushing their agenda. For example Radio 4’s Today programme is currently edited by Sarah Sands, a long term supporter of Johnson and Farage, and hence the continued air time of Bannon et al. The Guardian is an absolute pile of tosh these days though.
  8. Fletcher looks sharp. I’d like to say Rhodes does too but he did last season in pre-season too. He banged two in before leaving early to go and deliver his kid in one of the matches.
  9. How good will a Newcastle AND Piggy relegation make you feel next season though!!!
  10. Depressing that the club can’t even find a picture of Abdi playing on their official statement. Just shows how farcical this situation was. Good riddance.
  11. Every ball. Can’t defend for his life but smashing players all over the pitch! And now he’s having a scuffle.
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