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  1. How good will a Newcastle AND Piggy relegation make you feel next season though!!!
  2. Depressing that the club can’t even find a picture of Abdi playing on their official statement. Just shows how farcical this situation was. Good riddance.
  3. Every ball. Can’t defend for his life but smashing players all over the pitch! And now he’s having a scuffle.
  4. Playing in the conference play off this evening. Bossing it. Legend!
  5. Ryan Lowe. Scored a boat load of goals for Bury the season before joining us, did naff all for us. Didn’t hang around long either. Also: Fanny Jeffers Sergui Bus
  6. He looks refreshed and slimmer. Could do a job for us in defence. It’s all making sense now, Bruce will be our one player transfer of this window.
  7. You tease. How do I get rid of this chubby now?
  8. On last night’s performance, of the 11 that played I wouldn’t be bothered about any of them leaving. However I suppose you can’t blame the players wholly. They clearly don’t want to play for this coach.
  9. And Fletcher getting subbed off after 38 mins. It either shows a poor selection choice or a Poor attitude to me. If he’s tired, don’t pick him, let him recover. If his attitude is poor so had to be subbed, well, what a waste of a salary. Ditto if he’s injured.
  10. Sod Humperdoo or whatever his name is, if we’ve got good ties with Chelsea, N’golo Kante is out of favour and expected to move in January. Solid defensive midfielder that could probably do a job for us and get us ‘over the line.’
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