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  1. Everyone to a man put a shift in close call between Boyd and fletcher for me brilliant link up from fletcher took his goal well but George Boyd shades tenacity work rate all top notch absolute freak how he covers so much ground continuously gutted we dint snatch all 3 Pts at end which we would’ve thoroughly deserved
  2. Just bought 5 for kop for me in law and 3 kids wasn’t much to choose from 2 first timers as well hopefully we get the 3pts
  3. Forum on 20th makes for interesting reading we are up the proverbial without a paddle something has to give before its to late if mr chansiri openly admits to errors and something has to happen and show actions I feel he may win back some fans I’m not expecting everything is rosey but show some character and passion and the fans will react
  4. The only thing jos is picking in my opinion is up his wages not the best 11/16 for what reason couldn’t say regards ffp etc
  5. Sorry if I’ve missed this bit what about asking about the poll towards last season? Keep better players pay higher pricing stays I don’t see how hunt and potentially Westwood fit in that category? Prices have stayed but we’ve let better than what we have go
  6. No thanks hourahaine though I’ll bet my left nut we’ll sign nobody from villa
  7. Dunno if it’s been posted but sky reporting Gayle in talks with stoke
  8. Not Wednesday related but meyler gone reading from hull on 2 year deal wouldn’t have minded him here on a free
  9. Sends shivers down ya spine and makes hair stand up on ya neck bring on next season wawaw
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