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  1. 7/10.... left back was an essential area for me & whilst I think we did the right thing with Hector I do think we may regret that if he really has gone to Fulham. £5m is too much with just one year left but his value would have gone up as soon as he signed because he’s worth more in today’s stupidly inflated market.
  2. 2 people no longer able to go so have 2 adult tickets at face value (£26 each)
  3. Said it a few times on here... away kit was supposed to be out yesterday. My old man was told this by the staff in the shop a few weeks ago. Someone said on Twitter that they’d asked Chansiri yesterday & he too said it was supposed to be out but there was a problem with quality/printing. He denied it being because of WAWAW.
  4. Coincidence that Hector posted this earlier on the day our players returned for preseason?
  5. Palmer has always appeared to be lazy. He ventures forward but then can’t be bothered to get back when the opposites counter. If you watch Villas for first goal that was purely down to Palmer being lazy. The third goal he initially does well but instead of clearing it to the stands he tried to control it under pressure in his own box and we all know what happened next. Yes he improved in the last 6 months but how long has he been here and how many good seasons has he had? He can fill a void or do a job but if we realistically want promotion we need better.
  6. Earlier today I was watching the highlights from our loss at home to Villa. Both Palmer and Fox were woeful for all of their goals. Upgrading these positions is a must.
  7. The shop told my old man the away kit will be on sale at Owls in the Park. That was a few weeks ago when he went in to renew move our season tickets. They didn’t have a date for the home kit
  8. Also true. But the Stoke manager had a decent system at Luton and appeared to know what he was doing just like Wilder. I expect they’ll get rid of the likes of Allen & Butland and start a rebuild with the right “characters” as Wilderpig would say.
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