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  1. I think the journos mentioned something about him having a holiday before joining us. Could be wrong though.
  2. I get he scored a few goals and became an instant hero but in all seriousness his defending is worrying at times. If Odubajo comes Iorfa won’t be first choice.
  3. Wouldn’t be surprised if that other team is West Brom.
  4. Has anyone seen a credible rumour about Powell being linked to us? Had a quick look but couldn’t see anything. A few Cardiff & Boro fans seem to want him but not really seen anything linking him to anyone.
  5. Personally I don’t see the worry some are having. Even with the signings of Odubajo & Börner I imagine we will still try to sign Hector. At LCB we would have Thorniley, Van Aken and Börner. I think Bruce will give Van Aken a chance because he has potential at his age & I wouldn’t be surprised if there are plans for Thorniley to go on a loan as he really could do with a full season. RCB has been an issue as we only really have Lees. Iorfa has stated he wants to be a centre back so he’d fall to be cover for Lees. Hector can also play here or LCB so it would work perfectly. That would then leave Odubajo and Palmer for RB. Palmer is much improved and a great squad player to have. But for me he is still too lazy at times, lacks anticipation & concentration. Odubajo is an improvement. As for Nick Powell, he seems more like a Kieran Lee player to me. Something we missed so much at times by not having a back up. Even if you get just 30 games out of him it’s more than Jones & Abdi combined. With the the number and frequency of games these days there will always be a need for rotation. The intensity is much higher than it used to be too. A squad with quality and potential, all playing 30 games or so gives you more energy. Players don’t need to be able to play 40 to 50 games, in an ideal world you’d love to have 11 players all capable of that but it’s unrealsitic.
  6. No longer able to go tomorrow so we have 2 tickets. Face value was £39 each so seeking the pair for £70 but collection will need to be from Meadowhall this afternoon or evening
  7. Just dm’d you... I’ve got 2 spare as I can’t make it there anymore
  8. It’s our season tickets but happy to get them printed if it helps fellow fans attend a game they normally couldn’t due to finances
  9. Don’t think we can make the game on Friday so we are willing to sell two tickets for £40 on the kop (i.e £20 each). Will consider selling as singles but priority will be to anyone wanting both.
  10. You mean Joe Bennett who we tried to sign after the loan & even agreed terms with?
  11. I don't see Loovens being fit & really don't want Pudil there. With how things are now I think it's perfect time for O'Grady as the teams performance is under more scrutiny than his will be. Pudil hasnt been great at left back either & Reach can't tackle so it leaves Fox. Despite some fans writing him off I think he's actually decent & in this formation he wouldn't need to attack too much. Second half against QPR we went 4-3-3 & had we had subs too freshen it up I think we'd have won. Very unlikely to happen but that formation is perfect for both Winnall & Forestieri. I'd start with Hooper in between them & have both Fletcher & Rhodes coming on later, a switch to 442 would be best for those two. I would also have put Abdi in the starting lineup maybe instead of Boyd but he's nowhere near match fit. So that's my team... but Carlos will choose something like this:
  12. How exactly? Has he refused to play? No. Has he refused to travel? No. His manager asked what his own thoughts were as to why he had a poor preseason & he said he was too tired to attack after tracking back. Bannan & Abdi have both said they don't like to play on the wing so are they trying to force a move? The only other thing is some rumour he had a falling out with Winnall. Nothing has been confirmed about this & if it is true does that mean Winnall wants out as well?
  13. Some more messages he's supposedly sent to some guy on Instagram....
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