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  1. I live there too. Turning my phone off tonight
  2. http://www.90min.com/posts/3518624-3-championsip-clubs-set-to-battle-for-highly-rated-wolves-midfielder-connor-coady
  3. I'm gonna say that we will probably say they're class in a few weeks anyway if we have a good start
  4. I know it matters little. But my OCD and anxiety levels are through the roof
  5. Being able to crack out the 'if we don't win today we can forget about champions league qualification' post
  6. I know a couple of years back he drove something like a land rover discovery that wasn't. It was black and it had 2 back seats. He was taking control of hallam fc reserves and I played for him and he sent me on at half time on left midfield just before half time. He gave me a lift back with a couple of the other lads after the game I had to sit on this tool box between the back 2 seats. Great day even though I played rubbish. I tell this story to everyoneEdit; it was a Mercedes
  7. Just had a random dream about prince Charles. No idea why. Going mad with nerves
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