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  1. Ego over basic intelligence. Or I suppose this was overconfidence to appeal to our least intelligent supporters ((are we all thicko-s) I suspect not) this is the type of behaviour from millionaires who will always be in the game and earning money irrespective of where they are. They don't want to be no longer millionaires more than anything. They will do whatever it takes to be part of the money machine. They will not step out of line
  2. Has been absolutely poo until the last 2 months. Hate him. But would be good for next year. 2 year deal if you ask me
  3. To say 99% of us never heard of him 8 days ago is something. What a future he has. He plays in the way we want our own sons to play. There's things to brush up on, but the talent is so real got to be excited about this lad
  4. This transfer window has been managed pretty well. DC deserves respect in my opinion as he does care and him and his family are obviously fanatical about our club. To see that to someone not from Sheffield is really nice to be so fanatical about us and for someone overseas is awesome and flattering. DC is a character yes and it's great to see a family man too. I cant tell you all to thank him, but I will because we definitely could have a lot worse
  5. Had to Google this and got lana del Rey. See you in twenty
  6. A lot of clubs are thinking big. We should too. Don't ask me
  7. If bullen can get a couple of decent coaches in then no I can't finish the sentence
  8. On reflection to my post. perhaps I read it as the person was complaining in the sense. This person didn't give a point of view whether this was a good thing or bad thing where it seems like I saw it in the negative. where they could be praising the fact there were new people watching the game. - I take that back
  9. Haha. I grew up in the 90's when we did have red numbers. When we were class
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