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  1. Emmanuel Adebayor Fabio Borini Jordan Rhodes Nikica Jelavic Darren Fletcher Andy Carroll Jonathan Walters Jamie Vardy Any of those would do for me
  2. Westwood (when fit) Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Lopez McGugan Matias Forestieri Wallace Jaou/Hooper (if he comes)
  3. I agree Excalibur, Wickham was outstanding but Hooper is a goal poacher and right now our build up play is crying out for a six yard box man.
  4. Mackey-Steven is doing ok but has been over shone by Armstrong who was signed with him from Dundee Utd. To be fair, some of the Celtic squad are below par at the minute but Brown, Forrest, Van Dijk, Lustig, Bitton, Scepovic and Johansen are all quality players. Can't believe some of the daft comments on here, for a start Gary Hooper is bloody English and the clamour for Jordan Rhodes recently makes a mockery of the theory that there are no decent Scottish players worth having!
  5. Interesting that Chris Maguire managed 18 goals for us in the English Championship in 78 appearances and only 16 goals in the Scottish Premier League for Aberdeen in 131 appearances then isn't it?
  6. Leigh griffiths? The guy who has scored 130 goals in 230 career games including 12 in 25 for wolves? Pacey forward with a good finish? Would be good enough for most Championship clubs in England without a doubt
  7. As well as my passion for the Owls I have been a follower of Celtic for forty years. I do agree that the standards in the SPL are more akin to League 1 in England but I don't agree with the common belief that anybody could score 20 goals a season up there. Some of the Celtic players sold in the last few years have gone on to be big players in the EPL and the calibre of Gary Hooper cannot be underestimated. He scored over 80 goals for the Hoops and some of those were in the Champions League. To say he has no pace is another ignorant statement that some have made. Over twenty yards he is as quick as anyone. Gary Lineker was a prime exponent of such qualities. Believe me, I have seen Hooper play at least fifty times and he would be on another level to any striker at Hillsborough since Hirsty. Writing Stevie May off is a mistake in my eyes too, I think a loan would be useful for him but I genuinely believe he will come good in England in the next year or two and Wednesday should keep hold of him.
  8. Basically, the added attendance numbers will be accounted as revenue and subsidised under the title of community initiative. In principle, this will add to revenue streams and expand the budget under FFP rules. It's a theory but would need verification before any claims of genius! I suppose a lot will depend on the manner in which the funds are accounted and audited. A bit like a business off shore account! There are always loopholes in any regulations. On the other hand, is DC just being sincere in wanting to help fans? I guess his shirt sponsorship idea suggests he is looking at loopholes, left, right and centre. The shirt sponsorship was reminiscent of Mike Ashley renaming St James Park. Is that the next idea I wonder? Chansiri stadium, Sheffield!!!!
  9. Reminds me of Shola Ameobi. Gangly long legs with a decent touch one minute and the deftness of an elephant the next! Surely better options.
  10. , yes Ricky forgot about Brian, obviously more talented
  11. You need to be at least mid thirties to understand!
  12. Big credit to Alan harper too with 15 out of 20!
  13. Outstanding KivoOwl, 19 out of 20! Wow! Good knowledge mate. Owls man with some cracking answers too. Number six was Steve Nicol Kivo but was a toughie as it is something that just sticks in my mind!
  14. 1. Which team did Mick Lyons join when he left Wednesday in the 85-86 season? 2. Which player was blamed for Ian Knight's horrendous leg break against Chester City? 3. Who did Ron Atkinson refer to as the greatest professional he had ever worked with? 4. Which team beat us in David Pleat's last game as manager? 5. Which Republic of Ireland winger joined us from Spurs in 1987? 6. When we played Liverpool at Hillsborough in 1988 which reds player was fooled by his team mates and entered the field alone at the start of the second half? 7. At the start of the 1989-90 season we signed a full back from Walsall, who was it? 8. Which Owls physio left to assume the same role at Anfield? 9. Who had a tantrum in David Hirst's testimonial as he could not beat Kevin Pressman? 10. Which 1950's star was known as the golden boy of Hillsborough? 11. What was the name of the fitness coach who worked under Ron Atkinson's original reign? 12. Which club was Chris Bart-Williams signed from? 13. Which team did Derek Dooley score five goals against in 1951? 14. Who scored the opening goal in the Boxing Day massacre? 15. How much was paid to Coventry City for Peter Atherton in 1994? 16. After Peter Swann's ban was lifted he returned to the Owls first team. What was the season? 17. Which club did Rodger Wylde join when he left the Owls in 1980? 18. John Harkes arrived at Hillsborough on trial in 1990. Which other USA international joined him on the trial? 19. Which team was Tommy Craig singed from in 1969 for a club record £100,000? 20. Which keeper was the understudy to Martin Hodge at the start of the 83-84 season? Come on, have a go, who is the most knowledgable fan out there?
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