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  1. A lot goes unseen that will be factored into decisions. Attitude and application in training. Ability to do what the manager and coach asks of you on the pitch. Impact in the dressing room. Integration into the squad and contribution to the culture. All this and agent demands for wages and contract length will have led to a decision. All the above considered for the Hutch decision too but that is one I feel is stranger than Saido
  2. Today is annoying as automatic has gone and a fair few of us got our hopes up. We have 4th bottom and then a team with nothing to play for at a full Hillsborough. If we finish 7th, that's on us as we should be getting 4-6 points from these last two if we are genuine promotion contenders
  3. Still a soft spot for how their fans behaved the day we got promotion
  4. I seem to remember Sturrock once said you need 2 out of 3 to come off. To be fair we're probably hitting that ratio from the summer. Berahino and obviously Mendez Lang will need more time before being fully judged
  5. I'm going to take this as how I found out they didn't actually want to come on a Tuesday night and see me in the process!
  6. I know a few Sunderland fans who haven't been able to get tickets for the Tuesday night game. They'd have happily bought a few more thousand and spent a bit of money locally and in the ground
  7. You'd take it though wouldn't you? If I scored the consolation goal for Weadlstone in a seven goal thrashing at the lane I'd still make the most of the moment!
  8. Has Att started following him yet? If so, all betting is suspended
  9. This is a blessing. They've started well and have a reasonably settled side from last season. Doesn't hurt us to play them the other side of an international break where Moore gets more time with his squad and a few more games under our belt.
  10. Time is what's missing. Most these players didn't get a pre season together so are getting up to fitness and working each other out. 46 game season means we have time to figure that out and have made a strong start on top. Promising that they should only get more harmonious and better
  11. Absolutely. They got relegated as we got promoted but were sincerely pleased for us
  12. If we'd stayed up maybe but dropping to third tier is probably too much
  13. Where the Hirst camp got this wrong from a playing time perspective (I'm sure they've all done well financially) is he'd have actually played a fair bit in the last two seasons. Just as his contract was causing a stink, we had a load of strikers out and his mates were getting game time like Clare and others. Then with embargoes and a lack of goalscorers he'd have been given time on the pitch. Not saying he'd have been up to the standard but of he'd signed for a few years, by now he'd have probably been involved in dozens of games Vs poor loans where it looks like he's hardly developed
  14. Played with Rob at Junior level, he was unbelievable. The fact he didn't fully make it as a football league regular just shows the level you have to be at as he was a sensational goalkeeper even as a youngster
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