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  1. Concerning to be linked with multiple rochdale players from last season. obviously i know nothing of these players, they could be brilliant, but a team full of relegated rochdale players doesn’t sound too promising
  2. He looks Brilliant on this, fast tricky and can shoot, maybe could be more useful out wide than up front. Obviously should never get carried away of a highlights reel of him playing against teenagers though. Still having nightmares about how good we thought May and Bus
  3. It’s a nothing article about who their fans want to sign, every year Bannan gets linked with Bristol City. Also the article was written by a football manager weirdo who called him a deep lying playmaker, keep him away
  4. Not sure if already posted. https://www.htafc.com/news/2021/may/retained-list-confirmed/
  5. Ex blade, and from Barnsley, probably not a good idea, also never played more than 30 games in a season, might have injury problems
  6. That Rhodes header at Bournemouth got me very overexcited liam palmer just about bundling one in against preston
  7. Love stuff like this. going to replicate this on our 2022 promotion pitch invasion, shooting through a crowd of 1000s and banging one in kop goal
  8. No from me, he’s more interested in filtring his academy players into our team than rescuing us from the abyss
  9. Got tactics spot on today, clearly done his homework and seen how high a line they play and exploited it, something we would not have seen previously well done Darren Moore
  10. Should never play again after that forest moment, can’t rely on people like him in our situation
  11. Birmingham paid around £2m for him I believe and it ended up getting them a points deduction, doubt we could afford
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