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  1. Wasn't nackered, more like disinterested, shoukd sell in January while we can still get something imo
  2. Disagree, feel it was more of a stop start game, due to the scrappy nature and high number of fouls awarded, however for once I can't discredit the refs performance, feel he got the majority of calls right
  3. Just because he's a young player and not scapegoated doesn't mean he can't be critisiced for today. Out of position or not, he was still struggling with playing 5 yard passes as well as other basics and keeping him on could have cost us the game He was very poor today, even though I am in the Jos out camp, taking him off was the right decision, he was having a bad game, its not poor man management, its facts
  4. Time for the players to throw in the performance of their lives, or else they won't be any way back from this for them, the manager or the chairman at this rate. Come on Wednesday show them who the real pride of Sheffield is Bigger, older, better
  5. Agreed we forked out 5m for him, expecting better for that amount, pfft Adam hit and hope Reach
  6. Just read through this thread, some people must be brain dead blaming the fans for us underperforming, playing out from the back is fine occasionally to mix it up, but ut cannot be done every time. If Jos is too incompetent to realise this, then he is a fool and it will cost us this season
  7. Dawson Baker Hector Thornley Penney Onomah Bannan Reach Joao Nuhiu Matias
  8. Norwich got 20 odd million for Maddison, we shouldn't sell for anything less than that
  9. Sorry if another thread, couldn't find one Dawson Baker Lees Thornielly Penney Bannan Reach Joey Preston Joao Matias Sub Wildsmith Palmer Lee Kirby Nuhiu Ff Fletcher Wouldn't be surprised to see a 442 with fletcher and Joao up top though Expecting a tough game with FF to come on and change it
  10. You googled 6ft 4 man in grey suit and it came up with Hector?
  11. For the fist goal, all Fox had to do was kick Traore up in the air like 2/3 other players had done when he had broken away, like a proper defender, not just try to nudge him off the ball, it really was schoolboy. Then the second goal was a ridiculous, unnecessary tackle, but what he really have done for the first goal. People are saying he's our second choice left back what do you expect, asif he's been backup all his life probably don't go to many matches, as he had been first choice up until 6 days ago, get a grip. He really is gutless, you shouldn't be defending him when he is stealing around £10,000 a week from your beloved club that you fork out large sums of money to watch.
  12. Wildsmith Baker Lees Thornley Fox Reach Bannan Jones Preston Fletch Matias
  13. Tom Lees, JVA and the u23s? Wouldn't call that plenty Hutch is a midfielder and Pudil is a left back, classing JT as u23 We desperately need one imo
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