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  1. Feelthepayne

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Wildsmith Palmer Ogrady Nielson Jva Thornley Boyd Joey Jones Nuhiu Fletcher Dawson Baker Pudil Fox Hunt Matias Preston Dont want Nando, hutch, Bannan or Reach anywhere near the team, cant risk it Not gone with Lee as he played today
  2. Feelthepayne

    Why has Jones been banished?

    Really though he should be paying us to play, that would ease ffp
  3. Feelthepayne

    New Signing

    It all adds up, might pay Jones for a few hours
  4. Feelthepayne

    Moving Forward - Next Few Years

    Stop being glass half full (i think you're half full anyway) , we're wednesdayites, that's not allowed, especially after todays debacle
  5. Feelthepayne

    #SWFC VIDEO - The goals from today

    Look at Forestieris goal, the attack on him by there defender was surely worthy of at least a yellow, no one noticed because we scored but that was dirty
  6. Feelthepayne

    iFollow in UK.

    I believe it is only overseas subs who can watch the match live, could be wrong though
  7. Feelthepayne

    #SWFC 2018/19 - It's nearly time...

    Stop all this negativaty about membership, radio's and no new signings now and back the team. We want and need a win, UTO
  8. Feelthepayne

    Quick win Clare

    He's had an offer on the table for 3 months or so and he hasn't signed it, he can do one for me, holding the club to ransom, he hasn't shown anything to prove he's worth all that
  9. Feelthepayne


    Felt all 3 centre halfs had a good game as an individual, but as a team they lack communication and don't have enough leadership skills to be successful
  10. Feelthepayne

    Jacob mellis

    Disagree but i am easily entertained
  11. Feelthepayne

    Jacob mellis

    Cracking game this was
  12. On a serious note, want to see Jack Stobbs make an impact
  13. Feelthepayne

    The obsession with new signings.

    We only have up until the first game to get new signings in
  14. Feelthepayne

    Possible player exit?

    Someone ask him if its a key player