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  1. SkegHubro

    Westwood going to leeds

    i would go further, he is our best player. i would keep him over any other player we have. apart from abdi like.
  2. I know it's like marmite for most people, but I am very partial to that old green kit.
  3. SkegHubro

    Bruce’s first signing...

    All I hope is that it's someone with real pace. it's what we've been lacking for years. plus, a big cruncher for the midfield.
  4. SkegHubro

    Those SWFC Pulp shirts...

    I missed out. gutted. will try to grab one on Jan 5th though. I reckon I got about as much chance of pulling one on as Abdi has.
  5. SkegHubro

    Vancouver Whitecaps

    wore my wednesday shirt to their games like. friendly fans. always wanted to chat about british football.
  6. SkegHubro

    Vancouver Whitecaps

    yep. Vancouver Whitecaps at Sheffield Wednesday (England) Date: March 18, 1981 Whitecaps lost 2-1 https://www.nasljerseys.com/Friendlies/Teams/Whitecaps Friendlies.htm used to live there. saw them play this july too. the current team is a kinda a restart of the original 70s team. but i am not sure if there’s any real connection apart from the name.
  7. SkegHubro

    Almen Abdi

    ok. thanks. will have a look. cheers for the info.
  8. SkegHubro

    Almen Abdi

    has anyone found the posts that chansiri is on about? i dont remember abdi ever claiming to be fit. it’s either him saying he’s trying to get fit or holiday pics on his accounts. i wasnt there but are we sure that chansiri wasnt talking about westwood? because as we all know he has put out on twitter that he was fit when the club said he wasnt. could it be that the now famous facepalm was because he was talking about the wrong player? not trying to start a conspiracy or owt though. just looking for someone to clarify.
  9. SkegHubro

    christmas soon

    oh jos, you really must go ( but delphon it’s cold outside) you’ve got to go away (but delphon it’s cold outside)
  10. chansiri probs just wants to gee them up. motivational masterclass incoming.
  11. Auction was for Abdi. No takers.
  12. The evening includes: -3 course meal -Comedian -Entertainment -Raffle -Games -Auction -Q&A -A talk from the man himself Jos was there?
  13. SkegHubro

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    Can't they just draft some D Taxi staff in as extra security?
  14. SkegHubro

    Onomah ?

    yeah, he started the game by giving some balls away, but by the end of the half he was linking up promisingly with Reach and we were starting to press Swansea. Obviously, he was rusty after not playing and needed more time to get sharp. Unbelivably poor man management from Jos. Not surprised that our players don’t wanna perform for him.