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  1. SkegHubro

    Westwood starts u23

    He made it out!
  2. SkegHubro

    Secret Santa

    A big box of the biscuits below for Hutch. They've gotta be better than whatever he's using for legs at the moment.
  3. So many fond memories of him from my first wednesday games. He was just the sort of rangy midfield engine room player we’ve been missing for at least three years.
  4. If we are looking at a longterm rebuild for years to come, then I say we take a trip down the A57 and nick the Cowley Brothers from Lincoln. They would be cheap-ish and are used to working on a tiny budget.
  5. SkegHubro

    João, our form player.

    he’s clearly an emotional soul. didnt he cry when he got his tooth knocked out a couple of seasons back? not that crying is wrong, like. just that it didnt seem that he was crying over the pain. if he finds it hard to keep his emotions in check then that would account for the mardiness and up-and-down form, especially if the man management isn’t up to snuff.
  6. SkegHubro

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    Why is it that Westwood is not playing when his absence seems to correllate directly to our lack of form and poor results? * i would ask the question while holding up this in a large format: