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  1. Look at us as a team at the start of the season, we weren't performing great but after a few matches we started to move forward. It's just the same for Matias, look at his record, he scores goals! Just give him time...
  2. If we got Ziyech, I'd have a fit! Actually getting one right would be a miracle!
  3. This was my first ever trip to Wembley and my first play off final. Disappointed we lost but I will never forget how passionate the fans were, especially after the final whistle. We showed them players that this isn't the end. We'll be back next year and I'm excited for the future. Thank you to CC and DC for starting this, let's keep going...
  4. I laughed too much when I read this. Class!
  5. Sandro Ramirez hasn't resigned at Barca. Maybe...just maybe...
  6. Think Luc Castaignos from Franfurt would be a good signing too, not breaking the bank, an eye for goal and he's just starting to develop more and more.
  7. Exactly! Worth a cheeky dig for him, we've got nowt to lose and an amazing player to win. Carlos, sign him up!!!
  8. Footballers are paid huge wads of cash, quit moaning and play your bloody Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday-Tuesday games! B teams is a load of tripe, utterly humiliating for FL clubs and will ruin these leagues completely with poaching. Liking the idea about the cups though, logical...
  9. Never been to Wembley and I didn't go to the Cardiff final either so this will be a first for me!
  10. They look up for it, we look like we've turned up to waste time and sit it out.
  11. Jesus christ, this is why we don't screw about from the first minute
  12. I find it ironic that those who pointed out the number of dives, cynical fouls etc. that were commited are ignored by those saying he had a tremendous game. As soon as Nuhiu stepped on, they were all over him and he barely got a thing. Matias should've got a penalty. Brighton players were throwing themselves on the floor and Marriner didnt do a thing about it. Fair play the disallowed goal was a great call, but he wasn't that great.
  13. Huddersfield as well, just set off from Golcar.
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