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  1. As a resident of Huddersfield it's hard for me to get to Hills borough, instead i'm at the Udders game. Bit of rival scouting. The clappers are already out, I can feel the tinpot-o-meter rising already!
  2. You were bashing Atdhe last season as well. Only you would have a go at a player who plays with his heart on his sleeve yet stick up for a lazy bloke who shows little/no interest and can't hit a cow's bottom with a banjo!
  3. How has a Newcastle not been booked yet? They're diving around like 11 Robert Snodgrass's here!
  4. Except he was fantastic at the start of this season and all of last season, here's another neg for you, seeming as though you must enjoy collecting them with these rubbish posts
  5. That doesn't mean he's giving up? That's how you develop young playes and give them confidence. Just because you say it doesn't mean it's true or you believe it.
  6. Orrrrr, any half-decent coach would know to say "Look lad, the game's gone now, just go out and enjoy yourself". All of a sudden, no pressure!
  7. Has Nuhiu actually done anything wrong today or is he just taking blame cos Joao has had a nightmare?
  8. My phone must have autocorrected! Although then again, we have that many injuries we might end up playing 8 outfield...
  9. Why 4-3-3? Stick with a 4-2-2 and get young Hirsty in to play off the big man. It's worth a shot!
  10. Unfortunately, I don't have much of a life so I'm not too bad with this kind of stuff... I don't mind a bit of FM though! On the topic of Modeste, he was linked with West Ham over the summer I believe for around 3 million. So maybe I am a little optimistic but surely promotion would make us forget that money!
  11. It all depends on if Chansiri is willing to splash out or not. If he is then I think we need some players who won't break the bank but are on red on form at the moment: Anthony Modeste: On absolute fire for FC Köln, he might cost about 3-4 mil but would definitely grab the goals we haven't been scoring. Arber Zeneli: A trickly little winger that could just add a bit more flair to our game. Raul Silva: Solid CB from Portugal that has been playing very well for Maritimo, wouldn't break the bank. Victor Hugo Garcia Hernandez: The RB that we need, really really solid player who would make our back 4 unbelievably good. Maybe I'm a bit optimistic...
  12. When's the next meeting? Surely it should be brought up then.
  13. Actually I thought we were excellent going forward against Town as they love to play teams that like to attack them and they play a very high line. The tactics we employed were perfect to counter this!
  14. Sometimes Bannan has a fantastic game out wide, sometimes it would be better if he played through the middle. In those games where we need another winger, I think the return of Matias could be huge. He seemed promising in pre season and when the wide men are struggling, he could just change the game.
  15. Palmer and Hooper are pretty frustrsting today, I don't think this is Hooper's kind of game. Maybe let Atdhe have a crack?
  16. Both Norwich and Newcastle are very good sides, but they aren't invincible and seeing as we aren't even at Christmas yet, it's very early to write any team off.
  17. The lad had a great pre season but still hasn't played yet. Is he still injured? If so, does anyone know for how long?
  18. This was my thinking too. However, since the referee has sent him off for handball and not the challenge, would we have grounds for removal of the ban?
  19. I think the rule has been changed to this: The ref can give a yellow card should he believe the player has made a genuine attempt for the ball...
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