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  1. Stats only tell you what you want to know. You can manipulate statistics in whatever way you want to aid your cause. If you got his ground covered stats, a heat map and his tackles per game up, I GUARANTEE that he would look like the best player in the league. So if you're going to use statistics, then use the whole picture, not whichever bits you pick and choose.
  2. Because Chansiri TOTALLY knew about that He was always gonna do this, it's just pure coincidence that it falls on the same season as our 150th anniversary.
  3. So many people are sayin stuff like we have to choose between success and having our traditional kit. I didn't realise that Huddersfield Town, Fulham or Reading had to do any of that identity changing to do well this season...
  4. Seeing as though in one of the polls there were a fair few who voted that they don't care, I would beg to differ to an extent. I do see where you're coming from though.
  5. How am I crying for expressing an opinion that may be negative? At least I put my case forward based on evidence I have seen rather than just forcing my opinion on others. As soon as anyone says anything negative nowadays they're either crying or spoilt. How pathetic.
  6. One of our nicest kits? Is that just according to you? Because every poll i've seen on this season's shirt has had a negative response. Some of the fans might like the new kit, but why drive a divide through the fanbase when we were all perfectly happy with stripes?
  7. People genuinely believe that this is a template of the kit we wore for 7 years. No. DC wanted a solid blue kit and will have just googled our previous kits to find an excuse to make the next one solid blue. I know i'm a young lad and haven't experienced much of our history (didn't even see us play in the Prem) but for our 150th, surely we should have a kit that represents as much of out history as possible and not only 7 years of it?
  8. You can just imagine it flying into the top corner. Imagine the scenes!
  9. Was it just me who screamed 'CRACK IT' when he picked the ball up on the edge of the box?
  10. It's all dependant on how a manager wants to play. Whether he wants wingers to cross in and aim for the forwards to win headers or for the wingers to cut in and make their own chances. It's all about philosophies...
  11. Maybe playing them as inside forwards? This instead allows them to cut inside instead.
  12. Clash at the Hudds game, neck has been strapped up. It's Jonathan Hogg who's down, looks quite serious.
  13. If this is true I can kinda see why CC has done this. It's often seen that good teams get 'found out' after their first season as teams discover and analyse their style of play. If we changed our style again now, it would catch a lot of teams who are analying us out and might just put us on a really good run at the right time of the season.
  14. You must watch a different game to me. From where I was watching, none of the players wanted the ball! That's a midfielder's nightmare! Some of those diags that he hit were incredible and if people had come to him and wanted the ball then he would have been praised for days. We were a man up and noone looked fussed apart from Bannan, he dictated everything we did today cos noone else could be arsed.
  15. Is it possible to get more powerful than Hutchinson? I mean like, seriously, the man's a God!
  16. Yeah Hourihane won it. Imagine if we signed him as well
  17. Something about nail and head springs to mind here.
  18. I guess that we could pay off his loan though. An extra £500k to end his loan and bring him here may very well be worth it! Once we've got some attacking reinforcemens first though.
  19. I went to the Udder game on New Year’s Eve and the difference between ours and their ground is unbelievable! The atmosphere is electric before kick-off as they created a singing stand. They are always getting songs going througout he game and even if there is a poor cross or a poor pass, the fans applaud the attempt instead of boo and criticise. This is the mentality we need as fans, we have to try and do our bit!
  20. We create chances but we don't shoot. We keep trying to make the chance better and better instead of just having a crack. Think about how many goals we scored last season from hitting it 20 yards out, noone does it. We just want to walk it in.
  21. People keep saying we need a big man in midfield, I still don't get this! Hutchinson does a fantastic job there winning the ball, running with it and distributing it. What we need is a striker who can take the pressure off the team, have a few shots at goal and really let us batter teams.
  22. Blackburn are absolutely sheet! But Town rely on mistakes from the other team, they don't create enough themselves and play too much keep-ball. I'd be confident playing them again. Time to catch them up now! Come on Wednesday!!!
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