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  1. What does it matter if a manager was a good player or not? There's actually more evidence to suggest those who never played or played very little are more successful. It's an old myth that needs leaving in the past.
  2. Nothing to do with making the play offs or not, it's injury prevention. There's no point risking more injuries to our already injury-hit team, it's simply not worth it.
  3. Oh yeah, let's play the exact same players who played 4 days ago even though they're knackered and our squad is already full of injuries. Let's create more injuries to add on top of that which will really benefit us in the long term. It's called management.
  4. 1. Hannes Wolf 2. Markus Anfang 3. Dean Smith 4. Paul Heckingbottom 5. Paul Hurst
  5. Nagelsmann has been too successful to have any chance of robbing him. But Markus Anfang seems to be of a similar stature and has a successful record in the German leagues and could be a shrewd appointment.
  6. I never saw us in the Prem. Born in 99 so that Play Off Final and the home game vs Brighton was an absolute incredible experience. The 2 greatest days I've had so far as a fan.
  7. Agree with some of this, but very disappointed that you defended his pricing. As someone who has been priced out of Hillsorough, I don't expect to have a divine right to go and watch Wednesday. But I don't expect to pay a top-end Premier League club price, for mid-table, boring football. Huddersfield Town are a great example of this, my dad is a Town fan. £170 for a season ticket last year for him to watch exciting football and see them get promoted. I didn't realise it was a god-given right to go and show your support for your team for a reasonable price on a Saturday.
  8. For me, I think if we do a bit of searching then we can find a really good replacement. I like Markus Anfang who is in charge of Holsten Kiel. Top of the Bundesliga 2 after getting promotion last year as well, that takes some real talent. So I'd go with him.
  9. I can't believe the flak that Reach gets. I actually enjoy watching him play. He tries to be creative, cuts inside sometimes, plays as an inside forward occasionally and then other times uses the wing. Yes he bottles tackles and some of his passes should go in front of the man but if we appointed a decent set of coaches, this could be developed easily. If Wilder taught Leon Clarke to score I'm pretty sure a decent coach can get Reach to tackle!
  10. I thought that as well, looked like he was limping a few times
  11. You'll have a job since I'm not even 30 years old. Have you even seen the Ajax academy set up? Even some of the weaker teams develop some great young players! And as for your comment that we need to stop buying players from other countries. Looks like Wolves and Huddersfield did alright doing that...
  12. Are you for real? The Dutch league is ridiculously quick! Haven't you seen some of the talent which is developed there? The Dutch love a good, quick winger or full back and there is fantastic attacking talent coming out of there. I can accept the argument that is doesn't quite match the physicality of the championship but if he had been coached properly and developed whilst at S6, that would have helped him.
  13. I'm an 18 year old student who's at uni for my first year. It's been about 6 years since I've had a season ticket as my family couldn't afford one as well as travelling from Huddersfield every week. I couldn't wait till I was old enough to buy one for myself, unfortunately prices recently skyrocketed and it stranded me. I don't have mates who support Wednesday but I go because I love the club and I love football. @torryowl I'd be happy to show you my account balance, timetable and lifestyle and then you can explain to me just how reasonabe it is to make a young adult try and pay that kind of money. I speak as someone who doesn't drink particularly often and tries to keep a pretty tight hold of my money, and it's really not easy. I'd love to be able to attend on a regular basis, even when the football is a bit shybo but it seems like the best odds I have of going regularly is if I make it onto the sidelines!
  14. Domenico Tedesco or Hannes Wolf would be a huge coup in my opinion. Young German coaches who were never the best of players but have instead learned to become good managers and coaches. This is the kind of managers that will bring us success in the long-term.
  15. Happy to hear that the club has got it right this time and the shirts are a much better quality. Gutted that I probably won't be able to afford the 3rd kit when it's released, but hopefully this is the start of the club shop improving again.
  16. Playing in every position can have a huge advantage in the future as the player develops. Not only does this mean that they can play on different positions if the manager needs them to, but it also means that they get experiences playing there and learn to view the pitch from a different perspective. Imagine being a Striker but having the experiences of a Centre Back and a Goalkeeper. This would give you a huge advantage over them as you have a better idea as to how they might react to you, and therefore, you can deal with them easier. It makes sense.
  17. I'm a young coach that has done plenty of volunteer work around the FA. I have followed and encouraged quite a few of these rules in my teams. If you disagree with these then i'd be happy to give you a justification as to why they are in place!
  18. Ha. I see that you couldn't think of anything clever to reply to that, maybe because you realise how pathetic it is now... And, to an extent, there's nothing wrong with lauding him. Yes, maybe it was a bit over the top, but he came on his debut, started, and played his game. That takes big balls to step into this league and do that, pretty well may I add. We have our more traditional defender in Lees, now let Van Aken develop into the ball playing defender that he is working to become. Don't just slag him off for it.
  19. I actually think it's disgusting that you're trying to put down a young lad who is excited to join the club and develop himself. He has come from a very good academy in Heerenveen where the fans loved him and he was an exciting and positive defender. Don't you remember Carlos' story in his first season about one of the defenders he coached who always got booed? Cheer him, be positive and help him with his development, don't just make him a scapegoat because you don't rate him.
  20. Not sure if it's just me that thinks this, but Van Aken had been completely sold upstream by the rest of the defence so far. He's pushed up, pressed, played some good passes but the others have let him down.
  21. Joost pressed the line high, which I am assuming was the pland, since we play the offside trap on scenarios like that.
  22. We went so pedestrian there, the pressing just stopped and we opened ourselves up to them.
  23. Me and StudentOwl were discussing this when we first heard the rumours. Been keeping tabs on him and seems a very good CB. He's definitely a more modern type of CB but he looks very promising.
  24. Yes I remember actually, i'd say our knowledge is more equal than you give yourself credit for Yeah the Dutch League is pumping out good young talent constantly at the moment, just some are more willing to flog them on than others are.
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