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  1. Judging by some of the defending in that game, he’s going to be busy this season! made some good saves though, well done Cam!
  2. I doubt they’re going to meet my standards of gorgeous… I better get a few pints of ale in me first! Cheers mate, UTO!
  3. And I’d quite like 3 gorgeous blonds to go at my crotch like a pack of hungry dogs, but no ones offering that for nowt either.
  4. Pick 11 lads from outside The Old Crown an hour before kickoff, and take the fine.
  5. A joke of a fixture really. Has to be used as a chance for players to get some minutes under their belts and nothing else.
  6. “[Jocanovic] made 11 changes from Saturday's 2-1 home defeat by Huddersfield and was ultimately rewarded for the alterations.” So does Jok play the players that scraped a win against Wayne Rooney’s Derby County’s b team/U21’s, or give the team that lost to an injury time winner on the weekend another go?
  7. Good luck to him, I hope he goes the whole season without getting injured. I’m glad we aren’t the ones taking a punt on him though.
  8. If that’s the case, then that’s me done with football. Team of the week on a Tuesday, whatever next?!
  9. Luongo and Dunkley make this weeks L1 team of the week. Darren Moore is this weeks manager of the week too. BPF is robbed by Dahlberg, who scored an own goal midweek…
  10. Just seen this on FaceBook. It’s starting already. The call for Crissy.
  11. Still, Billy’s off the mark, so that’s something to build off of…
  12. I was disappointed not to see Rambo in the team last night, with word that the relegation expert was off to Arsenal… But I’ve got to say, I’m loving this Verrips so far. At one point, West Brom had managed 4 goals, with only 3 shots on target.
  13. I was going to say similar. Get a first half goal and I think the confidence will really get this new team going.
  14. If we’re losing at half time, you can start moaning then.
  15. Im really starting to love this guy. Also, great to hear that Moore said he wanted him to score goals, and that he was going to get him to score goals. Brilliant.
  16. Very ‘back to normal’ feeling on the south stand. Very few people wearing a mask at any time.
  17. Or our manager wasn’t down here last season, in the play off spots with Doncaster.
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