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  1. Last seasons kit is now 50% off, so I’d be amazed if we’re not going to have a new kit for next season.
  2. I’m out in London tonight and need to get to Shepherds Bush sharpish after the match. Problem is there’s a Man U game on, so that will be on instead at most pubs. Any recommendations on where to go in that area, or is Mables and then jump on the underground the safest bet?
  3. He’s our best striker for about 2 games a season. Had a good end to last season. Only shows glimpses the rest of the time.
  4. Is it a league game? Yes Is it being broadcast on television? No It will therefore be on iFollow
  5. There’s a clue in the thread title.
  6. Whether or not he ever get fully match fit and plays for us again, I’m pleased for him that he’s got himself to this stage. Doesn’t strike me as the kind to be happy to sit on his arse and pick up his wages.
  7. If you like puns, this thread certainly won’t dessopoint.
  8. Was expecting the link to go to ‘La Bamba’ to be honest.
  9. Forgot to say, be stupid not to try and keep Palmer. He’s become a utility player. Can cover RB, LB and midfield.
  10. I think Palmer should get a 3-4 year deal. Obviously good enough at this level and if we go up he will be worth a decent transfer. Oh, and Westwood 2-3.
  11. In other words, we’re in with a squeak.
  12. Friend showed me this on Twitter. Brilliant!
  13. Only trouble you’ll have is finding a parking spot within a 20 minute walk of the ground. Decent enough when you get in the ground, but a reyt wind chill factor!
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