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  1. JackSWFC

    Penny injured ?

    Because he’s a young lad, gave his all on Saturday, and is being rested for the next game. And also it’s Penney.
  2. I wouldn’t. But I’d definitely watch Spurs over Villa, so I can see where he’s coming from.
  3. Well done to Penney, and well deserved. Been playing some great football so far this season.
  4. If the offside player isn’t there, then the pass isn’t made though. I thought it was offside at the time. I still think it was offside. That lino was a bit rubbish.
  5. JackSWFC

    Worst Signing Ever

    5 minutes at the end of a dead rubber.
  6. JackSWFC

    Song for Lucas Joao

    I’m glad this is the correct answer, looking at some of the suggestions.
  7. If a member of your family was assaulted, would you be bothered about whether or not the culprit was punished, or would you be telling your mum to stop crying about it because it’s irrelevant?
  8. Mellis certainly got his money’s worth if his attacks carry the same punishment as Forestieri’s punch (Which was in retaliation to being pushed in the face, knocked to the ground etc) Just glad Tom Lees didn’t retaliate to being attacked as well!
  9. Maybe Adthe did enough in the weeks training sessions to prove to Jos he was willing to work on whatever parts of the game he needed to keep his shirt for the following match and play his part in a win.
  10. That’s understandable. The way he was going on about Derby after his loan spell, you’d have to assume he’d forgotten too!
  11. JackSWFC

    What do you think about this?

    Nightmare trying to get up for Friday games for me. Will probably watch on sky instead and the lad that has the seat l next to mine can enjoy the extra leg room.
  12. JackSWFC


    Sod all SWFC goals tomorrow. You’re welcome.
  13. Oh right, sorry, I was under the impression that it was considered a lesser offence than assault.
  14. Mansfield FC’s football pitch is not a public place though.