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  1. As far as I remember, every league game was available to video stream last season, if watching from abroad, except for any that had been selected to be featured on TV. I’d hope it’s the same this season.
  2. This thread just prompted me to order my shirt now incase they start printing them exclusively with sponsors later on.
  3. Just heard that this is a bit of a classic case of Chinese whispers and Lennogade is actually the name of the new lemon flavour Elev8 Drink. Other new flavours are Applypse Now and Rambonana.
  4. If he comes I wonder if we will sign that prolific Irish striker that seems to follow him club to club; Luke O’Zade
  5. Renewed my season ticket ages ago and not one player has been over to my house to give me a cuddle. Bullen out!
  6. So he wants to go to a club with no Portuguese players in the squad?
  7. But we did sign players under him, and other members of staff. Also, if he did leave due to broken promises from the chairman, he must be the biggest moron in the world to then sign under Ashley!
  8. Just checked online and currently only the ‘Pro Fit’ version available at £99. Think I’ll wait for the Fat Fit version. Are the Elev8 sizes about right, or do I need to go up/down a size?
  9. He’s the perfect interim manager, but we probably need someone else to come in and take the reigns off him if we’re looking at promotion. If we have to be patient to get the right man in, I’m sure Bullen can at least make a decent start to the season in charge.
  10. Kieran Lee training as normal. Bully stepping up again, what a rock he’s been for the team last few seasons.
  11. Get a good manager in ASAP. Better for them to start implementing their ideas now than when we are halfway through a run of games.
  12. Too late to get this on the shirt collar? WABDCOTOAW
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