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    Or a small transfer fee with a large add-on once he’s made say 10apps. Okay so we won’t have the money for this transfer window, but it would free up wages and insure some money coming in for January assuming his rehab goes well.
  2. JackSWFC

    Robert Snodgrass - Winning Mentality

    Robert Snodgrass - Whinging mentality.
  3. JackSWFC

    Rate the season

  4. JackSWFC


    Not been made public, so as not to cause unrest. So the club decided it was best to tell some big mouth employee and get them to spread it instead. Nah.
  5. If it’s blue and white stripes and out before the season starts I may actually buy one for the first time.
  6. If this was our policy to begin with we probably would have something to play for still.
  7. Another year for me.
  8. JackSWFC

    As supporters .....

    I traveled to both games from London this Easter and I’m very pleased that I did. Great results and I enjoyed watching both games. 6 points, 7 goals. Sure, far from silky football for most of it, but I wasn’t expecting that anyway. I’ll happily watch a season of that next year.
  9. JackSWFC

    Almen Abdi

    Doesn’t nessesarily mean he’s thought to be the better player. Maybe he’s not jumped through all of Jos’ fitness hoops yet?
  10. No, Tango is definitely fattest.
  11. Saw a friend the other night and they said they’ve stopped following Sunderland, because “there’s no point now they’re rubbish.” So I hope we well and truely smash them.
  12. Be reyt, I’ve got my scarf. Feel a bit sorry for Tango though.
  13. JackSWFC

    Nuhiu: Hero or Villain

    Option 1: hold the ball up as long as possible and try and soak up some of the remaining 4 minutes of play, before they inevitably bombard us with more attacks to try and nick a point. Option 2: use the opportunity to score another goal and put the game to bed. Both carry the risk that the opposition will get the ball back and counter. One has the benefit of making 20odd thousand people roar with happiness. We’d already been trying the ‘soak up the attacks’ method, and conceded a goal. we try the ‘finish them off’ method and win the game. That was a great goal. Go and watch the replay of it a hundred times and enjoy it like the rest of us rather than trying to desperately extract something negative from it. You’re questioning whether our (at the time) joint top scoring striker should have taken a shot or not.
  14. JackSWFC

    New song for Dave

    You get the occasional group of lads singing it at away games, so definitely possible to remember.
  15. JackSWFC

    Caption Competition

    “Put your hands up if you think Neil needs to make another thread about Forestieri back training within the next 10 minutes.”