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  1. They tend to score 1-2 goals per game, I’d like to see us keep a clean sheet and get a goal or more today. I think the boys can do it! UTO FTB
  2. Try and win every game. Expect we will get some good results and also drop some points here and there.
  3. Looks like his arm to me. Hope this helps. [Jordan Rhodes ‘thumbs up’ emoji]
  4. You could never play him in midfield for the simple reason that every opposition midfielder, and most center backs, would find it too easy to simply dribble past him. He has already, and will continue to save/win us points this season. (Fulham stoppage time equaliser)(soaking up pressure end of the game against Wigan)
  5. Wanted to give this an ‘agree’, ‘like’, ‘thanks’ and ‘haha’ would be bloody amazing if Hillsborough sang this every time he got on the ball.
  6. Kads, Kads, he’s our man If he can’t do it, being on Forestieri as an impact sub.
  7. Huddersfield or Stoke. Recon he could do a job in League 1 still.
  8. Made another goal line clearance today as well.
  9. Nuhiu’s hold up play can actually be pretty good.
  10. Chance for the other strikers to stake a claim. Hope they impress!
  11. First off, you don’t seem to “hate to say it”, it seems like half your posts these days you’re licking Dem Blavges arses for one reason or another. Secondly, what about the reaction of Mr. One of their own AKA king blade AKA Chrissy Wilder throwing him under the bus after the game?
  12. Nuhiu got that great goal against Leeds in a blizzard. I’d play him in all bad weather games
  13. Thought someone would pick up on that. Depends whether the team that played QPR show up, or the one that played on Saturday.
  14. All done and dusted by half time, like on Saturday.
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