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  1. Penalty taker?

    Whichever striker grabs the ball first.
  2. Hutch abdi loovens

    Great news. Gives the current 11 a bit of competition for their places. Just in time as they will be settling in now.
  3. Not sure I'm looking forward to this

    I'm optimistically thinking the same. Carlos knows how important this is for the fans, but he will be level headed. Wilder will let his personal emotions get in the way. The fans need to go mental, they players need to give it their all, but the head coach needs to be able to stay calm and follow the game. Not saying they have no chance of winning, they absolutely do. I just think there's more to this level of football than 'wanting it more.'
  4. iFollow

    Video was perfect for me, just having the issue with the audio being delayed by about 2 seconds. I'm using the Apple app. Might try using a browser instead if others aren't having the same problem.
  5. gutted

    Cardiff seem to have a nack for winning points in the closing minutes at the moment. I was praying for a second goal to give us what I thought, and turned out to be a much needed cushion.
  6. Today's Team

    Nice try Torres. Was worth a punt.
  7. Was looking forward to this one, but just asked our lass for her score prediction, after she predicted the last 3 results correctly. Heart says 3-0 win Head says 1-0 win She says 1-0 loss.
  8. So if wasn't for other teams having decent shot stoppers, and their defence being a bit rubbish, they'd be top of the league. Aye, and if my auntie had a todger...
  9. Weather forecast for tonight

    What clothes do you recommend the people of Florida invest in?
  10. Record ifollow stream

    I've not, but they're sodding well supposed to be doing it themselves!
  11. Win 1-0 4-1 Hooper x2, Reach, Van Aken.
  12. Full match replays on ifollow

    Yeah, the previous seasons, they've been up on Wednesday Player within 48hrs. I'm a big fan of watching the replays. If it's televised, it's usually possible to get a link for a full match replay though.
  13. Adam Forshaw

    Adam shame!
  14. Westwood

    Foot high, studs showing, both feet off the ground and not even looking at the point of contact. And so late! Not sure what more he could have done to get a red card if he tried.