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  1. Referee

    Joke decision to book him for simulation, whether he thought it was a penalty or not, there was definitely contact. You can see the Bolton player suddenly move from impact FFS!
  2. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Quite nice having a starting 11 that are 'the starting 11' isn't it?
  3. Disrespectful names

    No mention of 'dem blavges'. A favourite of mine.
  4. FH last night

    Dawson was on the bench as well.
  5. Baby Lee

    Looks like she already got it mate.
  6. Shirts

    Looks like it's printed on a Fruit ot'Loom t-shirt.
  7. They're worse than the band when it comes to getting the melody right though.
  8. Collinding v2

    L**ds players taking their manager's command of "pull yourselves together lads!" a bit to literally.
  9. Jack Hunt

    He definitely cod if he plays like yesterday. If so, you'd expect Palmer to take his plaice in the starting 11.
  10. Lee goal onside

    As someone else pointed out. If he can't see when the ball is played, he can't give the offside.
  11. Jack Hunt

    Hope Jack's okay, but if not I really hope Palmer takes his chance like he did yesterday. From memory he put the crosses in for Hoopers second, and both Bannan and Hooper's shots that hit the woodwork.
  12. Grow up...

    Plenty of abuse coming from the stand on Wednesday night. Lots of booing and "f-off"s
  13. Role call for Birmingham

    Me +1. Hoping the drive back to London after the game will be a bit more cheerful than Sunday's. UTO
  14. Message to Carlos.....

    I'm hoping Carlos hasn't left it until now to do his homework.