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  1. I thought he had some good games for us, but towards the end of the season when he had a few games, he tried way too hard to clear every ball and usually ended up missing the ball, putting off his own player, and then leaving masses of space for the opponent’s striker(s) to exploit. good luck to him tho, seemed a good egg.
  2. I’ll be watching Wednesday. This World Cup is a joke and The England team should be making a real statement by boycotting the whole thing rather than taking the knee. Empty gesture.
  3. The one that really makes me laugh is “Shall we sing a song for you?” When they’ve barely even sung one for themselves.
  4. The OP reminds me of when the mrs asks me if I’d like a cup of tea, and when I say “yes” she says “go on then, I’ll have one too if you’re making one”
  5. I’m hoping for a clean sheet and a win, but I’ve got a feeling today’s the day we finally come from behind to win an away game. UTO!
  6. It would also mean 6 more points than if we were to lose two games in a row. You could say it was a win win situation.
  7. I think winning one then either drawing or losing the next match is the best plan, but each to their own.
  8. Go and sit by yourself for a few hours, and shout angrily a few minutes before you make your way back to the family and when they ask say it was a “disappointing draw” no one will question it.
  9. The ref should have got him off the pitch, after that there were several points where it easily could have boiled over, because our players were clearly annoyed about him not getting sent off. Hopefully he gets a retrospective ban, the idiot!
  10. MK Roundabouts. ”Alles alles We’re all rounduns aren’t we? All rounduns aren’t we?”
  11. Great player when he could be arsed and wasn’t putting his energy into throwing tantrums.
  12. Drop the in form striker… is that you Moore-o? Kamberi is the first name on the team sheet today.
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