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  1. JackSWFC

    What they up to?

    So, did you actually ask them while they were about 30ft in front of you, or did you genuinely think you’d have more luck asking on here?
  2. JackSWFC

    Team vs Lincoln

    Anyone with decent knowledge of the youth players care to guess what the formation is?
  3. JackSWFC

    Team vs Lincoln

    Where’d you get that? Nothing on the official twitter yet, wouldn’t mind following some coverage.
  4. JackSWFC

    Jos trimming the squad

    Down to 24-25 players I’d imagine.
  5. JackSWFC

    Team Spirit at #SWFC

    They seem to be doing a lot of running. I’m pleased.
  6. You can be bothered to bit a ‘wiggle’ above the ‘a’ in Joao, but can’t be bothered to type ‘Nuhiu’ rather than ‘Dave’...
  7. JackSWFC

    #SWFC Training photos.

    There’s a photo of Hutchinson and Forestieri training also on the Instagram Stories. And also one with Abdi in the background.
  8. Carlton Palmer gave an interview last season saying that the club needs a clear out, but God forbid someone says anything negative about his son on an Internet forum.
  9. As an Owl living in London, I’m loving going to a packed pub full of England supporters with my friends and watching the games. Been great. Walking home last night and the high road was full of people singing “It’s coming home” You’ve got to be a real wet bag to not enjoy everyone getting onboard.
  10. JackSWFC

    New Kit Questions

    If he writes it with his left hand, Hooper’s signature is only 12 quid. But you can only get the right handed one tomorrow.
  11. Horrendous, but we’ve got a few stripes for the home kit now, so I’m well chuffed.
  12. Looks like Pelupessy’s been showing Joao a thing or two in the gym.
  13. I wish we’d stop trying to put images on the socks though. They’re always going to be skewed. Great otherwise.