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  1. Forgot to say, be stupid not to try and keep Palmer. He’s become a utility player. Can cover RB, LB and midfield.
  2. I think Palmer should get a 3-4 year deal. Obviously good enough at this level and if we go up he will be worth a decent transfer. Oh, and Westwood 2-3.
  3. In other words, we’re in with a squeak.
  4. Friend showed me this on Twitter. Brilliant!
  5. Only trouble you’ll have is finding a parking spot within a 20 minute walk of the ground. Decent enough when you get in the ground, but a reyt wind chill factor!
  6. Cheers, was wondering who he was talking about at the beginning. Why do they always crop the start of the interview off?
  7. Aaron’s, Lazar and Hector on permanent signings next summer would be a great start. We will be selling one or two to fund some transfers I recon.
  8. The same fans forum he got laughed at when he said he still thought we would get promoted this season.
  9. Been nice not having to watch us try to just soak up the pressure after taking the lead in games like we did for the last two seasons.
  10. 1 from CB position and 1 from RB.
  11. Was like a full speed locomotive going in at the far post for his goal. Nowt was going to stop him getting on the end of it.
  12. Best one yet Snoots! LFDC 0-2 SWFC We’re on our way!
  13. If you told me 6 months ago that we would have Ronaldo playing on the wing for us, I would have said you were dyslexic.
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