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  1. JackSWFC


    Anyone else noticed that if you go to a lake or pond to feed the birds, the ducks and other birds will flock to wherever you throw the feed, whereas the geese will head straight towards whoever is throwing it?
  2. JackSWFC

    Tom Lees

    Was on the bench last night.
  3. JackSWFC

    Hector in midfield

    Not for me based on tonight’s performance.
  4. JackSWFC

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    If Forestieri is confirmed in the match day squad at 2pm, how much game time do you think he would get before Mansfield police showed up?
  5. JackSWFC

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Not confident we will come away with any points today, but I’m still looking forward to going to watch the lads actually give them a game. Who knows, we might pull off a smash and grab.
  6. JackSWFC

    Pudils head

    Heard it from where I was stood at the back of the top tier.
  7. JackSWFC

    Injured players, real or not real

    Was only a matter of time...
  8. Dream up some new Wednesday related conspiracies, such as has Winnal really been injured this whole time, or is he just out of favour because he refused to eat all his peas?
  9. Life sure is tough on Pulis. Imagine being a championship manager and having 10 international players in your squad. Poor lad.
  10. JackSWFC

    Form over last 9 games

    We’re going to Wembley with no clean sheets, and we’re going to win 2-1!
  11. We haven’t lost at home in the league since April, which was to a now promoted Fulham side 1-0.
  12. JackSWFC

    Balance in the transfer market

    Retain/extend contracts of any of our current squad that are over 23 and proving their worth. Release the others and replace with youth. Thats how we get the blend of proven experiences players and try and bring through potential new quality for then next few seasons. Best we can hope for given where we stand with FFP.
  13. JackSWFC

    Press conference

    Yep. Jos said he only wants to look at 19-23 year olds. Much more sensible and sustainable way of managing a football team.
  14. JackSWFC

    Penney contract

    PM me.
  15. JackSWFC

    Wednesday Leeds recording

    Spoiler alert: We win 2-1