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  1. Exactly. I had tickets for a concert that couldn’t go ahead because of the restrictions. I’ve been refunded, because the event didn’t happen. They didn’t say “well, the seat was there the whole time, so not our problem.”
  2. iFollow, same as every other game this season (except the ones broadcast on SkySports BTSports)
  3. Remember when Sky put a billboard ad outside The Stain of Teves celebrating ‘that’ goal about 5 years ago.
  4. He’ll have had to get a D-Taxi to training this morning then.
  5. I think the medical team have enough on their plate at the moment. He will play one full game, then the next game nobble himself going full pelt into a tackle and that’s the last we will see of him.
  6. A quick look on wiki, and since he signed a full contract (so not including loan spell) he’s made 53, and scored 9 goals. So unless his contract has had a clause where we have to pay Boro a substantial fee after he scores 10 goals over a 4 year period, you’re obviously talking our your arse.
  7. Managed a lucky point, at home, to a team that will be at near enough everyone’s predicted ‘rock bottom of the league’ team so far this season. Must be brimming with pashun in the piggy dressing room at the moment.
  8. I haven’t managed to ever get it to work off my Firestick, or cast from my ipad. I connect my laptop to the tv with a cable and watch that way, or just watch in the iPad.
  9. You’ve only heard one side of the “what happened at Christmas story” Or where you there when ‘it’ happened? Or option 3, you’ve made it all up. vote below. Yes [ ] No [ ]
  10. Someone who nearly scored is exactly what we were missing today.
  11. Very pleasing stats. Can focus on his own game now he isn’t captain.
  12. A point would be a good result, but The most important thing for me at this early stage of the season is for us to look like we’re in it to win it the whole match.
  13. If we work hard and play as a team we can win this one. If the team go with this mentality, I don’t mind if we lose or draw.
  14. The Windass deal took a while and he seems well up for being at the club.
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