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  1. I’d certainly like to see Borner getting stuck in at the back and coming up their end when there’s a set piece. Would expect him to get on plenty of balls with a firm head.
  2. And just for fun, by apps for SWFC: (assuming the site I took these off is correct) Lee: 166 Bannan: 107 Reach: 85 Forestieri: 81
  3. Aye, in the same way that we shouldn’t have gotten rid of Bruce... Actually, like Bruce, CC jumped ship to his boyhood club.
  4. Also can’t really blame him for your ability to bottle it season after season.
  5. Was not worth the double dose of adverts YouTube made me watch for this joke.
  6. It seems like we’ve gone back to the tactic of trying to stay in the game without expending too much energy, the. Going for it in the last 15 minutes. The thing is, we went for it for 90 mins in the first two games and it seemed like the fitness levels of the players was high enough to cope with it. Not sure why we’ve reverted back to the old habits.
  7. Listening on ifollow... got the option to watch, but not in my region. Any idea where I might be able to ‘fly to’ to be able to watch the game?
  8. 0-1 Wednesday Rhodes 86 Hoping we get a few goals earlier than that though.
  9. Had to check the date to see if this was a thread from 7 months ago or something. Have you been up all night throwing and turning thinking about this?
  10. They will wait until we’ve got a match scheduled for Sky and make sure he’s banned for it so that they can get the pundits to say how great the FA are for tackling racism in football.
  11. Swirling winds all game. Probably why Barnsley were so insistent on the suicidal playing out from the back every goal kick.
  12. Should do one with thermal imaging so we can catch the phantom trumpers.
  13. I think it’s a bit different with Goalkeepers though. Westwood is our number one and should come back in. Dawson has cemented his place as second keeper though. He will get any cup games, and be called upon whenever Westwood isn’t available. Dawson isn’t losing his place, he’s simply keeping his place as first choice backup. That’s his position to lose now, he’s got two keepers pushing him for that position in the squad in Wildsmith and Jones.
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