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  1. I thought he put Hirst through for his goal.
  2. How is it 2-1 after 7 minutes!?
  3. So why was there no excuse? Seemed to be an article of reasons why there was a slightly lower than expected attendance.
  4. What if you played the same team as the match before, but the manager tells them not to break a sweat and save themselves for the next match.
  5. Imagine making your players pose for an embarrassing photo with a pizza...
  6. Abdi gets and hour in, same as Lee's last game. And Lee's with a full match. Brilliant news.
  7. Winger talks Lucas Joao

    No you’re right, I have no evidence of that being the case. What I should have said was “I see it as poor man management if he did play unfit players...”
  8. But it wasn’t over the course of one match, but several. Would you say that Lees had been playing to the standards that you’d expect him to be? I don’t think he was, and that’s when you could expect Carlos to think that maybe the injury he’s carrying is effecting his performances and perhaps he should allow him to recover fully instead of letting him carry on playing games.
  9. That's what you want from a player. What you want from a manager is them to then say "That's very brave of you Tom, but you need to get yourself fit, so I'm afraid you'll have to sit this one out."
  10. Done enough to get us this far and earned the right to get the shirt for the game.
  11. Winger talks Lucas Joao

    I agree that the pressure was in him to get results, but I still see it as poor man management to play unfit players over fringe players and disregarding the risks of causing more (and seemingly in Lee's case, career threatening) injuries.
  12. Winger talks Lucas Joao

    Do you think Carlos would have blooded any youngsters if he had the squad Jos does? It seemed he'd rather play players carrying serious knocks, or just coming back from injury and not fully fit, rather than resting them and giving fringe/youngsters a game. That's why we're in this miss with first team players out for long lengths of time. Tom Lees would have been straight back in as soon as he could run, same with Bannan. And they'd probably be back to the hospital after a few matches like Lee had been.
  13. Happy Birthday to....

    Happy Birthday. Try not to cry if you don't get everything daddy promised you.
  14. Song revamp

    Got to be get Lucky - Daft Punk, surely. I can't finish the first two lines but: We're going up ... ... ... ... We're going up ... ... ... ... We're going up with Dejphon, We're going up with Luhukay. (Repeat) We're going up with Luhukay We're going up with Lukukay We're going up with Luhukay We're going up with Luhukay.
  15. Stewards on Bridge

    If you’re meeting someone in there, they would have been asked to show their ticket at the bridge and you can only hope that they’d have the common sense to then think “Better wait this side of the bridge for Jonesy then, because he won’t get over the bridge without his ticket.” Like I had to a few games ago.