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  1. Barry Bannan Hopefully he will prove me wrong and become the player Carlos thinks he is...
  2. Why would we pay more than we could sell Westwood for for a keeper the same age as Westwood who's not as good as Westwood?
  3. I'm Sam too, Happy Birthday to me!
  4. Since when do wolves play in Black and Yellow stripes?
  5. Blackburn have spent over £10 Million?!?!?! Thats INSANE!
  6. Didn't think Gazelles were very good at football in general.
  7. Looks like Lee and Hutch are struggling already, so they will miss preseason and we know that they are injury prone so could easily be out for half a season a few games in. I know what you're saying but it's a shame we can't rely on our best players to be fit week in and week out all season long.
  8. Why are our best players always injured? Really not ideal.
  9. I don't think we have a recruitment comittee...
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