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  1. Obviously Wednesday’s pallet wasn’t big enough to hold his monthly wages. What’s the problem homophone warrior?
  2. As I understand it the 12 point deduction will only apply this season if it would take them into the bottom 3 and relegate them. Otherwise it will be next season. The EFL don't want other clubs to go into Admin once safe in mid table without any consequences, say Reading for instance.
  3. Murphy's best game for us - threatened going forward and helped out at the back. Fair play to Fox for giving us 45 minutes after Borner went off.
  4. So is it even worth picking the soon to be out of contract players for the games in June? Don't suppose they'll exactly be flying into any 50/50 challenges. Unlike before The starting XI for the Forest game could be interesting.
  5. Presumably most if not all other clubs will be in a similar situation. So as of 1st July the Championship will consist of 24 teams playing at half strength whilst lots of experienced footballers sit at home waiting for their agents to find them a club for next season? Sureley a blanket extension of contracts to the end of July would be more sensible.
  6. Because if you were going to rig a football match it's only right and proper to inform the other team in writing. What could possibly go wrong? Just wouldn't be cricket otherwise. Never a pen, though.
  7. 3 more part-timers on our way. Would be great to sell this out and remind everyone what a packed Hillsborough is like.
  8. Well as soon as my D-Taxi pulls into the driveway I'm looking forward to cracking open a refreshing can of Elev-8 and deciding which player to sponsor for just £750 + VAT.
  9. Agreed. I always get annoyed when full backs try to be clever and put their own team under pressure. My old teacher used to say "If in doubt, put it out". If Palmer had just given away a harmless throw in I think we'd have closed the game out comfortably. Think we invite pressure onto ourselves sometimes, hence the absence of clean sheets.
  10. How long have Matias and Abdi got left on their contracts? Matias must have been on our books for at least 3 seasons now?
  11. How do you 'release' someone when they're under contract? Unless the player is willing to leave and (probably) accept a large pay cut then the club are stuck with them. There may be no money left to offer deals good enough to retain the young players we would like to keep (Clare, Hirst possibly)
  12. Contracted until 30.6.19 according to Transfermarkt.com Agent = Doyen Sports
  13. Befred still offering 20-1 should any wrist-slitters need an insurance policy!
  14. With a pot plant? Would be about as useful. He's had loads of time to prove himself and failed. Past his sell by date, if we can get him off the wage bill then time to cut our losses. Bought him 5 years too late unfortunately.
  15. This is my understanding, please correct me if wrong! 1. Yoss Loo-kye 2. Die-pon Chance-eerie 3. Lucas Zhe-wow 4. Joey Pel-u-pessy 5. Unrelated but can someone please confirm Jos has nothing to do with Doyen. cheers, WW
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