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  1. He’s not the only one but Penney looks like he’s won a raffle to play with the professionals
  2. The worst half of football you could ever imagine to see
  3. Dawson 3 Baker 4 Penney 7 Lees 6 Thorniley 6 Hector 5 Bannan 5 Pelupessy 5 Reach 6 Forestieri 7 Fletcher 5
  4. Tom Thumb

    Mick McCarthy

    I wouldnt exactly be impressed with McCarthy but he would probably produce a 12th-18th placed finish. Jos on the other hand is staggeringly out of his depth. Relegation fight guaranteed if he stays and I think he will as we can’t afford to pay him off. He’s Alan Irvine bad
  5. Tom Thumb

    Well done Jos

    Unbelievable that he got any stick. Working with scraps but has made us harder to beat as a base point and now adding a great win to it. Reinvigorated the likes of João and blooded Thorniley/Clare etc. cannot wait to see what he can do with a full summer
  6. Well thought out and constructive argument mate
  7. And all with a second choice keeper and 3 centre backs who haven’t figured all season
  8. Tom Thumb


    I’m amazed sometimes at people’s perception of a game. Jones did everything he would have been expected to do in his role. What did you expect from him tonight exactly?