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  1. Exactly. With 5 subs that could be huge. On Saturday we brought Bakinson and Byers on when we needed fresh legs and to tighten up. On another day they could easily have started anyway.
  2. They’ll do what they did last match of the season against Portsmouth. Refuse me entry with two bottles of water for my kids, then sell out of water before the match starts. My kids will only drink water. So they just had to dehydrate or drink the tap water that’s not drinking water - in the name of health and safety.
  3. This board needs tidying up by Owlstalk Admin. Can’t irrelevant threads just be deleted or merged into a relevant thread? e.g. Maybe this one in the Matchday thread.
  4. Exactly. In the last 10-15 years what has it produced? Dawson Palmer Wildsmith Hirst taken by Leicester for nothing. Anything else worth mentioning? What does it cost? £1m per year? Must be at least £500K per year. That doesn’t look like a good return on investment to me.
  5. Get rid of the academy. complete waste of money.
  6. Most clubs in this division would be delighted to have him. Plays every match in this division and he scores 15.
  7. No he didn’t, he said he’d trained. Never said he was fine or fit enough to start. Worrying way to answer the question imo.
  8. Nobody is slow enough to have to press the button there.
  9. There’s a video of the night he tore Maldini and Baresi apart in the European Championship semi final. if you haven’t watch it, do so.
  10. If a wing back is being over loaded by two or three every time then clearly there are areas on the pitch where we can exploit their lack of numbers. For every strength of a formation there is a weakness. Thats what the best managers do, they analyse what is happening and quickly get info onto the pitch to counter what is happening! They rarely conclude changing formations is the answer.
  11. Canada literally did it. And China have a social credit system. People are so naive.
  12. This is ridiculous. We didn’t win a match! Even if we have a great season, it’s going to happen in about 20 matches this season! It doesn’t mean we need to panic and change formation every time. So many of you have totally lost the plot! I’d understand it if we’d not played well but for most of the match we were fluid and exciting. I can only put it down to lockdown causing increased mental illness in the population.
  13. Tactical flexibility doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change formation. All the issues we had could easily have been sorted within the formation we had with a few subtle tweaks. The formation is pretty irrelevant. Too many Football Manager geeks nowadays. Liverpool play against the best players and the best managers in the World but they rarely change formation. Chelsea won the PL with three at the back and didn’t change to a flat four every time City or Liverpool put them under a bit of pressure. At a lower level you saw the success United had under Wilder with three at the back. He very rarely changed formation just because they were under pressure. Its farcical to think that a team that has geared up and trained for a particular formation will suddenly look better when they change to a formation to which they are not familiar. Yesterday, Portsmouth managed to get four or five crosses into the area in the whole match! Our centre backs and keeper didn’t defend them with basic errors. No amount of changing formation is going to change that. Its just utter utter rounduns. And by keeping with the same formation we continued to create chances, scored an equaliser and up until the sending off looked the most likely to win it. In that scenario, why on earth would you change formation? Its just the typical knee jerk panic that goes on every time we don’t win a match. I hate to tell everybody but we will actually lose a few this season too.
  14. You’re all mad. Hes built the squad for 3-5-2, he shouldn’t change that after one match. We played really well going forward but didn’t defend crosses into the box. It’s beyond me how you think a change in formation will turn our centre backs into Nigel Pearson. Just chill, we played well. We played well from January onwards. We’ll be ok but we will fail to win some matches. We can’t have this panic every time.
  15. Ihiekwe was the mainstay of a defence that only let 8 goals in away from all season. EIGHT! Stockdale had a great save percentage at Wycombe.
  16. We have the best squad by a mile. Nobody else has the players to break a team down like we do. easily top 2.
  17. We tore Portsmouth apart. Going forward we were fantastic. The defending should be easily improved. Im feeling optimistic.
  18. He was outstanding today wasn’t he! Lets hope we see more if it and not 5 matches of invisibility now. He needs to make it impossible for Moore to drop him.
  19. It is also a bit bizarre the supporter insisted on a full refund then tried to buy a season ticket. Why not just use the credit option offered by the Club? Maybe there was timing issues and he really needed the money at the time and then later could afford the season ticket.
  20. Yeah I agree with all points about how the club has handled it. It is clear cut that it’s been done poorly. I am just saying the actual argument made by some that the supporter definitely should be entitled to a timely refund isn’t quite as clear cut. At least not morally.
  21. I agree with you on both points. But as we know, he’s a poor communicator, has no track record as a businessman, is a control freak with no man-management skills and has been shown to be lacking in integrity. At the same time (and im undecided on this - it’s difficult) im not cinvinced we should expect the burden of Covid to rest purely with the owner just because he has more money than us. Im not sure it would’ve been an unreasonable position for him to simply tell all supporters there was no money for a refund. The supporter is suing Wednesday like it’s a normal Company that has money and generates profits - it isn’t. I know we’ve disagreed on many points previously but I’m genuinely not trying to be difficult here. Just saying I don’t think it’s quite as clear cut or one sided as this thread portrays.
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