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  1. He means goalkeepers and players under 22 don’t count for your squad limit of 22 players
  2. Crikey! Imagine how excited he’ll get when he loses his virginity!
  3. He’s very average. But we are in League One and looking for back up for left wing back or somebody else that could do a job at left back in a back four. We are hardly going to attract Roberto Carlos when most weeks he probably won’t even make the bench.
  4. Are you the incoming Brazilian everybody has been talking about?
  5. But we didn’t have the personnel. we now do. Comparing us to Rotherham last season is a more relevant comparison than us in The Championship 3 years ago with completely different players. Having Smith and tapping it about on the edge of our box is a complete waste of time. Without BPF, Hutch and Storey, we don’t have the capabilities to pass it around our own box. Make no mistake, adapting to the players he has chosen to bring in will be Moore’s biggest test. Warne or Ainsworth would love this squad and would expect to get promoted, let’s see if Moore can. I think he will, why pick these players if he’s not going to take a more pragmatic approach?
  6. Smith and Gregory won’t start many matches together if Windass is fit IMO
  7. Also, I’ll be surprised if Gregory and Smith start that often together. If Windass is fit, he starts. He might play Windass behind the other two in some home matches in which case Byers or Vaulks may miss out. With 5 subs, the bench is going to be utilised like never before and it will play an important role.
  8. If we try and play it out with those centre backs we are in trouble. As we saw numerous times from Rotherham and Wycombe - a goalkeeper is allowed to kick it long, your centre forwards compete for the ball and your midfielders pick it up from there. You know like it’s been played for 150 years.
  9. The potential negative of our signings is clear. It’s no good having the best target man in the division and defensively sound centre backs that aren’t comfortable on the ball if Moore is going to insist on tippy tapping it about in our own area instead of getting the ball forward quickly. The success or otherwise of our signings will be totally dependent on whether we adapt our tactics from last season.
  10. Wednesday (108 points) Ipswich mK Dons Bolton Peterborough Charlton
  11. Based on the clues of back 5, links to Carlos and Brazilian I’d say that’s a cracking shout
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