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  1. This will be another case of how unlucky Chansiri, how he is a victim of the footballing rules that everyone knows, the fans will have played a part of this or the fans should not expect better. I fail to see what legal options he can take. Celtic see that his contract expires in the summer, well within their rights to contact him and negotiate and sign a contract with him. Does Chansiri not understand that players out of contract can sign contracts with other clubs 6 months prior to the contract ending. Is he that naive? Or did he expect him to behave like family and just sign for us?
  2. You sign another lease agreement agreeing to further rent payments. Either that or we move ground. But those lease payments will not ever enable us to own Hillsborough again.
  3. But SWFC have committed to £77 million worth of lease payments. That is where the real value is. It's not like we have just committed to three years and then we can renegotiate like in Retail, we have committed ourselves for 30 years. So the lease document is worth £77 million to Sheffield 3.
  4. I'm sorry but lack of luck? Please enlighten me to how unlucky Chansiri has been. Maybe our brightest star being signed by another club is unlucky? Maybe not having a manager for 2 months, in the middle of a relegation battle, is unlucky? Everything Chansiri has been "unlucky" about is not unlucky, it is down to incompetence, pure and simple. You mention that Chansiri has converted debt into Equity. Can you please tell me more about that and where I can find it in the accounts. Because from what I have seen, we owe Chansiri £64 million. We don't own our ground and we are forced to pay rent for the foreseeable future for a quite dilapidated stadium. We are being relegated from the Championship without even a whimper. Our chairman has been given a loan of £7.5 million from a 3rd party lender and they have taken a mortgage against Hillsborough. And the impact of Covid is yet to hit the accounts. We only have 1 director, ONE! And he is 5,800 miles away in Thailand. How can the club be effectively run in those circumstances? Where is a director of football, where is a Chief Exec? Answer is, they all leave because Chansiri does not like to relinquish control and the Chief Exec effectively turns into an Office Manager/Christmas party planner. And I have yet to see any indication that Chansiri is competent enough to run our football club. In effect it would be like me spending way beyond my means, not earning enough to even cover the minimum payment on a credit card. Me selling my house and having to pay rent payments that are 25% more expensive than the house is worth. I would be in great shape, I really would.
  5. Yes but the 2018 accounts have now been restated. Effectively saying the 2018 accounts were incorrect and these should have been the 2018 accounts. We don't republish the 2018 accounts. So that means in the three years ending with the 2018 accounts we lost well over the £39 million allowed. I don't believe we have been punished for that. We have only been punished for lying about it. I don't know if we will or not. I hope someone comes and puts my mind at rest. But I was the EFL I would hit us with everything I had.
  6. The three year cycle is cumulative to the best of my knowledge. We lost £35.486M in ONE year, never mind three years.
  7. We owe Chansiri nearly £64M. This is not Equity, this is debt that we owe him and someone else would have to pay if we get taken over. We are obligated to pay £77M over the next 30 years to play at Hillsborough. What did we get a points deduction for? Was it for lying about the timing of the sale. Forgive me but now 2018 Accounts have been restated, doesn't this take us over our FFP limit for the three seasons and therefore liable for another points deduction?
  8. Glasgow and Dublin could lose games. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56250120 Glasgow and Dublin are at growing risk of being cut from the list of hosts for this summer's European Championship. With fewer than 100 days until the delayed Euros, Uefa wants each of the countries staging matches to submit their plans - including for the return of fans - by a deadline of 7 April. Organisers say they still hope to stage matches at the 12 venues as planned. But the Scottish and Irish governments are yet to provide assurances whether fans will be allowed back by June. And Uefa is understood to be increasingly concerned they may have to strip Glasgow and Dublin of their matches. Both Hampden Park and the Aviva Stadium are due to stage four games. According to one source with knowledge of tournament planning, the position on fans in Dublin and Glasgow is currently "very bad", with the respective governments "taking a much tighter approach to Covid than other cities". On Wednesday, Scotland's Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said that being part of the Euros was "a really big deal" for her country. But she added that fans being able to attend depended on "all of us abiding by the rules", cases falling, and the take-up of vaccines. The Scottish government said: "In response to the Covid situation, all 12 host cities are considering a range of planning scenarios, including the scale of supporter attendance at stadiums and fan zones. "Partners are in regular contact with Uefa, who will review scenario planning with each of the hosts in April before confirming final proposals." It is understood that the next few days will be crucial and that the Scottish government is aware of the need for clarity. The Scottish FA says it will "remain in constant dialogue" with Uefa as Scotland looks forward to a first major men's tournament for 23 years. "We also note Uefa's re-stated commitment to holding Euro 2020 across the 12 European cities, with no other plans being pursued," it stated. Last week, the Football Association of Ireland said it was still planning for fans to be present in Dublin but admitted it would only remain a host venue if it could guarantee spectators would be permitted. Irish government restrictions on fans will remain in place until at least 5 April. The British government has said up to 10,000 spectators will be permitted inside English grounds from mid-May - and unlimited numbers from 21 June. Earlier this week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said England could stage more than the seven matches currently being played at Wembley, if Uefa needed it to step in. The Football Association is understood to be willing in principle to stage additional matches in England if asked to do so by Uefa, but sources suggest there has been no such request to date. 'It's looking bleak' - analysis BBC Scotland sports news correspondent Chris McLaughlin Given some of the conversations I've had, things at this stage are looking pretty bleak. I don't think the Scottish government is of a mind to budge, to take any chances on pressure that may well come from Uefa. It just thinks it's too early. Come June, we may well be in a position to have fans inside stadiums, but Uefa wants assurances now. I don't think the Scottish government is of a mind to take a chance - as it sees it - on giving those assurances. I think it might well be just too late and, at the moment, it's looking bleak. 'Uefa need 30-35% of stadium capacity to turn a profit' Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live's Euro Leagues podcast, German football expert Raphael Honigstein said he expected more venues to be unable to host games. "I think there will be a whittling down and cities will withdraw," he said. "Next month is the deadline for Uefa to get guarantees that [the grounds] can provide enough access for Uefa to turn a profit. "They need 30-35% of stadium capacity to turn a profit and it will come down to that. I'm not sure even a place like Munich, where all the Germany games are, are in a position to say 'we will be fine in June'. "In that 30% of capacity, Uefa do not envisage travelling fans and I think that will be the case, even at Wembley. "It's less of a problem than if it was all held in one country and if the Champions League is anything to go by then Uefa have a degree of flexibility. It's more doable and less of a nightmare than if it was scheduled to just be in Germany or France for the whole five weeks." Looks like more pressure is being put on host countries for assurances fans will be allowed. They need at least 30% attendance so they can achieve a profit. I cannot see UEFA allowing the games to go ahead without any fans.
  9. If Chansiri is a changed man or still learning,then why are we still without a manager for TWO months in the middle of a relegation manager. It's been Six years. You can earn a Medical degree in that time. He must be one hell of a slow learner.
  10. What is the wage ceiling in League One, £1.5M? If we have 15,000 season ticket holders in at £450 per season, that is £6.75M. Quite a bit of room to make a bit of profit there.
  11. I'm sorry but I just don't believe a word of him.
  12. 5 year season ticket beginning with 20/21 season for: South stand £3,120 (£624 per season) (£27 per game) Kop £2,195 (£439 per season) (£19 per game) So the absolute minimum he can charge for season tickets/POTD is those prices. Can anyone see us selling many tickets for league one football at this prices.
  13. This wasn't unforeseeable either. There were plenty of people who were around who warned against this nonsense. The problem is, if we have spent and wasted the 5 year season ticket money, it means we won't get any money from those fans for the next three or so years. It also means to get the same level of cash, you need to keep selling 5 year season tickets. Who in their right mind would want to buy a 5 year season ticket now?
  14. I wonder what the POTD prices will be if/when we are in League 1 next season. Personally wouldn’t pay more than £20. Can you imagine him trying to charge £33 to watch Forest Green beat us with ease?
  15. But he has proved time and time again that it is his way or the highway? He has sacked advisors within three weeks who do not agree with him. Can you honestly see Chansiri changing his approach?
  16. What would be a successful out for Chansiri? As I see it, the only one he would accept would be to receive every penny he has put in. I don't think he would accept a loss. I don't ever see that happening as the value of the club is nowhere near that amount as he has wasted loads. If the fans are to pay it, why should we pay for his failures and if it is £200m, can you see 20,000 fans paying £10,000 each so that Chansiri can receive that money back?
  17. So if the Fans Club submitted a question such as "We don't own our own ground, we have not got a strategy in place to be successful, don't you think it is time to leave", someone at the club can choose to completely ignore it and Chansiri will not ever see it? The club could choose to just put forward positive comments/questions? How will he ever know the dissent amongst the fan base?
  18. Are you not worried about the consequences of him continuing as Chairman/Owner. Where are we going to be if he continues for the next 5 years? Will you accept League Two/National League if it means him continuing? At what point would you accept protests?
  19. I would like to know what we need to do if it is not protesting against Chansiri? Do we continue to blow smoke up his backside? Do we continue to give him a round of applause at every meeting he goes to? He has proved himself absolutely incompetent at running a football club and he is very dangerous. The only outcome I believe Chansiri would accept would be to sell the club for what he has put into it and I do not believe he will EVER be able to sell the club for that amount of money. He will not sell us for what we are truly worth, unless we force the issue. Granted that nuclear option could, probably will, result in Chansiri also going nuclear and liquidising the club rather than selling it. But you know, I would rather die on my feet than live my life on my hands and knees. Sheffield Wednesday will live on, even if it is within a Phoenix club. Otherwise we are just legitimising Chansiri, leading him to believe he is doing a good job and continuing to ruin this football club forever.
  20. They have a test in a few days time in the same ground. Will they use a different pitch or the same one. I know a ground has different pitches for practice etc but didn't know if they would be able to use it as a playing pitch. Would be a Le to move the boundaries etc. I have never been to a cricket ground in my life so sorry if it is a stupid question.
  21. Can someone explain why a 38 year old centre back who would only be a fringe player, would be the highest earner at the club? When he went there! I thought it made sense having his experience there. I had no idea he would be on so much. Bizarre.
  22. So looks like under Blatter, FIFA spent £420 Million renovating a building that they don't own and locked themselves into a rental agreement on "unfavourable" terms. Source BBC. Fifa has lodged a criminal complaint against former president Sepp Blatter over the finances of a museum in Zurich, Switzerland. The complaint relates to the involvement of Blatter and other former officials in the Fifa museum project. It is the latest allegation of financial impropriety against Blatter, who resigned from his post as president in 2015 amid a corruption scandal. The 84-year-old has always denied any wrongdoing. Fifa, football's world governing body, say Blatter's previous administration cost them £420m to renovate "a building that the organisation doesn't own", while also "locking itself into a long-term rental agreement on unfavourable terms". "Given the massive costs associated with this museum, as well as the general way of working of the previous Fifa management, a forensic audit was conducted in order to find out what really happened here," said Alasdair Bell, Fifa's deputy secretary general (administration). "That audit revealed a wide range of suspicious circumstances and management failures, some of which may be criminal in nature and need to be properly investigated by the relevant authorities. "We came to the conclusion that we had no choice other than to report the case to state prosecutors, not least because the current management of Fifa also has fiduciary responsibilities to the organisation and we intend to live up to them, even if those before us dismally failed to." The complaint has been sent to the Zurich prosecutor, and Fifa says it will "continue to cooperate with the authorities in Switzerland and elsewhere so that those people who damaged football are held accountable for their actions". The museum project began in 2013, two years before Blatter, who was Fifa president for 17 years, announced his resignation. In response, Blatter's lawyer Lorenz Erni, says Fifa's accusations are "baseless and vehemently repudiated". Blatter is currently serving a six-year ban from all forms of football.
  23. Insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Are you happy with what we are seeing on the pitch. Are you happy with how our supporters are paying one of the highest prices in the league to watch the worst team in the league? At what point do we say enough is enough? Things are never going to change unless we do something about it and the only thing we can do is be vocal and stop going to games.
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