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  1. I can see there being a second and maybe third wave and so I think next season is in doubt as well. Think about, it only takes one person with coronavirus to go outside and then everyone gets it again. It spreads like wildfire and there is no containing it. IMO the only way football will start again will be when there is a vaccine and everyone has been vaccinated.
  2. Was that when Danny Wilson was their manager and they were on long winning run?
  3. Football would be completely ruined if the season is null and void, completely and utterly ruined. There would be so many lawsuits, it would not survive.
  4. I agree with this. It was too soon. However authorities would have banned the matches because they cannot afford to spare medical cover anyhow.
  5. Who are they going to move to? Which club in their right mind would take on new players when they have no income coming in if they are not playing?
  6. No way can they cancel the season. I'm sorry but there would be riots. Can you imagine telling Liverpool fans that they haven't won the title. No way can they just hand clubs promotion. Championship, fair enough. Its Leeds and West Brom. But anyone from 1st to 7th in League One could win the title. What happens if the 7th team has played all of the top 13 and only has the bottom 10 to play. You could argue that they are better placed to go up than the team in 2nd who has all of the top teams to play. Football would be finished if they don't complete the season. Sporting Integrity requires it. Next season will be really different though. All bets are off.
  7. What about finishing this season next season and then having a Premier League lite? Split all divisions into 4 like the NFL does and have 20 matches instead of 38? It's the only way really. Winners of each group go to a playoffs system and be crowned champions. Bottom teams do the same but losers are relegated?
  8. I cannot see how they cannot cancel the Euro 2020. Bosnia now want a postponement of their playoff tie with Northern Ireland. The reason is that the majority of their players live and play in countries who need to be quarantined for 14 days if they come into Bosnia. If they add Northern Ireland on to that list, how will they play the match? Postponements are adding up across the Footballing world. When will the Seville/Roma and Inter/Getafe matches be played? Will of this be cleared up within 1 or 2 months? I don't think so. Personally I think they will finish this season by playing it into next season and shortening next season. I cannot see how they can just cancel this season but the leagues cannot go on as they are.
  9. Wake up and smell the coffee. It's all his fault, every single bit of it.
  10. I'd say it's worse than that, we are sprinting towards relegation and sleep walking to oblivion and extinction. It's going to get much worse.
  11. Bingo we have a winner. If the deadline is in March and we have already had a points deduction, who would renew. We get a points deduction now, he already has your money. Only a theory and only a rumour but would not surprise me one bit.
  12. I love this bloody club, more than anyone could know. And it broke my heart not renewing my season ticket. It breaks my heart when people accuse me of not being a true fan because I no longer go. The truth is, I could see how this was going to end 3 years ago and voted with my feet. I had a daughter and couldn't justify spending the money when I didn't enjoy the football and didn't agree with how we were being run. More and more will stop going and who knows how it is going to end. Got a feeling it will get a whole lot worse though. For example on P and G, there was a theory that we brought the Season Ticket deadline forward because we know we are going to get a points deduction and be in relegation trouble. Wouldn't surprise me one bit.
  13. It really was cold. I didn't know how I was going to get back, I don't think I got above 40mph all the way back. Got in at 3am and up for work at 7. That wasn't even the worst. The worst was Exeter and losing 5-1. We got stuck on the A34 in the snow and spent all night sleeping in the car. We left as soon as their 5th went in at 4:45pm, got in around 10am on the Sunday morning.
  14. I understand how you feel. I felt the exact same way when I walked away in 2017. I've done Carlisle on Tuesday, in the snow to watch us in the JP trophy and lose 3-1, I've done Plymouth, Gillingham, Southampton, Newcastle all Midweek. I've done Exeter, Torquay, Swansea, Cardiff, Brighton, Palace, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Colchester (0-4). I had a season ticket in the same seat for 27 years and thought nothing would stop me from watching us. Truth is, I couldn't justify supporting them while Chansiri was in charge. I would be back tomorrow if he left the club, even if that was the National League North. I just hope there is something to go back to once he has left, I don't think there will be though.
  15. One thing has bothered me. Surely forecasting your profit and loss cannot be that hard to stay within the FFP limit. You buy a player for £5 million on a 4 year contract, you pay him £20k a week. That is £1.25 million amortisation per year plus approx £1 million in wages. You will have various add ons with that, pension, employers NI, bonuses etc. Surely you can keep a database of all players and work out their estimated cost per year, add on various other costs such as backroom, other staff, maintenance etc. Season ticket and TV revenue would be the same all year round. It can't have been that hard to foresee we were near the FFP limit?
  16. Couldn't agree with this more. We are sleep walking in to oblivion and it seems the majority of the fans are oblivious to it. This is the most dangerous place we have been in for some time and I truly do fear for our future with him in charge.
  17. We can't blame Monk, it is the players or more so recruitment, which has been nothing short of shambolic since Chansiri has been here. You listen to other football managers on Praise and Grumble and they say they are only going to bring in players who will improve the team. We seemed to bring in whoever, whether they fitted into the team didn't matter, just spend the money and get them in. I believe the club is beyond repair. We have a team full of players who are on sky high wages, a bloated squad and players who don't seem to want to play and there is nothing we can do. We will be paying the price of 2015-16 season for years to come, just hope it was worth it.
  18. Knowing our luck, they would throw us in the National South out of spite.
  19. I'm sure we were only 2 nil versus Leeds at HT. We won that 6 nil so we must have scored 4 in the second half.
  20. I'm afraid this is all down to DC and not appointing a manager. Why he has not done so is beyond me. Its September tomorrow and been without a manager since start the start of the season. Very poor.
  21. I have been fiercely critical of the chairman in recent times but would like to thank him. At least we have a manager who has been in the English game and knows what he is doing. I just hope he takes charge of the recruitment and we bring in players who we need, not just look good. I honestly though we would have seen lights out at Hillsborough before we would have seen this. The future will hopefully be very bright.
  22. I don't agree with they are professional footballers, so they should just get on with it. If you have spent 10 years making a career out of being a software developer and suddenly your manager makes you be a Graphics Designer, how would you feel? You would try your best but you probably wouldn't be at your best. You also wouldn't be in your comfort zone or be very happy. Footballers are humans. If you are treat appallingly then they are going to feel it.
  23. Already way ahead of you. I haven't spent a single penny at the club since 2017 play off semi final and will not spend a penny more until he goes. He has shown complete contempt towards our supporters.
  24. I'd be delighted with the above. I would probably even buy a season ticket next year if he admitted to the above. However I have little faith he is going to say anything like that. I believe he is that out of touch with reality that he will probably blame the fans. Saying we need to pay more to attract better players. We shall see but I won't hold my breath.
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