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  1. Sean Dyche who recently managed in the Premier League? He would drop 2 leagues to manage us?
  2. That sounds like a great strategy and excellent forward planning. Really good tactics.
  3. I know we have. I want to keep Moore, think he has done a great job. Just keen to see which managers the "Let's sack him" brigade would get in. Not seen many names, not that I thought I would.
  4. I am fully behind Moore but would like to be humoured. So for those of you who think we should sack Moore, can I ask all of you two questions. Who should we get as manager? Do you trust Chansiri to appoint that manager and not appoint a manager from the German third division?
  5. I honestly believed we would fall straight through to league two. I never believed Moore would get us competing in this league. We had a losing mentality in this club and we were in free fall. This league is difficult to get out of and we had no devine right to go straight back up and we fell just short. Darren has done a remarkable job imo. Sheff Utd spent six seasons in this league, Sunderland are on their forth. Rotherham did well because they have a stable club.we won't get anywhere by sacking the manager every season. Darren Moore has at least earned the right to try again next season. Anyone who disagrees can take a very long walk off a very short plane.
  6. Hull have scored. Back playing forest in semi.
  7. Will be playing Huddersfield as Notts forest have scored.
  8. Where is the best place to watch Sunderland away match on Friday? Live in Waverley, Rotherham. Handsworth is probably closest to me but never been drinking in Handsworth.
  9. I applied for two children's passports in February, 1 renewal and 1 new and both arrived within 4 weeks. Tracking was fully updated throughout. I had no complaints.
  10. Finished 2 1, Oldham are relegated. Finished remaining minutes behind closed doors.
  11. Haha, she quite likes Libraries. I meant take them in the South Stand/Grandstand.
  12. I have taken my 6 year old to her first game and the noise absolutely terrified her. I took ear phones last night so it wasn't as bad but not sure it is the best place for a 1 year old. Need to be at least 4 imo and even then, I would take them to a quiet place.
  13. Only a fraction is in England but the address is in England. The entire pitch is in Wales. As they are an English club though, they are not due any financial help. It's a bit of a mess really. The dotted line is the border and Wales is on the left.
  14. That just feels all wrong to me.
  15. What happened to him saying he was a changed man?
  16. owl_83


    Amir Khan v Kell Brook announced for February 19th. I hope Brook knocks him spark out. Khan is just so arrogant.
  17. Scotland v Ukraine wales v Austria Russia v Poland Sweden v Czech Republic Italy v North Macedonia Portugal v Turkey It means that Italy or Portugal are definitely out as they would meet in one of the finals. Winner of Wales, Russia and Portugal ties are at home in final.
  18. Your club has just spent upwards of £100 million. They were one of the best net spenders in the division and broke every club record signing. What else can you expect him to say? How could he say anything else? He was shrewd the way he got them to the Championship and Premiership. He didn't spend much money getting them to 9th place in Premier League. Then when the dust has settled in the McCabe and Prince fight, all of a sudden they change tact and just buy random signings. How many forwards did they buy? That wasn't Wilder. That was the Prince and his management team playing football manager with a real club.
  19. Yesterday confirms to me that Wilder did not make all of those expensive signings. Think about it, why would Wilder criticise us for "spunking money up the wall" and then go and make the same mistakes at S2? He wouldn't, he is not that kind of manager. The Chairman/Owner saw it as an opportunity to break into and solidify their place in the Premier League, so they gambled. They went out and bought expensive signings, signings in positions they didn't even need and went to Wilder and said "there you go, go and take us to the next level". And Wilder couldn't exactly turn around after the club had made a £20 million signing and say "well he is not really what I wanted, I will hardly play him". He had to toe the party line. All the talk yesterday about changing strategy and letting the Football Manager manage the football side, speaks volumes to me that the exact opposite happened in the past. They did interfere in the footballing matters. They treat it like it was a game of Football Manager or fantasy football. And I believe that they think the players are good enough and they aren't. Wilder and Slavisa both could not get them to play and Slavisa did not play the signings towards the end. The board/Chairman/Owner had seen enough of Slavisa, they want to see their investments being played out on the pitch, not him going to the board and asking for more money. It is going to be interesting what happens in the near future. I think we will see a return of Brewster etc in the first team. What will happen if they lose the first three or four, god only knows.
  20. How did the last one turn out? It really is true what they say, history really does repeat itself.
  21. That screams to me that they have no money and won't be looking at buying any players anytime soon. Deal until end of 2025/26 season, jesus.
  22. I went to see this last night and absolutely loved it. The villain was a bit underwhelming. So much film and so little about him. I really enjoyed the Daniel Craig era. It really brought the films into the modern era and quite sad to see them end.
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