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  1. I just hope all those calling for Southgate's head realise that it's a massive achievement getting to a final. Andy maybe he has earned the right to continue qualification for 2022, and lead us way beyond that.
  2. Please, please spare a thought for the Scottish fans at this moment in time. So far they have supported four teams in Euro 2020 and not won 1 match yet.
  3. Public Health England has released their latest stats. Approx 64% of adults in the UK have...been offered the Spurs Managers job.
  4. For 5 years we have said this. Its time we accept that he is too much of a narcissist to do this.
  5. I was born in the 80's and I have seen us lift the League cup, qualify for Europe, finish in the Top 3 of the old 1st division, seen us have England Internationals in our team etc. You know what memory I am most fond of? Visiting the likes of Yeovil and Colchester away, having a few pints, having a good day out with mates and having a laugh. I had an Owls Away Card in 2003-04 and so for the next couple of seasons I had priority for tickets and managed to go to ever match home and away for two seasons. I could afford it at the time and enjoyed it a lot. I can't afford to do that now but would love for those days to return. If football swallowed itself up and we went back to the days of having 4 divisions of 24, I would not complain one little bit. Neither would I complain if it meant AFC Wednesday would have to form for some reason. It hurts that I struggle to afford home matches, never mind away matches and it hurts that so do a lot of fellow owls.
  6. I agree. But those supporters they replace them with will not be families or working people. They will be corporate sponsors, the Chinese or American tourists who fly in, have a stadium tour and fly back out again. There are no kids getting involved and so the next generation of fans are lost. Eventually it will burn itself out. The trouble with Wednesday and football in general is, we have had a year out of the game. People have seen what other entertainment is out there. For £40 you can take the family to Yorkshire Wildlife Park and have a better and longer day out than going to Hillsborough. For £100 you can get a season pass for the family and get better value.
  7. Great post. I agree whole heartedly. Would you say Shearer's equivalent would be on around £200k a week now (being modest). If so that means footballers are on nearly 30 times more than what footballers were on 25/30 years ago. And that is even taking into account inflation. Can you honestly say that football is that much more exciting today than it was 25/30 years ago? I can't. In fact I think it has got more boring. I was 10 in 1994 and can still remember the excitement I felt as a kid. I still watch the highlights of us beating Blackburn 4-2 at Ewood Park, jumping around like an idiot. No one can tell me the fans experience has got richer over the last 25/30 years.
  8. If you look at the forums of the big clubs, I think you will find that they are getting bored with it too. They are fed up of paying through the nose for tickets, merchandise, hot dogs, cola. They really are starting to care less and less. We are just seen as cash cows for clubs. And the money isn't being spent on improving the club, or shoring up clubs finances. It is all being spent on players. If you speak to FC United fans, they are loving it. They are not being ripped off with overpriceed pies or drinks. They can stand with their mates and meet players after matches etc. I do think a revolution in football is coming. My lad is 18 months old and will probably start to take him to matches when he is 5 or 6. It probably won't be to Wednesday, it will be to somewhere like Swallownest or Hallam FC.
  9. Football is also too boring now and too expensive. I struggle to afford to take myself to matches never mind my children as well. There are just cheaper (and more fun) days out now.
  10. Just to add further, Arsenal fans were calling for the big six, including themselves to be punished. Punishment varying from points deductions to European bans. One even wanted them to be relegated. Modern football is dying, there isn't much life left in it.
  11. I have been on 4 or 5 of the "big six" forums the last few days and you know what surprises me? They all hated the Super League more than all of us put together. They want to win but don't want European football just gifted to them. All of them seemed fed up with modern football and all of them are seriously considering quitting their club for non league football etc. You think we don't like Chansiri, you ought to hear Tottenham, Arsenal and Man Utd fans talk about their owners. You will probably see pitch forks coming out soon. And all of them are fed up with the price of season tickets. I really think football has achieved a saturation point where the fans can or cannot justify the price of season tickets. If the price goes up much more, I believe you will see more and more begin to turn their backs on the clubs.
  12. I don't reckon this is over, not by a long shot. Real Madrid and Barcelona are still in a lot of debt, as are a lot of the clubs. The bubble is still vastly inflated and they will still need to do something. I reckon Real Madrid and Man Utd will just look worldwide for clubs.
  13. Joel Glazer: You have no authority here Jackie Weaver, none at all! Jackie Weaver: (click)
  14. I hope it has the opposite effect. The one threat the top clubs had was they would form their own Super League. They have done that and it’s lasted 2 days. Anytime the top clubs throw a strop, tell them •••• off and form your own league then. They have lost their one and only bargaining chip.
  15. But also, it is the need and competition to stay in the elite that keeps pushing players wages and prices up and up and keeps clubs spending. Clubs don't make money. They achieve revenue but it just goes straight on players wages. Why? Because the top clubs need the best players to stay there and the agents and players only have to go from club a to club b and have them do a bidding war to get the best wage out of them. All of the top clubs are in debt and they need this ESL to afford to just afford the price of the debt. It is just a huge bubble and this is just inflating the bubble even more. It needs to pop before we can rebuild football again.
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