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  1. This is exactly how I feel. Its just a shambles and feel nothing towards the club at the minute. Chansiri will not be getting another penny off me until he realises what this football club is about and treats the chairmanship of the football club with the respect/deference it requires. I've followed Wednesday to all four corners of England, done full seasons, had a season ticket for 28 consecutive seasons and I'm only 34. But that's me done.
  2. owl_83

    When were you truly happy

    Last time I was happy was just before the home leg against Huddersfield. I genuinely believed that we would get promoted that season. I thought we would beat Huddersfield and beat anyone in the final. It was our year. But we played with fear. We had the goal, got the fans backs up and then started to defend. Huddersfield were there for the taking. That killed the atmosphere and killed our advantage and it was obvious they were going to score. From them on I knew Carlos didn't have the bottle to get us up. I hadn't purchased a season ticket because of financial reasons at the early bird offer. But was fully prepared to at the next stage, I had had one for 27 years. And then it came, Carlos had agreed a new deal. I just shook my head and thought, but he doesn't know how to get us up. I hadn't enjoyed 2016/17 season. It was a strange season and I looked back and could count on one hand how many games I actually enjoyed. The rest we just seemed to cling on for a win. We never looked comfortable in games. If I didn't enjoy going to games, if I didn't think we would do anything this season (to be fair, there was no chance we would get promoted this season) , I didn't have to have a season ticket. It was just too much money that I could have found if I wanted to. I just didn't want to. First home game was weird. I took daughter to a soft play and watched sports Saturday on my phone. The joy on her face when she went down the slide saying "look daddy I'm sliding" meant the world and knew I had made the right decision and never looked back. I don't know what will bring me back. Maybe feeling its my club again. Feel like I'm not just seen as a consumer and seeing how high we can push season ticket prices but a fan who needs to feel like to feel like I'm part of the club.
  3. owl_83

    Not using ST next Friday

    Anyone got a season ticket going spare for next Friday, pm me please. I'd go. Let me know how you want.
  4. owl_83

    The Boy Wonder - 50 today !

    I can remember his 24th birthday. We played Chelsea at Hillsborough and he scored the first two. He was on for a hattrick and instead passed it to Paul Williams who passed it into net. We won 3-0. I am 34 today and was honoured to share same birthday as my hero. I grew up wanting to be like David Hirst. They say you should never ever meet your heroes and that was very true for me. I made a right *** of myself.
  5. owl_83

    Anyone got any hobbies?

    This season is the first season since 1990/91 I haven't had a season ticket. Cost and being bored out of my head being the two main reasons. This season I have started taking my little girl out more and more on Saturdays, we go shopping, I have got an annual pass for Yorkshire Wildlife park (£100 for 2 adults). There are a few play areas there. In the days I don't have my little girl, I will go around to mates, have a couple of accumulators, couple of drinks. Do you know the scary thing? I don't miss it. And the even scarier thing, I don't think I would ever get another season ticket. For the entertainment, there are far better options out there that are far cheaper.
  6. Yep I work in Leeds and an office full of Leeds fans. I fear the worst. They are on fire. And I can't see anything else but a drubbing.
  7. Like I said, various reasons but those two matches against Huddersfield broke me. I've followed Wednesday through some bad times. I went three full seasons back to back of never missing a game home or away and that was 2002/03 until 2004/05. Some very bad times there. I was at the brighton game when we went down at easter. I was at Colchester midweek when we lost 4-0, was at swindon when we lost 3-2. I've done Bournemouth midweek losing 2-0, Blackpoil 4-1 etc. I could stomach all of that. I could even stomach Bryan Barry-Murphy playing for us. The the total inept performances against Huddersfield, the way we refused to attack, them having a reserve goalie in and not having ONE shot at him, having great players on the field and then inviting pressure and defending a one goal lead. Well I just couldn't stomach it. Also My daughter has diabetes and at the time of the season tickets going on sale we were having to fork out £300 a month for appliances that made our lives easier. By the time we got NHS funding the season tickets had stopped being sold and wouldn't sell me one. That being said if Carlos would have been sacked after Huddersfield and got an ambitious manager in that would have seen us with a fighting chance, I would have fought tooth and nail to get one. I would have worked overtime/sold my car. I just couldn't face another season of Carlos being in charge. I didnt believe he would have us up there again. I still believe we will not finish top ten this season and United will finish above us if Carlos stays in charge.
  8. owl_83

    Give your heads a wobble

    Carlos buys players and then shuts them out eg abdi last year. Boyd this year. We buy players and within a few weeks look like former shadows of themselves. These aren't just micky mouse players, these have been players of the season for teams who have won the title of the division we are in. Even worse we buy playes and are then shipped out within 8 months. We don't get ourselves up for big games and players go missing. We go over cautious for all big games. We have an embarresment of riches up top. 4 or 5 top class players who have scored goals where ever they have played and yet we seem to defend one goal leads instead of letting go of the leash and going for the juggalar. We have no plans for corners of free kicks. We have been outplayed and outclassed by our local rivals and hardly a played showed any spirit. He has had two full seasons to get to know this league and we look as far away as ever. Give you own head a wobble will ye FFS!!
  9. It wasn't just that, it was everything about it. Talking about the way the game should be played. Protecting players, making sure Clarke was protecting his partner and talking him through his biggest game. About how he doesn't buy players because of their names, and because they cost £10 million. But ensures they will add something to the team. Compare that to Carlos and he does the exact opposite. He buys players because he thinks he should, no plan how to play them. No nurturing of players. Decent players, who cost lots of money are just sidelined, not played. Players confidence is ripped apart. Rhodes was bought even though our game doesn't suit him. Poles apart and we will not get promoted whole he is here.
  10. Listened to wilder after the game and couldn't help but be impressed how he spoke. He with passion, excitement and a will to win. He spoke about character and players standing up and being counted. He sounded like he loved his job and he couldn't wait for the next game. When he looked at players to buy, he looked for attitude and team spirit and everyone being together to achieve one goal. If I wasn't driving I would have stood up and applauded. Then Carlos come on the radio. I couldn't understand what he was saying or trying to say. He spoke with 100 words when 10 would do. I switched off and I still don't get the gist of what he was trying to say. I had a season ticket for 27 years, ever since I was 6 years old and the direness of the Huddersfield performance, I couldn't face getting one this season, especially him being kept on. It wasn't the only reason but had he not have stayed, I would have fought tooth and nail to get one. £42 for today was a joke and it will simply be the last money I spend at the club whileever he is at the club.
  11. owl_83

    The ref

    He should have ducked out of challenges a bit more...
  12. owl_83

    Any fecker

    How bad can his man management be when you have a £10m striker refusing to take a penalty. We have bought players like abdi and Jones who have hardly seen this season. These are good players who cost money. I rated Matias last season and he is under a cloud of mystery and injury. We bought winnall who hasn't been given a chance. After all of his signings it was still nearly last seasons team. I would rather lose and play our best game than be cautious and lose on penalties. Have a go, fortune favours the brave.
  13. owl_83

    Rotherham fan

    I can't wait until they redraw the boundary so Waverley is back under Sheffield and I can state with absolute certainty I live in Sheffield. Until then I can be happy that I was born in Sheffield and Sheffield is my spiritual home but there will always be the stigma I pay council tax to Rotherham
  14. How about Uxbridge? Near end of m40 and not far from Wembley.
  15. Definitely. See link:- http://www.football-league.co.uk/news/article/2016/sky-bet-championship-play-off-final-key-information-3115889.aspx