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  1. Sooner or later the "Don't pay or we will take it away" guys come calling. You can't avoid the bailiffs forever and with a charge against the family home, it is only a matter of time before the house is repossessed and you are thrown out onto the streets. If it is the taxman you owe money to, they waste no time in taking you to court and have you placed in administration.
  2. But people are absolutely convinced that if it wasn't for FFP that Chansiri would put more money into the club. If that is the case then why is he borrowing money against the ground, when he could just spend it out of his wealth? If I have £20K in my bank account, I don't pay £5K for a kitchen borrowed from a bank, secured against my house. I just take the £5K from my current account. And before anyone says it, this isn't a 0% gimmick, where the cost of the loan is added onto the price of a kitchen. This is a commercial transaction and will still attract com
  3. Then why did he borrow £6.5 Million from a lender and offered Hillsborough as collateral?
  4. A mortgage is not a problem per se. I have a mortgage against my home. But to me the mortgage payments are affordable for the foreseeable future. I have enough income to pay it. I will make payments for the next 20 years or so. The problem comes from when it is unaffordable. £3 million a year is quite a lot to find. We are also loss making, there's comes a point when the owner/we run out of money. If we run out of assets to sell, where does the money come from? If we have to finance debt on top of that, sooner or later we get evicted etc.
  5. If Chansiri is a changed man or still learning,then why are we still without a manager for TWO months in the middle of a relegation manager. It's been Six years. You can earn a Medical degree in that time. He must be one hell of a slow learner.
  6. What is the wage ceiling in League One, £1.5M? If we have 15,000 season ticket holders in at £450 per season, that is £6.75M. Quite a bit of room to make a bit of profit there.
  7. I'm sorry but I just don't believe a word of him.
  8. 5 year season ticket beginning with 20/21 season for: South stand £3,120 (£624 per season) (£27 per game) Kop £2,195 (£439 per season) (£19 per game) So the absolute minimum he can charge for season tickets/POTD is those prices. Can anyone see us selling many tickets for league one football at this prices.
  9. This wasn't unforeseeable either. There were plenty of people who were around who warned against this nonsense. The problem is, if we have spent and wasted the 5 year season ticket money, it means we won't get any money from those fans for the next three or so years. It also means to get the same level of cash, you need to keep selling 5 year season tickets. Who in their right mind would want to buy a 5 year season ticket now?
  10. I wonder what the POTD prices will be if/when we are in League 1 next season. Personally wouldn’t pay more than £20. Can you imagine him trying to charge £33 to watch Forest Green beat us with ease?
  11. But he has proved time and time again that it is his way or the highway? He has sacked advisors within three weeks who do not agree with him. Can you honestly see Chansiri changing his approach?
  12. What would be a successful out for Chansiri? As I see it, the only one he would accept would be to receive every penny he has put in. I don't think he would accept a loss. I don't ever see that happening as the value of the club is nowhere near that amount as he has wasted loads. If the fans are to pay it, why should we pay for his failures and if it is £200m, can you see 20,000 fans paying £10,000 each so that Chansiri can receive that money back?
  13. So if the Fans Club submitted a question such as "We don't own our own ground, we have not got a strategy in place to be successful, don't you think it is time to leave", someone at the club can choose to completely ignore it and Chansiri will not ever see it? The club could choose to just put forward positive comments/questions? How will he ever know the dissent amongst the fan base?
  14. Are you not worried about the consequences of him continuing as Chairman/Owner. Where are we going to be if he continues for the next 5 years? Will you accept League Two/National League if it means him continuing? At what point would you accept protests?
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