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  1. The ref

    He should have ducked out of challenges a bit more...
  2. Any fecker

    How bad can his man management be when you have a £10m striker refusing to take a penalty. We have bought players like abdi and Jones who have hardly seen this season. These are good players who cost money. I rated Matias last season and he is under a cloud of mystery and injury. We bought winnall who hasn't been given a chance. After all of his signings it was still nearly last seasons team. I would rather lose and play our best game than be cautious and lose on penalties. Have a go, fortune favours the brave.
  3. Rotherham fan

    I can't wait until they redraw the boundary so Waverley is back under Sheffield and I can state with absolute certainty I live in Sheffield. Until then I can be happy that I was born in Sheffield and Sheffield is my spiritual home but there will always be the stigma I pay council tax to Rotherham