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  1. We can't blame Monk, it is the players or more so recruitment, which has been nothing short of shambolic since Chansiri has been here. You listen to other football managers on Praise and Grumble and they say they are only going to bring in players who will improve the team. We seemed to bring in whoever, whether they fitted into the team didn't matter, just spend the money and get them in. I believe the club is beyond repair. We have a team full of players who are on sky high wages, a bloated squad and players who don't seem to want to play and there is nothing we can do. We will be paying the price of 2015-16 season for years to come, just hope it was worth it.
  2. Knowing our luck, they would throw us in the National South out of spite.
  3. I'm sure we were only 2 nil versus Leeds at HT. We won that 6 nil so we must have scored 4 in the second half.
  4. I'm afraid this is all down to DC and not appointing a manager. Why he has not done so is beyond me. Its September tomorrow and been without a manager since start the start of the season. Very poor.
  5. I have been fiercely critical of the chairman in recent times but would like to thank him. At least we have a manager who has been in the English game and knows what he is doing. I just hope he takes charge of the recruitment and we bring in players who we need, not just look good. I honestly though we would have seen lights out at Hillsborough before we would have seen this. The future will hopefully be very bright.
  6. I don't agree with they are professional footballers, so they should just get on with it. If you have spent 10 years making a career out of being a software developer and suddenly your manager makes you be a Graphics Designer, how would you feel? You would try your best but you probably wouldn't be at your best. You also wouldn't be in your comfort zone or be very happy. Footballers are humans. If you are treat appallingly then they are going to feel it.
  7. Already way ahead of you. I haven't spent a single penny at the club since 2017 play off semi final and will not spend a penny more until he goes. He has shown complete contempt towards our supporters.
  8. I'd be delighted with the above. I would probably even buy a season ticket next year if he admitted to the above. However I have little faith he is going to say anything like that. I believe he is that out of touch with reality that he will probably blame the fans. Saying we need to pay more to attract better players. We shall see but I won't hold my breath.
  9. How dare he share my birthday as well. For me he will always be a Wednesday legend and I don't think he can be blamed for what happened.
  10. Maybe it's not Jos trying to get the sack, maybe it's Chansiri trying to get relegation? Just a thought I have had. What if there are relegation release clauses in all of the players contracts? If they were to reduce the players wage by x% then that would save a bit and maybe force the high earners on? It's pure speculation of course and only my opinion.
  11. I'm not an apologist but I think changing the manager at this time is futile. I think a new manager is needed and a better manager would have us in a better position than where we are. However I have zero confidence that the club would appoint the required calibre needed of a manager. We would probably get San Marino's manager from Serie D in Italy or somewhere like that. We have no chance of appointing someone decent. I also think the club has got bigger things to worry about. FFP and financial annihilation. We cannot go on losing the amount of money we are doing. They have had all of the season ticket money up front and I don't see where they are going to get anymore cash from. Worrying times and I am genuinely concerned whether there will be a football club in 2 to 3 years time.
  12. And people still defend him. Unbelievable. What worries me is when fans start to vote with their feet and refuse to pay the ridiculous prices. The only ones there will be the multi season St holders. Wednesday will have already spent their money. So where will the cash come from?
  13. What baffles me is why we are still buying into it all? Or is it when more fans take a stance and don't pay the extortionate money for a St when the real stuff starts to hit the fan?
  14. Backs up my stance of not buying a season ticket. I just can't stomach paying the money only for it to be wasted and peed up a wall. I genuinely worry about the future of our club. We have all those people who have 3, 4 and 5 year season tickets and what happens when that money isn't coming in?
  15. I disagree. no one player is bigger than the club. if players don't want to play here then get rid.plenty of successful clubs sell players on when their use has come to an end. Alex Ferguson was good at it. we have an embarrassing set of riches up front who have either not had the desire or have been injury prone. we are seeing first hand what it is like to have a set of players who have desire to win but also a desire to improve as players.
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