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  1. Put big Dave on him ....oh wait! Ffs
  2. Just when you begin to think owls talk is full of nutters along comes a post like this that proves we’re all Wednesday get well soon Tinks wawaw
  3. It certainly was and the train home lost most of its windows just after leaving the station
  4. I was on the kop as usual and towards the end of the game loads of fans moved down to the front to celebrate the end of the game /season on the pitch . with the fence and locked gates some lads were trying to climb the fence one got over and was promptly nicked by plod but then another got over just as sterland crossed the coppers went for him then the north came on just as a third lad got over the fence and opened the gate , the bottom half of the kop spilled onto the pitch all in good humour hugging and laughing with the players one of which lost most of his kit to trophy hunters jack
  5. As the link suggests we were on the pitch a waiting the Chelsea result to find out if we had won the league title! By the way it’s the only time I’d seen barbed wire at a football ground..... not that it did any good as the wires below were ripped out !
  6. Yes link doesn’t work but I remember it well , ended up on the pitch at the end of the game! The locals weren’t happy but they were outnumbered !
  7. No mate he’s obsessed with us never shuts up about us ..... in fact he probably reads owlstalk !
  8. A local piggy just told me we’re in for mcgoldrick ! (Possibly spelt wrong but I don’t know owt about them piggies and don’t wont too )
  9. If Scotland play the tomorrow will Liam Palmer have too self isolate before he can rejoin the squad as the Czech players are having virus issues?
  10. Didn’t realise he was on the kop ?
  11. Like I said I’ve got a brilliant jacket
  12. Funny thing is I’ve got a great jacket made by them and I’m quite sure we don’t play in our birthday suit!
  13. Squad player at the most , probably be ok of the bench but still the wrong side of 30 so it’s a No !
  14. That’ll be worth watching.....just for the meltdown on here
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