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  1. I have long been under the impression no player should be allowed to get to less than 12 months in contract. If we are keeping them then resign them. If not then we have 2 transfer windows to sell. if FDB is rated so highly by DM, why is he in to the last 12 months of his contract. we need to get away from this 10+ players leaving at the end of the season then 10+ players needing to be signed to replace the leaving players.
  2. I be more, how much for a shirt with name and number on.
  3. Good young player, right age, lots of league experience, not much fee just overloads us a bit in midfield. Bannan, Byers, Vaulks, FDB, Adeniran, Hunt, Barkinson. 7 players for a midfield 3, presumably Hunt if off either on loan or gone. Possible FDB maybe leaving too? If Bannan, Byers, Vaulks are fit they will play most league games.
  4. Played 31 games last season in league one and championship and all games were played at central midfield or defensive central midfield. scoring 3 goals but accumulating 8 yellow cards. 34 championship games the season before that, all matches played defensive midfielder. Would suggest he is a loungo style player not someone who can slot into a back 3.
  5. I would be looking at Josh Murphy at 50% of his best he would be the best winger in league one. regular game time week in week out would be a great signing the only worry is would he drop to league one for a season.
  6. Is that 2 keepers on the bench, is Stockdale carrying an injury? Seem very short up front not willing to give one of the development squad a chance to stake a claim. Cant be any worse than Paterson.
  7. Can they make sure they have enough staff on the bar and food serving. A good/bad first impression could make or break it. Plenty of staff good services, decent prices and good choice and it could be a nice little money earner. Add a bit of decent weather and off they go.
  8. I am sure you said the same thing about Brennan too.
  9. Why would you play a full back at Centre back that what we did with Palmer and we saw how that ended last season. But converting a full back into an attacking full back/ wingback could be the natural progression for him. With the caveat he could still play full back if we switch to a flat back 4.
  10. Lets say Boro last season thought the same with Spence not good enough for their first team he can stay in the development squad. he would not have gone to forest, got promotion with the n and definitely not have been on Spurs radar or made Boro £12.5m +
  11. How do we know, we never give our youth a chance to develop in the first team. We bring other teams youth in but never give our own any chances.
  12. I understand what your saying but presumably, MK Dons had those same pressures but instead of playing their senior forward they gave Twine playing time and he flourished. Wigan too last season had pressure to go up, they had the senior forwards at the club but gave Laing a chance to cement a first team place he rewarded them with 15 goals in league. If we never give youth a chance in the team then we may as well scrap the youth set up, because all we ever do is release them.
  13. Would it hurt to give Hunt a run of 10 games playing central midfield with Bannan, Byers, Vaulk around him he will come on a lot more than playing for the development team. i understand its the managers choice but at no point has any youth player got a chance to stake a claim other than Brennan and that was only after playing a right back, left winger and midfielder out of position. He did that badly the club offered him a 2.5 year deal. But then got dropped from the match day squad so the crock from Everton could get game time.
  14. Djed Spence 21 year old right back given playing time at Boro before a season loan. Signed by Spurs for £12.5m with £7.5m of add ons. Scott Twine 23 year old forward, break through season at MK Dons signs for Burnley for £4m. Jack Rudoni 21 year old attacking midfielder, 2 full season at Wimbledon, just signed for £1m to Huddersfield town 3 examples of young players being given game time to cement a place in the team and earning their club valuable transfer fees after having good seasons.
  15. Keep them in the development squad then release them at the end of the season after giving neither player a chance to stake a claim. Its the Wednesday way.
  16. Jaden Brown who should be no where near the first team yet J Hunt 32. Just makes a mockery of squad numbers, for me your best team 1 to 11 sub keeper 13 the rest for squad players
  17. I hope he does but with Bannan, Vaulk, Byers, Adeniran to compete with do you see him being a regular starter. The midfield 3 if all fit will be the older lads not Dennis and Fizz. I hope we sign him to a longer deal, but that now 2 bids for players in the last 12 months of their deals we have turned down. If we turned both deals down and plan to keep them, sign them to longer deals or lose them for free agents come the end of the season.
  18. I just hope we dont pin everything on loans or only have one target in Wilks. We need match fit players not fringe loan players coming in at the end of the window that miss the first 5 games of the season, then take 2 months to get fit or worse like Shodipo, Dean, TJJ get injured and we barely see any of them. We never get our business done early, we are missing pace up front and a decent attacking right winger. There are question marks over Iorfa staying fit so, 3 at the back we could need another centre back too.
  19. Without his pace he would not even be semi professional at best, 1 good game in 10. Like by the fans but completely useless.
  20. As well as getting a wide right player and pacy forward in we also need to offload a bit of dead wood Paterson, Brown, Sow need moving on for me none are a regular starter and probably we will save the best part of £10-15k a week with the 3 elsewhere. A Hunt and Galvin need to be playing regular league football and i just dont see it under DM. Wilks would have been a great signing for a league one team, but the club have decided not to make an improved offer, for a play who in league one has an impressive record over the last few years. 33 g and 16 a in 90 games is as good as anything else in this league.
  21. Hes the joint tallest footballer in England, Carlisle keeper Tomas Holy is also 6ft 9"
  22. I just hope we dont end up doing a Reach on him. Leaving it till the end of the window and paying over the odds. do we have other targets? presumably Elliott from Newcastle, maybe Curtis from Pompy, maybe one G Hirst
  23. Attendance have been dropping season on season for the last few years. 16/17. - 27,129 17/18. - 25,995 18/19. - 24,429 19/20. - 23,773 20/21. - Covid season 21/22. - 22,470 Over the last 6 seasons we have lost nearly 5,000 on the average gate, we get less away following in league one but the POTG prices will be having a big impact on the walk up fans.
  24. We need a good start but i dont see the fans flooding back the POTG, is still just too much. We will have sold 15-18,000 season tickets, but £25-30 for most games is just too much. There is also no common sense on the pricing Charlton Category A, they finished 13th last season, no local rivalry, wont be in promotion mix should really be a category C game. Yes they were a former premier league team but so were Bolton, Bradford, Swindon, Oldham etc. Ultimately we will max out around the 21-23,000 mark leaving 15,000 empty seats and this could well affect the atmosphere at the games.
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