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  1. Presumably they want him on a free, the club are clinging to a hope they offer money. If he is never gonna play then just get rid and save on the wages. Just a strange one all round considering Moore signed him last season then never played him.
  2. I dont know the fa cup is different, does not affect the league until 4th or 5th round and a good run to say third or fourth round could generate some much needed extra income.
  3. Also game on sky puts Hunt and Galvin in the shop window to hopefully get a league two/ conference loan for at least the first half of the season.
  4. The amount of injuries being picked up is worrying, question need to be asked what fitness and strengthening training went on in pre season for so many to be getting injured within the first weeks of the season. i want to win every game but also the league cup offers little to teams now. Dawson Galvin Henegan Iorfa James Adeniran Hunt Bakinson Sow Windass Gregory Bench: Charles, Palmer, Cademateri, Paterson, Vaulk, Johnson, Ihiekwe Rest Bannan, Stockdale, Smith, Fizz, Byers who are all going to be important players for us this season and should be playing a lot of games in the league.
  5. I just want players player 90 minutes no 85 then playing tag in the corner. I hate that side of football at any level.
  6. Put a second goal in the back of the net and stop fannying around in the corners. I hate game playing and sticking it in the corner, if your good enough play the ball around I rarely agree with the inspector but on this I do
  7. Didnt Danny Bergara caretaker manage us, i seem to remember him on the coaching staff and taking charge though i may be wrong.
  8. Not bothered with either would rather sign a cheap young centre back, that we can develop over a few seasons, that might fetch us good money, or be the main stay of the team for the next 5 years. Hector and Dean are looking for one last big payday, if all they wanted was to play week in week out they would have already signed for someone.
  9. The lose of Twine will be massive for them, as will Darling at the back solid but scored a few important goals in the second half of the season. Johnson is a good signing for this level and its a banker for Connor Grant to score, another of the young owls allowed to leave, not deemed good enough by our past inept managers. they look light up front as we are too, i think this game will we won or lost on both teams ability to defend their 6 yard box.
  10. When you have good players but they make silly mistakes. Then you need to look:- Do the players have the right attitude? Are they being coached correctly? or controversially would they play a lot better in a different formation? i suspect we have good players but expecting them to play a 3-5-2, where they play out from the back and have wing backs that are not defensively tight may be the issue. on Saturday Johnson was out of position for every one of the goals conceded, all 3 were carbon copies. Was it him at fault, or the centre backs for not heading the crosses clear?
  11. I would love to sign him but he will be looking for what he was on at Chelsea and Fulham which was around the £40k a week mark, i cannot see jim dropping to league to get paid less than £10k a week. more likely will end up at Sheff Utd they like signing our ex players.
  12. You know the thread is about Gregory being suspended dont you?
  13. Dont think it matters if Harry Kane comes in for Gregory, if we keep giving soft goals away at the back. I would like to see us revert back to a back 4, two central defenders and two full backs preventing easy crosses coming in. Then if they do come in put them in row Z. we need to go back to basics, clean sheets, tight defence and build from there, if Moore cannot sort the defensive issues then get in a coach to help him who can.
  14. No but we do expect basic things like defending a cross not to be so ******** difficult for the team. better teams will rip us apart if thats the norm at the back, a poor back 3 and a keeper not much better on today showing, massive improvements require going forward. and yes i expect the club top 2 after 10 games anything less and for me Moore is a gonna. No more excuses.
  15. I see Joe Wildsmith kept a clean sheet for him new team today.
  16. A team we beat 4-1 just 12 weeks ago we are to scrap a draw with this season is that forward momentum or have we gone backwards from last season. We are still conceding soft goals, we cannot defend crosses which is a fundamental flawed at any level of football.
  17. We been saying the same thing for the last 50 games. I have just watch all 3 goals, all down are left, all crosses into the box Iorfa and the other 2 centre backs no where in sight. its very basic defending that we seem to struggle with, but with no full back we are going to have a lot of crosses into our box and clearly on this show concede a lot of soft goals
  18. I hear Stuart Gray is very good and two promotions in the last 3 seasons
  19. Is the game 2 points dropped or 1 point gain. clearly defensive issues that have still not be sorted, there was only 3 deputs today in the starting line so lack of playing together can be an excuse. maybe just maybe try a 4-4-2 in the next game and see if we do better.
  20. Good line up, just a shame that Dawson did not get the nod, but i dont think anyone realistically thought DM would go with Dawson in anything but the cups.
  21. Presumably it was more of a case of 2 years to get a refund the club promised. Fans relationship with the club at an all time low and after years of promises and excuse no repayment even ignore all communication attempts. DC steps back from the day to day running of the club Dooley comes in and basic things start to change for the better, the club in performing better and fans miss going to the match on a Saturday, something many have done all their life with their family and are friends with my people they sit with. They decide to bite the bullet and give not the chairman their money but the club the love. but they are fans who love their club, DC just see them as customers and getting rid of a few that dont tow the line, is the way he does business. He does want fans with opinion, he wants who pay the prices and dont say anything no matter how badly treated they are.
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