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  1. We are in large playing most of last season failure players, we have the most experience defence in the league but the midfield is woeful and it is costing us every game. Gregory got a couple of tap ins from Dennis shots, but other than that not much from a player who has 10 goals in 50+ games in his last 2 seasons. Bannan as captain is untouchable and should have been dropped before now, he weaken the team as cannot play in a midfield two, his goals to game ratio is awful and misses too many penalties. We are slows and predictable when every play goes through him, teams come to Hillsborough and know shutting down Bannan often leads to them getting something from the game. Today we weakened the tight defence we have, because hutch was needed to play along side Bannan, for me it is time he sat out a few games and give others a chance to show what they can do. We desperately need some goals and creatively in midfield. I am just happy I was travelling back from holiday today and did not waste £30 to watch that today.
  2. Can I ask has he stumped up the cash as you put it, to pay back the fans owed money yet. DC is a complete tool in all that he does he took a mid table championship team wasted £200m got us relegated, the best team we played week in week out, were largely at the club before Chansiri arrived and potentially if he does pay the loan due in the next few weeks we could be homeless as well. The teething problems you mention is of our own doing you cannot keep replacing 10+ players a season, then expect the team to play, but equally crap championship players are not suddenly world beaters in league one.
  3. New squad same problem in midfield, Bannan cost us again, missed more penalty than he scores. Didn't have a shot on target in the second half. We need goals in the team not sat on the bench, drop the players not performing game in game out and let's have some of the other lads getting the game time.
  4. For me there a few players not playing to the level they should be out would go Hunt, Bannan and Paterson. I would start a 4-4-2 at home BPF Palmer/ Iorfa/ Hutchinson /Brown Corbeanu/ Adeniran/ Wing / Sow Gregory/ Berahino Bench Wildsmith, Dunkley, Hunt, Paterson, Bannan, Johnson, Kamberi If we have not scored in the first 45 then change it up in the second half, but this tippy tappy across the back line poo needs to stop, goals win games not number of passes.
  5. Lets hope he plays more often that Bates, the benefit of getting players in for preseason not signing them unfit and injured.
  6. Other fans get to away games tickets go on sales fans but them. At SWFC you need a degree in gibberish to understand how to buy a ticket. At any point does anyone at the club look at what they write and think.....humm they looks complete rollocks.
  7. There mostly playing league football
  8. Just a few of the articles about interest from premier league teams, yes they may be sweeping up young talent but if he had gone to any of these teams he would not be being sent out on loan to the 6th division which is predominantly a part time league. Everyone has their view but I person think there was interest from conference and league two teams our dithering in getting him loaned out meant no league teams but he is at least at the level Hunt has been sent out too. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/leicester-transfers-hagan-sheffield-wednesday-5563256 https://www.footballtransfertavern.com/sheffield-wednesday-transfer-rumours/sheff-wed-charles-hagan-linked-with-premier-league-pair/ https://www.msn.com/en-gb/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday-secure-sigficant-win-in-race-with-crystal-palace-charlton-and-others-for-teenager/ar-AALlFxe https://www.givemesport.com/1704783-sheffield-wednesday-news-fresh-development-emerges-concerning-charles-hagans-owls-future
  9. Crystal Palace, Brentford and Leicester city were reportedly interested until he resign with us. But at the time he resigned he was going to be part of the first team squad not loaned out to the 6th division. we would be better if playing him in the pizza cup games.
  10. Or it suggest that little to no planning by the owls for youth players once again, that we left it until the last minute and the window for league football had shut. The premier league teams that wanted to sign him in the summer before he agree to stay here did not want him to be playing a league below the conference.
  11. A player wanted by teams in the premier league before resigning with us, he is unable to get a loan to a league team due to the poor timing of this loan by us and the window being shut but no one in the conference is interested. I do hope when he returns in January and hopefully is signed to a contract extension longer than 12 months we plan ahead with the youth players and get him out on loan to a better quality of league. Good look to the lad but if he goes out and scores a hatful the excuse will be what did you expect its the 6th division.
  12. Indeed currently 22nd and finish last season 17th, a category D game if of course if category C and D will even ever be used. Seems a joke if all games are A or B, may as well simplify it and have one price for every game.
  13. Is this a token loan we seem to send a lot of players to Gainsborough Trinity on loan. Surely it would be a lot better for the player and his development in the Conference, it's almost the standard of the 4th league division. I cannot Believe a Chesterfield, Grimsby, Halifax would not be interested in a loan. Good luck to the lad but clearly for the chop list come June 2022.
  14. Thanks for the update cannot remember saying Monk signed Harris only that he played him 40+ games.
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