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  1. In the next U20 World Cup in 1999 Steven Haslam played. It was the same year as his Wednesday debut.
  2. Played 80 games in Championship over last two years. If he signed he would want to be first choice.
  3. If he came here he'd want to be first choice. Not a Price,Kean,Jones.
  4. Great servant, he was there under Big Ron, Tricky Trev and Pleat.
  5. The snooker was in August though and before the second wave. I bet if they had the snooker today it would be behind closed doors.
  6. Forgot Barnsley result . On the Forest website it says Forest won 1 nil
  7. U23s and U18s have lost all 8 games they have played this season I think.
  8. Keenan Ferguson was released by United at the end of last season and has just signed a 1 year contract at Tottenham! It's all about opinions.
  9. Hamshaw? He's been coaching at Rotherham for years.
  10. Left to coach at Burnley in 2017. Then went to Oldham and has just left them recently.
  11. Shame he couldn't score when he was here last couple of seasons.
  12. Doesn't really mean anything.Ciaran Brennan and Conor Grant didn't get squad numbers when they were announced but played last night.
  13. He has never started an U23 game. Scored 5 in about 15 games for U18s. Had a an injury and not sure if he played wide right.
  14. That is essentially how it has been. We have picked up a lot of players released by other clubs. Orughide and Thorniley being best examples.
  15. This is why we shouldn't get too expectant of him. First proper game and even though he came from Man City Academy he is 19 and starting out. To put it in perspective Alex Hunt is older and has more first team experience.
  16. After seeing the penalties on Saturday and now that ex takers, Forestieri, Nuhiu and Fletcher have left who should be our penalty taker? Bannan has taken a penalty before but perhaps one of the new players or somebody else?
  17. They always do this. When you see the clips of the players arriving at away grounds there are always a couple of the younger players.
  18. Doesn't mean anything. They can be given a number as and when needed
  19. It's not been though.Westwood got dropped. Dawson came in and stayed until lockdown. On the resumption Wildsmith came in and stayed for last 9 games as Monk said he wanted to take a look at him.
  20. Yes you would think they are different budgets. Over the last few years we have signed players like this. Some just play for U23s. Occasionally you get a Lavery or Thorniley who make it to our first team after being released by a club.
  21. You would think so if they were good enough but the way the U23 squad is looking at the moment up front U16s will get in the side.
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