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  1. That's the one. Can't find it on the internet anywhere. Not even on the club website. I think it was discussed on here when it first came out.
  2. We did one earlier in the season with Jos.Am trying to find it on the internet.DId it about October/November
  3. They are left backs though. Can't see Liam playing there for Scotland although he has done well for us last couple of games.
  4. no,it suggests the manager before did not rate him. Who have they got in Bannan's position who is better???
  5. You don't have to that great to be an international. Just depends what Country you represent.Nuhiu good example.
  6. Fair point but we'd beat Scotland.Not the strongest side. Sounds daft but go through their team and how many are better than what we've got. Robertson of Liverpool is one.
  7. Just to see him in the squad would be great.Bannan only plays half the time he is called up.
  8. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/liam-palmer-ready-show-alex-14079536 This could happen. Not exactly a Country with a wealth of riches when it comes to players at the moment. Won plenty of caps at at U19 and U21 level years ago. He's got a Scottish Grandmother. Look who's on the left of the second picture as well!!!!
  9. Chris Adamson I think was the keeper you are talking about
  10. Still won Player of the Season despite only being there for 3 quarters of it. Bad side though.
  11. Wasn't that somebody else. He signed well into the season I recall but still won player of the Year
  12. It was Brian Barry Murphy who was our left back. Brian Murphy is a keeper currently at Cardiff.
  13. Joe West only other left back but I think he may bone of those released at the end of the season.
  14. Michael Ellery the U18 left back? A random shout that!
  15. The U18 left back is Michael Ellery. Surely he doesn't mean him??
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