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  1. Yes a lot better but most are! Been out of favour at Newcastle since Benitez came really. 38 league games on loan at Forest last season.
  2. Wouldn't Bruce want Tony Strudwick as well? He was very much his choice and it wouldn't surprise me if he shot off as well! Might wait until its all died down a bit.
  3. Colback is same age as Hutch. Both 30 this year.
  4. Paulo Aguas I recognise as he made a sub appearance for the U18's quite early last season.
  5. Crikey just seen it. That was the last place I thought it would be judging by previous coverage! Judging by this it might be better coverage of the academy next season then. I looked on the Lincoln site first because I thought there would be more chance of it being there!
  6. Where has the squad been published:? Not seen it
  7. Four of them. Thompson Ellery Brandy Farmer
  8. Congrats John on Jordan's contract. Hope he can push on this year. Does this mean you'll be at all the U23 games for us next season now instead?!
  9. Strange thing is that despite being the third keeper he only played 9 games for the U23's last season. The likes of the now released McCulloch played a lot more games.
  10. Three years left. Signed 5 years Summer 2017. Dawson signed for three years at the same time so this will be his last year.
  11. Can't believe Burnley paid £15 million and he only played 1 game in the Premier League last season despite being fit. Very strange.
  12. You put the above then someone quoted you saying what do you mean and then you said He's a yob implying you are putting the two together
  13. Yes he might be but you didn't put it very well did you? Think before you type. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that way and what do you mean fake outrage? Insult Leon Knight but not me and others at the same time.
  14. Yes I'd make a very good patient for them in that I have less hair than Bannan and Fletcher but it wouldn't really be for me even if I could afford it. Never really bothered me hair loss. Got two younger brotrhers and they are even worse so can't complain . If I started going bald edarly 20's and I was a well off footballer I would certainly think about it though.
  15. Bit stereotypical don't you think? I'm from a Council estate but definately not a yob.
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