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  1. All died within the last 15 months sadly
  2. According to my records I have got Davidson starting 12 games last season(He may have started a couple more as we didn't always get line ups!)
  3. Because Berahino is instead. Only 4 aubs again so often only 1 striker will be there.
  4. Players don't get to 22/23 before they get a chance. I can't think of any of our Academy players who got their first chance at that age. You look at the younger players we have released last couple of years. They tend to get to 21 and if they haven't made it here by then they get released, Borukov, Ben Hughes, Jack Lee, Isaac Rice, Fraser Preston, Connor Kirby. All of these got to 21 and then got released. None are ever given a couple more years to make the grade.
  5. I agree. Why are the four 20/21 year olds going on loan for the first time. When they signed pro at 18 they should have been going on loan at non league level. Hunt is in his 4th year as a pro. Waldock 3rd.
  6. Yes the window has shut for League clubs but only Alex Hunt of the four sent out has managed to be playing as high as the top Conference League.
  7. That was before we signed 14 players though. To be honest I was looking forward to some youngsters getting a chance this season but its not going to happen now.
  8. I know we exercised the one year option we had.Did they offer a brand new one as well then?
  9. You cant tell until layer in the season. Look at last year. People thought it was decent and then inuries poor form made it look crap ie Kachunga,Brown, etc etc
  10. Wassell made one sub appearance last year. Whittham not played at all. Don't know what the injuries are.
  11. How come other clubs like our neighbours provide extensive coverage of their academy sides then?
  12. That was before we signed 13 players. One thing I was looking forward to this season was the chances that youngsters may get but it looks like it won't happen now that we have made a lot of signings.
  13. It was always going to be a large intake of 1st years this year because we only had a small group of 7 the year before. Of those 7 second years two haven't started a game in there time here because of injury by the looks of it. Unless these come back we will have a very young side this year with only probably4/ 5 second years Asfha, Davidson, Sesay aAl Jahadhmy and Kilheeney. Normally aour strongest U18 teams tend to have 8/9/10 second years in it.
  14. None of the U18s started the first U23 game? Flannery and Davidson came on as subs.
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