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  1. He'll always be grateful to him for giving him his first chance. Not near the team before Jos and the same at the moment it seems.
  2. Just been on St Pauli website. Not many teams have brown as an home kit.
  3. He had a bad injury at 17 to 18 but he was only out about 4 months
  4. I think we need to keep Thorniley here especially now van Aken has left on loan
  5. Don't think that is right. Anyhow our Under 23 keeper Josh Render signed a pro contract a couple of months ago. The kid at Fulham who has just joined Liverpool was still at school last season when he made his debut
  6. Funny post this. A professional player will always say 'boyhood club ' because when he was 16 the odds are he will have started his career at a different club or moved on eventually to a different club if he was lucky enough to be signed on by his boyhood club in the first place. If pros had not been pros they would have stuck with their boyhood club for life just like us and many others I am sure.The only reason they say boyhood club is that professionally they switch allegiance and become associated with another one.
  7. I've got a hunch he'll go to Newcastle when it's all died down a bit.
  8. That looks lke it is Isaac Rice who was on the bench for a game last season and was the U18 captain.
  9. He's the trialist who's playing at number 6!
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