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  1. ....or if he doesn't develop he can be released by us in 18 months. Works both ways. The one good thing about a short contract is he doesn't stagnate or go backwards on a longer deal like Jack Stobbs who was just on the books until his contract expired before being released.
  2. Not always easy to tell because quite a lot on here who hadn't seen him believed the hype and did genuinely think he was the next coming!
  3. Why? Have you checked his record here? He had two years in the U23s,was in and out of the side and scored about 3 goals. That's why we released him.
  4. It's Bellinghams younger brother Jobe. He made his debut this week for the first team.
  5. It could be the turning point in his season. So close to leaving us but stays and becomes best player second half of season
  6. I agree with you. One of the things I was looking forward to this season were the younger players given a chance like they were pre season. Three or four weeks crazy shopping in the Summer put an end to that. The likes of Waldock, Dawodu, Galvin , Hagan haven't a hope here as managers always going to make signings. I think 8 or so signings supplemented by our younger players would have been OK rather than 14 of which some aren't too great. Brennan has had to wait until 21 to get a chance and that was because of an injury crisis. If the manager hadn't been forced to play him we would never know that he was decent and he probably would have been let go without ever getting a look in like so many others.
  7. Injured virtually all of last season and this season hasn't set the World alight in U23s.
  8. I think he's borderline on even being offered a contract by us. Wouldn't surprise me if he is released at the end of the season. No point putting him on a longer deal if the club are unsure about him.if it was someone the club had really high hopes for in the future then fair enough
  9. I don't know how long you have been a Wednesday fan but being realistic is always the best option.
  10. 1 or 2 would be more realistic. Historically you may get a couple make the bench a few times but rarely does anyone become an established first teamer.Since Palmer a decade ago no one has been an established first teamer. Dawson Wildsmith probably nearest.
  11. That's ways going to happen because they only ever get a year at a time. Probably ly sign for another year in the Summer. Brennan has had 4 × 1 year contracts extensions. He might get 2 years this time.
  12. He's 21 not 17. You don't get taller at 21 and how much more filling out is he likely to do?
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