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  1. He said the 93 FA Cup semi was a Sunday as well when it was most definately a Saturday.
  2. Preston must have been offered something and Jack Lee has another year to run.
  3. Haslam hasn't left Wednesday.It was Ben Wilkinson who went to Man City.
  4. Ian Knight did play again but not too much. He played a couple of times for us after 2 years out,went on loan to Scunthorpe and then signed for Grimsby. Broke his leg again and retired when about 26.
  5. My main memory of Des Hazel is of him playing at Wembley for us in that Mercantile Credit Football League Centenary tournament that we were runners up. Still got the VHS of it in the loft.
  6. Its like when you look at any England under age squad from a few years ago. The U17's who won the World Cup for example. Best U17 players in the country. How many will be still be amongst the best players in the country when they are 26/27? 1 or 2 normally out of a squad of 20 normally.
  7. Depends what you call young. Dawson is about to be 24. Isn't that a bit too old? If it was say an U21 award I'd say Penney. Thorniley 22.
  8. Nothing to do with that. We didn't want to keep him. Wednesday chose to release him. Footballing reasons only apparantly. If he had been good enough we would have kept him. Never even started an U23 game for his. Goals dried up as well in the second half of the season. He has had a trial at Preston and played a game a couple of weeks ago for their U18's. Came back to play for us in the U18nplay offs so nothing wrong with his attitude. That can't have been easy when you know you are leaving. A lot of those articles are rubbish. He made his debut at 15 and thought that was good enough for him to be one of the best talents in the world.
  9. Good point. It may help winning trophies at Academy level but you would like to see the second years having had a lot more experience at U23 level. The likes of Dawodu, Rice, O'Brien have been deemed good enough for pro contracts but have barely played a game at U23 level yet. A certain other club in this area plays first year scholars regularly at U23 level and U16's regular at U18 level. We had too many young pros with no chance of the first team stopping U18s develop. The likes of Clarke and O'Grady were on the payroll but struggling to make the U23's despite being 3rd year professionals. The likes of these should have been out on loan to non league and the best U18s playing regular for the U23's. I don't think we get it right yet.
  10. ??They both came through the age groups
  11. Not signed 10. There was only 8. The 7 who have signed are Waldock, Render, Grant, O'Brien, Dawodu, Shaw and Rice. Hammoud released.
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