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  1. Was there and he was the first player of my age who I had seen playing for Wednesday. He was 17 and just a few weeks older than me. Now I'm older than most of the referees!
  2. Stange with ages of managers and how it's changed over the years. Pulis is 62, Hughton is 62, Warnock 72, Hodgson 73. Back in the day Clough seemed ancient when he retired yet was 58. Bob Paisley was only early 60s yet it seemed like he was ancient.
  3. Yes he was. Team with Keith Edwards etc. When I first got into football as a kid he was a decent player for them. Played three or four years at Rotherham as well.
  4. That's more knocks they would play through. They wouldn't have played with calf/groin/hamstring tears or pulls.
  5. Joe Crann of the Star says he has been in touch with the EFL and Westwood can play Saturday. He wouldn't normally I think but we only registered 24 players so had a space available.
  6. No manager can be for the long term. if the results are crap he gets sacked. Simple as. What's the chairman going to say? You've got at least the full 2 and half years whatever happens to rebuild the club. Forget results. You rebuild away. Can't see that happening. If results are fine then great but what if they aren't?
  7. I agree that they have upped the number of trialists but it's not anything new. John Harkes in 89-90 played a couple of reserve games for us and was signed later. .
  8. We have always done this. That's how we signed Thorniley, Baker, Lavery etc.
  9. Nigel Pearson was 24 when we signed him. Dunkley 28.
  10. Luhakys only signing. Stuck with Pelupessy ever since. Not his fault.
  11. Looking at that shirt with Crosby Kitchens that was his final season of 84/84.Didnt get a look in that season when promoted. Was only 23 when left and played about 150 games.
  12. This is what I thought. The idea was that because he was a sucessful striker at the top level he may be able to pass on advice and help. Not just solely working with the strikers. In the same way that Monk was a centre back and I'm sure he can be useful in that area
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