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  1. That's right. Not really seen him but was starting to be more regular in the U18s I noticed towards the end of the season. I read on here that he had also been playing for the U16's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iyad_Hamud
  2. The player who made his debut in Bulgaria's first division is Iyad Hamud not Borukov. Hamud is a year younger and more a midfielder.
  3. Etchesketch

    how much is Westwood suddenly worth?

    I think people don't realise Westwood is 34 this year. I know keepers carry on longer but if he was 24 this year he would be worth a fortune more.
  4. Etchesketch

    Preslav Borukov

    Its seems unusual keeping hold of players who have barely if at all played first team football. We had a young lad called Hayden White a few years ago who turned down our offer and went to Bolton having never played for the first team. To be fair Man City have lost Kevin Campbell's lad who went to Stoke and Sancho who went to Dortmund in the past couple of years but that was to do with there being no pathway to the first team. At the moment our pathway has never been clearer to first team football so it would seem a bit strange.
  5. Etchesketch

    Preslav Borukov

    We're having a nightmare with young strikers then. First Hirst and now Borukov
  6. Etchesketch

    Preslav Borukov

    Would be a big surprise if that happened. I know with Hirst unavailable there weren't any other strikers but he seemed to have impressed for the U23s despite only being 17 most of the season. People on here thought he may have made the bench for the first team towards the end of the season.
  7. Etchesketch

    Preslav Borukov

    Never been any mention on the website or Star. When Alex Hunt and Liam Waldock signed pro during the season they got reported.
  8. Has anybody heard about his current situation with the club? He has just finished his two year scholarship yet nothing has been said about a pro contract. Others such as Brennan, Hunt, West and Hughes have signed and I presume the club want to keep Preslav seeing as he was doing well in the U23s. Did he sign a contract earlier in the season that was not mentioned or could he be on his way?
  9. Etchesketch

    SWFC and young England

    That was a leg of the quarter finals.The second leg of the final in 84 was played at Bramall Lane! https://www.uefa.com/under21/season=1984/matches/round=1735/index.html
  10. No he left in 93 after the Cup Finals. In 93/94 he had been with Derby County.
  11. Sheridan played once in 1990. He came on as sub v Italy in the quarter finals.
  12. Etchesketch

    Ben Hughes signs first pro deal

    He was out for a few weeks early in the season but towards the end of the season he seemed to becoming regular in the U23s.
  13. Etchesketch

    Ben Hughes signs first pro deal

    Out of every intake of scholars we would normally sign three or four as pro so pretty standard. Out of the 2016-2018 scholars who have now finished their two years we have signed Jordan Lonchar, Ben Hughes, Joe West and Ciaran Brennan and Alex Hunt. Surely Borukov has been offered a contract as well so it has been a good year. The others we are seeing sign new deals like Dan Wallis, Jack Lee, Ash Baker, Warren Clarke were already pros. These deals normally don't get publicised as much on the website and press but the youth are being taken more seriously it seems now.
  14. I don't know where he thinks we signed him from??
  15. He did. He was an apprentice. Signed pro in 85. Where did you think we got him from? He was born in Hampshire but came to Dronfield as a little kid so I'd class him as pretty local. Heres a picture when he was an apprentice .