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  1. How could he prove it to them if he didn't get offered a contract. He can't sign of his own accord.
  2. I try and keep tabs by Twitter and John O'Brien on here but also Youthhawk has decent stuff. It's not always reliable and they have him with more goals than my records but still not great. I have 3 goals. Often hasn't started but always fit and on the bench. Last season he didn't score at all until the last game in April when he got a double http://youthhawk.co.uk/w/index.php/Sheffield_Wednesday_Under-23s http://youthhawk.co.uk/w/index.php/Sheffield_Wednesday_Under-23s_2018-19
  3. Yep that bad. Can't see how he could be surprised to be let go. He would have to have been banging them in regular to earn an extended stay
  4. Can't have been too surprised. Three goals in two seasons and in and out of U23s. He was on the bench for the first team in January but we down to the bear bones with strikers and he the next in line really.
  5. He hasn't yet because Van Aken is still in Germany
  6. Got released. Couldn't get in U23 side and never scored when he played.
  7. Academy retained list post has more on this and the release of Stobbs, Kirby, Borukov,Preston etc.
  8. So you think the club had already decided to release him before they sent him to Macclesfield?
  9. Kirby getting release seems the harshest to me from the outside. Did well at Macclesfield according to their fans yet doesn't get the chance to prove himself with us. I think the season on loan will help a lot though when looking for a club.
  10. That was at the start of 18/19 when he played. Best part of two years and needed a loan move.
  11. Not surprised at all. Borukov has really struggled at U23 level, hardly scoring and in and out of the team. Preston is 22 soon and further away from the first team than two years ago. Good luck to both.
  12. Thanks John. Your commitment and updates during the U18 double season were excellent and kept us all in touch with what was happening that season. Good luck to both of you.
  13. He's talking about the strting line up. All of them either loans or under contract next season.
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