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  1. Encouraging news about JT

    Can't believe you even thought he was acting in the first place
  2. Encouraging news about JT

    Even if he is ok he couldn't play Saturday because of the rules after a player sustains any kind of head injury
  3. Encouraging news about JT

    Absolute rubbish!
  4. New contracts - Stobbs and O'Grady

    I think Jos has arrived at just the right time for Jack Stobbs. A couple of months ago things looked bleak after a poor loan spell, contract up in the summer and not near the first team four years after his debut. It's up to him to push on now and take advantage of Jos's interest in the younger players. He's 21 in 10 days. Good luck to him
  5. Brazinskas can't even get into the U18 side. Think he has played 4 games all season. Joe Walker has been first choice.
  6. Has Jack Lee been injured this season? He's made his first appearance of the season a couple of weeks ago and then not appeared again since.
  7. It was a joke based on the fact that the young players normally only get 1 year contracts ie Nielsen, Penney etc
  8. O'Grady played for the first team in the Carabao Cup against Cambridge last season And Jack Stobbs made his first appearance a full 4 years ago now when he was just 17 but had made just one appearance since until last week
  9. Can't remember it being this bad. It was pretty bad 2001 when you had Jonk, Hinchcliffe, Donnelly, O'Donnell, Scott all out.
  10. Contracts

    Thorniley, Kean, O'Grady, Stobbs, Clare
  11. Jack Stobbs

    Yes he signed another year last summer. Clare, Thorniley and O'Grady also have contracts up but I think they have a better chance of a new one. Nielsen and Penney also out of contract but now signed to 2019
  12. Jack Stobbs

    He's a year or two older than the likes of Penney, Kirby, Clarke, Waldock, Lonchar. Fear his time here will be up in the summer. Needed a good loan spell at Port Vale like Clare did at Gillingham.
  13. Jack Stobbs

    Can't even get in U23s now. Was sub yesterday and there were no overage players in the team taking his place. I think he will get released in the summer when his contract is up.