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  1. Really struggle to get into England. Don't know why. Nuhiu hat trick. Love to see him cause problems and get our press noticing him and realising he plays for us. Probably no idea.
  2. I thought we had broken the age rules with this line up but forgot that Bates in only 22. Three overage players and 1 overage keeper allowed I think. Forestieri, Odubajo and Lees overage. Dawson overage keeper. Baker and Thorniley are now 23 but they must be ok as they were under 23 at the start of the season.
  3. He is currently the assistant manager at Rotherham. Played in a couple of first team games in the Intertoto Cup in 95. Remember 94/95 he went on a crazy scoring run in the reserves where he got about 12 goals in 5 games or something. Had a decent career in the lower leagues.
  4. Played once against Rotherham in the League Cup
  5. None of todays eleven could play for the Under 18's. None of the Under 18s has started an Under 23 game all season yet.
  6. Doesn't it show that we were probably right in letting them go if they ended up dropping down the Leagues? Wouldn't it be more frustrating if we let them go and they became a star further on in their career?
  7. 24 is not that young though even for a keeper. Been saying he's still young for last three seasons. When will he stop being 'still young'? Henderson at United 22, Ramsdale at Bournemouth 21, Pickford England number one a few months older and they are Premier League regulars.
  8. Not sure if he is too old for the Ireland U19s from this season as he is a year in front of Grant. Brennan 2nd year pro whilst Grant is a first.
  9. Taken shortly before he arrived. Was in the Star as a pull out weeks ago.
  10. That was 2 and half\3 years ago. He then had the season where he didn't play and then a season in Belgium.
  11. Borokov not scored this season and last season didn't score at all until the last game of the season when he got a double. Hardly pulling up trees.Can see him being released at the end of the season.
  12. Didn't spot that! Could be anything. Might be getting treatment for an injury somewhere, may have been ill that day etc. I missed my school class photo two years in a row because I was on holiday!
  13. For anyone interested the U18 and U23 profiles have been updated on the official website with team photos for both as well.
  14. Do you know the line up for the previous weeks game? The match report on the official site didn't show it.
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