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  1. Academy Products

    Yes I'm 99% certain Abrahams will never be Chelsea's main centre forward. Could well have a great career but it won't be there.
  2. Academy Products

    A lot of the Chelsea players will have good careers but it wont be with Chelsea. Chalobah has joined Watford and got in the England squad. Dont know why Loftus Cheek and the like go out on loan because it wont help there case to get in the Chelsea side. It just puts value on them so they can be sold on. Chelsea seem happy using the academy this way.
  3. Academy Products

    We will buy again 100%. The only time I remember an exception to this was Man Utd in the mid 90s. They sold Hughes, Ince and Kanchelskis one summer but didn;t buy anyone to replace them. Instead they replaced them with Beckham, Scholes, Butt etc-A once in a lifetime batch of young players.
  4. Academy Products

    Downgrading means they still keep their U18s but does anyone know what would happen if anything below that. Do they go back to an old school of excellence like they did before and like non academy clubs did or do they do nothing at that level and just scout players at 16 to sign as scholars be it local kids who have not already been picked up or those released at other clubs?
  5. Academy Products

    They are keeping the under 18s so he would have been ok probably if that is the job he was going to take.
  6. Academy Products

    A lot of the money must be spent on the players and coaching in the 8-16 year old age groups yet when it come to signing scholars full time at the club at 16 only three or four will have come through to that stage. The other four or five will be players we have picked up from exit trials that have been released by Prem clubs or overseas kids like Borukov, Gavrilov, Brazinskas and Hammoud that we have. Seems a lot of money to spend for little reward. Out of last years U16s only Shaw, Rice, Render and Waldock have signed for the club as full time scholars-the others get released.
  7. Academy Products

    I just think the 'only Premier League player we have produced' is a poor barometer to use for a club like Huddrsfield. Over the last twenty years a lot of clubs who have been in the Football League, like ours, have not produced Premier League players. They have a decent record with producing EFL players though. That should be their barometer. They are still going to have an Under 18 and Under 23 side though so it is not going completely. Thy still will have academy status but Cat 4. Will still have scholars but I guess they will be picked up at 16 instead. This happens a lot of the time anyway. A lot of our scholars joined at 16 after being elsewhere. Dawodu was at Arsenal, the Bulgarian and Lithuanian lads. Dan Wallis joined at 16 and Connor O'Grady had been at Man Utd as a schoolboy.
  8. Academy Products

    Huddersfield are shutting their Academy saying they have produced 1 Premier League player in Jon Stead since 1999. Got me thinking and I don't think we have produced a Premier League player through the ranks of our own since we were actually in the League in 2000! Whelan/Brunt joined us at 20 from other clubs and we kickstarted their career but the likes of Wood, Spurr, Beevers have never played in the Premier League. Poor example to cite by Huddersfield as they have produced lots of players who have played for their first team in this time and are now at other clubs like our own Jack Hunt and have had decent careers. The goalkeeper in the Toulon win for England this year was an Huddersfield player.
  9. U23s v QPR

    No 3 month loans. He could have only gone to a League club for the full season or until January.
  10. U23s v QPR

    Wildsmith and Dawson were 20/21 though.Would he have done the same if they were 18?
  11. U23s v QPR

    I didn't know Fox had been injured? He played a couple of games earlier this season. Have I missed something?
  12. U-18's vs Coventry

    Yes he's a first year scholar. Joined full time this summer after leaving school.
  13. Aerial View of Hillsborough 1960s

    Very early 60s that as New North stand is there but no new West Stand yet built for World Cup in 66
  14. Cant go on loan to an EFL club now until January
  15. Whats that got to do with it?At the start of this season we were short of centre backs and still Thorniley and O'Grady weren't preferred to a makeshift Pudil. Now even Venancia cant make the bench and thats with Loovens out.