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  1. I think Worthington, Bright and Harkes were the only three first choice players that played that day.
  2. Brian Linghan didn't play until the following season. It was Simon Stewart who played in that game with Watts.
  3. He's played about half a dozen times for the 23's but not played for them since before Christmas.
  4. Penney? Who's contract is also up but not on that list.
  5. Still there and been playing regular for U18s. Not had a season like last year. Not scored many but U18s struggled this year. Last seasons 2nd years have been massively missed as they were a good bunch.
  6. Rhodes is 2021. Transfermarket.co.uk often get it wrong if you looked on there. SIgned 4 year contract July 2017 after being on loan second half of previous season.
  7. Was surprised to see him on the bench. In and out of U23s, doesn't score goals at that level when he plays either. Can only think he has been impressing in training.
  8. No I was very surprised with that at the time especially when it was two years. Penney was playing in the first team yet he only got another year on top of the 6 .months he had remaining at the time??
  9. He is 23 in February. Made his debut for first team 6 years ago when Stuart Gray had just replaced Dave Jones!! Started 1 League game since.
  10. Stobbs is back and was sub for our U23s last week
  11. Who is the other one? Baker will be on his way. Dawodu and Hughes.
  12. That wasn't far of the then World Record either.Shearer went for 15m in 97 and that was a record. Cant remember what next one was.
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