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  1. Step up not happening. U18 team mainstays 2018/2019. Render Dawodu Rice Waldock Grant Shaw O'Brien Hagan Hammoud Either already left or will have left at the end of this season. Render, Dawodu, Rice,Waldock, Hagan will be struggling to be retained at the end of the season I think.
  2. Is Dawodu injured again or has he fallen behing Farmer in the pecking order? Not seen him for a while again.
  3. Totally agree. If I visualise him playing it is coming out of defence with the ball at his feet on the plastic QPR pitch.
  4. Bart Williams though...In your best Wednesday team??????
  5. Westwood isn't even a possibility He's broken his ribs.
  6. Third keeper wont be Josh Render. Luke Jackson has been on the bench last couple of games and a couple more times this season. Seems to have overtaken Render. Render is fit and ayed for U23s this week only be cause Jackson was with the first team. I think Render will be released at the end of the season as his contract is up.
  7. Yes but he was fit when with them and with Swindon. Good injury record until joining us.
  8. But when he signed he did play year in year out. Looking at his appearance record its very decent. Played 53 games one season. Just seems to be a jinx when players sign for us.
  9. Amazing really that he has hasn't started since the third game of the season. This with fixtures coming left right and centre and quite a bit of rotation going on.
  10. I'm pretty sure he'll get a new one. Played in nearly all the games this season.
  11. The Wilkinson era in the top league as well 84 to 88 we were mid table and above side and not one England cap.Sterland won his just after he had left I think. Big reason is there were a hell of a lot more English players in the top league then than now.
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