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  1. Etchesketch

    Which Kit?

    All of them bar Springett and Fantham
  2. Etchesketch

    Academy Goalkeeping Coach

    A testimonial??
  3. Still playing-on loan at Fleetwood from Preston
  4. Etchesketch

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Not scored all season but to be fair its been stop start with all his international duty
  5. Not forgetting Tommy Spurr
  6. Etchesketch

    Carl Bradshaw

    That was his first and much better spell.
  7. Etchesketch

    Frederick Nielsen

    There were three U23 games in November and he didn't play in any of them.Don't know if he was training at that time and had a reoccurence of injury?
  8. Etchesketch

    Frederick Nielsen

    I always got the impression that he left Forest of his own accord. Remember reading this at the time. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2017/10/11/frederik-nielsen-must-prove-nottingham-forest-wrong-after-she/
  9. Etchesketch

    Frederick Nielsen

    The only thing you have got right there is his age. Been injured most of season.
  10. Etchesketch

    Radio commentary

    Thanks for that. Now I know why!
  11. Etchesketch

    Radio commentary

    How come our commentaries are never on line on Radio Sheffield. It always comes up with the not available message. Only can ever hear them on an actial radio.
  12. Etchesketch

    Team news

    Disagree. The FA Cup should be taken seriously like it used to be. Great they have fielded just about strongest side
  13. Etchesketch

    1993: A few questions

    Even that wouldn't be the same as a large amount of the tickets for the FA Cup Final are distributed to the regional FAs and dignataries. The great thing about that semi was that the whole capacity was split 50/50.
  14. Etchesketch

    North Stand Wooden Seats...

    Correct myself. The West Stand upper was also wooden seats until 1997.
  15. Etchesketch

    North Stand Wooden Seats...

    Not in the North Stand. Everywhere else they were.