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  1. I think this would be an U23 signing like Adedoyin was a couple if years ago.
  2. V Nottingham Forest last day of season 1990 FA Cup Final replay 1993 V Man Utd away 1993 in Premier league (Fergietime) FA Cup penalty shootout loss v Wolves 1995
  3. We've been saying Dawson might be able to take over soon for 6 years. Dawson won't want to stay and be a number 2. Not at 27. I would think Wildsmith would be the same but we have offered him a deal. Can't have all three.
  4. He still has one more year of his two year scholarship to go technically. Others in the past who have signed a pro contract at this stage have been the second year of his scholarship as pro plus another year on top of that which would suggest he is covered for another two years. He may have longer but just going on what has happened in the past.
  5. Why does it have to be maintained so well? Does anyone play on it all ie Sunday sides or kids games?
  6. Just saying that Milmoor Rotherham is still there. Just empty and no team playing there.
  7. Filbert Street Leicester Ayresome Park Middlesbrough Milmoor Rotherham(ground still technically there) Maine Road Manchester City Old Wembley
  8. Emanuelsen was never injured? I think match fitness was mentioned. Just never picked until last day of season.
  9. Not talking about offers. Talking about being released. What was the point of giving him an extra year contract For his own good he should have been released this week when his original contract ran out. Could then look for a newclub and hopefully get game time.
  10. Maybe that's what Moore would accept but Wildsmith if he has any sense won't sign to be a backup and should leave and get a new club.
  11. What would be the point of that? Wildsmith if he has sense won't sign again . He should decline and look for a new club so he can play. Dawson may also leave as he wants to be number one now after last season.
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