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  1. Burntwood Owl

    The Only Way Is BIG

  2. Burntwood Owl

    Why are we worried?

    I'm not worried. I burned all my clothes and the van.
  3. Whose this Di Canio lady? She do a turn? Big Sam sounds promising.
  4. Burntwood Owl

    Jorge mendes

    What does George mend?
  5. Burntwood Owl

    Let's get behind Carvalhal

    I like to get behind men.
  6. Burntwood Owl

    Are we gonna be Newcastle part 2?

  7. Burntwood Owl

    James McLean ETC

    Estimated time of coming?
  8. Burntwood Owl

    Doesnt add up.

  9. Burntwood Owl

    Radio sheff

    Did you not see the sign? "Do not feed the troll".
  10. Burntwood Owl

    Radio sheff

    Yarr tho. Yarr.
  11. Burntwood Owl

    Radio sheff

  12. Burntwood Owl

    The worst traits of Wednesday fans

    This site has really opened my eyes up to how much of a set of tuggers we are. Terrible fans, in fighting about who is the most bestest fan based on season ticket sales and so on. Deluded fuktardz the lot of us.
  13. Burntwood Owl

    Radio sheff

    Yeah grow up.