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  1. Cazzaowl

    Shambolic minutes silence....

    The normal announcer was mysteriously replaced with a more upbeat one. But agree the announcer today set the tone of the day
  2. Cazzaowl


    Just ...erm enjoy it
  3. Cazzaowl


    You bedwetter
  4. Cazzaowl

    Trouble today?

    Copper was telling porkies. Just an excuse for closing LL gates.
  5. Got a feeling Villa will come good too.
  6. Did you see Villa v Newcastle....wide open.
  7. Cazzaowl

    Kop, row U seats 142 &141

    And some sit on the internet and slag wednesday fans calling in on a radio show too.
  8. Cazzaowl

    Sol Bamba

    Bambi on ice.
  9. Cazzaowl


    Sorry I typed it quickly because I couldn't grasp that you are saying that our season is over after 9 league games and are just a point off the top six...just because FF made a huge mistake and was badly advised by his agent. This is modern football, it can be nasty at times its how you deal with it and push on.
  10. Cazzaowl

    Kop, row U seats 142 &141

    Hello mr poor mans southstand man then.
  11. Cazzaowl

    Leaving at 81 minutes. Really?

    Creased me up that .
  12. Cazzaowl

    Kop, row U seats 142 &141

    I bet they were fat and bald, in their 50s and played football manager.
  13. Cazzaowl

    Kop, row U seats 142 &141

    Would be so funny to see these sorts recorded on peoples phones then posted the videos on here instead of just saying this and that happened, that would be one way to shut the coocks up!
  14. Cazzaowl

    Leaving at 81 minutes. Really?

    I missed the match because I left when I knew Nuhiu was a sub, walked out in disgust, shaking my head as I left .