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  1. All of the fan base? A bit presumptuous, yes CC has had a huge war chest compared to his contemporaries but once they cross the white line then their professionalism and desire should not need "coaching "
  2. I'm old enough to remember toying with relegation to the 4th division, I have seen premiership football, jostling for promotion with so few games left and we are debating whether the coach should be sacked? Unbelievable.
  3. 10 million? I reckon perhaps a third of that for the loan period then negotiable for the full signing depending of which division we are in next season. Plenty of players ending their contracts in the close season will see us safe of ffp rules so we don't fall foul of the rules. Just my take on the signing.
  4. Ian Knight, would have captained England, if only.......
  5. Braking down after Exeter away ,the promotion season, was an eye opener. Someone's weddings will always be remembered.
  6. Sorry about that bro, I only tried to liberate the horse from the officer using it as a battering ram.
  7. Don't give the kid oxygen, he would waste it
  8. Saw him play against us on a cold wet mid week game in the early eighties, for Carlisle,I think we lost 1-0 bad times
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