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  1. Even though results weren’t that great the first half of season, you could see what Moore was trying to do. We knew it would take time to get his ideas across and for the players to gel. I remember some fans complaining on here, saying Moore was a defensive coach. We know now, that is is not the case. I was saying at the time that you only had to look at his time at Donny and the amount of goals they scored to see he wasn’t a defensive coach, but it still won’t stop some fans calling for his head the next time we draw or lose. At one point it looked as if Moore wasn’t going to survive the season, but well done to the chairman for holding his nerve and sticking with Moore when times didn’t look great. Many owners would have sacked him. Chansiri hasn’t done much right during his reign as chairman, but keeping with Moore and backing him is one thing he has done right, so credit where it’s due there. I can only see things continuing in a positive direction with Moore in charge and DC remaining out of sight, allowing his manager to get on with things. We are not quite there yet, but I’m confident we’ll finish in the play offs, and when we do, I doubt any team will fancy playing us on current form. UTO
  2. You mean the best squad that’s missing half its players? Sorry but I don’t agree. Promotion isn’t a given right for any team in this league. Moore is doing a fantastic job under the circumstances. And deserves all the praise he’s now starting to get from some of the “Moore Out” brigade.
  3. Said it before, he deserved the season. The fact he’s got us where he has when we have 10 players out injured is showing how good a job he’s doing.
  4. Way things are going with the injury crisis, might have to play the lad upfront!
  5. Have any credible sources confirmed this as true? I have no idea who the Twitter reporter is who has been mentioned, he doesn’t appear to have many followers. Nixon not said anything on the subject. Really hope it’s true, but not getting my hopes up.
  6. Yes Theo is unreal, but having Luongo and Windass to play along side him was the difference for me. Darren, please manage these players, and wrap them in cotton wool as you alluded to after game!
  7. Luongo Windass Dunkley If these players remain fit and play most games this season, we will get promoted IMO. Big shout out to Dunkley in particular, he has really began to show what he’s about recently. A leader, and such a threat in the air. Big worry if we lose him before January as cover at CB isn’t great at the moment.
  8. Moore explained reasons for this in past. Lad wasn’t up to speed at first, and was sick.
  9. Isn’t it just! and let’s not ignore the fact that MK Dons were on a great run too. They are no mugs. Moore now starting to show what he can do.
  10. For people saying that Moore isn’t an attacking manager, just look at them stats
  11. Is that the Wigan which we beat away from home?
  12. I don’t understand why people are certain Moore is a nice guy all the time because of how he comes across to the press. It means absolutely nothing to me. I’m pretty sure Moore isn’t speaking to his players in the same way he speaks to the press if they are underperforming. I heard a very different tone to Moore’s voice when we drew to Wimbledon. He sounded really pissed off to me. Sounded like he was livid that the players threw away a 2-0 lead. First time I’ve heard him like that, so I don’t think he’s as nice as people seem to make out.
  13. Our players can’t score for toffee at the moment We were much better second half, but yet again cannot turn a defeat around into a win.
  14. Started that first half so poorly, grew into the game more after such an awful start. Wing should have scored, and once again we are talking about missing clear chances. Let’s see if we can do the unthinkable and turn a defeat into a win. I’m not holding my breath!
  15. Ryan Lowe is doing an awesome job, but that’s not to say the same would happen if he was to come here. He’s been at Plymouth a few seasons now and has been able to build something there. We’ve seen it time and again where lower league managers try to step up to big clubs and it doesn’t always work. Nathan Jones - Stoke Cowley’s - Huddersfield Paul Hurst - Ipswich Managing a club as a big as us is different than managing Burton or Plymouth. The expectation will be far higher, and our fans would hound him out if he started badly. Jury is still out on whether it will happen for Moore either, but he needs the season at the minimum. We’re 7th, not 17th! Get behind the manager.
  16. Excellent post. We played really well at the weekend, the best I’ve seen us play for a while. We created so many chances where we got in behind their defence and the players let Moore down. Gregory was unlucky with his header though, he deserved his hatrick, put a right shift in. I think Moore has settled on Patterson and Gregory as his starting forwards now. He just needs to find some consistency with the rest of the players, and it doesn’t help that his other best CB (Hutch) is injured. He will get it right IMO, and to say we are joint points with 6th after so many points thrown away this seasons, shows we are not that far away. 4 or 6 points from our next two games, win our game in hand against Sunderland, and things will start to look very healthy.
  17. Let’s be honest, if our players had actually put their chances away at the weekend, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Moore simply cannot he blamed for wasted chances, and falling to pieces in the last 10 minutes. What Moore can be blamed for is not knowing his best 11 yet, and not utilising the players he brought in, who are probably wondering why they bothered joining now. Chansiri will give him until the end of season IMO and rightly so.
  18. Palmer, Bannan, Patterson, Dunkley, Iorfa(was here for all Monk’s season) , Hutch and could even throw Wildsmith in there too.
  19. Nail on the head! This is exactly the point I was making in another thread, and your stat analysis shows this even more! This isn’t down to the manager, there are deeper lying issues here. Sacking the manager won’t fix this.
  20. Having said that though, I do agree that the players are struggling with playing out from back. Maybe it will come with time as they get used to it. I remember same happened under Jos, then defenders just past it backed to Dawson under pressure who then booted it long lol.
  21. Yeah I get that. But are you saying that goal only came from him placing the ball to pass out from the back? Because I’m saying that it would have still happened if he’d planned to kick it long. Therefore I don’t agree that goal was a result of playing out from the back.
  22. I’m not sure I’d class the Ipswich goal as a result of playing out from the back. It was a keeper error , He placed the ball on the floor and got mugged. That would still have happened if BPF was kicking it long IMO.
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