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  1. Bannan shouldn't be captain even if he stays . It was a mistake giving it him in my opinion. Hutch for me encouraging the younger lads not berating them .
  2. Ive used the £25 credit online to buy something a few weeks ago
  3. I really hope I am proved wrong but I fear our Bottle job players will let us down just 1 more time . Rotherham draw & we have 1 shot & lose with out giving it our all . I thought we would be going down since Christmas this is just typical Wednesday dangling the carrot only to be kicked in the balls . Jesus that sounds like a line from a Morrissey song it probably will be tomorrow.... heaven knows I'm miserable now . Anyway I'm off to pop the tables
  4. And so they should be afterall they are the one's who have got us relegated (probably) . Let them all go give Darren the run of recruitment and let's keep our fingers crossed we actually get a team who do the shirt & fans proud .
  5. They have told Swansea 7.45 kick off
  6. If you think I am sitting through all those defeats again you are sadly mistaken
  7. The people saying he's crap and past it if he is or isn't that's not what this is about . We have no strikers on the pitch Rhodes gets brought on gets no service like every week & then gets dragged off 20 mins later . This is not about if hes past it its about Pulis pooing on him & humiliating him .
  8. Absolutely disgusting from Pulis , Rhodes reaction going off looked like a broken player & credit to him for not causing a scene which in my opinion he was entitled to do after this treatment.
  9. Chansiri has sold us to the worlds richest person, we won the appeal & have got the 12 points back + 10 for the inconvenience caused. Pochettino is the new manager and we have bought the EFL
  10. Wildsmith Palmer , Lees , Iorfa , Penny Joey Windass, Bashiru , Brown Patterson , Rhodes 4 - 1 - 3 - 2 . Try something different
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