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  1. £30m to spend this week

    Forestieri & Rhodes + a center back
  2. I really don't want him to go I want him to be a success and get us promoted I like the bloke . But for me things changed at Wembley we should have gone for it like the football we had played all season the football that took apart a very strong Arsenal team , but we didn't we changed to nervous cautious football that day . Last season yes we finished 4th but my God it was boring watching & if it wasn't for Leeds having a melt down I don't think we would have made the Play offs . Then in the Play offs again Carlos made the mistake in the 1st leg yes we got a draw but the amount of pressure then heaped on to us for the Home leg was massive , everyone expected us to walk it but Huddersfield had nothing to lose now no pressure on them . Carlos chose to not attack and sit cautious when we did take the lead the ground was rocking but again like the rest of the season we scored and stopped doing everything that got us that goal Sat back and tried to defend the lead . Then the strange substitution taking the goal scorer off after they made it 1 1 , Atty on (I have no problem with Atty I think he can be useful ) Winnal left on the bench again . Anyway if Carlos goes back to the 1st season great but if not he's got to go for me . My 1st choice would be Kilnsman if we could persuade him if not Dean Smith at Brentford or the Fulham manager. Like I said I'm hoping Carlos wakes up and changes his tactics stops picking his favourite players when they dont preform we have the players to win this league (2 defenders needed granted) but not with his current tactics.
  3. I've put I like the Home shirt but I would love it if it had stripes or hoops for our 150th yr . But seeing that Mr Chansiri doesn't want or like stripes then I guess it's the best we can hope for . The supporters should have a voice in the design after all it's the supporters who buy & wear the shirt .
  4. I think it's shocking that we don't have any outlets in Sheffield. I was recently in Sports Direct and not one thing Wednesday or our dirty younger brothers from across the city . But you could buy a Chelsea / Man Utd / Liverpool /Arsenal shirt

    Where did you get them from please
  6. Everything will be all reyt

    Hahaha play both clips together its better than some songs out now
  7. Reach or FF tomorrow night?

    Start with Fernando & Reach I would also bring in Abdi giving a rest to Wallace & Bannan
  8. Best player we have needs support from the fans not abuse from the idiots .
  9. ffs I wish we would just sign him even if we don`t play him I am stick of this every transfer window
  10. Current home kit

    Buy him last yrs Ipswich kit & put the badge on it
  11. Our Fault

    I suggest Daniel and the rest of the boys sit down and watch the match in full . I didn't hear any Boo's during the game all I heard is groans after yet another throwing near the oppositions box /free kick or promising move makes its way back to Westwood . Frustration was the world on Saturday Ipswich let's be honest didn't really offer a threat but we gave them the game. He's sadly made a rod for his own back now with that comment.