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  1. Homer

    Tonight’s attendance

    I`m going plus 1 more , but sadly think it will be 15k no more
  2. Is it arriving in a D Taxi ? Not sure I can wait that long
  3. Not me this game im currently in Orlando
  4. Homer


    Never received the survey and I can't believe those results we must have some very very rich people in our support . Get ready for a price increase
  5. Homer

    This Survey

    Still not got the survey
  6. What a set of tails the ref & linesman are wtf how on earth was that a sending off .
  7. Why on earth would he want to come back , 2nd in the league playing & scoring to come back to a club who pushed you out & are now sitting just 6pts off the bottom 3 . If he was made to come back he would rock the boat more than its rocking already . The best thing we can hope for is getting Derby to actually buy him now for as much as we can get .
  8. I would take either after the last 2 rubbish shirts we have had .
  9. They did once like you said 3rd kit & in my opinion its a great kit (if we actually see it ) . But thats my point its a supporter whos done it they didnt have to use someone with no connection to the club to design a kit at cost to the club i guess . Let the fans pick / design all the kits , I think this 150yr Home kit is not in my opinion a Wednesday shirt (i know its got the badge on before any wise remarks) . The 150th yr shirt should have been Hoops go back to the 1st known kit its not rocket science Arsenal did it Southampton did it . Any just my 10 pence worth
  10. If the Club are really serious about pleasing its supporters it should take a look at some of these designs. We the supporters wear the shirt ive always found it strange why they never ask fans .
  11. Thanks to SYP I now miss this match