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  1. Westwood Palmer Borner Iorfa Fox Luongo Lee Harris Murphy Fletcher Rhodes Subs Dawson Reach Nuhiu Winnel Lees Bannan Hutchinson
  2. 5 loans , 3 permanent possible frees & we will sell 2 or 3 & let go 6 or 7 .Thats my bet
  3. Tv over the internet (not sky or BT if you get me )
  4. Awful from us again why o bloody why can't the people who pick our teams see we are far better when we attack . Get Fessie and Joao on now stop fecking about and got at Chelsea yes we might lose but give it a bloody go .
  5. I knew this would be the case when I bought our club. I could have made a profit in the Championship already if I really wanted to by not buying the players or buying players and selling them for much more. To me that bit above is his biggest problem, you have to sell players to stay within the rules every club in the Championship does it . I would take selling Reach or Bannan or both this Jan (obv if we had buyers ) if it means we would clear the problem .
  6. It doesn't help him when hes the only one in midfield, Bannan goes and sits with the back 3 4 5 6 (ive lost track of formation changes) which puts Joey on his tod
  7. Seeing that Hutch is not getting a look in . Dawson Palmer Lees Thorniley Fox Hector Joey Reach Onomah Penny Fletcher Subs . Wildsmith Bannan Joao Atty Baker Preston Pudil . Dropped Bannan simply because i just can not watch yet another game where every single ball goes through him . The best game we have had in weeks was WBA (until last 10mins) .Bannan not playing . IM NOT SAYING BANNAN IS A BAD PLAYER
  8. Wildsmith (Dawson's poor at crosses & communication) Palmer, Lees ,Hutchinson,Pudil Hector Joey Reach Bannan (i would fine him £1 everytime he come in our half for the ball) Fernando Fletcher . That would be my team if Hutch & FF was fit .
  9. I`m going plus 1 more , but sadly think it will be 15k no more
  10. Is it arriving in a D Taxi ? Not sure I can wait that long
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