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  1. Homer


    It doesn't help him when hes the only one in midfield, Bannan goes and sits with the back 3 4 5 6 (ive lost track of formation changes) which puts Joey on his tod
  2. Homer

    3 words

    Pass me beer
  3. Homer

    Chansiri kicking off

    It's coming soon
  4. Homer

    Team for Norwich

    Seeing that Hutch is not getting a look in . Dawson Palmer Lees Thorniley Fox Hector Joey Reach Onomah Penny Fletcher Subs . Wildsmith Bannan Joao Atty Baker Preston Pudil . Dropped Bannan simply because i just can not watch yet another game where every single ball goes through him . The best game we have had in weeks was WBA (until last 10mins) .Bannan not playing . IM NOT SAYING BANNAN IS A BAD PLAYER
  5. Homer

    Villa want Bannan

    £10m they can have him
  6. Wildsmith (Dawson's poor at crosses & communication) Palmer, Lees ,Hutchinson,Pudil Hector Joey Reach Bannan (i would fine him £1 everytime he come in our half for the ball) Fernando Fletcher . That would be my team if Hutch & FF was fit .
  7. Homer

    Tonight’s attendance

    I`m going plus 1 more , but sadly think it will be 15k no more
  8. Is it arriving in a D Taxi ? Not sure I can wait that long
  9. Not me this game im currently in Orlando
  10. Homer


    Never received the survey and I can't believe those results we must have some very very rich people in our support . Get ready for a price increase
  11. Homer

    This Survey

    Still not got the survey