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  1. If you think I am sitting through all those defeats again you are sadly mistaken
  2. The people saying he's crap and past it if he is or isn't that's not what this is about . We have no strikers on the pitch Rhodes gets brought on gets no service like every week & then gets dragged off 20 mins later . This is not about if hes past it its about Pulis pooing on him & humiliating him .
  3. Absolutely disgusting from Pulis , Rhodes reaction going off looked like a broken player & credit to him for not causing a scene which in my opinion he was entitled to do after this treatment.
  4. Chansiri has sold us to the worlds richest person, we won the appeal & have got the 12 points back + 10 for the inconvenience caused. Pochettino is the new manager and we have bought the EFL
  5. Wildsmith Palmer , Lees , Iorfa , Penny Joey Windass, Bashiru , Brown Patterson , Rhodes 4 - 1 - 3 - 2 . Try something different
  6. Maybe we have had our penalty changed from -12 points to a fine from our appeal (like it should have been) and Mr Chansiri has taken out the loan to pay it .
  7. So after SAG & SYP have their say we will be allowed 4 one in each stand
  8. There is no way I'm paying £555 to watch it on TV (bought early bird) I wrote this season off but I'll be getting my money back this season if we can't attend.
  9. The big problem I see with keeping Monk is this . So the Chairman backs Monk & allows him to bring in the much needed players ,If we start the season with defeats lets say 3 or 4 on the bounce (we are very good at starting season's badly) the atmosphere around S6 will be toxic beyond belief and Mr Chansiri will need to act and remove Monk . Monk after the performances from Christmas esp the last 9 games will not be allowed any time to build so we are back to the same merry go round of another manager comes in and the old line "these are not my players" pops up . I think
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