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  1. matt_johno43

    Sorry but Jos cost us points

    How honestly can people make the argument the manager is not partially or majority to blame for that this evening? It is the first time I have said it but those dropped points lay firmly at his feet. Player mistakes is something you have to live with, the manager should be smart enough to register the team we are playing is the divisions top scorers they score most of the goals in the 2nd half and were always going to finish the game strong, had he done his scouting on WBA over the course of the season so far. Essentially it is saving the team from themselves The Onomah sub is criminal for me. To be clear I am not blaming CK he is a young lad just trying to get some minutes in an opportunity he maybe didn't expect. A manager should be able to read the game in terms of knowing his opposition, he can give Kirkby a run out for maybe the last 3 mins when the threat has gone. The first goal comes from the 2 CM'S clearing out and chasing all over and out of position it is JP who sticks it in at the back stick in the wing back position. This had not happened all game with the initial partnership, you can see in the build up before the ball goes wide we are all over. Reach throwing his arms up asking where CM'S are, Hector having to come out and engage in the CM position. 2nd goal CK goes steaming forwards trying to make an impact, a more experienced player recognises the scoreline and the time on the clock and hangs back. Yes JP should bring him down, Yes Dawson should save it, but again the CM area of the pitch is cleared out allowing Barnes to get up to speed and get motoring. You can not blame players individual mistakes solely for that result on 85 mins before the sub the game was sown up. A shame because before the game as I say I would have been really happy with a point, but that is 2 dropped. Ah well on to Bristol Saturday see you all there.
  2. matt_johno43

    2 adult forest tickets

    Pm'd you pal.
  3. matt_johno43

    We need to know

    DC says he wants to be honest and open yet clearly has not been or to put it another way he omitts certain truths. He rants about how poor the support has been but then says the team needs the fans now more than ever. I agree with him turning up in numbers is not enough and at times we should be more vocal, but surely he knows enough about the wednesday fan base now to realise that we are not exactly a bunch of shrinking violets and many will call it how they see it (rightly or wrongly i may add) but Sheffield to me has always been a tough city with people who speak their mind. If as supporters we are told to back "the direction of the club" pay a premium to watch and help support the club financially amd we have to as he can do no more its now on us fine, I just think many would like to know what they are paying for is all. If it was marketed as pay to watch the football and dont ask questions fine but it has never been that in his time here and he is open to questions, so people are using that sense of entitlement to do so. Do i think our fan base is too involved in the running of our club YES and there are many ways to skin a cat so to speak. It is however the chairman who asked and allows for it so we will always try to take a mile as for us fans it is emotional not rational. I do think an honest discussion about how we are going to get out of a widly discussed 12 million pound hole for starters would be a great opening on Friday. Transparency at a football club is not a bad thing but sadly for DC you have to be "all in" with it not pick and choose if he would like an easier ride than what he's having at the minute amongst a section of our fan base. For the record i think DC has transformed many aspects of this club for the better and under his ownership ive seen us play some sparkling football and have some fantastic players. I have also actually enjoyed many transfer windows wondering who we are going to sign and how they are going to strengthen us. (With hidnsight this is hillarious but at the time it was fun) However (and it isnt all about the money) i now have to select the games i come up to attend as a matchday sets me back around 80-100 pounds rather than the 50-60 it used to, I havent brought a shirt since the price went up to plus 50 quid and that tradition died 3 seasons ago something that was lifelong in our fanily since my dad and grandad took me to my first game. Apart from 1 season arguably 2 seasons if we are looking at league position the odd game here and there over the last 18 months in two years ive not actually enjoyed watching much of the football on offer. I enjoy results but not really the way we play. This is obviously down to the headcoach but DC selects him.
  4. matt_johno43

    Promoting youth players too soon.

    Thorniley has looked good on every outting I have seen of his. Wolves away last year he was brilliant. Preston put himself about yesterday but spent much of his 45 mins chasing shadows. Palmer over Baker. Im sorry but this is absoloutle nonsense. If we are going to tread water this year I would rather do so whilst letting a 21 year old right back get 20-30 games under his belt learnning the league and testing himself against the best this division has to offer. I do not mind rotation but Baker has to be the preffered choice as by the end of the season the club will know wether he is good enough or not, IMO we know Palmer is not so lets give the 21 year old kid more than 5 games with a different back 4/5 every game before making a judgement.
  5. matt_johno43

    Dean Smith

    Rate its going at Hillsborough we will be lucky to get 10 come mid october if what you read on here is true.
  6. Cheers bud, one suggestion that came up from it all and what we settled on the most likely outcome is FF to be sold. Followed by a struggle to stay up and DC potentially gets rid of Luhukay as he has stated he thinks this squad of players is good enough for promotion. Back to square one essentially but having stayed within the financial limit by selling only one player...somehow.
  7. Ive just got back after what was throughly enjoyable day only spoiled by the 90 mins of football and it really will be a shame to see Griffin Park go. I know it's only 4 games into the new season and you may dismiss this as a meltdown however the group of us who went today were just attempting to be pragmatic. I'm a long time poster but this is forst thread. On the train back we were having a discussion about the direction of the club and what should be the course of action going forward. We appear to have stemed the threat of FFP or whatever it is called now for the moment with the lift of the embargo. Which means DC must have convinced the league there is a plan in place of how they will settle what is being widely reported as a fee of around 12 million pounds before the end of the season. The question is how do you magic 12 million pounds out of nowhere when DC is saying we will not be selling players? Ticket revenue is at max, the shop is well the shop, sponsorship still doesnt get you close so how?? Simply you have to sell players so option one and the most obvious would be FF who would fetch the best part of 10- 12 million pounds to a West Brom or a stoke. You as an individual may not rate him that highly but its what he is worth to our club and this in a January window IMO would be a fair market reflection if Gary Madine is a 6 million pound player to a Bolton. In short a sale of another would make up the loose change. Now before you jump for the pitch forks, is this one player worth sacrificing for the ability to let us rebuild a squad next season. Ideal world i would keep him here until the end of his career as he is a player I love to watch as he gets me on the edge of my seat and entertains me and thats one of the reasons I go. Option 2 and the more desirable and less realistic is we sell the deadwood but who buys the Abdi's, Jones, etc etc etc of this world for the money we would need? But If we find that 12 mill this year we are free to manouvre again next season to some degree not completly but can at least shape a new squad if we dont we cant, please correct me if im wrong but it really is that simple? Brentford appear to get a bit of a love in amongst our fans it maybe the style of football, the ground, the pubs, the play off who knows. Like them or loathe them however as a supporter you have to admire the club as a whole both on the business and playing side. It has a clear identity from top to bottom, they have a constant rotation of players, managers tend to hang around for roughly 3 years and move on. They always appear to play a similar brand of football and I do not profess to know much about them but they have a clear identity. Something we are severly lacking so how do you go about creating our own identity something we seemed to have stumbled on 2 seasons ago? Do you a go for broke again next year and hope to get promoted and repeat our current cycle or do you play the long game build a playing squad over time with no time frame on promotion? For what its worth this would be my view, as painful as it would be this season I would sell FF in January, renew Bannans contract immediately and build the squad around him based on quick one touch passing and pressing in defence. Similar to the one we saw in the season that saw us get to Wembley but with some pace. Replicated in the u23s and down if the first team play a certain way so should the academies so players are able to transition easier. You do not have to splash say 10 million pound on a striker but develop a scouting network finding the best player for the job you want within set parameters. I know this isnt football mamager but so far DC by his own omission has chucked 150 million pound or so at the club and got 1 good season and a penalty play off semi defeat to show for it. With 150 million over 3 years...that is football manager money in fact more than you get actually to staty with. Why not invest in the club by building a structure that allows the club to grow and thrive? Lastly all other out of contract players should be allowed to move on in the summer with a noteable mention to Gary Hooper who if he were fit for prolonged periods of time would be renewed before Bannans for me. Joao maybe youngish but in his time here has been a nearly man. Again this is just ramblings and musings as who knows what will actually happen was just interested into seeing others views on what sort of identity do you want SWFC to have and how would you go about implementing it?
  8. matt_johno43

    Dean Smith

    The one thing i would say on this is Brentford as a club have a system that runs right from the owners dowm through the club. A manager for them is replacable as are players and are only signed if its correct. It requires patience and forgiving fan base which in my experience is we would struggle as some still see us as something we are not. It is a totally different set up to what we have at wednesday so we could possibly bring smith in but im not sure he would have the desired affect. Sorting the culture of the club out and deciding what our identity for lack of a better word should be our priority for the foreseable future. As convincing the likes of Bannan and FF that this is our plan and this is the style we want would go a long way to securing them. No mattwr what they have said players arent going to just tread water because they have got some mates at the club. Now the embargo seems to be going in the right direction this should be the next port of call for DC IMO and that doesnt just come by changing head coaches all the time.
  9. matt_johno43

    Forestieri "We played as a team"

    At times yesterday we turned around and were saying how on earth is he still here as he does some things that are far beyond our other players. Not to blow too much smoke but at times yesterday he really was a cut above. A very interesting point from yesterday was around 35 mins, FF picked the ball up tried to beat a player instead of playing the easy pass inside to reach who was free. He threw his arms up in frustration and looked down at his feet as if nothing he was trying was coming off. Hutch from 40 odd yards away saw it screamed NANDO until he looked up and told him to pick his chin up off the floor and get on with it or words to that effect. Rather than any dismissal he stuck a thumbs up in his direction and chased down the ball instantly. I may be reading too much into it but his whole demanour around the place is good, his instagram suggests he is putting in plenty of extra work in on the trainig ground and seems very content with life at S6 at the moment. It does not just seem the regular club lines it does appear as though our talisman is genuinley happy and that with a fully fit squad when Hooper amd Lee are back is deffinatley something to be positive about. Despite the result yesterday I am far more positive a week on from Wigan than I thought I would be considering 1-1 draw.
  10. matt_johno43

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Congratulations to DC and his team and to those fans who raised this issue at the forum on Monday on behalf of supporters like me. I have just got back in from work and immediately logged on to renew my membership for this season and purchased my Hull ticket for the weekend 96 quid straight into the clubs pocket. I would suggest that when DC said the number of memberships sold was "down" they were far lower than even he had anticipated, we have asked and he has listened on this once again well done to all involved and thank you to those on here who went to the forum on Monday and raised the issue to the board.
  11. matt_johno43

    What’s happened to our away support?

    Combination of factors over the last 12 months or so have lead to our large away support being very fractured. I always think first games of the season away from home are always combustable affairs as over the summer many of our village idiots seem to have locked themselves away in hiding and forgot how to drink or behave. They then get all excited and carried away and it spills over and turns sour. Preston last year and yesterday was a combination of the build up over the summer of relevant wednesday news, fuelled by plenty of beer and some columbian marching powder no doubt on an empty head in warm sunny conditions. 20 mins before kick off the place was bouncing and the atmosphere on the concourse was fantastic, I was really looking forward to the day after sitting in the car for 4 hours travelling up from Birmingham. Then the game started and with it came the arguing which didnt rear its head in all honesty until Wigans 3rd went in. I was stood just in front of the disabled section yesterday and I honestly didnt see or hear too much that I thought was unwarranted both from those dishing it out and those giving it back. No worse than a weekly basis at hillsborough and I usually sit in the south stand where someone muttering even the smallest displeasure is vehemently tutted at and they receive some mean eye rolls !! I left right on full time so much of the reported trouble after i must have missed. It really is a game of fine margins as had Reach or Palmer taken one of those chances at the end the entire away end would have gone bonkers and we would have all gone away feeling much better at snatching a point. Here's to those mid January away days when everyone has calmed down a bit on a rainy day in Blackburn.
  12. matt_johno43


    Has he become a scapegoat yes, has he been good enough for the past 3 seasons no. Could he do a job of filling in when Hunt was injured arguably. The way I sum up today for Liam was like when a sunday league team is short of a player in defence so they ask someones mate to fill in, he was genuinley that bad and it is not a one off. It is what it is with Palmer and any of us expecting any different need to just stop and realise that is simply him. At times today I just felt sorry for him as you can not fault him for trying as ridiculous as that sounds for a proffesional footballer. He just does not read games, does not sniff out danger, doesnt track runners and is in way over his head. We have a young kid in Ash Baker in the wings, I would rather us try with him let him attempt to develop and learn in this team, we know what Palmer "offers" he has had his shot for me and has squeezed out a very good living playing for this football club and not actually doing much to prove his worth for the division we are in. As fans I beleive we would have more patience in Baker than we ever will with Palmer i am not saying if he makes a mistake everyone will just forgive and forget but its easier to talk people down off the cliff if a young kid is learning. By the end of the season I would imagine Baker has made that spot his own providing we are actually under an embargo.
  13. matt_johno43

    On my way back/player ratings

    I agree its not as bad as some are making out, I wouldnt got as far as excellent the first hour we were poor, but i would say we were the better side in the last 30 even though they hit the bar and had a dissallowed goal. This came when the change in shape happened with JVA off and Hutch dropping into a back 3. He gave us some snap in the tackle and pressured their forwards which is far more than JVA had done up to that point. Positive performances from FF and Bannan did ok if not spectacular, Joao looked lively when he came on and Fletcher won plenty in the air and chucked himself about in his 10 minute cameo which doesnt sound like a lot but was lacking until the hour mark. Negatives JVA looked all over the shop, i know he is still coming back to form after a long injury but he was way off the pace and was haphazard at best today. There is a player in there but he needs a real talker and experienced leader alongside him and Lees in that bsck 3. Palmer i'm not going to stick the knife in but was as bad as people have been saying. Lastly the set up of the team from Jos, the players looked like they hadnt got a clue what was going on and they looked uncomfortable at best up until 60 mins and the change in shape and players. Plenty of food for thought going into next week.
  14. Since memberships have been available i have purchased one after getting rid of my season ticket in 2008 due to going off to university and I now either play or work most saturdays. However when able to I always travel up to hillsborough from Birmingham (midweek games are a blessing for me.) With the price hike I will not be renewing my membership as I can not afford the price as a justification. For this to pay for itself i would need to attend 18 home games which I will not get to over course of a season as if i could I would buy a season ticket. On average I go to around 10-15 games a season both home and away and at the old price it was worthwhile however now i can not justify it. I am in a fortunate position as I am able to use a friends season ticket to secure away tickets as he rarely travels or I check on here and possibly pick up a last minute ticket. I understsand this is a sore subject amongst some of us but I would imagine this is the way most will go now as away tickets are difficult as is and for 5 quid off a home ticket I do not mind as much. I understand the clubs stance on this as it is the price to pay having been out of the cashcow of the prem for so long. It is all geared towards having as many season ticket holders as possible which I understand fully and when i stop playing I will buy a season ticket. It will not stop me attending the same number of matches over the course of a season just going about it in a different way. For me I payed for the privellege of knowing I would secure a ticket for say wembley play off, yes I may miss out on matches now but I would imagine most members will not renew this year and for the money it's now not worth it and rightly so, this will either need a re pricing or a re think on insentives.
  15. matt_johno43


    Top half finish and anything above that is a bonus for me this year. Do we have a squad capable of mounting a challenge of the top 6 yes certainly even with no new signings we still have one of the better squads in the division IMO but the defence in wider areas worries me and it looks to me as if we will struggle with teams getting the ball wide and whipping in crosses. If and it is a big if, we can get some consistent game time out of Lee, Hooper and Hutch then who knows as these three along with FF, Bannan, Lees and Westwood make a very strong spine of a team in this division still.