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  1. Hutchinson. Keep or release

    Personally I do not think you can get rid of a player of Hutch's quality, it will always be a double edged sword with him as really he should not be playing football with the condition he is in. However when he is fit and available for selection which is about 50% of the time his quality is undeniable and he is one of our best players. Yes he has his flaws but I think if he was fit he may not still be at Chelsea but his quality is 100% premier league. He also brings something to our squad as a whole which I think is his attitude and determination not only on the pitch but also I would imagine that his work ethic around the club is fantastic, for me he embodies everything this club should be. We look a different side with him in the middle of the park barking orders, organising leading by example. He can pass, he makes important tackles and he will run until his legs fall off. Yes he may not be active on social media as some so fans do not see it but imagine a young player coming through and seeing how hard this individual works to keep coming back from set back after set back. He does not shy away from telling it like it is and takes responsibility. We have clearly tried to bring in another in a similar mould to him in Pelupessy to "share" the role which on the surface of it I think they do look like similar players and this is one area of the squad I am looking forward to seeing develop next season. His playing career will I think be cut short inevitably but we should be doing everything to get this player involved in working with our youth set up if nothing else. I would rather have a player like Hutchinson at this club than a Butterfield, Abdi, Jones, Emanuelson, Matias. Nothing against these players but Hutch or any of these it's Hutch everyday of the week.
  2. I would argue that most are sacked for poor runs of form or a string of bad results on the whole not for a full demolition job. CC not only left on a poor run of form but morale crushed among most of the squad and a treatment room full of players who were not given proper recovery time or training sessions in his tenure hence the poor fitness and attitude when the going got tough, I am not saying it was a complete obliteration of all the good work he built upon from previous seasons but his ineptitude and squad management is what has caused the problem that is this season on the side of the playing staff.
  3. You judge a manager on not only what he does when here but what is the state of the club when they leave.
  4. Sam Winnall

    Strange position really as unless all parties involved know something we fans don't then he returns here at the seasons end. Similar to the Rhodes situation really here for Winnall the move has not worked out for different reasons but the same outcome. I agree it is stupid of him to open his mouth but on the flip side what is he supposed to say when asked that question? We do not know loads about Sam Winnall but what he has demonstrated is his honesty. He has been given the opportunity by Derby this year when he left clearly feeling very raw from his treatment at Hillsborough under the previous regime and has been working with a manager who knows him very well and how to get the best out of him. I personally am undecided on Winnall as a player he has his strengths but also his weaknesses, I am not fussed by his attitude as it is merely focused on winning and wanting to be the best he can be, in all honesty when you put things into perspective how would you have felt if you were one of the fit and healthy members of the squad last season and the start of this and were still being frozen out of the playing side and not making the match day squad ahead of players who could manage no more than 60 minutes a game. Remember at this time Rhodes was not scoring goals, Fletcher was only partially fit by his own admission and a week after he left Fernando required an operation. Would I like to see him back here yes, Fletcher is 31 Years old and his injuries in his time here over two seasons have meant he plays no more than half the games, he is also unfortunately the wrong side of 30. Hopper's fitness has always been unreliable but when fit makes himself virtually undroppable, Rhodes the move has just not worked for him and I would imagine there will be clubs coming sniffing in the summer. Fernando is a wonderful player but can also be utilized elsewhere (although in this current system could only be played as a striker). Joao has done well and taken his chance and Nuhiu is at the point still out of contract. Personally I do not see the harm in him having at least next season with us, to regain his fitness and then get games under his belt. Realistically his price will not drop from current stock as it is only Derby who will be interested in making the move permanent in the summer as he is tried and tested at that club, if this is the case it will only increase the asking price if he plays and scores. We either sell for 2-3 mill now or 2-3 mill next January/summer worst case scenario or perhaps more if he plays and scores. He does not appear to be the sort of player to sit on his heels and feel sorry for himself because and move did not materialize he will want to play if for nothing more than a move.
  5. Adam Reach

    I think this is exactly why at present we see both players playing in this division. Bannan IMO is a fantastic player at this level and I am fairly confident any team in the division would love to have him in their midfield, Reach I have always defended and still think he is a good player but I always still feel there is more to come from him. Personally I would like to see him on the right hand side of this current formation cutting in and getting shots off similar to how Wallace once did for us. When all players are back fit I personally struggle to make a case for him centrally over Lee Bannan Hutch FF Pelupessy to name a few. This may seem harsh as I feel he is a shoe in for our player of the season this year as in a sea of wildly mediocre performances from most both him and Joao have stood head and shoulders above most with a notable mention for and I can not believe I am writing this Nuhiu who fair play to him has had more of an impact than most. In this current system I fear he will be just shoved back out into his default left wing/left wing back position. His interview in the Star was interesting on this subject about where he see's himself playing in terms of the premier league, champions league world cup. For those who have not read the interview he is essentially stating his ambitions and it's great to hear a young player be ambitious but I did read it thinking I can not remember when I have seen him take control of a game and really show that "premier league quality", so my question would be is there a Premier league player in there as this is a player who has made around 200 league appearances to date and has played 70 odd games for Wednesday. I have read a lot about potential but he is also 25 Years old yet to come into his "prime" but still not a youngster by footballing standards.
  6. Firstly I think it is a wonderfully crafted letter and clearly a lot of thought and time has gone into this, also thanks for posting in here. On the point of communication with the fans, I personally am not fussed with how much or how little the chairman communicates with the fans as long as what has been released via official statement or through meetings we as fans can either see as happening or being done. For the same reason I would not walk into a small business and ask them to walk me through their business model because I shop their weekly but I do understand your point that at this moment there is a lot of Chinese whispers surrounding everything (mainly playing staff). I would say the majority of the points covered will be discussed at the steering group meeting this Friday and for me the communication through those channels is enough,with perhaps a summary of the meetings provided to ALL fans after said meeting. I would like to point out i will never TRUST an owner of a football club, but you have more faith in some than others and DC has been very transparent with the financial side of the club IMO. The alternative is to see the chairman making statements on a fortnight or monthly basis, I understand in an ideal world this would happen and we as fans would have answers to all our questions but I can not think off the top of my head of a business who operates this way. It would be interesting to speak to any one involved on the inside (similar to a shareholder) to see how often they receive updates about the club or how readily that information is available if they were concerned, but then our club on the business side of things is not shaped this way. Personally I feel this point is a double edged sword on the one hand "we hear nothing" could lead to as we saw at the weekend it took one person to post on twitter that Hutch was fit and before you know it fans totally unrelated have worked themselves up and are @ other players on twitter talking about how disgusting it is players are refusing to play or some other such rubbish. But what happens if the club come out and say we have nothing to update you on? Or worst case scenario you get a glimpse into what some fans perceive to be an absolute horror show, Que mass hysteria. My second point is point 2, ideally Yes I agree every owner should stop thinking about the prem and concentrate on running the club correctly and the rest will take care of itself in theory. (I personally am very hesitant about being promoted to the prem and feel for the majority of fans the novelty will wear off after 3 seasons of watching teams like Man utd and Man City come to Hillsborough and play us off the park. Since we were last in the premier league the landscape of the division has completely changed, it is not simply a case of going up surviving and then starting to think about how you can mount a challenge over 4/5 years on the top 6. Most fans will tell you every year for the club it is about survival and making sure you are still on the gravy train the following season, nothing more.) Back to the original point. The problem being is without that thinking DC would not be here. A Thai businessman was not sold a dream of taking over a middle of the road championship club, investing and working hard and maybe we may challenge for a division title with no time frame (say 8 seasons from his arrival) which just so happens to coincide with gaining access to the biggest Cash prize in world football. Yes DC may have taken the club to his heart and bleed blue and white now BUT he brought this club thinking we must get to the premier league ASAP and I personally feel that attitude will never change.
  7. "I told you we should have refunded these tickets" said one fan loudly, que mass brawl. Couldnt really see what was happening to busy banging me head against the back of the stand, serious note its depressing its freezing and reminds me of when we were here 2 seasons ago and got turned 4-1, seriously cutting us open at will. House full of inlaws all bristol city fans to walk back into, may just stay at the bar for the second half.
  8. This Is Shocking

    Agree with the negative set up, agree that the players were poor as a collective, I also agree that from the outset it was obvious what kind of performance it was going to be and that this was perhaps as fans our only glimpse of any success. The only positive again from tonight is the travelling fans. I have been saying it for weeks however we need to ensure our championship safety which I think we will do when one or two come back from injury, write the season off as one of the biggest disappointments in recent memory and move on. It's a grim outlook but is unfortunately the truth. There are no positives I see at all that have come from this season so far other than a few changes in the boardroom to potentially give DC more support but that will only be seen in the future. I get how disappointed we all are and how frustrated as we were promised the earth and have ended up with less than we started with and tonight really pulled that into sharp focus. We simply have to grin and bare the remainder of this season and start fresh in the summer. Once again a massive round of applause to those fans in attendance tonight.

    Chansiri is not blameless, his faults for me are that he trusted one manager too long and gave him too much control of HIS football club. He allowed a manager to run unchecked for almost a season and a half with no one for him to answer to on a day to day basis. This must surely be put down to inexperience in the role he placed himself as a chairmen of a football club and whilst his loyalty should be admired it was unfortunately misplaced. For someone who prides themselves on being a businessman I believe he allowed his feelings for the manager to somewhat cloud his judgement when nearly all of us could see a decision was needed earlier, easier said than done though when you have a close working relationship with someone and you actually trust that person, but I feel that shows he was really taken the club to heart and anyone who questions his commitment is wrong IMO. For the record my only interaction with DC is I shook his hand at Fulham away lasts season I do not know the man at all and this is an assumption, he strikes me as a man who wants to have a very hands on approach to running the club and does not want to relinquish control to too many but if you are trusted by him he does so fully and 100%. However it strikes me in football that you do need the immediacy of a Cheif Exec, DOF or something similar for a manager answer to. If nothing else they watch over your investment, at best they keep an eye on the manager and become the chairman's eyes and ears on a day to day basis which I would want if I ran a business and it was over seas. These people do not have to like one another they just have to develop an effective working relationship one that was clearly not their with the committee and the previous manager so DC hedged his bets and backed the manager and for the most part it worked. This is however something that DC seems to be actively trying to reinstate at the football club which is a positive for me. I understand peoples frustrations I really do, pricing and a loaded questionnaire document sent out to fans aside but I have started looking at this seasons similar to Bristol City last year at least in terms of the playing squad, they were an outside tip for promotion, it ended up with them staying up on the last day of the season. They turned it round in the summer and are back on track again. Personally I believe we will be in a similar situation come May now but before you lay the blame firmly at DC's door you have to direct the majority of that feeling to words the previous manager who let the chairmen and the fans down far more than DC has us IMO.
  10. Instantly reminded me of Barnsley last year when they refused to print Sam Winnalls name in their official match day programme the next week. Doesn't bother me in the slightest just highlights how tinpot, bitter and obsessed they are is all. Nothing new...carry on as we all were.
  11. Local press

    I am currently just listening to this now and when they talk about strikers I simply could not look past Hooper and Fernando. Yes Clarke has been on fire this season and has really surprised me in his development and he is doing outstandingly well but if you are honestly telling me he is better than either of those two when all are fit and firing you are simply off your box.
  12. The last time I shall comment on our former manager at any length as we are embarking on a new journey with Jos and I dislike going back over the past once the new era has started unless there can be a direct comparison drawn. 1) Recruitment: Whether he had final say on the transfers or not is still up for speculation but there were a number of very questionable decisions in this regard with hindsight. A example would be Almen Abdi, when we signed him I for one was over the moon. He was just coming of a very respectable first season in the premier league and in my eyes seemed like a real quality signing. As it has transpired he has a body made from biscuits and when on the pitch although in my eyes I do not think he has done any worse than someone like David Jones it was clear from about October last season that the manager did not trust him. Remember the game at Norwich last season, not only did he start him wide right he withdrew him at half time when he had been no worse than anyone else on the pitch for us. This is such a common theme running through our squad of players that have been shoehorned into a squad where there is no place made for them and they simply do not fit (Winnal played wide at times last year/Joao played out of position of not used/Matias not used/Sasso not used /Rhodes see part 2/Fletch at times lasts season). Finally on this point failing to address key squad areas, an obvious and glaring mistake as we are still IMO a very soft side lacking any real physicality and we are perhaps the slowest team collectively in the league. IMO when you look to our bench you are usually changing like for like in terms of players for positions and what they offer. We have vary little variety in our squad and if we are to believe the manager was brought players and then he had the final say on whether he wanted them or not, this has been a failure IMO since the committee left. 2) Tactics: For a coach who has written a book on his tactics and the need for flexibility within systems he was perhaps one of the most rigid coaches I have seen at Hillsborough in recent memory. To begin with once he came across a system that worked in around December 2015 we really have seen no change in it since. All fans, opposition, pundits, media, the dog all knew the way we were going to line up week on week and who was going to play where. Now this is fine when you are successful, the past two seasons we have been in the league with getting to the post season games and deservedly so IMO. However our lack of inventiveness in this area meant that when things started to go wrong at both Wembley and Hillsborough respectively we had nothing left to give and we could all see it as fans. In neither of those games where we really pressing and threatening for a winner or equalizer because although the personal changed our approach did not and it was exactly the same with just different players, yes different players offer different strengths but you have to adapt your system to suit those. 3) Key Decisions: Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it but there is a lot that is left to be desired in this respect. I will look at the treatment of our entire squad as a whole because everything else is speculation and rumor personal opinion. Since leaving CC has admitted that maybe he struggled to motivate the entire squad, his first successful season was built upon a squad of players that he rotated frequently in the right areas and ensured not only competition for places but also that when those players came into the squad they were coming in with some kind of form. Center Mid is a good example of this in his first year he had Kieran Lee, Bannan, Lopez and Hutch all vying for this spot, now the majority of us will not be able to tell us what his first choice pairing was out of those as he very rarely did not play 4/4/2 in his first season as well in some guise. (Yes Bannan played wide for a portion of this season but he had as many games centrally for us). Even at Wembley I had no idea who was going to play centrally for us. Up front Hooper/Fernando/Nuhiu/Joao all played their part throughout the season. In short for those players in and around the first team squad it must have felt like they all had a real chance to not only get into the 11 but stay there. This for me was biggest issue the past 18/19 months, you could see when players where coming onto the pitch getting 10 minutes here and there they simply could not get into the rhythm of games or when they were forced in for a game they could not adjust. The excuse that was wheeled out to us as fans was "he needs to understand the way in which we want to play", but more often than not it seemed to me that even once they had "understood" they were just considered as back up for any of our regular first team players and Sam Winnall is your prime example of this. I am not a one of these who thinks he should be commanding a regular first team place week in week out for us when everyone is fit but this is a player who was purchased last year whilst he was on fire, we failed to use him not only effectively but many games he was nowhere near the squad. Bare in mind when he signed he was one of this divisions leading goalscorers. There is much more in terms of the treatment of wider SWFC staff, the medical department debacle, key individual game decisions,some will mention the George Hirst situation and Carlos's influence and reluctance to make arguably are biggest youth talent feel wanted and appreciated (personally I do not agree with this). In some aspects Carlos was wonderful and brought us within touching distance of the riches of the premier league, he got us all dreaming again and he has been at the heart of some of my best memories following Wednesday. On the other hand he stayed too long, was an inflexible stubborn manager who has to be firmly charged with dramatic decline in our squad this season and has left us in a right and royal mess at present. In time I believe he will be remembered fondly in time however it should not be forgotten his failings this season have essentially taken us back 18/19 months. IMO we are no further forward than we were after Wembley and that is a real shame.
  13. Hindsight and Blunt Lane

    Win lose or draw my own personal feeling is we can not read too much into this 90 minutes of football. It's a Jos's first game and our biggest Derby, win and he is a hero overnight, Lose and it does no damage really as most of us are expecting to get beat, it is almost like a free hit for him (very unusual in this kind of scenario), the minimum I would like to see is a better performance than of late. I am not normally one for crunching tackles and buying into all that blood sweat and tears die for the cause nonsense but what struck me about the Derby earlier in the season is how much more prepared United were to throw their bodies in the way. I would just like to see us win our own individual battles on the pitch regardless of the outcome, we all know we are a soft squad but this game provides the opportunity for players who've had plenty of flack since September to put it right. United IMO are the cliche of a league 1 team come good in the championship in that they battle and scrap for everything, play very direct into the channels and build from there. I feel you are unlikely to see them put together a move of around 20/25 passes that then ends in a shot on goal. We I feel are currently having a bit of an identity crisis as for the past 18 months we have been the exact opposite of this and have been the side that plays 20 passes when 5 will do however maybe with the new manager coming in we may see more of a change in emphasis but miracles do not happen overnight. United being at home and expected to win again is another different dynamic to the plot on Friday, they will come and attack us as that is what they do. In the game earlier this year as has been said it looked at times like they simply over ran us in the middle of the park and for this case I would flood the midfield, forcing them to go back to front and hopefully allowing Hutch to get in and around the feet of Clarke trying to win the second balls. Something that was lacking at Hillsborough as all being said he bullied us at Hillsborough. We do not have box to box players in the middle of the park currently available to us so why try and force players to play that way. I must confess I have only seen them a handful of times this season as I go as far as changing channels when they are on tv such is the offence to my eyes but I did see their recent game against Bristol on sky and as we saw at S6 when they come under pressure they have it within them to fold. At 2-0 in September I honestly thought it could have been 4 at half time, but when we applied the pressure they folded albeit we then shot ourselves in the foot. An intriguing contest on Friday and one I am unusually looking forward to rather than my usual pre-derby nerves.
  14. The final straw

    I agree with nearly all that was said, the art of good business is being a good middleman (layer cake quote I know), appointing the right people for the right position. I think the initial appointment of "the committee" was correct and very wise on DC part and I wouldn't be surprised 1 bit if it was a suggestion of Mandaric. That went reportedly because of the previous manager if you beleive rumours and posts on this site and In the press but that's by the by. What we are left with at present the way I see it is somewhere in the middle stage of Mandarics reign as chairmen, off the field a half finished club. We have essentially regressed and unravaled in the space of 18 months. Currently working for sheffield wednesday and involved in the big decision making process, who has any real tangible success in running a football club as a succesful commerical business at Hillsborough? From my understanding and it is a very limited understanding granted, none. We need to get the house in order and fast results will appease fans for the most part and whilst that may be seen as papering over the cracks that is what we all go for to watch the football and support our club. I know nothing about running a successful business but I do know that the most successful businesses have a hierarchy, people who all pull in the same direction to begin with and are all on the same page, but all have their own assigned roles. Perhaps I am missing something but surely there should be more seats at the table than just Joe Palmer, Chansiri, (insert representative from doyen) and our new CEO. Lee Bullen seemed to be speaking in his post match interview today about just how much the chairmen has done, like he has been manning the ship single handedly. My point is when he took over and made the appointments in the summer of 2015 it was set up to be the exact opposite of what we currently have. It just feels like on this side of things at least we are completely back to square one whilst being 150 million worse off, what an expensive mistake to make. This all being said if today's appointment is the start of something that works then I am all for it, at present my view is that of another baffling appointment in an area of great importance for the club. I really hope she and DC prove me and a lot of other fans wrong.
  15. Similar situation to when Brian laws left us and then ended up at Burnley. Think it's an appointment of a side that is almost resigned to relegation, if he keeps them up then he's done a cracking job if he doesn't then they will be thinking he knows the division and can get results. Good luck to him, i have no ill feeling towards him just another ex manager now. Side note is we are almost guaranteed bids for Bannan and forestieri arrive either this window or the next.