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  1. matt_johno43

    Rhodes to Norwich

    Would love to have seen Rhodes do well at Hillsborough, sadly it has not been the case and his spell at Boro seems to have really weighed heavy on him and I do not think any club will see the best of Rhodes again, he seemed to have his peak at Huddersfield and Blackburn. He had plenty of opportunities in his first 6 months with us and it never looked quite right, since then he has been kept out the side by two strikers who have taken their chances when they came and as a professional I would imagine it is hard to argue with that. Shame, but if we are to see the back of him this summer I like most would wish him well as by all accounts he has been brilliant with our fans since moving here and by his own admission he was desperate to play for this football club, a move at this point is best for all involved. One of football's good guys but sadly the chase to get him was far more exciting than the end product. Sell, if possible and take the loss of 4-5 Mill and learn from the lesson Mr C do not try to buy players just to please us fans with the name.
  2. matt_johno43

    Wow - what a stupid article

    I mean it is probably factually correct in the statistics however not a fat lot else. Is clearly a writer who has no appreciation as to what actually went on with the club last season, these sorts of articles are usually written by a supporter of the club which gives them a slightly skewed look or "rose tinted" effect, this looks as though it has slid across the desk of someone on work experience who does not watch the championship. It does always fascinate me that people in this line of work do not have to do more research into the subjects they are writing about before throwing out this sort of work.
  3. matt_johno43

    “Out of Leftfield” signings

    Got to give the new lad a chance to entertain you.
  4. matt_johno43


    Expand on your point, one is 27 Years old, one is 31 Years old, this season in raw stats Fletcher 20 Games 3 Goals 1 Assists Winnall 21 Games 7 Goals 3 Assists Both players are still under contract at us are they not? If we are taking into account lowering the age of the squad, getting rid of big earners in an over subscribed area of the pitch and a player with a history of niggles and injuries, one is a striker who has been one of the most prolific in the country in the past few seasons and the other is not. As I said previously in the case of Winnall I do not care whether the is playing for himself of the badge on the shirt, scoring goals is the most important thing for a forward. I do not doubt Fletcher has his qualities but since we have signed him he is either playing with an injury or has been out with an injury is he effective yes is he as productive as Winnall this past season no regardless of who they played for. I am just offering up an alternative and with us having just signed Nuhiu to a new contract he does a similar job to Fletcher no? As we are not going to ask Fletcher to play the FF or Joao role we saw last season.
  5. matt_johno43


    He is a horrible and nasty player Winnall but in the best way possible, I personally would much rather us look to offload Rhodes and a injury prone and wrong side of 30 Fletcher before Winnall (easier said than done I know). He strikes me as a very selfish and Ego driven striker who was just desperate to prove himself at Wednesday and found his chances very limited in the short spell he was actually at the club. With everything that has come out this past month about the malaise and complacency that had set in around our club during the summer could it just be that he wanted it more than others, and when his path was still blocked by players he saw not trying as hard as him he maybe told a few home truths? I am not defending or sticking up for anyone but no one can question his desire to succeed not necessarily for any club but himself just insert any one of his goal celebrations it is like he has won the lottery. The reason why he seemed to enjoy his time at Derby was although he was not starting games he had a manager who knew how to handle him and someone he respected in charge, perhaps Jos will get a similar reaction if we keep him who knows. Winnall strikes me as the sort of player who no matter what club he is playing for as long as he is scoring goals and feels he is given a chance he is happy maybe he gets that chance under Jos. If we were to sell him I do not think we would be short of offers, his injury may cause a slight hiccup but he is a 5 million pound player in today's championship market at least, to let him go for less (especially because of the FFP situation) would be IMO the wrong decision.
  6. matt_johno43

    The future of Joao

    Talented lad with a good end to the season, his all round game is far more than goals agreed however does he get into our squad when all are fit? I would argue the shirt is his to lose but it is a brave man who drops Hooper or at present Nuhiu for him when both are fit. The partnership he has with big Adthe is fantastic, but he is far less productive alongside others although a front 3 of Hooper, Joao and Forestieri could work and there is plenty of movement in those 3. Jos however appears to like a big physical presence up there which if he was able to hold the ball up and bring others into play as effectively as a Nuhiu or Fletcher he would be a shoe in to start for me. Would I be sad to see him leave, yes actually as it would sum up the CC era at Wednesday Unfulfilled potential and at this moment in this is still what it is as IMO a decent second half of the season does not excuse 2 seasons of relatively very little . He needs games to get himself up to speed and he was guaranteed that under Jos in the second half of last season when all injured players are fit again he is not, the shirt is his to lose however if he doesn't start like a house on fire he will not be afforded the same luxury of playing his way into form as he was this year. Would do wonders at someone like Bolton where he is the main man and plays week in week out alongside a Le Fondre type. Will be an interesting summer in his case.
  7. matt_johno43

    What price would you pay?

    I think the "brand" of footballer managers like Pullis etc play are fine over a season if they get you promoted automatically. It struck me last night that no matter how poor they were Boro that actually come May next year they will be up in the top 4 because over the course of a season they are stronger than most teams in this division. Those tactics however do not work in a play off situation IMO as they are two games in isolation and you can not expect a team who has been based around the ethos they play all season (IE Slow build up play crosses and knockdowns) to suddenly turn on the style and play aggressive attacking football for 2 hopefully 3 games, it just does not work, for further evidence see our play off campaign last year against the first one. Bruce is almost the perfect model for a championship manager who wants to play "that" brand of football in the sense that actually Villa and to a degree Hull (who scored 3 in their first game against Derby) also do break at pace and can zip the ball around, but their foundations are rooted in defensive solidity and not conceding. At no Point during the 90 mins Yesterday did Boro ever threaten to score a goal let alone two to win the game. I do not care about the style I care about the winning of games end of, however the likelihood in this division is that if you are going for promotion there is always one side who people say are "certain" to go up from December onward leaving one other automatic spot free for a team who grind out results over a season. After that you have 4 who have fallen short, but what the previous managers tenure has taught us is that it is much harder to get a team to start playing free and expansive football with a high tempo when they have been used to simply passing side to side for 8 months of the year and I would much rather go into those games knowing the team can score goals and create plenty of chances rather than just being defensively sound. There is mo such thing as a hard earned point in a play off game.
  8. He made 26 appearances in their promotion season when Jakanovic was their manager, think he was shown the door before they sold him to us. Didn't they bid for him summer of 2016 something like 14 million and we rejected it? If anything I agree with you his valuation is now closer to 20 rather than 15, personally I do not think we can afford to loose him but I fear that if a bid came in for him it would definitely unsettle him or his family, but the fact remains he signed a contract and as a club we are entitled to keep him if an offer is not made that matches our valuation. Just another thought I wonder if he has a buy out clause in this new contract? Thank god the window closes earlier this coming season so we know where we stand.
  9. Lancashire will do that to a person.
  10. I felt at the start of the season that promotion was a MUST for us this year working under the previous regime at Hillsborough and to the FFP time frame. I would normally count myself in the more relaxed camp in terms of pressure and my own expectations on the squad as I am not really one for ranting and raving at games and giving players abuse. I just felt at the start of the season after two play off attempts and sticking by the manager both for the sake of manager and Chairman at the time it was a must. What transpired was a horror show and everything seemed to unravel very quickly, Birmingham away really highlighted everything that was wrong with the club in the first half of the season seriously watch the game back at the time Birmingham had just sacked their manager had not won in nearly 2 months and we simply passed from side to side it really does just pull into sharp focus how badly we had drifted under the previous manager. Since the Job has come in however I have warmed to him over time like most have and he is (with me at least) in a lot of credit in terms of next season. In his own way he has really gone about instilling into the players a sense of pride for playing for the club and turned around the negativity that has existed amongst our fan base this season since we walked out the gates against Preston on opening day. The interesting thing is many were screaming for a manager with more "PASHUN" but he has gone about it by just getting on with the job in hand with the players at his disposal, never has he complained about injuries or the ref or the squad he has just got his head down and got on with it, something that I think rings very true in our part of South Yorkshire. Wins help this yes but he also has the players working for one another again and now understanding his way of playing, Wolves away had some of our academy graduates mixing with the experienced pro's Fernando playing wide left (a position under the previous manager he said he did not want to do). Next season my own hopes for the squad are similar to what they were under the previous managers first season a top half finish would be a baseline to work from as realistically we do not know the in's and out's of the squad yet over the coming months and we will have to work some magic in the transfer window in order to stay off the radar of FFP. Year on Year this division is difficult for a whole host of different reasons of those coming down from the Prem this year, West Brom would be the club who I think will be in and around the play off's as they will have a host of players disappearing and have been prepping for relegation for a month or two. They stopped all their academy age groups up to under 16 4 weeks ago according to a co worker who's son played for their under 14's with the reason being they do not feel they will have the money to sustain it and want to give the kids a chance to find another club. They have experienced relegation most recently (assuming Swansea come down) and many of the core group of their squad (Dawson,Brunt etc) I will imagine stay. I just get the impression that after 6 months of unrest, that we are in a good place going into pre season this year, not only that for the first time in 18 months or so I trust the manager to actually work our players in pre season and get them fit. Here's to an interesting summer.
  11. matt_johno43

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    Did he sign a new deal just after the wembley defeat? There is no doubt under Jos that he has been played to his strengths, taken his oppprtunity with both hands and yesterday if it is to be a send off then it was really was a fantastic showing he finishes the season top scorer and bags a perfect hattrick. Has he been given unfair abuse in his time here yes undoubtedly, has he been backed by 99% of the fans when he has performed also yes. Football is a game of opinions and football fans are notoriously fickle and as a professional I do not doubt that is sometimes incredibly hard to take, but it is in the job description. They receive hero status one week villain the next it is just part of the deal. I get that he may not like his nickname but thats the beauty of them you do not get to pick them, I get that he may ha e felt unloved but if he can not see the adulation he has received in the past 5 months then IMO he does not want to see it. The nature of Nuhiu as a player is that no matter where he is he will always have that relationship with fans. For me if he signs I will be more than happy, if he goes he will get nothing but the best wishes from me and from most. If I were in his shoes I would probably wait on my options at least for a few weeks as he will not be short of offers I would imagine, if the money is right for him and Jos can convince him the shirt is his to loose he will stay.
  12. matt_johno43

    One image sums it up for Atdhe

    Credit where it is due, If someone had said to me in August last year that come our last away game of the season, I would be happy to see Atdhe starting up top I would have chocked on my Beer. I have not been one of the most Vocal "get this man out of our club, he does nothing for us" supporters among us but I will admit I wanted him moved on as for all his uses in the last 10/15 minutes of games I just could not warrant a starting place for him on any given week. Since the new manager has come in however he has played his way into the starting 11 and a new contract. His attitude towards his football has never been any sort of a question for me as you could always see he cared, tried and worked hard all the things the fans demand but under the previous manager he looked lost, shot on confidence and a spent force at Hillsborough. Not just the fact that he has found the back of the net this year but his confidence seems to have returned, he tries things that a few months ago he wouldn't have now this maybe because the pressure is off as he has been one of two fit strikers for the entire season and has played his way into form but I do feel some credit needs to go to the manager in this as well. He has been played to his strengths and asked to do a job that he is "built" for, no longer does he attempt to hound and chase players down (I seem to remember a hilarious incident last year, opponent slips my mind but I know it was a night game with him running flat out across the pitch to try and close a player down). Nor do we just bang aimless balls somewhere near him and ask him to "gerroldofit" and both he and we have benefited from it. He has always IMO been better with the ball at his feet, his link play his improved as previously it was a 50/50 chance of him holding the ball up and picking the right option. He also now seems to win his fair share of headers, which was a huge gripe of mine. Looking objectively at it over the course of his entire stay at S6 has he done enough to secure a new long term contract ? I would argue unless you can guarantee someone like Fletcher or Winnall leaves probably not especially with the way the club is at the moment with FFP, the size of our squad etc. In the last 5 months has he earned himself a year or two, absolutely. Regardless of the outcome of his current contract situation he will now always be remembered fondly among all Wednesday fans not just because of the aura of "Big Dave" but also for his footballing ability, which in 12 months from where we were is a huge turnaround for the player. So here's to you Atdhe Nuhiu, the Wednesday love you more than you will know...
  13. matt_johno43

    Hutchinson. Keep or release

    Personally I do not think you can get rid of a player of Hutch's quality, it will always be a double edged sword with him as really he should not be playing football with the condition he is in. However when he is fit and available for selection which is about 50% of the time his quality is undeniable and he is one of our best players. Yes he has his flaws but I think if he was fit he may not still be at Chelsea but his quality is 100% premier league. He also brings something to our squad as a whole which I think is his attitude and determination not only on the pitch but also I would imagine that his work ethic around the club is fantastic, for me he embodies everything this club should be. We look a different side with him in the middle of the park barking orders, organising leading by example. He can pass, he makes important tackles and he will run until his legs fall off. Yes he may not be active on social media as some so fans do not see it but imagine a young player coming through and seeing how hard this individual works to keep coming back from set back after set back. He does not shy away from telling it like it is and takes responsibility. We have clearly tried to bring in another in a similar mould to him in Pelupessy to "share" the role which on the surface of it I think they do look like similar players and this is one area of the squad I am looking forward to seeing develop next season. His playing career will I think be cut short inevitably but we should be doing everything to get this player involved in working with our youth set up if nothing else. I would rather have a player like Hutchinson at this club than a Butterfield, Abdi, Jones, Emanuelson, Matias. Nothing against these players but Hutch or any of these it's Hutch everyday of the week.
  14. I would argue that most are sacked for poor runs of form or a string of bad results on the whole not for a full demolition job. CC not only left on a poor run of form but morale crushed among most of the squad and a treatment room full of players who were not given proper recovery time or training sessions in his tenure hence the poor fitness and attitude when the going got tough, I am not saying it was a complete obliteration of all the good work he built upon from previous seasons but his ineptitude and squad management is what has caused the problem that is this season on the side of the playing staff.
  15. You judge a manager on not only what he does when here but what is the state of the club when they leave.