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  1. my 11 year old said the ref should go to prison...…………….
  2. stood out last night and scared the poo out of the yellow cake makers
  3. a keeper that doesn't know where the box stops
  4. change to late kick off (fikin sky) no train to catch to get home and easter Friday (fikin efl)
  5. someone should tell the little stonka that you have to know the rules to be able to bend them
  6. great player, part of my obsession..................football
  7. I do actually think it works! Oooooohhhhhh we’ve got Steven fletcher hes our number nine he links up play with bannan and leads our forward line He is s big hard b45t4rd He really fvvcking is and when he fvvcking scores i do a little p155 Repeat
  8. pies on north stand are considerably better than the ones on the kop, great news about westy in the RoI team
  9. watch this one on the box the change in time has stuffed my chances of going
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