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  1. The bulletin says charged or it did when I was at school
  2. its a good day out, me in the bar with live music and the kids at the fun fair, and a great promotion for the massive. I know loads of lads from up and down the country who say they would like their clubs to do the same
  3. that will up-set the mini pigs
  4. unlike the weeds scenario - he bought back the ground from a developer in Manchester and is now moaning about derby, us and probably villa before any rule change - just sad and feels duped by a guy in manchester
  5. When I was a kid I was enthralled by players like bonetti, osgood. My dad even though he had ties with the massive bought me a Chelsea kit at Christmas along with a Wednesday one. Always had a connection with them looking how they gave gone on. lost interest when it became a corporate enterprise. Been there a few time with the massive but the last time wasn't the same, no atmosphere and connection with the crowd. i see a lot of Fulham fans who are more connected with their team like we are at swfc. if we do ever reach the premier I do hope we never end up where we lose that passion
  6. To be honest I think that dc's intention is long term rather than getting around ff, the dose will bolster the team moving forward
  7. Sorry you seem to have lost me is it a private thingy?
  8. more than one way to skin a cat....................laughs profusely
  9. £4,300 so far - those sad piggy grunts will always be in the massive shadow
  10. the old adage 'and pigs will fly'.
  11. pressed and pressed a great game.
  12. my 11 year old said the ref should go to prison...…………….
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