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  1. we were set up initially not to loose, then we were set up not to loose ffs
  2. South Yorkshire PC William Sampson in court on assault charge - BBC News of to crown court
  3. i dont give a flying foook about other clubs and their subs
  4. take it i watched todays game and saw pulis remove rhodes after bringing him on. is this the conversation or have i missed sumat?
  5. yep! that may be right by throwing Rhodes under your proverbial bus!
  6. were crap, pulis picks the team, by bringing Rhodes off he hopes to put the finger on him for it, not clever.
  7. were pathetic and looks like Rhodes was the scape goat waaank smoke screen decision by pillock pulis
  8. great idea but i would let the potg in for free.................ffs
  9. fisher charged by the fa, they got in before paterson who was going to charge him £20
  10. should have caught it........................
  11. nice to have him back in the fold but........that punch out should have been caught
  12. still abysmal still need a sense of hummer
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