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  1. The Claw


    yep im a Wednesdayite
  2. The Claw

    Clare tho!

    to be fair he is a good player, but how things have panned out - he thought he was on the way to villa but he cannot now afford him and wed don't want him now he pood on the door step, rock and a hard place!
  3. The Claw

    Wigan tickets?

    there here when they arrive
  4. The Claw


    top man, wed throu n throu. love him
  5. Just thought Id get a ticket and go cos my daughter has decided to come and see me tomorrow rather than tonight and they've bloody sold out................
  6. The Claw

    Ricky Moate Update

    well done. LIVE STRONG pal.
  7. http://www.deadlinenews.co.uk/2018/07/12/hearts-boss-targets-ex-sheffield-wednesday-playmaker-who-was-linked-with-celtic-rangers/
  8. The Claw

    #SWFC vs Villareal

    helmet rooster is a closet blunt he neged my post........
  9. The Claw

    #SWFC vs Villareal

    at the stain at the stain their all >@"!$&% at the stain.
  10. The Claw

    Question re Owls In The Park

    Pies and Bovril
  11. The Claw

    Any kit or what?

    Love the £99.00 one