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  1. REALLY! that was apparent in the performance?
  2. right side or left side that was the question in that era
  3. RIP from Albert...........
  4. think your a full weight Richard cranium fool
  5. hope your not referring to me as being on sausage
  6. Dispatches

    not about digging ian, its about secret police filming from afar cos they have nothing better to do
  7. International Breaks

    my misses loves em, means she gets me to do some work on the house..........
  8. Dispatches

    it happens you have to move past it fella! he went to court and got punished so it should stop there. the club gave him a banning order which is above and beyond any court sanction, this should have been pursued judicially in tandem with the charges fella. and apparently there is a number you can call if your view is blocked by the randomly standing fan.
  9. Dispatches

    read my post please idiot. from weeing in a sink to dropping litter, even standing at games the club will be inundated with individuals wanting action against someone - maybe it could be you next?
  10. Dispatches

    the court did not ban him, the club did. the flood gates will now open (irrelevant of what he did, though wrong) the witch finders will be out with their iphones.
  11. villa fans want him back............ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
  12. Roll Along...

    great old song