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  1. Don't take the job then or could it be he liked the money!
  2. ERM! flit, change schools, most people do, some work abroad and take the family, some actually stay once the contract has finished, I have a coupe of mates in germany, holland, Norway all took the family, one in perth has now settled. if its where the job is you go.
  3. Rick Parry saying I can if I want cos its my choice, stamps feet!
  4. either money back or credit to a further season, individuals choice, no laws regarding consumer right shave been changed or effected by this civid thingy
  5. A comprehensive testing regime No player or member of staff permitted to return to training unless they have had coronavirus test within the last 48 hours and returned a negative result. All players and staff must be submitted to a test twice per week. Anyone who displays symptoms or returns a positive test should immediately isolate for seven days. The club doctor will be get results approximately 24 hours after the laboratory receive samples. The League will get anonymised test results at the same time as the club gets identifiable results. Tests will be funded by the League, who will provide logistical support to ensure the program is effective. Hong Kong-based Prenetics will oversee the testing process, as it is doing for the Premier League. Before training can take place Each club must ensure all staff give written confirmation they agree to the terms of the club’s COVID-19 policy Prior to entering the site, players and staff must complete a screening protocol and non-invasive temperature check. No hands on treatment (including massage) unless absolutely essential and approved by the club doctor in advance. No congregation in communal areas, including medical rooms. Gym area to remain closed. Only players and essential training support staff at the training ground. Cafeterias to remain closed. Clubs may open kitchens for takeaway food to be left at a designated collection point. No access to changing rooms except to use the toilet. No shaving, showering or further use permitted. No player permitted to store personal items or technical equipment except football boots at the traing ground. Small group training sessions Players should arrive in their own cars already changed and ready to train and should bring their own drinks. Players can only access the training ground during a designated time slot, staggered in groups of a maximum of five players per pitch with three members of staff. Players should receive their training drills the night before via on-line channels. All players and staff must keep at least two metres away from each other wherever possible. Training should be without equipment where possible. Footballs and GPS units should be pre-allocated and disinfected. Maximum of 75 minutes for small group training. Tackling activities, close marking drills and congested training in small areas is prohibited. Unopposed technical activities - passing, shooting, crossing and finishing - are to be encouraged. Keepers can either work one-to-one with their designated coach or integrated into the small group training. Members of the coaching staff will be able to watch the session at a safe distance. Physiotherapists should be assigned to a specific working group. They should only provide minimum treatment and should not work with any other group After training Players gather the equipment they arrived with. GPS units should be removed by the player and left in pre-allocated area. GPS units should only be handled by staff wearing PPE and should be disinfected before handling. Staff will disinfect any relevant area/ surface after the session, including corner flags, cones, goalposts, balls and GPS units Players should depart in their kit including any strappings. A minimum of 30 minutes between each training group to allow for cleaning of the areas and equipment. Should any member of the playing group test positive for COVID-19, display symptoms or come into contact with someone who tests positive, the whole group is required to self- isolate for 14 days.
  6. Let's not forget whilst your in you also pay: a) rates b) gas c) electric and whatever else is chucked in the pub companies then take the wee wee, it costs them nothing to run the risk is yours good luck!
  7. If I cancel they keep my doe, they cancel I get my doe either from swfc or efl
  8. Consumer rights - refund it is
  9. It has a great facade but still an underlying belly
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