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  1. The Claw


    The adulation thrills me
  2. The Claw


    simple for simple
  3. upper and lower - im in upper - I thought you were on about the quadrant were you had to walk past the home support up the ramp - went there for a Tuesday night game with Weennie reyt laugh!
  4. they will drop you off usually if you ask nicely
  5. The Claw

    Chelsea Allocation

    they gave forest 6000 but they only sold 3000
  6. The Claw


    key board warrior
  7. The Claw

    Brentford rearranged

  8. The Claw

    Brentford rearranged

    another prik
  9. The Claw


    fight fight - prik
  10. The Claw


    hand bothered - wee wee off
  11. The Claw


    I aint no bell end - go back to FGR silly man
  12. The Claw


    NA your not my type, a bit of an egotistical wee pipe