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  1. The Claw

    Clare Fee

    another clare thread ?
  2. The Claw


    U23 goalie out on loan, who's the reserve goalie if wildsmith plays, what else would you like me to decipher for you
  3. good luck Ross just love your owl tat
  4. The Claw


    goalie at frickley - if hes not on the bench tonight sumat reyt happening !
  5. The Claw

    Sean Clare

    good luck to the lad, suppose he had to take what was available, bills to pay n all!
  6. The Claw

    Sean Clare

  7. The Claw


    we're all fikin doomed
  8. high winds and fallen trees delayed most of the trains - running from platform 5 to 6 and getting crammed into 2 carriages with shoe horns, just making kick off, then the result. A reyt day out Its all British rails fault
  9. The Claw


    Great that some one has picked just a couple of good points from last night, and the rest of the team was
  10. forest were pressing high. when we had the ball we were retreating.......................
  11. The Claw

    One person to blame tonight.

    pants pants pants pants pants pants pants pants pants pants
  12. The Claw

    Just got back...

    were forest good or did we just make them look it.......pants showing!
  13. The Claw


    for only 3 games
  14. The Claw

    Kop children

    bring back national service