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  1. Na! wake up, I bet when a copper asks you your name and address you write it him down
  2. Yep, the thick f.u.k swung and randomly hit a innocent lad, watch the video plod ran across the road took aim and whack.
  3. Unless we acquire a miricle youll get what i for
  4. 16 year lad walking to train station with his mum gets whacked over the head, he could have been killed you plank
  5. Think it used to be the main line between Sheffield and Manchester
  6. Copper is duty bound to gather evidence to prosecute you, the cps have the final decision WAKE UP!
  7. Police lawyers are very good in using statute of limitations particularly the cps, a very wise man once said to me. Son never defend the indefenceable it makes you look silly and stupid. by not taking action sypf are looking just that, because and unreasonable act by joe public is jumped all over by them, a copper is duty bound to prosecute where a complaint is made. And so it should be if the other way around.
  8. Palace, palace, who the fu.c.k is palace
  9. To be fair the ground is for us........the station up the road is shut and was used regularly for travelling away fans
  10. Policing is by consent only a busy can only speak to you if you consent to it, they can only detain you if they have reasonable suspicion to do so. So walking into a train station minding your own business then being hit over the head with an offensive weapon is neither reasonable nor by consent, it's GBH with intent to cause bodily harm . Good night copper!
  11. Policing in the uk is by consent not by brute force and ignorance
  12. Still bloody working for police after intent to cause bodily harm! https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/police-issue-update-officer-who-used-baton-against-sheffield-wednesday-fan-2933312
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