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  1. Poor showing to all that slag us off but didn't go ha ha ha !
  2. their guide dogs were tied up waiting in the tunnel
  3. running cost - wages to compete with other clubs to achieve, the cost has to come from somewhere, not all owners are minted e.g. bury - Bolton - are you asleep or will you be happy us dropping to oblivion. I own a jag with a hillman imp engine - would you like that?
  4. ill be going to blackburn and I think the cost is outrageous. but the running cost of clubs outstrips the fans, if the premier money was cascaded more readily towards lower league the benefits would be seen all round
  5. ref put the ball on the line, if its on the line its in the area so it should be a pen
  6. seems every other team is obsessed with the massive...……………………….
  7. The ground may be worth nothing in reality but worth millions to the buyer, no need to loose sleep. my mate had his house valued at 90 grand ended up selling it for 150 grand.
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